‘Bigger on the Inside’ Contest; The Original Scarf

The response to ‘Bigger on the Inside‘ has been so great – people love the design, absolutely, but they are also enjoying and relating to the story.  (Indeed, given that it’s Obsession Thursday, we might suggest that some of you are obsessed with it… πŸ˜‰ )

I’ve received so many emails from knitters who experienced a similar thing – being told that their style was inappropriate, being told that they shouldn’t dress the way they want to, being told that they shouldn’t wear their handknits. No matter how gently the message is delivered, it can make a knitter feel isolated and out of place. I have to say, given the response I’ve received, I will never feel isolated or out of place again!

Many knitters have asked about my original scarf, wanting to see more of it…

Here it is, in its full glory, Mum’s glorious interpretation of a Doctor Who scarf, made at my request in the mid 1980s. 45sts of (k1, p1) ribbing, worked in what looks like a worsted weight acrylic. It’s 7 inches wide and 106 inches long – just under 9 feet.

Flying my fan-flag loud and proud!

I know the colors aren’t right – and I knew that at the time – but it was much harder to find a picture of the inspiration back then, and at the time I wasn’t keen on brown. So we just improvised.

Thanks Mum!

And if want your own ‘Bigger on the Inside’, we are giving away a yarn pack containing enough of the fab custom TARDIS colorway of Lorna’s Laces Solemate to knit it, valued at $52 US.

Bigger on the Inside


The usual rules apply for our giveaway: Leave a comment on this post before midnight, eastern time, on Monday, May 7, 2012. 1 comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question.

If he/she answers correctly, they will win our prize! Good luck, everyone!

(If you have won a prize from us already this year please give another knitter a chance and leave your name out of the hat. Thanks!)

If you are interested in creating a more authentic version of the actual Tom Baker scarf, this website is very helpful.

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725 thoughts on “‘Bigger on the Inside’ Contest; The Original Scarf

  1. Heather

    Ooh, I’d love to win the yarn! I’m already plotting to start this scarf next. I have to show my nerdiness loud and proud!

  2. Joanne

    5th Dr, myself – although I watched most of Tom Baker with my parents, I didn’t really engage until Peter Davison πŸ™‚

  3. Terri

    It’s hard to be a fangirl in corporate America, innit? How cool there’s a TARDIS colorway!

  4. Karen

    I really like this one and have been contemplating possibilities to make it – I would be giddy if I won yarn to make it πŸ™‚

  5. bySarah

    I think the scarf is just perfect.

    This pattern is so much fun, I will eventually knit it! Thanks for having a yarn contest!

  6. Duncks

    I love love this story. And I super love the super secret fandom. It’s like a geek code. *giggles*

  7. Carrie

    I am a big Dr.Who fan. Started watching it in the 80’s on PBS as an escape from grad school. Love bigger on the inside. Looks like a fun knit!

  8. Sylvie

    Bigger on the Inside is a lovely little shawl, and I imagine a lot of Knitty readers can related to being too geeky or too quirky for their coworkers – I know I definitely can.

  9. Kelly S

    I would love to win yarn to knit this scarf…it went straight into my queue when I saw the pattern!

  10. Jennifer

    Love your scarf! πŸ™‚ I haven’t made one (honestly, I don’t have the patience), but I did modify the row counts on the Season 12 scarf to make a pair of socks. There were more than 100 ends to sew in, but it was worth it!

  11. Megan Ward

    As far as I’m concerned, this would be the best Knitty prize to win to date.

  12. Valerie

    Oh, sign me up! I’m a Dr. Who fan from ‘way back, and though I never had a Dr. Who scarf, my boyfriend in high school did. I coveted it.

  13. Rachel Gogan

    ooooh I have never wanted to win a contest on knitty more than this one! XD I would LOVE to knit that for a friend!

  14. Rachel

    I love contests πŸ™‚

    My Mum knit my brother a Dr. Who scarf back in the day as well. Colours weren’t authentic on that one either, but the length was and it was close enough. He wore it proudly for a while, but I doubt it was kept, sadly.

  15. Aimee

    Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!

    My husband has me hooked on Dr. Who, (a series that wasn’t cancelled after 4 seasons…)

    I crocheted him a scarf years ago, not realizing it was Dr. Who-esk (sp?), and now we can match!

    Sort of.

  16. Jen

    So funny! I used a website about 6 years ago to knit my friend Spencer a Dr. Who scarf. Exactly to specks but we choose better colours. I thought that scarf would take forever. He is a mailman and he says it has saved him on many a day in the extra cold canadian winters.

  17. kit mason

    I love the long original Doctor Who scarf, even if it’s not in browns. And I would very dearly love to make the Bigger On the Inside shawl.

  18. Jesse

    Ooooo! I’ve just gotten into Dr. Who. Lets just say my husband and I are absolutely entranced.

  19. Carla in MT

    The only problem w/this pattern is deciding which of my 3 daughter-in-laws I make it for First!! Thanks for the offer.

  20. Cari

    Love your Bigger On The Inside shawl! Also found the Doctor Who Scarf link interesting reading. May have to knit one of each!

  21. Karina

    Thank you for offering the yarn; I’ve been wanting to try out Soulmate for some time now. On the Dr. Who matter, I’m wondering if she just revamped her site or if I used another. My computer is currently broken and I don’t have the link handy. I made a Tom Baker scarf for a friend this past Xmas who is a huge fan. When I went looking for colour matches I found that Briggs & Little had the best options for just about all the colours required. And despite the not cold winter, she did wear it around town proudly.

  22. Amy J

    Oooh, fab competition…..I’ve been warming up to dying up some yarn for this shawl, would be fab fab fab to have some proper tardisy yarn to play with instead!

  23. Allie

    Oh Kate, how glad we all are that you’ve found such a home in the knitting community!

  24. Katie

    I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect TARDIS blue since this pattern was posted. Hooray, a contest.

  25. Martha

    I’ve been in a little knitting drought since I had my baby but that awesome pattern might be just what I need to snap out of it!! I would love to win the giveaway.

  26. Erin

    I’ve only just discovered the Whoverse (beginning with the re-boot), but freaked out as soon as I saw this design! And the Solemate just seems like it would be lovely to work with. πŸ™‚

  27. Nancy

    Beautiful shawl and wonderful scarf story. πŸ™‚ (“Who” would love to win this contest? Um, I would! πŸ˜€ The TARDIS rules!)

  28. Kris

    It would be a great introduction to my DD into the world of shawls if I were to knit her one of these. She’s a big fan of Dr. Who.

    Love the scarf!

  29. Nicole

    Wait, people actually say one SHOULDN’T wear their handknits? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that one!

  30. Allison

    LOVE the Doctor (10 & 11) and would love to have my own TARDIS. I’m just a newbie-ish Whovian.

  31. cindy lee

    love, love, love this scarf! the colors, the length, everything about it. more power to the fiber lovers of the world! wear your creations proud πŸ™‚

  32. Sara

    I’d love to win this kit! I’m planning to make the shawl for a friend who is obsessed with Dr. Who.

  33. Cara

    Oh wow! I have been looking for an excuse to make this one since I saw the pattern. The kit is a fantastic giveaway!

  34. Diane

    Reminds me of my Mom’s Who Scarf, she also knitted one in non-traditional colors for herself around that time. She displays it proudly as a decoration in the off season.

    By all means, enter me in your drawing!

  35. Barb T

    I love Dr Who and would love to make the Tardis shawl. I would certainly keep that one for myself.

  36. Susie

    What a terrific pattern!
    We all have a soft spot for the dr. & I’d love to win the beautiful yarn to make this.
    Thanks for the giveaway. They’re always fun, even when I don’t win.
    (drool, drool)

  37. Tegan

    I love that pattern and Dr. Who in general – “Tegan” is from a Dr. Who Companion!

  38. AnneK

    The instant I saw this pattern, I started looking through my stash to see if I had some tardis blue sock yarn. Unfortunately I don’t so I was going to wait until the next fiber festival in my area.

  39. Cyndy Landers

    Love that scarflett even though I’m not a Dr. Who fan. I’ve already dowloaded the pattern!

  40. Another Sarah

    My sister finally convinced me to watch Dr. Who after I fell for Moffet’s Sherlock last year. Bigger on the Inside should be my thank you gift for her.

  41. Harriet

    Would love to win the yarn to make this scarf. Love Dr. Who and have for many, many (won’t say exactly HOW many) years.

  42. Ellen

    4 & 10 are my favorites as well! Thanks so much for the chance to win this fantastic pattern and yarn. Allons-y!

  43. Susan

    I want to be bigger on the inside!! XOXO the doctor and LOVE this new take on the Tardis!

  44. Kristin H

    I discovered Who about 5 years ago and have been loving it ever since, going back and watching all the old episodes while staying up to date with the newer ones. I would love to win the yarn for this scarf (I can knit it while watching classic Who on Netflix!)

  45. Emily

    I play Nerd Wars on Rav and there is a Team Tardis! This would be so much fun to knit!

  46. Emma

    Love this design, and the colour is perfect TARDIS blue! Will be nice to have some knitting ready for the new series.

  47. Marion

    I’d love to win this yarn! I’ve adored this pattern since I was first alerted to it (thanks, Knitty!), and I haven’t got a blue shawl/scarf … yet.

    I’ve been watching Doctor Who, on and off, since the very first episode (yes, I really AM that old!); I’ve knitted two Extermiknit! Daleks, and a Tardis. And Dalek and Tardis washcloths. And three pairs of Tardis socks. Erm. Yes, well.

  48. Lauren

    I would LOVE to win this yarn! The only real problem would be should I keep it for myself or knit it for my mom!

  49. Sara

    Definitely a fan of the shawl pattern and Lorna’s Laces Ò€” would love to win this!

  50. morgan

    I am about to start re-watching Dr. Who with my partner (the first time for her), and it would be wonderful to knit this at the same time!

  51. Alexandra

    I would LOVE to knit the TARDIS shawl! I absolutely cheered when I saw the pattern! πŸ˜€

  52. Jessica

    This pattern blew my mind, and I have the perfect yarn to do the shawl in my stash. But I am also open to winning more yarn to make it!! AWESOME!

  53. Theresa

    Yay Dr. Who! I have only begun to dip my toes into the wonderful world of Dr Who, but I can official say I am sucked in. The Bigger on the Inside shawl is wonderful, and Lorna’s Laces is always fabulous. Pick me!

  54. Fiona Ballard

    Fantastic! Also, knitting is cool.

    It is a rare day that I’m not wearing one or more things I made myself and thankfully, most people are complimentary, rather than critical. I have this pattern printed out next to me, but just don’t have quite the right blue for it. Count me in, please!

  55. Laura

    I love this shawl…I also look for any excuse and occasion I can to wear my handknits.

  56. Bonnie H.

    ‘Bigger on the Inside’ is on my to-do list and I just LOVE the color. Thanks for offering a chance to win the yarn pack!

  57. Leslie

    The only problem if I won would be deciding whether to make it for myself or one of my Whovian friends… πŸ™‚

  58. Cat

    Oooh! Love the TARDIS color! Just made a TARDIS scarf for a friend and would love to make this for myself.

  59. Meghan

    I’m lucky enough to work with a lot of knitters, including my manager who taught me in the first place, so I’ve never been told not to wear my knits to work :).

  60. Anna Flowers

    I love that you stayed true to your personal style – love the Tardis pattern, the color is gorgeous too.

  61. Angela in Ontario

    I came to Who late (when Ecclestone started), and have fallen madly in love with it. This pattern is right up my alley.

  62. Elizabeth

    I absolutely LOVE the Bigger on the Inside shawl. I can’t wait to acquire the perfect yarn for it, so I can make it, my precious!

    I wear my knitting and nerdy badges both proudly, and have been lucky enough to only have to deal with the occasional eye-roll from my… duller associates. I love it, though, when you come across another Whovian, or Browncoat, or whatever your nerd-flavour is. Everyone always gets so excited!

  63. Melissa

    I’m going to fly my flag too! I have my own doctor who scarf and I love wearing it in the winter! When I first finished it, I wore it around the office a few days.

    Anyway, I’m throwing my hat in the ring for the bigger on the inside kit! Crosses all my fingers and toes!

  64. ccr in MA

    LOVE the Bigger on the Inside, can’t wait to make it. And you’re totally rocking the scarf. Your mom did such a great job on that.

  65. Laurilee

    this pattern has become one of my top ten things to knit this year, It is stunning

  66. Nicole M

    This might be the jumpstart I need to get into shawl knitting! I love it so much!

  67. Liz

    I can’t wait to make Bigger on the Inside, and I’d love to get the Lorna’s Laces to make it!

  68. Whitney

    I’ve actually been planning to knit myself a blue scarf because I made a new hat for my winter coat that had blue accents (and had to content myself with my old uncoordinated black scarf for the rest of the winter). As someone who once watched “The Girl in the Fireplace” 4 times in a row, this is exactly the pattern I’m looking for.

  69. Jamie Grace-Duff

    I so love the combo of tongue in cheek yet “appropriate” attire. I am also glad to know that there are hundred of other folks out there who like to dress differently.

  70. Carol

    I’m afraid to admit that I don’t know what TARDIS means, but it’s a beautiful blue that I’d love to win.

  71. Leslie

    I’ve been lusting after this shawl since it was posted, but it obviously needs the right shade of TARDIS blue. I am a huge Doctor Who fan, and just love this pattern!

  72. Amy Lamash

    I love this pattern and I love Lorna’s Laces’ Soulmate! Thanks for the chance!

  73. Courtney

    I love your TARDIS shawl and your Who scarf. I’ve not started a scarf myself yet but I have been working on a pair of fingerless mittens based on the ones Rose wore in the episode “Doomsday”. I’m proud of everything I make and I’m so happy when my friends love/wear what I make for them. I also just finished a Magrathea shawl so I’d love to continue the nerdy shawl trend. πŸ™‚

  74. Deana

    How awesome! I immediately added this pattern to my queue when I saw it. Love The Doctor!

  75. Helen

    Ohhhh, I want that yarn.

    After the obligatory garter-stitch scarf and a tiny phone sock that was basically a stockinette rectangle sewn up the edges, I went straight onto knitting a cuddly Dalek. There was hardly a technique in it that wasn’t completely unfamiliar – provisional cast on, knitting in the round, decreases, bobbles, corrugated ribbing…. But I knit it and named it Verity. And then knit two more. And then I knit a full length Tom Baker scarf.

    (You wouldn’t think the Scarf would be very practical, but it’s actually great for the changeable British weather. When it’s cold you can wrap it around you until you turn into a woollen mummy, and five minutes later when it’s warm again you can drape it loosely around yourself and you don’t get too hot!)

  76. JDellow

    Oooh I can’t wait to make this shawl, and it would be even better if the materials were free!

  77. Kristy

    I’m too young to have been a fan when the Original Scarf first made an appearance on the show, but the new series is a favorite! Thanks so much for the giveaway chance πŸ™‚

  78. Michelle

    I’d love to win the yarn for that bigger on the inside shawl. I know just who I would knit it for! It’s a brilliant design too and probably one of the best lace tardis’s out there!

  79. Jill

    This giveaway is really for me! I have a 15yo Dr Who obsessed daughter and we have to move this summer, away from home and her three Dr Who-loving best friends. I know knitting her this would be like a hug from her friends and an affirmation of who she is in a strange place. And with just having finished financing a mid-life career change there is no. way. we can afford even a less-luxurious substitute yarn, never mind this gorgeous blue. Don’t blink.

  80. Laura

    I love the original scarf! And, I’m super excited about showing off my Dr. Who love in a ‘subtler’ way. As one of my friends would tell me, my geek is showing.

  81. Chris

    I think the TARDIS edging would be great on all sorts of knitted objects. I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate it into a sweater!

  82. Gwyneth

    I love both of your scarves! I’ve just discovered Dr. Who, and I can’t believe no one told me about it before!! ‘Bigger on the Inside’ is definitely in my queue.

  83. Jessie

    I love the shawl, and can’t wait to make it! Just have to find the right color blue… I’ve thought about making a proper Tom Baker scarf, too, but it’s so much work!

  84. Yvonne

    Well there’s a sunny side to my daughter moving out to attend university. I would actually get a chance to wear Bigger on the Inside instead of it being permanently borrowed πŸ™‚

  85. Alane

    I haven’t been a Dr. Who fan, but feel compelled to give it a try after seeing that lovely shawl. I love the idea of such a beautiful sophisticated accessory hiding something as whimsical as the Tardis?

  86. Wendy

    Love love love the pattern! Everyone in the family loves Dr Who! Thank you for sharing this awesome pattern!

  87. Sarah L

    I made my husband a Tom Baker scarf for Christmas last year. Took over a year to make, and almost made me lose my mind, but it was worth it. Loving the bigger on the Inside pattern!

  88. Andrea W.

    I would love to win this yarn. It would be a wonderful accessory to my outrageous dressing habits! I am true to myself!

  89. SaraJoan

    This is a lovely shawl, I would be thrilled to win the kit. I have, in fact, knitted a Doctor Who scarf for my husband… πŸ™‚

  90. Robin

    Love the shawls so much. I had just started a darker blue lace project, but have seriously considered frogging it and re-casting on for this one. My husband approves of this message.

  91. Jennifer

    This was a great connector between my dad and I growing up, good ole Dr. Who. Would really enjoy this prize!

  92. Kathy H

    I’ve been a Doctor Who fan when it was only in black and white. I’d love this.

  93. Cindy

    I’m a longtime Dr. Who fan, and Tom Baker is my favorite of the “classic” Doctors. I can’t see myself wearing a 9ft. scarf though. The Lorna’s laces colorway is a lovely TARDIS blue, and the pattern looks like a fun project (and less of a tripping hazard).

  94. Cynthia C

    I queued this shawl as soon as I saw it. Then I was sad, because my budget is on a yarn diet, and I have nothing the right colour in the stash. Now I’m happy, since I have a chance for FREE YARN!!! Yay for awesome Knitty Givaways!

  95. Leslie

    Doctors Four and Ten are my favorites. I’d love to win the yarn for the shawl! (And have my own TARDIS.)

  96. LydiaR

    I’ll be starting this as a KAL with a friend in a month or so, and I’d love to have the original yarn for it! Fantastic pattern!

  97. Amanda Heyen

    I knew I wanted to make the Bigger on the Inside Shawl as soon as I saw it, but I had been considering trying to make into a cowl because the yarn I had would not yeild a full shawl. I have never tried Lornas yarns, so it would be lovely to actually use the recommended yarn.

  98. Rachel Stiles

    I absolutely LOVE Doctor Who!! I started watching it on Netflix purely because I kept seeing Doctor Who scarf patterns on Ravelry and I decided to see what it was all about. I fell in love with it! I think the “Bigger on the Inside” pattern is amazing and a nice way to fly your Doctor Who flag without being too loud about it.

  99. Heather

    I know SO MANY people who need one of these! And of course, the first person who needs one is me! We’ll see who’s nicest to me after that…

  100. Joyce

    The pattern has bee first saw it. It’d be awesome to win the yarn for it!n my cue since I

  101. Teri

    Love the story and the pattern. Someday I’ll knit a Dr. Who scarf but it will probably have to wait for my retirement. The shawl though has been in the queue since I first saw it and pinned it on Pinterest. Thanks!

  102. Julia

    Bigger on the inside!!!!! I am a recent Doctor Who convert, and *loved* the pattern and the story that went with it – and would love to make one for my very own!

  103. Emily

    LOVE it! I am definitely one to wear my handknits proudly… whether they fit or not.

  104. melora

    I’m impressed that your mother had knit that huge and long scarf in 1×1 ribbing! It looks gorgeous to me.

  105. Marci

    I added this shawl to my queue as soon as I saw the pattern but I haven’t gone out yarn-shopping for it yet!

  106. Robin

    I love Doctor Who — Christoper Eccelston was my first real Doctor. Still miss him.

  107. Cathy Goldman

    I knit a black and Orange tube scarf on size 4 needles when I was in High School….In the round. I still have that first circular needle and I still have that scarf,,
    And it was in the 50’s long before Dr, Who….

  108. Alicia

    This was an inspiring post πŸ™‚ will keep knitting! The bigger on the inside pattern is so clever! I think this spring will be full of lace knitted shawls and wraps! πŸ˜€

  109. sharmie

    i LOVE the pattern! i had two friends send it to me right after it came out cause they know: anything TARDIS related, i HAVE to knit! πŸ™‚

  110. Lee Wells

    Count me in; I love that color (although I prefer blue in any shade to almost any other color, any time) That is an interesting pattern which looks well worth the knitting time. Lee

  111. Merna

    It’s so wonderful to wear something you’ve knit yourself — who cares what ‘they’ say! Solemate is really interesting yarn — I love the socks I made and am looking forward to using it again..

  112. Lisa in TX

    I love Dr. Who! TARDIS-themed anything makes everything better, too. I love that it’s so super-nerdy, but very subtle, too.

  113. Dari

    My ‘Dr Who’ obsessed daughter would LOVE that shawl! I would love the opportunity to make it for her!

  114. Lizzie

    I am a huge Doctor Who fan! I knitted my husband a Doctor Who scarf for Christmas, and would love to make one of these shawls for myself!

  115. Rachel

    Thrilled to see not just a TARDIS-inspired pattern, but also TARDIS-inspired yarn! I’m all for “flying fan flags” and being true to yourself.

  116. Linda hagen

    Love the pattern. Love the color.
    And I also love the scarf.
    And I was told my long hair was age inappropriate. But its cooler long and twisted up than short and fluffy. I ignored them. And still have long hair!

  117. Jennifer

    I can’t adequately express how excited I am about this pattern. (I love my “Tom Baker” scarf, but it’s quite a bit of fabric to drag around.)

  118. Patti

    My son’s girlfriend (and son) is a big fan of “Dr. Who”. Bet she would love this.

  119. Leslie Dolin

    I just finished blocking my first lace shawl and it looked amazing! I can’t wait to try another. This one has such a wonderful shape!

  120. Marci

    I queued this pattern as soon as I saw it but haven’t gone yarn shopping for it quite yet. And I totally look forward to wearing it in public.

  121. Jenni Noordhoek

    I’ve actually knitted my own color-accurate (as close as I can with modern yarns) Doctor Who scarf! I’d love to wear a Bigger on the Inside wrap for the days when it’s not cold enough to wear the huge scarf… πŸ˜€

  122. Savannagal

    Although I’m not a Doctor Who fan, I do think the shawl is lovely. I like the shape quite a lot. Thanks for the giveaway.

  123. Eileen

    Would love to make this shawl, even if I will have to fight my Dr Who loving daughter for it.

  124. Anastasia

    Kate, your shawl is my favourite Dr. Who inspired knit I’ve ever seen. Although, I still do want to knit an original scarf one day. Thanks for that link!

  125. Sophie B.

    I’m not a Who fan myself, but I want to knit this anyway for any one of my Whovian friends. πŸ™‚ (I continue to puzzle over why I know so much about Dr. Who, it must be osmosis.)

  126. Liz

    I absolutely love Bigger on the Inside, AND Solemate, so I’d be super super excited to win!

  127. Emily

    I will have to knit ‘Bigger on the Inside’ during a Dr. Who marathon. Yay for Netflix!

  128. Lisa Barrett

    What a terrific giveaway, thank you! Lovely design and I’ve always wanted to try Lorna’s Laces yarn.

  129. Michelle

    I only discovered the Doctor a few months ago (thanks to Netflix!), but I am already obsessed. I would love to win the yarn!

  130. Sheila

    Oh, I would love to win that yarn! I’m currently waiting not too patiently for my name to rise to the top of my library’s hold list for the Doctor Who series 6 DVDs.

  131. Beth

    I would love to win the yarn pack for this! I had to show it to everyone at Knit Group last night (thanks to a friend’s handy iPad). So beautiful, and creative.

  132. Serena

    So glad you shared more of the scarf (which, in my opinion, is not at all childish)! And I love everything about Bigger on the Inside!

  133. Colleen

    I think this is such a wonderful story. Wear your handknits proudly. I’d love to enter this contest.

  134. sultana

    Everyone should wear their handknits with pride. Even if we can’t remember what the inspiration was. I would love to be entered into the contest.

  135. Anita

    I’m another person who loves this design! Assuming that I’m not the lucky person who wins the yarn pack, I think I will spin the yarn to knit it. I’ve already stashed the pattern in my Dropbox. πŸ˜€

  136. Isabeau

    Oh that is freaking amazing! I would love the yarn for it (but will probably make it anyway just ’cause)

  137. Kate

    I have never been shy about revealing that I am a knitter, but I have found that in the workplace there is a certain type of person who clearly thinks less of me and relates to me differently when they find out that I knit. The change is more obvious when it is someone with whom I have worked for a while before they find out. It’s a good way to weed out the people I wasn’t going to like anyway.

  138. Nikki

    I have been drooling over this scarf/shawl since I saw it! Beautiful design.
    (and I’m one who immediately had to tell her husband your great story about your scarf)

  139. Rosemary

    I’m lucky that I work in an office that already had a keen knitter and a couple of casual knitters. When we have time we gather at lunch to knit together, and nobody cares if I’m wearing a long handwoven scarf with my suit trousers and blouse.

  140. Josiane

    Lovely design and colorway! And I’ve been curious to try Lorna’s Laces Solemate… Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  141. Cathy

    I love Dr. Who (David Tennant is still my favorite) and I love the scarf! What more can I say?
    Well, thank you!!!!

  142. Kara

    Um, yes. I would like to win the yarn. Otherwise I have to wait until my yarn budget is reinstated in order to knit my very own Bigger on the Inside. πŸ™‚

  143. Elizabeth

    wearing two hand-knit items at work today. I’m sure people judge, but they don’t pay me enough to expect professional attire!

  144. Bethan J

    Well, I know you will get a ZILLION responses to this post, but how could I resist? Especially with Original Series Scarves in it πŸ˜€

  145. Mia

    I’m a major Whovian, and the moment I saw the “Bigger on the Inside” shawl, I added it to the top of my Ravelry cue. Can’t wait to make this and would love the opportunity to use Lorna’s Laces Solemate!

  146. Mia

    I’m a major Whovian, and the moment I saw the “Bigger on the Inside” shawl, I added it to the top of my Ravelry cue. Can’t wait to make this and would love the opportunity to use Lorna’s Laces Solemate!

  147. Linda F.

    Oh, me, please!!! I’d love to win this, as I am a huge Dr. Who fan (I wanted a long scarf, but never knit one). I have gotten my sons hooked on the latest Doctors and we love to watch the show together.
    Also, I have never knit a shawl and feel this would be a PERFECT first shawl pattern!

  148. Stacey

    I confess I have never seen a Dr Who show. The scarf, however, is lovely and I would love to knit it!

  149. Robin P.

    I would so want to carry around a little speaker playing the TARDIS sound:) Hope I win, it’s a beautiful shawl!

  150. Lynn

    I love your scarf. Aren’t the mums who indulge us in our whimsies the best? I had a mum like that!
    I would love to win the yarn for this beautiful shawl. Thanks for the opportunity.

  151. c8h10n4o2

    I’ve trained people to be used to my hand knits, but I hang out with weirdos who like them. They’re also largely fans of the Doctor, so I’d love to make them jealous.

  152. Tracy

    Some people are just mean. When did we stop encouraging individuality? I love Lorna’s Laces and would love to win this prize!

  153. Tami

    Must share this with all my Dr Who friends!

    The scarf was inspired by the original and if you like it, who cares about the naysayers. Wear with pride that it was knitted with a whole lot of love!

  154. Jenny

    I have yet to watch any Doctor Who, mainly because I don’t have access to any episodes right now! However, from the little bit I know from Whovian friends, I think I would like it, and I was definitely interested in this pattern. I want to make it, even though I’ve never watched an episode of the show. So cool that a design that is for a specific audience can still appeal to people outside of that specific audience.

  155. Kathy

    My Mom knit my brother a long scarf around the Doctor Who timeframe but not in the correct colors so I was really amazed to see this one. I remember those early shows and made sure to watch them religiously, have not even seen any of the new ones. As I watched my Mom knit this scarf I never even knew she could knit so that was amazing too.

  156. Marsha

    Love love love this, as someone who has a knit dalek in her cube, I may have reacted differently to those telling me I can’t/put away childish things.

  157. Ciara

    My sister recently fell in love with Dr. Who, so it would be fun to make Bigger on the Inside for her.

  158. Alyssa

    My brother and I used to act out Dr. Who episodes. I was usually Nissa (one of the old sidekicks) and he was the Doctor. πŸ™‚

  159. Rebecca C

    So would love to knit this. Think I’m going to be buying the kit anyway, but would love to win it πŸ™‚

  160. Tara K

    I’d love to win the kit!

    Speaking of Who scarves. My husband knit himself one. He learned how to knit and promptly made us both cat ear hats for Christmas one year, and then some point after that spent a LONG while knitting himself an authentic Dr Who scarf. He hasn’t knit anything else since. I’m not sure if he burnt himself out, but I am glad he didn’t ask me to knit it for him. πŸ™‚

  161. Kristina

    I love the shots of The Original Scarf, the colors are awesome even if they’re not “authentic”. I immediately queued Bigger on the Inside when I saw it in the new Knitty, I can’t wait to get started whether I win or buy the kit!

  162. JenMo

    Well, I’ve already done an adipose, and a few other Who-related pieces of yarn awesomeness, and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to snag the fabulous colorway required to knit this one up.

  163. MadTatter

    I’m in the process of knitting the season 16 scarf for my brother-in-law once removed. Knitting the scarf has made me want to start watching the show, too. Thank goodness for netflix! And really, what makes better TV knitting than several meters of garter stitch? As for Bigger on the Inside, i can’t decide which I like more: the design or the color!

  164. Lee

    What a great affirmation of your right to be you! I’m so glad you were able to find a career that fit you better.

    And while I have fond memories of Tom Baker in that scarf, I must confess that I first saw him as an adult, and that I like your new version better *for me, right now*. Even the color is perfect!

    –By the way, what kind of skill test is it? Do we have to demonstrate something in knitting? I’ve wondered that for some time, and this is the first prize that overcame my timidity enough to post ~

  165. Winifred

    My mother knit me a Dr. Who scarf when I was a teenager. We had to donate to our local public tv station to get the pattern (she was picking up the phone just as soon as that premium was mentioned). The scarf was never very functional for wearing, so she also made me a pair of mittens on the same color pattern.
    I’m delighted by this bigger on the inside pattern and have already told several friends about it (to good response).

  166. Nike Eve

    My brother knitted himself a Tom Baker-style Dr. Who scarf in garter stitch, using all kinds of yarn from our mom’s stash. I think that may be the only thing he’s ever going to knit in his life, but it’s about the equivalent of a blanket in terms of sheer length!

  167. mollysusie

    What a fab giveaway! I absolutely love the pattern even though I haven’t watched Dr Who since I was little. I have knit a Dr Who scarf for my sister who loves it (mollysusie on Ravelry if you want to see it)and I got a ton of people coming up to me to talk about while I was knitting. So fun! And a little freaky!

  168. Pam

    I love the original Dr Who scarf & hope you wear it proudly! Please put me in the drawing – I’d love to win/knit this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  169. Michael C.

    I grew up in the 70s and 80s watching Dr. Who. Tom Baker will always be The Doctor to me, and I always wanted his scarf. Unfortunately, they were expensive to buy, and my knitting friends never had the time.

    In 2010, I decided enough was enough, and I taught myself to knit by knitting my own Season 12 scarf three times. Once in cheap acrylic to learn what I was doing, once in wool to “do it right,” and third time in wool for a friend I’d introduced to Dr. Who.

    I love knitting, and if it hadn’t been for that scarf, I’d have never known.

  170. Rebeka

    The shawl is such a great balance between an aesthetically pleasing lace design and an easy-to-recognize illustration, without sacrificing one for the other!

    I’d love to be lucky enough to win the yarn for it, I love blue but don’t have much in my stash.

  171. Maryanne

    My SIL knit a Dr. Who scarf for my husband in the 80s. She had some pattern published in a newspaper, I think, that used Anny Blatt yarns popular at the time. We still have the scarf, and the pattern. Maybe it’s time to dig them out again…

  172. Fei Fei

    Definitely have a friend who dressed up as that telephone booth for Halloween – would love to make it for her!

  173. Seanna Lea

    I know so many Dr. Who fans that I am going to need to knit at least 3 of these, not including one for myself! Please count me in.

  174. Angela

    I would love to make that scarf. I just got into Doctor Who with the new series. Into season 4 already and really enjoying it!

  175. Marla

    Love Dr. Who, Love Lorna’s Laces, Love knitting shawls! This was created just for me I’m positive of it.

  176. Andrea

    Right now, I’m obsessively knitting baby things in anticipation of my new arrival, but this Bigger on the Inside scarf is absolutely on the top of my post-baby knitting queue! I love it so much!!

  177. Jenny

    My mom is the Dr. Who fan in our family – I thought of her immediately when I saw the pattern! And since I currently have an addiction to knitting lace…well, we’ll just see how long I can hold off.

  178. Knittingdancer (Teresa)

    I like the colors in your scarf. I would love to knit the Bigger on the Inside Scarf.

  179. Donna

    Love it! The story (my teenage daughter is forever dissing my style) and the shawl! Pick me!

  180. Ingrid

    Ohh, I’m hoping to make this during Ravelympics and winning would mean I have the perfect Tardis blue to complete it! I’ve been watching since before I can remember, which make’s it more than 30 years. Yeesh. Still watching, making obscure references, and someday I will take on The Scarf. But for now, this shawlette is the perfect thing!

  181. Desireé Watkins

    I <3 that pattern. I can't wait to get the two projects I'm in the middle of done so I can start this one (I'm trying, unsuccessfully, to practice project monogamy this year…..)

  182. Sheeri

    I used that website to make my husband a Dr. Who scarf, gifted to him Christmas of 2010. I’d love to win so I can make the shawl for me!

  183. Betty

    I sent a link to my son last week for approval to make one for his wife who is receiving her PhD this month. They are both Dr. Who fans and she will begin teaching at a Chicago area college in the fall. This project would help set her apart from the students she will be teaching.

  184. Amanda

    Oooooooooh. Yes please. And I love wearing my handknits, especially my summer cotton tops. I think I’m about at the saturation point of giving them away as gifts somehow, so I don’t feel bad about making them for myself \^^/

  185. Steph

    I’m a huge who fan, I’ve got the shawl in my queue but not the right yarn in my stash.

  186. april

    wow kate!!! you were so patient/persistent to make a 9 foot scarf! i think i would have given up around 6 foot. haha its really cute and i love the ‘loud’ colors.

  187. debd94

    I love “Bigger on the Inside”, and the yarn is my favorite shade of blue. Thank you for the giveaway.

  188. Vickie

    I am very new and love your site! Being an avid knitter and just taking a break from knitting, I thought I would look around a little for some inspiration on my next project. I happened along your site and love it.

    Thanks for being here!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win too. You rock! Sincerely

  189. Kim

    My daughter is a HUGE Dr. Who fan, and knit a full-length scarf. Then she promptly gave it away to her friend who moved to Virginia for school. Truly a generous gesture! As soon as I saw Bigger on the Inside, I sent her the link.

  190. Sharon D.

    I have been a Dr. Who fan since the 70’s and love this scarf. I am so want to make it.

  191. Beth

    I LOVE the look of Bigger on the Inside, as well as the color. I probably will make it even if I don’t win, but would love to anyway.

  192. Zoe

    I love Lorna’s Laces and Dr. Who! Recently, I started catching up with the Dr. on Netflix. And it brought back fond memories of high school–staying up late on Sundays to watch Tom Baker as the Dr.

  193. Elizabeth

    Love the story and the pattern. I asked my LYS about ordering the yarn but couldn’t wait and found some “close enough for now” yarn in my stash. So it would be nice to knit this using Solemate yarn. Looking forward to seeing the other projects on Ravelry.

    Thanks for sharing the pattern and the story.

  194. Virginia

    I so admire whoever did that scarf for you. I tried to do one once for my husband. It’s still on the needles somewhere. Love the Doctor. Love the Tardis. And I love your pattern.

  195. Nicole

    The Doctor Who scarf is the only thing my sister ever actually knitted. We were BIG Tom Baker fans!

  196. Sarah

    I love both the Dr Who scarves. I’d love to make the shawl. Currently I’m on a big shawl streak πŸ™‚

  197. Amy S.

    When Bigger on the Inside was released it was the talk of the night at my knit group. We have several Dr. Who fans, and one knitter who made the Tom Baker scarf for her 15 year old daughter.

    Anyway, I love the endurance of Dr. Who. I used to watch with my dad and now I enjoy watching it with my daughter.

  198. Connie K.

    My daughter told me two days ago that she wanted me to knit this for her! Kismet!

  199. Abby

    A couple of fellow die-hard Who fans/knitter friends of mine are definitely already planning to knit this shawlette, and this prize would definitely come in handy :).

  200. Shirley Ryan

    I love all the colors…that’s exactly what I would love to do for that scarf!

  201. Marielle

    When I was younger I asked my mother for a Dr Who scarf and got two. One with the stripes (not quite the right colour), but shorter and one super long and wide. I love them. And I want to knit the tardis one too!

  202. Shannon Larson

    I could not find the new colorway quickly enough to make this scarf, so I opted for mad tosh merino light in fathom. I would love to make it in it’s namesake yarn. I am a huge Doctor Who fan, so anything Whoish is a must knit for me.

  203. freda

    I am so totally “at random.”
    I also REALLY like both those scarves. πŸ™‚

  204. Susann

    So cool! I want to make one for office manager who is a big fan of The Doctor.

  205. Susann

    So cool! I want to make one for office manager who is a big fan of The Doctor.

  206. Janet S.

    I think this scarf is really cute. I have a friend, Becky, that thinks it’s awesome. I would love to win this kit for her.

  207. Kelly

    Knitting this kit would keep me occupied until Dr.Who’s new season finally starts up!

  208. Lotsofhermies on Rav

    My daughters are begging for this already. This kit would be awesome for them

  209. Anjanette

    An awesome design and an amazing colorway! I’ve been lusting after this combo since it appeared on Knitty!

  210. Janella

    I would love to knit the tardis shawl, although I’m a bit concerned that it’ll be so big on the inside that I wouldn’t be able to finish it with out the help of a doctor.

  211. Emily

    I just love your story and your shawl. Thanks so much for sharing with the rest of us!

  212. Lindsay

    I would have loved to have the original scarf when I was in high school and college.

  213. Karen

    Thanks for sharing your story. My daughter is a budding Doctor Who fan so this shawl would be great fun to knit for her!

  214. Kathy

    This is a good looking pattern even if you have no idea what a TARDIS might be.

  215. Diane

    I would love to make this….although the idea of a skill question makes me nervouse

  216. Les McB

    Oh, I adore this, but haven’t been able to get the right yarn yet. πŸ™‚

  217. Teri

    I didn’t “discover” Doctor Who until a few years ago. I was hooked.. I have watched all of the new series several times, and a few of the old ones. The old versions are something I think you have to grow up with, to enjoy. Like watching old Lone Ranger reruns now. Made me wonder what I ever saw in them.
    It is nice to see someone that is near my age that understands the Doctor like I do. When I mention it to my friends, the say crazy stuff like “What’s a TARDIS?” I pre-ordered yarn, but I would like to knit another for my friends daughter, a non-knitter who loves the Doctor as much as I do!

  218. Gwendolyn

    I adore this shawl, I’m a recent convert to the way of Dr. Who, but adore it none the less πŸ™‚

  219. Becca

    This pattern made my day. I would love to make it and wear it when the new season starts airing in the fall.

  220. JL

    I’ve always wanted to make a Dr. Who scarf. I love the idea of using a bright palette! I’d wear it regardless of what anyone said.

    I love the Bigger on the Inside–it’s a brilliant design and I can’t wait to cast on. Thanks for sharing the pattern with the knitting world. I’m looking forward to seeing the projects that emerge.

  221. Katie K

    This shawl is a great way to keep phone boxes from becoming extinct and I would love to win the yarn and the pattern to make one.

  222. Jen

    I really, really, really want to make that shawl. Little tardises (tardi?) – what could be better?

  223. Nikki

    Ooh, i’m in for the contest! I want to make one of these scarves very badly. πŸ™‚ I also have a Dr. Who Scarf, made from the season 12 pattern so it’s *only* 13 feet long or so… and i wear it all the time. I may work in the science field but my friends and co-workers know that there’s no point in saying that it’s inappropriate. Since i also wear a big floppy hat with a feather on International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and random costumes for Halloween…

  224. Melanie

    Have become a bigger fan of Dr Who since there are so many great fan patterns out there. This is going to the top of the queue.

  225. Maureen

    Love your original Dr Who scarf and admire your earlier determination to wear it, blissfully ignorant of the corporate fashion police. Glad you are out of that world.

  226. Lindsay

    My roommate would love this shawl! If I win the package, I would definitely knit it for her!

  227. leann

    Loved watching Dr. Who back in the 80’s. I know for whom I would make this if I won. Thanks for the contest!

  228. Anna L.

    I love Dr.Who!!!! We have all the episodes from the very beginning through the current ones with Matt Smith.

  229. Vicki B.

    Love the color. Love the inspiration. I knitted a Dr. Who scarf for my new husband many years ago. Still have both around.

  230. Kathy

    I absolutely agree, the story that goes with this pattern is what touched me – wear what you knit, no matter who approves!

  231. Caitlin

    Those dr. Who scarves are still so popular! I love every colorway of Lorna’s laces, too!

  232. Judith in Ottawa

    I would like to have a “Bigger on the Inside” because “Bigger on the Insides” are cool.

  233. Boann

    I have knit DH his own Dr inspired scarf, and would love to have a matching shawl! That color is just perfect!

  234. Caroline

    I desperately want to do the bigger on the inside shawl/scarf. I’m a huge whovian and fell in love instantly. Please enter me in the contest for the yarn pack.

  235. Bonnie

    I have been a fan of the show since the 70’s and I, too, made a scarf and wore it proudly. Would love to win the yarn pack!!!

  236. Chandra

    I desperately want to knit something Doctor Who. This shawl is absolutely gorgeous.

  237. megan

    the first scarf i knit was my learning scarf and it started turning into Megan’s Doctor Who scarf. I love it still, even though i would never use that yarn again. πŸ™‚

  238. Beverly

    Bigger on the inside is lovely and the pattern looks like it would be fun to knit. I’m in.

  239. turtle

    though i was born during the doctor who era… well we didn’t have but 2 channels then, 3 if the weather was just right! But i did catch up on the episodes later in life. How fun, i love your quirky scarf! I figure if i knit something and put my love into it,,,no one else needs to “get it”

  240. Meg

    Hmm, at this time 478 to 1. Not as steep as winning the Clearing House…so what the heck…the shawl is beautiful.

  241. Ellen Gaynor

    My daughter has recently discovered Dr. Who. She would be crazy about this scarf!

  242. Carol Y

    I love the Bigger on the Inside pattern! It would be great to win the yarn to make it.

  243. Fern

    I made a Dr.Who scarf for my daughter back in the day and when she wore it all the “old ladies” would tell her that her scarf was dragging on the floor and to pick it up.We have it somewhere in a closet.

  244. Jo-ann

    I need the Tardis scarf. Just the thing to wear in my fantasy where i meet David Tennant and go for ride in the Tardis.

  245. Pam

    One of the things I love about this pattern is that it’s great for those of us who are fans of the new Doctor. With great respect for those who came before. . .

  246. Merry

    My daughter turned me on to Dr. Who and now I am hooked. I have even knitted my own Dr. Who scarf (Season 14) and I am on Team Tardis for the 2012 Ravelympics!

  247. Jaimee

    I love the “bigger on the inside” pattern- it’s so unique! And just in time to knit for the new season…. Yay!

  248. LindaR.

    Love the shawl, and happy for a chance to win the yarn pack to make it. Thanks!

  249. laura

    “bigger on the inside” is such a great homage! i can’t wait to make it – whether or not i win the kit!

  250. Fleur

    Yay! What a wonderful giveaway again! Since I am a sucker for blue, I would love to win this elegant yarn.

  251. Ann

    I’m daydreaming of knitting this while watching Doctor Who and then wearing it for every episode I watch for the rest of my life.

  252. Helen

    I know the feeling out feeling out of place in the workplace – I visited a contractor wearing my usual “buisness casual” gear, to feel really underdressed as everyone else was wearing Agent Jones style buiness suits.

    My response: dig out my suit, but keeping the handknit socks in outragous colours πŸ™‚

  253. Sanya

    Must knit one for myself and a surprise one for a friend (at my husband’s recommendation!) so winning a kit for one would be awesome!

  254. Heather S.

    I’ve made two scarves, one for me and one for my father. My sister gave me present of the year at Christmas when he opened that one.

  255. donna

    My daughters and I are huge Who fans! We would have to take turns wearing ‘Bigger on the Inside’!

  256. allison m

    Such a great pattern! It would have to be special considering its predecessor πŸ™‚

  257. Martina

    COOL! My 16 year old daughter has us all addicted to Dr Who, She loves this pattern!!!!

  258. Jen

    I also havent worn my dr who scarf in years, its been sitting in a cupboard since I stopped being a teenager… I may have to dust it off and start wearing it again!

  259. coryy

    I am so tempted to knit this scarf! I taught my son to knit by handing him the dr. who scarf pattern printout. I would love to wear this!

  260. Kelly

    My husband told me about your ‘bigger on the inside’ pattern, and I couldn’t wait to see who this new blogger was – then I found it was on Knitty! I really need to catch up on my blog reading.

    Pretty please pick me! Then my husband and I won’t have to fight over our one Dr. Who scarf anymore…

  261. Jacob Haller

    Hmm, I commented a couple of days ago but it appears not to have been posted. Anyway, this shawl looks really cool and I would be quite excited to win the prize!

  262. Vicki

    It’s quite obvious that when one lays the Tardis shawl around oneself, one enters the world of The Doctor. I’m ready to cast on!

  263. Cynthia RD

    I love that shawl and have never even seen an episode of Dr Who. (I know, it IS sad. And, yes, I have been deprived of this TV viewing icon.)

  264. janmaus

    I cannot resist this!!! It’s going to happen, but that wonderful blue yarn will make it perfect

  265. enidb

    Not only do I watch all the new Doctor Who episodes, we have just about all the old Doctor Who series on DVD – and some on Blu-ray. I love the Tardis colorway, and ‘Bigger on the Inside’ is such a nice, subtle nod to the show.

  266. Shay

    I’m not actually a Who fan (*gasp!* I know!) but I love the scarf! And the name is just brilliant.

  267. Courtney

    Sign me up for this!

    I’ve had to mellow out my fashion over the years because I’ve been working in the corporate world, but I’d still wear that rockin’ scarf and no one could stop me!

  268. Carolyn

    I made a Harry Potter scarf that is about 9ft long as a double knit….my book club used to be amazed as I knit without looking and carried on a discussion.

  269. 'nora

    My sister (who is not a knitter but is an enormous Dr Who fan) just about flipped out when she saw the pattern. So obviously I need the yarn to make her a Christmas present.

  270. Sara L

    I adore this scarf! And cash is tight, so this is probably the only way I’ll get the yarn to make it… hint hint!

  271. Tracey Kay

    your mum rocks!

    is the skill-testing question because you are in canada? my US friends were very bewildered when they first saw this on a canadian contest.

  272. Lydia

    Oh my goodness. I adore this pattern and have big big plans for it. Having the yarn would be the icing on a very delicious cake!

  273. Hester Sturrock

    Would love to win. I always loves scarves that are a combo of scarf and shawl. Best – Hester from Atlanta

  274. Loretta

    I love Bigger on the Inside! Especially in that marvelous blue. It’s funny – when I was a kid, my dad and brother would watch Dr. Who and I hated it – now, I love it! Thanks for sharing the pattern with us, and thanks for the giveaway.

  275. Emme J

    I want to win this so bad. I can’t afford the yarn normally, and have been destashing to save up for it. Pick me, pick me!

  276. Jodie

    I had a good friend in high school whose mom knit him a Dr. Who scarf. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

  277. Tricia

    My husband just bought a Dr. wHo T-shirt.
    I would love to win this kit so I could wear it when he wears his t-shirt!

  278. James

    Yeah, I admit, I learned to knit for the sole purpose of making a Doctor Who scarf. I didn’t realize that I would become as addicted to knitting as I have. lol Pick me please?!

  279. Amanda Underwood

    the real Dr. Who scarf is daunting, but this is perfect! Me, please.

    And my favorite Dr. shall always be the 9th. πŸ™‚

  280. Miss Bunt

    I love this shawl for the reason it was designed, many of us have been a square peg in a round hole and tried valiantly to conform only to realize than being true to yourself trumps all. Then add to it I love Dr Who. Fun, hidden message & a fabulous design! Be still my heart!

  281. Anna hj

    I didn’t say it before, but Dr Who is awesome, and so are you with your really cool pattern! Love it!

  282. susan

    This is so gorgeous and the blue is perfect! I really do hope I win. Thanks for the chance!

  283. Lynn B

    My brothers and I were such Dr Who fans as kids. Great the Tardis is still alive in peoples’ hearts and minds.

  284. E. Engman

    Oooooh–lovely yarn. I want to make that shawlette (?), maybe for my granddaughter whose Dad takes her to the Gallifrey One (I think) in LA every year. I made her Rose’s Mitts two years ago. I also made my son a Dr. Who scarf when he was in high school (?) or earlier, using pictures, I think, from fan magazines for inspiration.

  285. Fran Ryan

    I would leave a comment but am too afraid of being drawn out then getting the question wrong!

  286. Ann Marie

    It would be so cool to win this. I just made TARDIS socks for my boyfriend and it would be cool to have something Who for myself.

  287. Lucy

    This pattern is very fitting as I am on an enormous Doctor Who craze at the minute. (If the contest is not open internationally leave me out)

  288. Eileen

    Oh, lovely! I am SO excited about this pattern: Dr Who & lace knitting together? Ya!

  289. Aleda

    That was a really neat story, thank you for sharing it. And thanks for having the giveaway!

  290. Elizabeth

    I love Doctor Who with all of my heart and think Bigger on the Inside is the best shawl ever, in the whole wide world, in the whole Doctor Who universe.
    Can I win? Please?

  291. Erin

    I’m almost caught up on the seasons with the 11th Doctor and this would be fabulous to knit while watching!

  292. Deborah

    I would LOVE this. I have a friend it would be absolutely perfect for and I would love to make this for her.

  293. Susan Z

    I’m planning to make this scarf and it would be so so cool to knit it up in this beautiful custom colorway. I hope I win!

  294. Lisa in Toronto

    My Dr Who scarf was pretty brown overall. I think I knit it myself in my early teens, so it was probably more than a bit wonky. I wonder if my mother still has it somewhere?
    Thanks for another contest.

  295. quinn

    A story that most – maybe all – can relate to!

    Very pretty pattern, and my fingers are crossed πŸ™‚

    quinn on rav

  296. Lynn

    I knitted a(reasonably) authentic Dr Who scarf for my daughter last year.Love the Tardis design!

  297. Marlitharn

    I would love to win this! Doctor Who is my favorite, how could I not want to knit this?

  298. Linda Hart

    I’m a longtime fan of the Doctor, and have this in my queue, so yes, please, please pick me!

  299. Johnnie Boughner

    WHOA! For a huge Dr. Who fan, this is just the project to take on. Love it, love it πŸ™‚

  300. Danielle

    I love Dr. Who, and I’m so happy one of my fellow Whovians has made a fancy lace shawl that’s “proper” for work πŸ™‚


  301. Amy

    I’ve loved Doctor Who since kindergarten! I’ve been geeking out over this pattern since I saw it. Thanks for the chance to win the perfect yarn for the project!

  302. alison

    Your scarf is special because of the memories attached to it. Wear it with pride πŸ™‚

    *tosses name in to the hat*

  303. Daron

    I am dropping my name in the hat and crossing my fingers hoping for a chance to win!

  304. DebKnit

    How fun! My daughter loves her Tardis mitts, so maybe I will try the scarf next…

  305. alicia

    i’ve been thinking about knitting that pattern for a friend of mine who is a huge dr who fan… πŸ™‚

  306. Deb

    Hey- I made a Dr. Who scarf bookmark once I was told my scarf was “too young” for me!!!! Include me in the draw, please.

  307. Diane Mountford

    Ooooh … me! me! me! … for the scarf kit. I’ll have something appropriate to construct during the next Doctor Who Weekend of Awesomeness (my very nerdy friends and I like to have lost weekends of Doctor Who watching … we even have a drinking game).

  308. needlesyarngin

    I’m in. Who wouldn’t love TARDIS Blue colorway? Clearly we need to lobby more yarn dyers and manufacturers!

  309. Tina Melvin

    I’ve always worn what I’ve liked, no matter how ridiculous it looked (and at times, it was pretty bad). I applaud you for bringing back your scarf. Loud and Proud!!

  310. Brooke

    Dr. Whoooooooo! That pattern makes me smile. And I do indeed have a conservative job where a Dr. Who style scarf would be frowned upon.

  311. Josie

    I’m a relative newcomer to the Whoniverse, but I’ve seen the first two seasons of the Eleventh Doctor and I am wild about the show. I even infected my mother with my enthusiasm. He’s so dapper. Who can resist the Doctor’s charm; the doctor’s bow tie?

  312. Jen

    Amazing colourway, amazing scarf, amazing story. What more could one ask for? This pattern went into my Ravelry favourites right from the moment I saw it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  313. Juli

    If I won, all other projects would be pushed aside before the awesomeness of the TARDIS.

    1. Michelle

      Love the pattern. For a Dr Who geek like me this is a fabulous item and all my friends will just love it. Thank you for your lovely design.

  314. Moorecat

    Love the shawl; my brother is/was a massive Dr Who fan, and he also had a Superman jumper which my Mum knitted for him.

  315. Jezi

    That is a very neat design and I love your scarf! I’m not brave enough to try to knit that scarf. Hee!

  316. Anna C.

    This is a very special scarf that I was very excited to see. Though blue is not my color I will have to make an exception for this scarf.

  317. Laurel

    I love everything about this post. The story, the scarf, and Bigger on the Inside.

  318. Sarah N.

    I love everything Doctor Who. I cant wait to knit this.. ya know, to go with my TARDIS lunch box

  319. Tami

    Ohhh, I love the color way, as well as the original Dr. Who & of course, Lorna’s Laces!

  320. sandra

    I love Lorna’s laces wool, use the sockwool all the time, but these fine lace types are gorgeous and I would love to give them a try!

  321. Kat

    Wow, what a story on that one. I’ve been working on a non-traditionally colored Dr. Who scarf for my little sister for about 8 months. I think she’d love this one, too!

  322. stella

    I adore the tardis socks that I’ve seen, but I hate knitting socks and I don’t really do color work, so the lace shawl makes me super happy.

  323. Maura

    The shawl is absolutely gorgeous!
    And I love the 9 foot scarf — only 4 feet taller than I am. It’s great. And who is to say what fashion is anymore?

    I hope my post is chosen at random for the shawl.

  324. Jenn

    i would LOVE to win this prize – i definitely want to make “Bigger on the Inside” and i really want to try out the new solemate yarn. fingers crossed! Geronimo!

  325. deidre corbet

    would love to win this prize! Dr Who and yarn – no brainer! Thanks for the chance lostinkansas on Ravelry

  326. Sheri

    I absolutely adore my Tom Baker scarf and wear it as often as possible. No one ever knows what it is though, but it makes me happy.

  327. Carmen

    I think people can be so rude – who’s to say what’s a good style? Personally I’m not a fan of what you see most fashion designers make. Thanks for the chance to win Tardis colorway – such a pretty color.

  328. Sarah

    That is a fantastic shawl! It brings two wonderful things together– knitting and Dr. Who. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  329. Mairi

    Great shawl! I’m old enough to remember the original Doctor Who, so it’s a joy to see this pattern being so popular. I love the yarn, too.

  330. Celine

    That TARDIS motif is awesome! I would love to use it in a bunch of things, like socks πŸ™‚

  331. Polly

    I made an attempt to knit the Tom Baker scarf awhile ago (I also want to sew the Colin Baker jacket someday), but put it away after the 9000th row. I may have to dig it out again–after I knit Bigger on the Inside!

  332. Rora114

    Phew, I’d almost forgotten that I’d seen the title of this post in my blog reader: I’m so glad I haven’t missed the deadline for this contest!

    I would love to win. This yarn is on my list of must-use-some-day yarns, and anything Dr. Who just screams awesome.

    In short: pick me!

  333. Miranda

    I just started watching the original Dr. Who from the early 60s and I would love to knit this kit while I continue to watch!

  334. Singing Wren

    That’s absolutely gorgeous – both your original scarf and the shawl pattern. (My husband was very concerned when he first heard me squee over the Tardises (Tardii?), until he saw the picture.)

    I’ll be knitting this shawl anyway, but winning would save me a trip to the LYS and I could get started right away. Aww, who am I kidding. Winning would just mean I spend the money on other yarns at the LYS πŸ™‚

  335. Nina

    Oh, yeah! This would definitely be a hit in my circle of Dr Who aficionados! The scarf is brilliant. πŸ™‚

  336. Bonnie Simpson

    Lots of comments, I see, and the odds of winning are ridiculously low, but I can’t resist the opportunity to rave about this pattern once more. Can’t wait to cast on.
    Thanks, Kate!

  337. Jocelyn

    What a great pattern! I have fond memories of watching Dr. Who on PBS with my Dad and sisters, and I’m really looking forward to making this scarf!

  338. FanMom

    I wish this had come out several months ago! It’s the perfect thing for my daughter to wear over her prom dress! Alas, prom is this weekend, so it will have to wait for the next big occasion.

  339. SpiffyB

    Wow that is the perfect TARDIS blue! I would love to win – been dying to get all wibbley wobbley with your timey wimey lace…

  340. Catie

    I love the original scarf! I would also love to win a kit to make the Bigger On The Inside!

  341. Kate

    That original scarf if amazing! I love that you went with colors you liked instead of feeling bound by the scarf that inspired this one!

  342. Beth

    I keep threatening/offering to make my husband a Tom Baker scarf. I don’t think he knows whether he wants one or not, but this was his favorite Doctor.

  343. Joan

    I’d love to knit Bigger On The Inside.

    I’d love to actually *have* something bigger on the inside, if possible. It would just make storage & organization so much easier.

  344. Beth

    Oooh . . . pick me. Love this scarf and will be knitting at least 3 for the Dr. Who fanatics in my life.

  345. Charlotte

    Oh my goodness, I want to make this shawlette for my sister for Christmas. She is a big doctor who fan. I know she’d love it! πŸ™‚

  346. Maureen J

    Sign me up. I spent the prime of my life dressing a part and acting all company is my life professional, and I am so happy that part is over. I would guess the scarf your mother knit would be understood by your current co-workers.

  347. Bonnie

    So fantastical! Love the unique shaping of this creation! :). Thanks for sharing it!

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