WWW: Contest Winner; Endangered & Illusory Knitting; Zippers and Colors

Bigger on the Inside

Sue from Rochester, NY is our lucky winner of the Bigger on the Inside yarn pack. A huge thanks to Lorna’s Laces for providing our prize. And happy wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey knitting to Sue!

Environmentally sound and fully animal-friendly.

The University of Maine Museum of Art in Bangor is hosting an exhibition of knitting as contemporary fine art. Ruth Marshall’s “Vanished in Stitches” exhibit is on display until June 9th. The artist knits accurate life-size pelts of rare and endangered big cats – including ocelots, tigers and leopards. Her years working at the Bronx Zoo, she launched the project to highlight the plight of these rare and beautiful creatures. More about the artist and her fascinating work at her website.

Fascinating and very clever.

Artists Pat Ashford and Steve Plummer have created one of their trademark Illusion knits in time for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee. The oversized replica of a first class postage stamp with a portrait of the Queen is one of many such projects they have undertaken. An illusion uses texture to create an image that hides: when viewed from the front, the fabric looks only like vertical stripes, but when viewed from an angle, the image appears.

From the New York Times Archive, a pattern published in 1861 for mittens for soldiers. Although not necessarily immediately or obviously knittable, it’s a fascinating insight into how knitting patterns have evolved over the years, and what passed for a decent set of instructions for previous generations. I do like the thought that sock needles were considered “larger”.

Not strictly knitting (despite the article title), but absolutely lovely: Lace fencing.

Also not knitting, but great insights into the larger world around us crafters… two articles from Slate that we’ve enjoyed recently: one on the history of zippers and the Japanese company that dominates the market, and one on the ‘color authority’ Pantone and their color forecasting.

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12 thoughts on “WWW: Contest Winner; Endangered & Illusory Knitting; Zippers and Colors

  1. Seanna Lea

    I love the lace fences. If I had a lot of money to replace my fence rather than piecemeal repairs, I would completely go for that!

  2. Beverly

    Thanks for some really interesting tidbits. With a little editing, the mittens pattern will be my go-to for the current afghans4Afghans campaign. But I will skip the forefinger part–though that might be a cool idea for a “texting friendly” mitten.

  3. Bronwyn

    Congratulations Sue! 🙂

    I think the mitten pattern is saying the yarn is like is used for socks, not the needles. But I still wouldn’t use large needles with sock yarn for mittens, lol. 🙂

  4. gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    A little plug: there’s a whole chapter about Ruth Marshall, her art, how she works, her passion for knitting art that brings attention to animal conservation AND a knitting pattern she charted for us, of an ocelot, as a scarf in our book Craft Activism. She is absolutely amazing. (There are no repeat lines in knitting an animal pelt. Think about that!)

  5. rachel

    really interesting article on color forecasting. Always wondered how that worked. It is very involved!

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