Foot Sizing Survey Results; Contest!

Last year, I ran an email survey: I asked knitters to measure the feet of their friends and family, asking for the following data:

The key data points

I got nearly 400 replies, providing meaningful data for foot lengths 8.5-11 inches, foot circumferences 8 to 11 inches.

Disclaimer: although I received replies from all over the world, most of the data I received was from North American knitters. I received more data for women’s feet than men’s. There is inherent risk in getting respondents to take their own measurements: I have to trust that they measured in the right place. I don’t claim that this represents every foot in the world, and I don’t believe it should be taken as the final answer on foot size. What this represents is simple: 400 of your best knitter friends offering up measurements of their own feet to help you better understand how to choose a sock size and how to better design sock patterns.


Note: when I mention foot circumference, I mean around the ball of the foot.

I found some interesting results – some confirming what we felt we knew, as sock knitters, others rather surprising.

-In the vast majority of cases, ankle circumference is the same as the foot circumference. The foot circumference is either the same or larger (never smaller), and if larger only by about 5%.

-And there is a remarkable correlation between foot length & foot circumference: foot circumference, on average is about 95% of foot length.

-Gusset circumference on average is larger than foot circumference by 10%. (It turns out that I have a high arch!)

-Heel diagonal about 35% larger than foot circumference, 25% larger than gusset circumference.

-The calf circumference question was an interesting one… lots of respondents questioned why I was asking this. In many cases, 6 inches up from the floor isn’t that far up the sock leg – certainly nowhere near full sock leg length. And this was the point of the question! A standard leg (if such a thing exists) does indeed get wider about 6 to 8 inches up from the top of the heel, where the calf muscles start to curve out – which is also the usual length of a sock leg. But the majority of calf-length sock patterns keep the sock circumference the same – that is, they are assuming that the sock leg doesn’t need any increases to fit comfortably below that calf curve. However, what I learned was that in nearly 50% of cases, there’s a significant increases in leg circumference just up from the ankle.
– Calf circumference 6 inches up from the ground 12% larger on average but there was a huge variance in this – for some, up to twice to size. For 15% of respondents, it’s the same or smaller; 40% it’s 1-10% larger than ankle; for 30% it’s 10-20% larger; for 18% it’s even larger.

This particular data point was known to me before I started the survey: in fact, it was why I started the survey. Looking at men’s and women’s shoe sizes individually, the difference between the largest and smallest common sizes (e.g. women’s size 5 to 11 and men’s size 6 to 12), there’s a 25% difference in both length and foot circumference. That is, a women’s size 11 shoe is over 20% larger in both width and length than a women’s size 5 shoe; and the same difference exists for men’s size 12 compared against men’s size 6.

Although knit fabric does stretch, you can’t expect one size sock to fit that range of sizes with equal comfort, and to look equally good.

Rather remarkably, you can guess the rest of the foot measurements based on one: as long as you have foot length, ankle circumference or foot circumference you’re good.

If you have foot length:

Foot circumference, ankle circumference = foot length * 1.05.

Gusset circumference = foot length * 1.16

If you have foot or ankle circumference:

Foot length = foot/ankle circumference * .95

Gusset circumference = foot/ankle circumference * 1.10

I do recommend you look for sock patterns that come in multiple sizes, and choose the size carefully. Remember that a sock is best worn with about 10% negative ease. Your feet will be happier for it.


  • Socks should be sized!
  • It is safe to assume that foot circumference = ankle circumference. You can also use foot circumference as rough guide for foot length, as in the formulas above.
  • Design with a gusset or expanded heel for better fit: If you’re adding a gusset, make it at least 10% larger; if you’re working without a gusset, ensure the heel provides 25%-35% extra circumference.
  • Allow for larger calves; consider providing suggestions on how to size for larger legs.

I have sliced it two ways: by foot length, reflecting how shoes are sized and how non-knitters tend to think of their feet, and by foot circumference, reflecting how knitters usually think of feet. The numbers are the average of the reported results.

Note: I’m not making any statement here about shoe size, as it’s not an absolute or reliable measurement: I found that for any given shoe size, the reported foot length varied by on average 13%. There several reasons for this: shoe size varies depending on manufacturer (I wear a size 6 in some brands, a 6.5 in others, and a 7 in some others); those with wider feet will more often choose a larger shoe size due to its added width (since relatively few shoe brands provide wide sizes), and shoe size will vary wildly from style to style, and whether a shoe is worn with socks (and handknit vs. storebought socks at that). Just because you buy a size 8 shoe doesn’t mean that you have a size 8 foot!

By foot length.
By foot circumference.

I hope this is useful to you! If you have thoughts, comments or additional questions, least let us know.

Bet you wanna knit these….

As a reward for reading this far, we have a contest! We’re giving away a pack of 2 skeins of Zauberball to make the excellent and innovative Longitudinal Socks. (That’s enough yarn to make 1 pair of the largest size, or a couple of pairs of the smaller sizes!) Value of the prize is $42. Our usual contest rules apply: leave a comment on this post by midnight EST Wednesday July 18th to be eligible to win. If you’ve won a giveaway in the last year, please give other knitters a chance. Thanks to the Skacel Collection for the prize.

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  1. Cassandra

    I think the average sock doesn’t fit my foot which long and narrow so any pattern that takes that into consideration is a winner

  2. Leigh

    That is really awesome information! I guess it’s one of those things I never thought about but makes sense. Of course people have different sized and shaped feet!

  3. Amy Barnes

    I’m adding those socks to my queue ASAP. They look gorgeous in that colorway. Thanks knitty!

  4. Annalisa

    What handy (or is that foot-y?) data! Thanks for compiling it.

    I’d love to try those Longitudinal Socks, and winning the requisite yarn would make it that much easier. 🙂

  5. Dana

    That’s really interesting. My view on calf fit has always been that you would want there to be more negative ease at the calf than on the foot or ankle so that the socks stay up better. But my husband’s the sock wearer, not me!

  6. Rachel Gogan

    I love all those numbers and data. That’s awesome!! And really interesting.

    And it would be awesome to win that yarn!

  7. Sarah

    Oh wow- this is great info. I’m a US size 5 shoe, so I can’t say I’m very surprised 🙂

  8. Rachel Gogan

    I love all those numbers and data. That’s awesome!! And really interesting.

    And it would be awesome to win that yarn!

  9. Pam

    I’m going to have to digest this info for a bit…and I’d love to knit some Zauberball whilst digesting! Thanks for the offer and the interesting info.

  10. Jennifer

    Very Interesting. And I agree with more sizes. I have had to give away some of my favorite socks because they wind up too small for my fat feet.

  11. Steph

    I should have sent my sizes in, (I found the reply drafted in a folder just now)…because I throw off your assumption. My foot is 9.25″ long, 7.75″ ball of foot circumference, 7.5″ arch of foot circumference, 8.5″ ankle circumference, 13.5″ heel diagonal and 14″ calf circumference.
    So my ankle is significantly larger around than my foot, I usually knit the smaller sized foot and the medium size for the leg and do some increasing/decreasing as I am knitting the heel.

  12. Rebecca

    Interesting. I haven’t measured my feet recently, but I do have large ones (size 11 women’s), so this will be good to keep in mind.

  13. Vanessa

    Amazing! So the ball of my foot will never be smaller than my ankle. That makes sense. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to walk if it were the other way!

  14. Sam

    I was just thinking the other day about this data and wondering what the results were. Thanks for this great research!

  15. Emily

    Thanks for doing his research. It can be frustrating to find a great sock pattern and have it come in just the one size. I feel like I’m the odd one out for having bigger feet. This shows that isn’t the case. I hope designers take it to heart and offer multiple sizes more frequently!

  16. Cara

    I love that you took the time to put all that together and I think the findings are fascinating.

    I’m also glad my feet aren’t as weird as I thought!

  17. Sarah Jane

    What an interesting survey. I’ve got long narrow feet and often tweak sock fit so they are tight enough around my midfoot. Thanks for compiling this!

  18. Megan F.

    How interesting. The lack of sizing on sock patterns has been one of the reasons I stay away from them. The one I did try came out too big.

  19. Nancy

    Your survey data is very interesting. I took such measurements of all my family and have it in a file. I think I’ll add your tables, and I’ll be ready to make socks for anybody!

  20. Ana

    Love seeing the data here! While I don’t absolutely need another pair of socks/sock yarn in the queue, I am shockingly low on rainbow yarn…love those socks!

  21. Cyndi

    interesting results & why I never knit socks for anyone I can’t try them on as I knit!
    Great prize – I love zauberballs!

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  23. shelly

    whee! this came out just in time. I have a new pair of basic toe up socks on the needles, and now I can play around with the numbers from your tables.

  24. Saffy

    Interesting post with all that data. I can see this being a great reference for those thinking about designing socks (and for gift knitters too). Thanks 🙂

  25. Rachel R.

    Very interesting data – I had no idea there would be correlation between ankle and foot circumference, or between foot length and circumference – clearly I’ve never even measured my own feet!

  26. Beth

    Got so interested in reading the survey results I read all the way to the end and forgot completely about the contest mentioned in the headline. Enter me in it, though!

  27. Mary Anne

    Thanks for doing this. I’ve always thought of myself as a big-footed person. So, when I began knitting socks, I’d always go for the largest size. It took me several years, and many too-large socks, to realize that, while my foot is long, it is narrow. I’m now going for smaller sizes (sometimes even smaller than the pattern calls for), with an appropriately-long foot.

  28. Chelsea

    I love it when knitting and stats collide! Thanks for doing all of this – makes knitting socks for others less daunting!

  29. Seanna Lea

    I love the longitudinal socks. They look very cool.

    The foot chart is pretty handy, because it is way easier to get a friend to provide one measurement than the entire slew of measurements. One question: When you refer to foot circumference is that the measurement around the ball of the foot or around the arch?

    It is unclear which measurement should be used for the chart.

  30. Dianna

    Thank you for the work you put into this. I wish I had remembered where I got the picture of the foot with the measurements needed – I measured about 20 people – mostly men (relatives!) but forgot where I was supposed to go to give the inforamtion for the survey!

  31. BeKKnits

    I want to win! I have those socks in my queue and if I won the yarn, I could make it right away!

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  35. Amanda Heyen

    Last Christmas I made socks for some of my family and tried to find this kind of information. This is the most clear and comprehensive description of the different sizes and how they relate to each other that I have seen. Thanks!

  36. Never Conforming

    I find this enormously reassuring – I can’t make socks for myself (EU size 42 feet) which are wide enough, so my partner has to model most socks I knit. I will have great fun now trying to work out how to scale the most loved patterns to get them to fit better.

    Thank you so much for this.

  37. JudyAnn

    Interesting results. My first socks (knit 4 years ago?)were way too large. I kept measurements for a while, and then moved on to shawls and shawlettes with my sock yarn. This may inspire me to try socks again. Yeah for negative ease!

  38. Bean

    This is amazing!

    I may be a bit too much of a data nerd, but I think this gives those who aren’t quite ready to size on the fly lots of info on getting their socks to fit.

  39. Jette

    This is so great! I just keep making socks for myself cause I can measure myself any time but I think this math will help – even if it isn’t perfect! Thanks!!

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    Great info, thank you! Time to get back into knitting socks, learn a new trick (extreme 2-in-1 is next on my list).

  41. Deana

    This is fantastic! So much of my recipients are not available for me to get accurate measurements. Now, as long as I have two data points (which shouldn’t be too hard) I can knit them well-fitting socks. Thank you!

  42. Savannagal

    That was very interesting. I’m not exactly sure how I would/could apply/translate the information into a knitted sock, but interesting nonetheless. Thanks much for the giveaway. Those are really cute socks in great colors.

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    Thank you for gathering the data and putting it all together in a simple chart for us. This is one page I will definitely keep in my project notebook for long times to come!

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    Thank you for the survey results. This will make it so much easier to knit socks for others that will fit. Sock knitting is so much fun and sharing well-fitting results feels good. And of course I have been looking at the Longitudinal socks so winning the kit will get me started on those.

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    Thank you!!

    ps … I’d *love* to win the Skacel yarn for the longitudinal sock pattern!! Thanks!!

  48. Brooke

    That is really interesting work you did! I want to email the results to a sock pattern designer. She already sizes her patterns but I bet she would find it helpful.

  49. Kate

    Incredibly useful data here, especially when knitting socks for others! I’m also really taken by those awesome socks in the picture – I’ve never used Zauberball before but those colours look awesome, definitely the sort of over-the-top sock I tend to go for!

  50. Lynn

    Wow, that is so useful. Thanks for this info, it will come in handy when I maek the next pair of socks for someone whose feet are not handy to measure. Thanks also to the Skacel Collection for the chance to win their yarn.

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  53. janine

    This was very interesting to me. What a lot of work. Kudos to those people who took the time to measure their feet and send in their measurements.

  54. Amanda

    Very interesting information! Thank you for the analysis of all the data you received. This will help in my future sock knitting as socks are my favorite project. Also, thank you for the opportunity to win ! 🙂

  55. Jennifer

    Wow! That’s a lot of information and facts to digest. I hope that this will be increasingly useful to me as I wander deeper into the wonderfull addicting world of socks, especially designing my own since my gauge never ever ever seems to match pattern specifics!

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    great info on feet. i wonder if a similar survey of this kind and size has ever been done before…
    well, now that i know all this info, i would love a chance to win yarn for socks!
    thanks to the knitty team and the knitty blog, and all the great sponsors for the chance for readers to win awesome prizes!

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  61. Jamie

    As I suspected, my personal measurements are a bit unusual. My foot length and circumference match up fairly close to standard, but my ankle is much thinner and my gusset length is longer (I’ve always known I have skinny ankles and a high instep).

    Thanks for the chart. Assuming more designers follow it, it will be much simpler for me to figure out what adjustments I need to make for a proper fit.

  62. Phyllis Evans

    Nice analysis. I always have at least one pair of socks on the needles. I’m addicted to toe-up with gusset heels. I get my best fit that way.

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  84. Bonnie Pinkerton

    Wow! Very interesting…Thanks for putting it all together for me in a way I can understand. One question… in the section that is titled ‘What this means for sock designers’ third bullet down, should that figure read 25%-35% instead of 205%?
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  102. RichelleCK

    Very informative article and something I struggled with recently. My dad has very short, very wide feet. My first try at socks from a distance were too small, since they wouldn’t go over his ankle. The second attempt were bigger and I made sure to choose a pattern with a lot of stretch. I think your chart can help take a lot of the guessing out of socks at a distance!

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  116. Amanda

    This information always seemed to elude me when I would make up socks for someone I couldn’t get measurements on….Thanks for all the investigation and hard work, definitely helps put things in to a perspective that I can understand and easily use and store for future use!

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  120. Kathy

    Though I have been interested for Five years (judging by the date of my first sock book purchase!), I am just beginning to feel
    I’ve acquired sufficient skills (read “confidence” :- ) to knit socks. One of my concerns is the generic One Size Fits All pattern – that after the investment of time and yarn, I’ll discover I really can’t wear My creation after all. So your info is much appreciated, and may help me understand more about sock anatomy and measurements. Many thanks!

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  124. Tina_R

    Having very wide feet (sz10) is one reason I’ve yet to knit socks. Always assumed that figuring out calculations to adjust for size would be to hard. Also let the bias against large sizes stop me.

    Thank you for coming up with the info. Looks like socks knitting is in my future! (have knit everything but socks)

  125. Ashley P

    This is really helpful information. I printed it and added it to my library. Love the contest! That pattern is awesome! Thanks!

  126. Andrea

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  127. Sue

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    Last month our sock knitting group (Tallahassee Sock Knitters) got into a heated discussion about measuring feet for socks. So many feet on the table! I expected the restaurant manager to appar at any moment to cite some local ordinance. We are a new group and several members are fairly new to sock knitting. Kate’s research and data mining report is a much appreciated gift to us all. Thank you!

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    I have large feet, wish I could find patterns to fit them.

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    Good info on the socks! I had issues trying to make socks for my husband- so maybe this will help. Thanks!

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    Interesting indeed. I am a costume maker and measurements are my bread and butter. I was saying to students the other day how when you measure people you realize how the body can be put together in an infinite variety of ways. I have only knit one pair of socks and it was from a general sock pattern, didn’t love the way it fit so maybe I will be on the look out for a pattern with better fit.

  165. Cindy/KS

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    And I would love to win this as well!

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    Also, that yarn is amazingly gorgeous.

  172. Cocoonivus

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    one step ahead of you all?
    Just made my first pair of socks and thought the calf part should be larger? So I incr 2 stchs about 6″ up, did 4 rows and incr 2 more stchs, 4 rows, incr 2 and then finished the sock to above calf length. I like a longer sock.
    Oh yeah, incrs were at the back of the calf.

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    But perhaps “The foot circumference is either the same or larger (never smaller)” isn’t quite universal–my ankle circumference is 1/2″ bigger than my foot circumference. I had no idea I was such an oddity!

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    And the contest? Great, since I have been drooling over those socks since I saw them when the issue released!

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  199. Nancy N

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    • And there is a remarkable correlation between foot length & foot circumference – foot circumference on average is about 95% of foot length.

    (so a foot length of 10 should = a cir. of 9.5)

    Yet you say: If you have foot length:

    Foot circumference, ankle circumference = foot length * 1.05

    It should be foot cir. = foot lenght *.95 I think.

    and foot circ *1.05 = foot length

    Also your lower chart seems to use the incorrect calculation. In the upper chart. a foot lenght of 10 = foot circ of 9.12 but if you look at foot circ of 9 on the lower chart it shows a foot lenght of 9.25 and the foot lenght of 10 corresponds to a foot circ. of 10.25

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  209. Jeanne B

    1. I agree, sock patterns should be sized! I’m reknitting a sock after having dropped two needle sizes and still coming out too big. I had to reduce the stitch count to make it fit. One sock does not fit all, either feetwise or knitting-wise.

    2. Cat Bordhi has been doing incredible work in this area and has come up with methods of making socks that fit any foot any time. Once you get past the complexity of the explanations and try it, it’s amazing how beautifully they fit. (The pattern referenced in #1 was a stock sock pattern, not one of Cat’s).

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  212. Beverly

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  215. KathleenC

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    However like a couple other commenters I don’t quite fit in with some of your measurements… my ankle is a full inch inch larger than my foot circumference (I always decrease a few extra stitches in the gusset to allow for the narrower foot). But then, that’s why you should always measure! As you said, feet are not the same size from person to person.
    I don’t understand the ratio between foot length and circumference in the two charts though… … one has the length consistently longer than the circ, the other has the ratio switch halfway through. That shouldn’t be, should it?

  216. Janet

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  222. TopHat

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    I always feel like an anomaly when it comes to sock size. I have very squat feet: they are as wide as my husband’s, but shorter by 3 inches!

  223. Claire Alexander

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  228. MeezieMom

    Interesting, but, for me, fairly, ummm, useless. That is a harsh word, and I don’t mean it as such, but I have feet off the bell curve.
    10.25″ or 26cm(L), 10.5″ or 26.6cm(R)
    Circ. @ ball of foot:
    8.875″ or 21.5cm(L) 8.75″ or 22.2cm(R)
    In US sizing, that’s an 11 AA foot. It used to be a 10 AAAA, before my daughter was born. Neither size was fun to shop for. Nordstrom’s is the only place I can find my size.

    By your formula, L = 0.95C, my foot length should be about 8″ to 8.25″, or 20.4cm to 21.1 cm.

    I call my feet “pencil feet”, long & skinny. Oh, well. So it goes!

  229. Pam

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  230. Bridget

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    Regarding the 10% negative ease, are the finished measurements for Longitudinal the measurements of the sock or the foot they will fit (should I pick the size closest to my feet or a size down)? Thanks!

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  237. Anonymous, too

    Interesting results, but I think the correspondence between foot length and foot circumference will probably be most exact with people who wear an “average” shoe width (for men in the US system, it is a D).

    It might be useful for someone to repeat the survey or do a study to see what the ratios would be for people who wear extra-wide or extra-narrow sizes. Why do I say this? Because my feet are EEE width and I used to know a woman whose feet were AAA! Even though the length of our feet didn’t differ much, one of her shoes was almost half the width of one of mine.

  238. Billie Rae

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    In my toe up patters I find I have to decrease at the ankle to keep socks from sagging.

    Still not many other men winning these.

  247. Daphne

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    Really interesting results. Having a high arch, I have found that I need a gusset to make socks fit properly (tried EZ”s Sweet Tomato heels, and the hit the frog pond before I’d done the 3rd step.)

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  258. Gwyneth

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    And I love the scientific look at how to size socks!

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  265. Kate

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    my partner just spotted those longitudinal socks 🙂

  267. Fleur

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    Happy knitting! Ciao, Fleur

  268. Kristine

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    Anyway, great research, great rule of thumb for sizing socks when knitting.

  269. s-j

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    and i love this sock pattern!

  270. Kate

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  271. haloroundmyhead

    I was surprised to learn that there aren’t many with a thicker ankle measurement…I thought that was a common trait in the flat-footed. Or maybe it only works that way if you’re flat-footed and narrow.

    My ball of foot measures 7.5″ (the narrowest part of my foot just past the ball is a tiny bit over 7″), my ankle is 8″, and my overall foot length is 9″.

  272. Anna

    That is such useful information! I remember thinking I’d like to send my data through, though unfortunately that thought went the way of many of my ideas and disappeared into the ether…

    Longitude is absolutely on my list of sock patterns I would like to try – hopefully this idea wont go the way of many others!!

  273. Diane True

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  274. sue

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  275. Liz in Ypsilanti

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  276. Jamie

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  280. Jen

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  281. Nike Eve

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  282. Peggy

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    The results aren’t surprising to me in that I never fall into any category! With huge ankles and chunky calves, every pair of socks is a work of pattern manipulation. The data is very interesting for the survey, though, and information I can use when making socks for everyone else. 🙂

  286. Anne

    Thank you! I am now happily recalculating cool socks for the men (think big feet) in my family: life beyond basics will be MUCH more fun now with some confidence socks will fit (and thankfully they’re adventurous and might even wear something like Longitudinals!) Gonna have to give it a try….

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    Excellent results from the data collected. Will be very useful in the future for sock knitting.
    Karen D.

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  296. Susie in Minnesota

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    WIll be sure to save this for future reference.

  302. Kathy

    I’ve got thick ankles and fat calves, but I find that the type of sock yarn is most important to the fit rather than the pattern. My favorite sock yarn includes some cotton, but it’s no longer available. It doesn’t stretch out as the day goes on. I do love Zauberball’s colors.

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  306. Jeny

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  307. Carol

    As someone one with a high heel diag/circ ratio, I say “Thank you for doing this”. Looks like I’m not as odd as I thought! Your numbers explain why so many claim, “short row heels just don’t fit my feet.”
    Patterns that include high instep mods are the best. If they aren’t available, I make my own modifications.

  308. Laura B

    Thank you for the high N-value; I’m going to have to read this in more detail with a pattern in the other browser tab so I can mod my next socks. ^_^

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  315. Stickfia

    Very interesting. And I’m somewhat surprised about some of the results.
    My foot circumference is about 1 cm (0.4″) smaller than my foot lenght. And I have wide feet – I have to search for shoes wide enough. Most women shoes are to narrow for me. So I’m surprised that the average foot has smaller lenght than ball circumference.

  316. Sarah N.

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  319. lilipouce

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    I guess I’m an outlier, with foot length more than 10% greater than foot circumference, then…

  320. Katie K

    Great post! I’ll have fun comparing my measurements to your calculations, knowing that I have exceptionally short wide feet.

  321. Julie

    Very interesting! I have found that so many designers just put out one-size socks. I have an 8.5″ circumference and 9″ length foot, fairly average on the small side, but I have a real problem with baggy socks, even though I always knit on 2 mm needles. And not all patterns are easily scaled down, especially complicated designs. I would like to see the designers do the scaling for me if I have paid for the pattern.

  322. Susanlayne Nielsen

    Thank you for including the larger sizes! It’s helpful for those of us knitting for our loved one with giant trotters!

  323. Rachel T

    I was directed this way by a sock knitting group I just joined on Ravelry. I measured my foot to see how I fit with the statistics. Very normal on circumference versus length correlation but abnormal in that my ankle is only 84% of my foot length/circumference. I have always found it odd that I could wrap my fingers around my tiny ankles! Interesting read – thanks for doing the research.

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  330. Anne L.

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    This sock table is extremely useful! I’m making a pair of ‘surprise’ socks for a friend’s boyfriend, who is avid about doing Civil War re-enactments. I’m making him hand-knitted socks using a period-accurate pattern. I have an idea of his foot length, but the rest has been pure guesswork. Your table will help me make the socks at least reasonably close in fit. THANKS! p.s. love the Longitudinal sock pattern, too!

  335. Louise

    This is fascinating and good news! It fits with what I’d been assuming, but when I knit socks for other people who aren’t always available to try them on I always do ribbing, so I didn’t know for sure.

  336. Deb L

    I’ve always got a pair of socks on the needles – it’s my favorite travel project!

  337. Sandy

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    This will be a great resource!

  338. Cindy

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  339. Cathy W

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    …and I’d love some Zauberball, please. 🙂

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  342. blogless grace

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    Fascinating information. Thank you so much. Now to see if I can unpack my topsy-turvy house enough to find a tape measure and see where I come in your range.

  344. Heather

    I’m trying to find time in the middle of my first month as an MD to go buy some yarn for these socks, so if I win it would be a big help!

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  346. Sonia

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    I agree sizing on patterns is very very useful!

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  350. Night

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  351. Nikki Atkins

    Wow, this post is going into my reference list. That’s a lot of awesome data for socks! (No, i’m not a geekscientistknitter, nope nope…)

    Also: Zauberball is awesome. I’ve been drooling over them in my yarn store forever… 0_o

  352. Avimatic

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  354. Helen

    That’s really interesting. Is there any way to share the data? I’m itching to look at it in cm (I can’t think in inches, alas) and the confidence intervals 🙂

    …yes I am a “card carrying” statistician. Bet you didn’t need me to tell you that!

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    I would love to win the yarn and make the Longitudinal socks, they are beautiful!

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    Good luck all!!

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    Nice socks too!

  359. Liz

    Interesting…my ankles are 10″, my feet are 9″ long, my arches are 9″, and the ball of my foot is 9″. Guess I’m the statistical outlier! No wonder I have such a hard time getting socks and shoes to fit!

    Do I get yarn as compensation?

  360. LaDonna

    Making it in under the wire, but with 700 other respondents, I suspect someone else is going to win this wonderful prize. Congrats to the lucky winner!

  361. Tanya Carter

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    I know that sock pattern is in my favs – so different – just have to knit them up!

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    Finding Knitty Magazine was like a winning a lottery.

  367. Rosemary

    I love data crunching stuff like this, I’m resisting the urge to whip off my shoe and measure my foot in the middle of the office to check if my feet fit the data trends.

  368. Christine

    Very interesting! As someone with big ol’ feet, I find the “one size fits most” patterns to be INFURIATING. As I am never “most” 🙁 I hope that this will help to convince some sock designers to offer more options for sizing.

    If that doesn’t, then maybe this: I won’t buy sock patterns with only one size!

    I’m bookmarking this for when I need to make gift socks and only have limited information on sizes!

  369. leticia

    I have to go revisit my measurements now to see if I’m part of “the norm”.

    Hooray for this project and the intended outcome> better fitting socks.

  370. Rebbie

    Interesting information to have. You never know what you’re going to get when you knit those “one size fits all” patterns. I can usually find someone who can fit their foot in them!

  371. karol

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    kudos for all the hard work on the sizing chart. tyvm

  372. Beth

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  373. Terri H.

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    And how did you know I was dying to try a pair of those socks? All I need is the yarn…

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