Velvet Morning Contest!

Oh yes, it’s time for everyone’s favorite type of giveaway at Knitty, a yarn pack for a sweater!

This issue we have a yarn pack for the beautiful Velvet Morning cardigan

Velvet Morning - blue colorway

Tanis from Tanis Fiber Arts has generously donated a yarn pack for one lucky reader. Prize value: $171-304 CAD.

The usual rules apply for our giveaway:

Leave a comment on this post before midnight, eastern time, on Monday, March 5, 2012.

1 comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question.

If he/she answers correctly, they will win our prize!  Good luck, everyone!

Velvet Morning - sand colorway

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1,383 thoughts on “Velvet Morning Contest!

  1. martina

    Wow, am I really the 1st to leave a comment? I would love to win this. Thx for the great giveaway!

  2. Wilma Jenkins

    I fell in love with this sweater the first time I saw it but I concluded it was probably out of my league. If I won it I would so take on the challenge and cure my sweater phobia!

  3. Retha

    Holy cow – for real??!! So generous of Tanis! I’m really really really hoping I win this one. This sweater is so beautiful!!

  4. Tanya Mysko

    What a beautiful sweater! I just started doing colorwork and would love to knit the sand colorway.

  5. Wendy

    Oh, my goodness. I’ve admired this sweater since first seeing it on knitty. What a tremendous giveaway.

  6. Ellen B

    Looks like a good project to try working on my colorwork again! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  7. Jennifer

    Wow, I’ve been ready to try some Tanis and challenging color work as well. Thanks for a chance to win!

  8. Leanne

    I have never had the pleasure of working with Tanis yarns before, and that sweater in incredible! This would be an amazing prize!
    Leanne from NB

  9. Chris

    I love blue! So I was surprised to find how much I love the Sand Colorway version of this sweater that has been in my queue for much too long. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Noelle Barrick

    The day this pattern was published, I posted it on FB and told everyone that I had the urge to drop everything and cast on for it. I practiced self-restraint and did not do that, but if I win the yarn, forget about it. I’ll be casting on moments after the box is open!

  11. Allison

    I have been wanting to start color work and this sweater caught my eye from the moment I saw it. I love both colorways.

  12. Jennifer c

    Sweet! Can never resist the beautiful and hard-wearing Tanis wool… So versatile! Pls consider me, thanks!!

  13. Jen

    I love the sweater, and I love knitting colour-work too. I’m sensing the universe guiding me to this post 😉

  14. regina

    I only recently started doing color work, and would be thrilled to make this sweater. Wow! Stunning design, gorgeous yarn.

  15. kit mason

    That sweater is gorgeous in either colorway, but I like the blue one better. I would love to make it.

  16. Annie Bee

    That is a truly beautiful pattern, and in Tanis’ yarn? YUM. Absolutely the sort of thing I’d live in. Actually, I’m wearing a sweater with the same silhouette today — but (gasp!) it’s store-bought. Would love to be able to rectify that, with my own hand-knit version!

  17. Andrea

    I have been drooling over the blue version since I first saw it–what a rich, velvety color so perfect for Velvet Morning! I’d love to knit it.

  18. Heather W.

    I’m usually not a blue fan, but the blue colorway is almost as gorgeous as the Sand. ::fingers crossed:: I’m on a sweater kick lately, so here’s hoping!

  19. Theresa

    I’m on a colorwork kick right now so this cardigan is perfect! I love both colorways, and would have a hard time deciding. Pick me so I have to choose!

  20. LeenaL

    Love the sand colorway! I’ve wanted to make this cardi as soon as I’m done with my other 3 incomplete projects…

  21. Sylvie

    Zomg, I have never wanted an internet giveaway prize more than I want this one. I love Tanis’ yarns, and Julie’s pattern is gorgeous too.

  22. Barb T

    Oh, the grey sweater is so beautiful. That’s enough to make me actually do colorwork. Bring it on. I’m ready to start.

  23. Sara

    What beautiful sweaters, how to decide between the two? I think, if pressed, I’d choose the sand colorway. Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

  24. Shawn

    I love the intensity of the blue version. I fell in love with this sweater when I first saw it.

  25. Anne G

    Another vote for the Sand Colorway!! I’m not usually drawn to colorwork but, THIS is just beautiful!!

  26. Susan

    The blues in this sweater are just beautiful — just the thing to perk up the grays in New England this morning! Love the Blue version!

  27. Rea Saraphis

    Everything Tanis designs turns out so beautifully. This design is definitely way at the top of my wish list. Great prize package!

  28. Bonnie H.

    Wow, both are such beautiful colorways! What a wondeful offer. Thanks for the opportunity.

  29. Christine

    Love it! I have been debating ordering the yarn to make this hopefully I will win and won’t have to.

  30. christy

    the grey is awesomely understated. i bet that’d kick me in the pants to knit something larger than a squid.

  31. Rachel

    Oh gosh, that is lovely! I have no idea when I’d have time to make it, but I would certainly try!

  32. Ruby

    This sweater in the sand colorway just takes my breath away. You can always always pick me.


  33. Abigail

    This has been on my queue for a while and I would love to make it! Love the blue colorway especially.

  34. Candace

    Beautiful sweater! It would be awesome to win this. Fingers crossed….and thanks for the chance!

  35. MelissaHB

    I’ve had Velvet Morning in my Rav Queue since it came out. It’s a beautiful sweater.

    I LOVE this giveaway 🙂

  36. Stefanie

    Such a beautiful sweater – I love cardigans! Coupled with my goal of this year to knit a sweater, this kit would be *perfect*. Thank you, Tanis, for the donation of yarn and kit!

  37. mollysusie

    I hope the question isn’t to choose a colorway because they’re both so very lovely! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  38. Dawn

    It is amazing how different the look in the two colorways. So hard to decide which I would pick if I was the lucky winner!

  39. Eunice

    I love the cobalt blue. The color work would be a challenge to me but it may be time to do it!

  40. Anita

    Tanis Fiber Arts yarn is gorgeous, the colors almost glow. A very generous prize, and good luck to us all!

  41. Lea

    I LOVE this sweater! I’ve only knit one adult-sized sweater – I usually stick to socks since they are fun to knit and less expensive. I would love to make this sweater. It’s perfect.

  42. Sarah

    As I look out at the snow on the ground this morning (unusual around here) a sweater like that looks absolutely wonderful!

  43. Kim

    Would be a lovely fall cardigan…Even though these colours are gorgeous, I was picturing it some oranges, golds and browns. I guess that’s one of the best things about knitting.. you can pick your own colours!!!

  44. Christine

    Ohhhh…I think that one would look good no matter what colorway it was done in! I’d love to make it!

  45. Katie Wall

    What a gorgeous sweater, such an amazing blue! Maybe it’s time to start knitting sweaters. 🙂

  46. Bekah

    That is my favorite color blue! What a great giveaway. Somebody is really going to enjoy this one!

  47. Laura

    Oh my goodness! I’m in love with this sweater, but I like to try to knit things in the recommended yarn and can’t afford all that TFA. What an amazing giveaway!

  48. Bethany

    I tried to think of something witty to say, but all I can come up with is, “Ooh, pretty…”

  49. cobwebmsnd

    I have been looking for the perfect sweater pattern to replace my work sweater that I bought at goodwill years ago. This pattern is truly lovely and the yarn is amazing in both colorways. Whoever wins this giveaway is truly blessed with amazing luck. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  50. meppybn

    Oh my goodness, I have this pattern out to see if I could do some stash-busting and get it made!!! To have the real thing would be heaven!!

  51. Bettina

    oh the sand colourway is lovely! always wanted to make a start with fair isle knitting 🙂

  52. Meg

    So simple;drink coffee,read blog, leave comment(YUMMY!), drink more coffee, win kit!-(fingers crossed). I love KNITTY!.

  53. Carrie

    Beautiful…not sure I can answer a ‘skill testing question’ but I sure want to try 😉

  54. Beth

    I just finished a sweater and am ready to cast on a new pattern. This would be a perfect next choice!

  55. Brenna MacDonald

    I love julie crawford’s knits! I follow her blog religiously. I’ve wanted to knit this sweater badly…

  56. Kaitlin

    So exciting! I’m already planning to make this in Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride, but I’d love to upgrade to Tanis’s beautiful yarn! Thanks, Julie, for such a great design– and thanks to the Knitty team for publishing it 🙂

  57. Peggy

    Gorgeous sweater and definitely goes into the “I don’t care how nice you are, I’m making this one for me!” category.

  58. Rachel R.

    Such a beautiful cardigan – I love them both, but give a slight edge to the deep blue one!

  59. kristin bray

    Gorgeous in blue.. what depth of color. This may have to be the year I finally *finish* a sweater.

  60. Leah

    Ahhh I love Tanis Fibre Arts yarn. I’ve only had a chance to work with it once but it was fantastic.

  61. Elaina

    Such lovely yarn and color combinations! Would love to curl up in the Velvet Morning Cardigan with some hot cocoa!

  62. kathleen

    I would love to win this beautiful project.
    Lovely colors, and nice pattern, to boot. Perfect for this WI girl.

  63. Samina

    Gorgeous sweater, but I’d have to toss a coin to pick one of them – they’re both too pretty to pick!

  64. Sara

    I loved that sweater when she blogged it, and I can’t believe there’s a giveaway for it! Both colorways are stunning, but I think I’d look better in the blue.

  65. Marlitharn

    I have been in love with this cardigan since I first saw it, especially the blue one. Gorgeous!

  66. Knittingdancer (Teresa)

    Love the deep blue color but the sand colorway would be a great neutral color to wear with everything.

  67. Brenda

    Amazing combination of yarn and pattern, congrats to Tanis and Julie, eagerly waiting to see more collaborations from them.

  68. Heather

    ZOMIGOSH, that blue colorway is just knocking my eyes right out of my head! The only cure is to win some yarn!! =D Thank you for the giveaway.

  69. SusieQ100

    Don’t suppose for one minute I will win, but I sure would like to make something for myself just once!

  70. Jane

    such a beautiful piece of work!!! I’m definitely in, even though I don’t know if I’m up to the challenge…

  71. Rebecca

    I recently learned how to do short row bust shaping for a better sweater fit, so my sweater knitting is about to take off! I was in awe of this pattern when I first saw it. Gorgeous!

  72. Melanie

    I have no idea how I missed this pattern originally, but it’s stunning. The difference between the two colorways is so striking — both lovely. Now I’ll have to see what else I’ve missed.

  73. Kathy

    I have been dreaming of the day this package became available! I adore her colors and believe this cardigan is magnificant! I’m lusting after the sand colorway. I will now stalk the blog all day Tuesday until a winner is announced. Thank you!

  74. Sally

    Oh oh oh. I have loved that sweater since I saw it! On my must list, but . . . being unemployed at the moment I have time but not funds. Boo hoo! Pick me and I shall be the happiest person entering – and its my birthday too!

  75. Harriet

    Lovely sweater. Would be very happy to win pattern and yarn. Both colorways are gorgeous.

  76. Reb

    This is a colorwork project that tempts me away from my current “no way no floaters no colorwork no ends” policy. It’s lovely!

  77. Kathryn

    wow! Great contest. Let it be me. Let it be me. Let it be me……….Let it be me. Let it be me……………..

  78. Ayla

    Oh my gosh. I have an unhealthy (no, it’s perfectly healthy) love of cardigans, and this one is beauuuutiful. And on my student budget, haha, I’d love to win the pack. ^___^

  79. Niki

    Wow, what a beautiful sweater. It’s a very generous give away. I love stranded knitting, this would be great fun to knit.

  80. Gina in the SF East Bay

    This sweater has been on my to-do list since the day it came out. Both colorways are simply exquisite.

  81. Mairi

    Definitely my kind of contest – that’s a beautiful cardigan, and I love the Tanis yarns.

  82. Kim

    What a beautiful sweater! I’ve never undertaken such a large fair isle project and I’d love the challenge.

  83. Miss Bunt

    OMG I am so Gollum over this cardi! The Precious, the precious……..MIne Mine hsssssst

  84. Chris J.

    That is beautiful, and I’d really love to make one, so thank you for having a contest, and count me in!

  85. Maryjo

    gorgeous sweaters and I can see myself wearing both colorways LOL — generous giveaway: how wonderful!

  86. JamieS

    I started this sweater, but hated my color choices…so rip rip rip, but if I were to win an already put together bunch of colors…well…that would make me quite happy!

  87. Avery

    Thoreau wrote that he “would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to [himself], than be crowded on a velvet cushion.”

    He wouldn’t have been so snide about this sweater. (Though he would have taken it home to his mother with the rest of his laundry to wash.)

  88. Diana

    OMG! Love this sweater. I’ve been admiring it since it first came out. And Tanis’ yarn is just beautiful. Thank you for opportunity!

  89. Tiffanie

    I’ve loved the blue colorway since I saw it on Julie’s blog, but man is the gray stunning! Thanks for the giveaway opp.

  90. Ella

    What an amazing giveaway. This is a beautiful sweater, and it will look wonderful in Tanis’ fabulous yarn.

  91. Tami

    Ohh how beautiful — I love both colorways and the pattern. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  92. Holly

    Interesting how the colorwork shows up better on the sand version (at least to my tired old eyes)

  93. Elise

    Wow, that is one stunning sweater. Even if I don’t win the pack, it’s going in the queue.

  94. Jennifer

    OH, please, please, please, please! I looooove this sweater. It has been on my “covet” list of “I cannot afford but would love to make” ever since I laid my adoring eyes on the simple but stunning colorwork combined with the oh so comfortable looking style.

  95. Savannagal

    That’s a dream giveaway! There’s going to be one happy knitter out there next week. I hope it’s me.

  96. Candace

    Winning this would be amazing! Fair Isle is one knitting technique that I had yet to tackle.

  97. Andrea

    Wow, it’s so pretty…I think I would just stare at it for a week before doing anything else with it. Perfect for my first fair-isle project too! ^_^

  98. mk

    Gorgeous yarn…just right for that beautiful pattern!!! Awesome giveaway. Thanks to Tanis Fiber Arts and knittyblog. 🙂

  99. Bridget

    I’d love to win, the blue version is beautiful but I feel the sand is more wearable.

  100. Grace

    OMG! I am DYING to make this cardi! Alas, on a yarn diet til next year (except for gifts)…maybe I need to make this for my mom!

  101. Ginger

    I think I like the blue colorway the best…although you have me worried with the mention of a “skill testing question”. I’m not completely certain that this pattern is within my skill level yet or not!

  102. Mimi D

    Beautiful cardigan and lovely yarn. Someone is going to have a lovely sweater when this is done. I hope it’s me!!

  103. Julia

    I have been daydreaming/obsessing about this pattern since it first came out. I’ve gone to the TFA website at least once a week since then, picking colorways. I even forced my husband to make “appropriately-appreciative noises” when I showed him the colors that I had “decided” on! But with grumblemumblethousands of dollars of student loans to pay off, the chances of me being able to afford to make the cardigan anytime in the next decade are slim. So please, O Randomizer Gods of KnittyBlog, pick me!

  104. Deb J

    I absolutely love, love, love this pattern!Both colorways are beautiful. What an incredibly generous giveaway.

  105. Alli

    Such a drool-worthy project! I confess to having had this in my faves since it came out. That TFA green label sure is delicious to work with!

  106. Kelly

    Omgoodness I love this cardi! So pretty! What an awesome giveaway, thanks Knittyblog 🙂

  107. Laurilee

    that is one of the most beautiful designs I’ve ever seen and the one is blue is gorgeous

  108. Ruth Whisenant

    They’re both beautiful! What a hard decision for the winner, but one I’d be willing to make :).

  109. Sophie B.

    As much as I like that cobalt blue in the first colorway, I think the sand colorway is nicer and more wearable. I really dig that blue though!

  110. Lily

    Love Julie’s design! Tanis Green label is an excellent sweater yarn. I can see myself wearing this cardi out with jeans or just at home with a pair of leggings.

  111. Eve

    I’ve been waiting for this giveaway. It kept me checkign on Knittyblog almost every day since the last isse came out. I’m desparate to make this!

  112. Lisa Barrett

    Such a beautiful cardigan, I love the sand colorway. Thank you for this wonderful, generous giveaway!

  113. Andrea Hungerford

    I’ve already knit one Velvet Morning and was hoping to do another because it turned out so beautifully and I love wearing it!

  114. KittenWithAWhiplash

    Gorgeous cardi pattern, and such fabulous yarn. Many Thanks to Knitty and Tanis for this amazing giveaway!

  115. Leslie

    Love this cardigan, but could never in my wildest dreams afford the yarn right now. Oh what a dream this would be!

  116. Jessica Powers

    What a wonderful giveaway! I’m just really getting a feel for colourwork and I’ve drooled over this pattern dreaming of colours and coming to no solution – I hope I win just so someone else can choose the colours for me!

  117. Andy

    I would love to win this!! I love Tanis Fiber Arts yarn and would love to knit a Velvet and experience a blue morning. 🙂

  118. Jane ONeill

    Would love to win this kit! Customizing the color choices from Tanis’ lovely selection would be awesome.

  119. Margo Emrich

    Oh to have a morning wrapped in velvet warmth! At least the warmth of summer can be found within the stitches of this beautiful sweater!

  120. Tisha

    I am distressed that I missed this beautiful cardigan on first viewing of the Knitty issue! I’d love to win yarn to make such a beautiful cardi.

  121. Kay

    The sand colourway is gorgeous, and oh would you look at that, this is on my list of “things to knit”!

  122. Christine

    I’m willing to reconsider my attitude towards stranded colorwork for this opportunity.

  123. Tracy H.

    I hadn’t really noticed before because I’ve been afraid of colorwork, but this goes up to a 62″ size?! Wow, a sweater I might acutally be able to wear without major mods!

  124. Kara

    Oh, that is my favorite pattern from the issue. Would love a chance to get my hands on the yarn to make it. 🙂

  125. Heather

    This is a lovely pattern, with so many possibilities for colour arrangement, but the very best part is that Julie has sized it nice and large for the more ample of us knitters out here. Thanks Julie, keep up the good work!

  126. Virginia MacDonald

    The colors of the sand colorway remind me of my favorite cardigan that I lost to moths! Ive never been able to find a replacement, but this is gorgeous.

  127. Verity

    Oh how wonderful! That pattern is already in my Ravelry queue, wouldn’t it be marvellous to win the wool to make it?

  128. Katie

    I’ve adored this sweater ever since the issue came out. I would love the chance to make one!

  129. Gwyneth

    So often I’m not impressed by the colorways companies pick for their kits or samples, but both of these are gorgeous!

  130. Lola B.

    What a lovely sweater! The sand colorway is especially pretty. 🙂 I’d love a new sweater for spring…

  131. maget

    Tanis’ yarns are always such beautiful colours and I’d love to be able to knit an entire sweater out of something that awesome. Thanks for the super contest!!

  132. Amber

    Have just started to get wildly enthusiastic about colourwork. This would be a wonderful prize!

  133. MadTatter

    That sweater design is simply stunning. And I absolutely LOVE the blue colorway. I grew up on (and just moved back to!) the shore of Lake Superior, and this sweater in that color just says “home” to me. Beautiful!

  134. Kat K

    I love both colorways. I hope I win one so I only have to buy the yarn for the other colorway.

  135. Carol

    If I win…do I have to choose a color? That would be difficult. Not complaining mind you. Beautiful either way and just the style I like.

  136. Nancy

    I’m taking a class in Fair Isle this summer…this would be the perfect project! Love that it’s aran weight.

  137. Purplepenguin

    Lovely and available in a size that fits me! I can’t decide which is prettier. I think I would choose the sand colorway, as I don’t have anything like it.

  138. Cocoonivus

    Followed the link to the pattern and – OH MY!!! – it’s written for sizes up to a 62″ bust! It will actually make sizes larger than I need!

    Knowing that I can actually get something I can use from this prize, I’m in! I love the blue colorway, though I’d be happy with the other one, too.

  139. BeKKnits

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooh! I’ve been waiting for this! Puh-leeeze pick me! Both colorways are absolutely gorgeous, but I would pick sand!

  140. aknitontheside

    Electric blue and colourwork – love it. What a fun knit this would be (with a gorgeous end result). Thanks for the chance to win.


    aknitontheside (rav)

  141. Amanda Underwood

    I think I need a Clint Eastwood intervention, “Do you feel lucky, punk? Well do ya?

    And the answer is no, but maybe there were only 5 shots…. 🙂

  142. Lisa

    Thanks for doing this contest, Knitty and Tanis! I LOVE Tanis yarn and it’s been all that I’ve been knitting with recently…

  143. Ellen

    I love this pattern and have never worked with Tanis yarn before (too expensive). Thanks for providing us with the opportunity to win!

  144. Patti

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I would love, love to make this as a birthday gift for my mom!

  145. Pam

    Ooooh Oooh OOOOH. I love the blue colorway, but wonder if I’d pick the sand instead. It’s a tough pick — but either way, the sweater will be beautiful. What a great giveaway!

  146. martha

    What a beautiful sweater. I am going to take a class in intarsia this year because i have always wanted to knit a sweater with colorwork. Thank you for the giveaway. Hope it’s me!!!

  147. Kelsey C

    What a beautiful sweater!! Such an awesome giveaway. I’ve got my fingers crossed!!

  148. Anya

    OK, there are 738 people already (739 including me) and it’s only March 1st. I think this is going to be like winning the lottery. 🙂 But why not enter? Gorgeous sweater, beautiful yarn– how fun, and what a generous giveaway.

  149. alisoninoz

    What a beautiful giveaway! I would love to win this as one of my knitting resolutions is to learn Fair Isle. As a descendant of Shetland Knitters I feel bound to carry on their traditions. I’m pretty good with lace, but so far stranded knitting has not been very successful. But for this cardi I would persevere!

  150. Jenny

    Oh the grey and purple is so something I would wear everyday! I’m in love with greys, purples, and yellows, especially when all paired together, so this would be perfect for my wardrobe. Such a generous giveaway!

  151. Caryn

    OOOH PRETTY! I’ve never knit a sweater, but I would take on the project with this yarn.

  152. Jenny K

    That blue colorway is stunning, and I’d like to tackle a full colorwork sweater–only made hats previously.

  153. Emme J

    I love the color work. I’ve done color work on smaller projects, but a sweater’s worth would be a fun challenge.

  154. Faye

    I have despaired of ever winning one of these draws, but the extreme beauty of this garment compels me to enter.

  155. Courtney Kramer

    This is my favorite giveaway you guys have done thus far! I completely fell in love with this cardigan the nanosecond I saw it! Both colorways are gorgeous and I would be eternally grateful (and at your mercy) if I win!

  156. Carolyn

    I’ve been wanting to make this since I saw the pattern, a yarn pack would definitely push it up the to knit list!

  157. Cynthya

    a chance to win some of my fav yarn and knit such a gorgeous sweater? YES please! count me in!

  158. Jean A.

    It’s one of the loveliest sweaters in the issue of Knitty… Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  159. Vicky

    That is a beautiful cardigan! Colour work is on my to-do list this year, so I’d love to win <3

  160. Paulette

    Thanks Tanis for the donation. Thanks Knitty for the giveaway contest.
    Good Luck to all!

  161. Christina M

    I’ve really been wanting to make this cardi – it’s gorgeous! I looooove Tanis. Pick me pick me!

  162. string

    That blue colorway makes me want to learn to do proper colorwork with gauge and everything. I feel like I would never be able to afford the yarn for this sweater by myself though.

    Such a good blue.

  163. leann

    Gorgeous sweater! Would I survive making it? Only one way to find out. Select me and let the challenge begin!

  164. Francesca

    I’ve been wanting to make this for a while now…winning this contest would be amazing.

  165. Beth Rudo

    Gorgeous sweater, especially in blue. Just made a fair isle hat, ready to take on a sweater now.