Obsession: Good Health. The Stitch Red Project

With patterns from many of your favorite designers

Stitch Red is a nationwide campaign in the US that raises awareness about heart disease, the #1 killer of women in the United States. Manufacturers and designers in the Needlearts industry are creating and selling Stitch Red products to benefit the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health in support of The Heart Truth. Yarn shops are carrying these products and hosting Stitch Red events to raise funds for heart disease awareness.

Yarn retailer Jimmy Beans Wool is leading the charge, and they recently released the book Knit Red, which features 30 red, heart health-inspired patterns and personal stories from industry greats.

The team at Jimmy Beans Wool was inspired by the experiences of some friends and family members, including  sales rep Marta McGinnis who had  survived a major heart attack. Marta was a key member of the team developing the campaign, but she sadly passed away in 2008, and never saw the results of her work.

The main goal of the campaign is to spread hearth health awareness nationwide –  and maybe even internationally. Heart disease has been traditionally considered a men’s issue, and it’s critical than women are aware of it and how it affects them. Heart disease is most common in women ages 55 and older, but it can affect younger women. It’s never too early to know the risks of heart disease so young knitters can start preventing and controlling the risks.

Launched this year, the campaign will be ongoing, and spread beyond knitting: the bok Sew Read is being published in February 2013, just in time for American Heart Month, and the goal is to get the sewing community as involved as the needlearts community has been!

Although the campaign is primarily about information and awareness, all of the manufacturers/designers have partnered with The Heart Truth and pledged to donate at least 5% of gross profits of their Stitch Red products.  Knitters can get involved by purchasing Stitch Red products, and by helping ensure that knitters get involved in the conversation.

I talked to Laura Zander of Jimmy Beans Wool and author of the Stitch Red book, about the campaign. I asked her if she has changed anything in her own life since she’s got involved in the project:

“I’m already pretty active- I have a three year old son who keeps me running around! I have made a commitment to myself to eat one piece of fruit per day. If I’m honest with myself (sigh), I have to admit that I’m always finding excuses to eat chips and fatty stuff instead of fruits and vegetables. I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I’m just challenging myself to make 1 small change at a time. Once I’ve made eating 1 piece of fruit a part of my lifestyle, then I’ll take the next step (2 pieces?! Oh my!). On a more general level, I’ve just started being more aware of the signs and symptoms and am committed to not ignoring things about my body that seem out of whack.”

Laura’s parting words are wise – that we should all take care of ourselves:

“Make a conscious effort to eat healthy, exercise (even going for a walk counts), and pay attention to your body.”


We are giving away a prize – a copy of the book, courtesy of Soho Publishing, and a yarn pack to knit Norah Gaughan’s fab Cable Cardi, courtesy Berroco Yarns. The value of the prize pack is $75.95.

There will be one winner. Our usual contest rules apply, leave a comment on this post by midnight EST Monday July 16th to be eligible to win. If you’ve won a giveaway in the last year, please give other knitters a chance.

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515 thoughts on “Obsession: Good Health. The Stitch Red Project

  1. Mary Jane

    I really like the red sweater you are showing. The book will be fantastic if the other patterns are as gorgeous.

  2. Naomi

    Raising awareness through knitting… I love it.

    Raising awareness through knitting something absolutely beautiful… *insert crazy, spinning, lady happy-dancing with her knitting needles here*

  3. June

    Beautiful knits and a great cause. What could be better? The women in my mom’s lineage have all passed away from heart disease, I have to wonder sometimes tho if the real culprit there was undiagnosed thyroid problems. My mom has an underactive thyroid but with medication she has now long out-lived any of her female relations and still going strong. (Thyroid issues tend to run in families, particularly in women).

  4. Suzie

    This is such a great idea. I bought and spin red kit from Cotton Clouds and am using it for the Tour de Fleece.

  5. Ana

    Love, love, love that cardigan, so much that I almost went directly to see where I could get the pattern/yarn and missed the fact that you’re holding a contest to win it! I know what I’ll be wearing in the office this fall!

  6. Amanda Heyen

    Wow. What a great contest. This book has a ton of great patterns and this cardigan is definitely one of my favorites. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  7. Debra

    Beautiful knits and a wonderful cause. So many women die from heart disease because they are too busy taking care of others they forget to take care of themselves. Thanks for putting a spotlight on heart disease. My beautiful sister died too early from heart disease so I would cherish this book.

  8. Diane

    Red is one of my favorite colors and I am really working on lowering my cholesterol…the book would inspire.

  9. Cinnamon

    I’ve been really impressed with the projects in this book, and it is a very worthy cause. As a personal trainer and nutritionist (in my former life), heart disease in women was something I addressed a lot. It’s a pretty simple thing to avoid, IF the awareness is out there. Happy that the knitting community is getting behind it.

  10. Ellen

    My mom passed away in April from a massive coronary, so I have seen heart disease in action. This is such an important cause and I hope this helps spread the word to all Knitty fans.

  11. Beverly

    The issue of heart health is really important and it is wonderful to have the chance to contribute to awareness through our craft.

  12. Aimee

    I love Laura’s down to earth (not to mention realistic) view of how to take care of your health!

  13. Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Thank you for advocating for such an important cause. The signs and symptoms of heart disease and cardiac events can be so different for women than men. Love the book!

  14. Carolina

    Great cause to raise awareness! Heart disease in women is so different than men. And as women we forget to take care of ourselves while caring for those we love.

  15. Knittingdancer (Teresa)

    I am so glad that the awareness of the symptoms of women’s heart attacks are so different from men.
    I would love to win this book, I am currently knitting a red lace shawl.

  16. Dari

    I have been trying to support this anyway I can! Winning the sweater kit would just be a bonus.

  17. Deb

    If any group can get the word out about heart disease prevention, knitters can!
    And the patterns are spectacular too. Would love to win!

  18. JDellow

    That book looks gorgeous! I would love to win, but might have to buy it even if I don’t… 🙂

  19. Mary P

    I’m taking a new look at red for this cause….it sure looks good in the picture, and I always have room for another knitting book.

  20. Lynne

    Glad to see that more is being done about heart health for women. Would love a copy of the book.

  21. Savannagal

    I’ve heard many great things about the patterns in this book, not to mention the admirible reasons behind the book. What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

  22. Catherine

    My actual comment when I saw Norah Gaughan’s red cardi: “Holy balls.” I want to knit to there.

  23. Erin

    Great idea. I love things that encourage women to take better care of themselves. We always seem to forget our health until we don’t have it anymore.

  24. Jodie

    Of course you promise if we knit one thing from this book we’ll have healthy hearts? Or at least look as stunning as the model? 🙂

  25. Tiffanie

    Wow! I’d seen patterns from this book before and knew about the Red campaign, but this article gives me a whole new view on it. Thanks for the insight and the opportunity to win a copy of the book.

  26. Mary Anne

    With a sister who died at 40 of a heart attack, this is a project that is near and dear to my heart!

  27. Susan

    Love knitting with a cause! I’ve already purchased individual patterns from this book; I would love to have the entire resource.

  28. Nicole

    Heart disease has struck my family too many times….Knitting for this cause would be a joy!

  29. Rachel R.

    I’ve loved pretty much everything I’ve seen from this book, and happy to support Heart Disease awareness – I imagine I’ll buy the book regardless!

  30. Rachel

    I have that sweater on my favorites on Ravelry! I’d love to knit this! I would have to extend the button band down though. And what a wonderful cause to have supported. Great stuff!

  31. Andrea W

    I take heart health seriously. Lost my dad at age 50 to his 5th heart attack. Would love to win this book and get the word out by knitting! (esp in RED! My favorite color!!!!)

  32. Karin

    As a woman who will probably develop a heart disease(cardiac arithmia runs in the female side of the family) I think this effort is great!

  33. Lindsay

    As a 22-year-old living with heart problems, This is an awesome book idea! It would be so cool to win!

  34. Groggy R.

    I saw this book at a bookstore…it’s beautiful. It’s a wonderful way to spur ladies to think more deeply about their daily choices towards a healthy heart.

  35. Vicky

    That sweater looks lovely. I’ll be heading down to my LYS soon to pick up the book. Such a good cause, and red is one of my favourite colors 🙂

  36. Lynn

    I have started walking daily at lunch, a little change each day. It makes me feel better about myself. Thanks for sharing this great cause and offering this prize of a beautiful sweater kit up to us.

  37. Carolyn

    Red has always been my favorite color – no kidding. And the cables in that sweater look like so much fun!

  38. Millie

    Great way to bring attention to the cause and taking care to take care of ourselves. Thanks.

  39. jltrask

    Red is my favorite color! Actually, it’s one of them. I never can make up my mind. I think this is a great cause and I hope it helps get the word out, and helps many women get tested and treated before they have major health issues.

  40. Jen Simoneau

    These are some of my favorite designers! What a great project to be involved in. Love that neckline on the Norah G. pattern!

  41. Courteney

    Lovely sweater!

    And make sure, ladies, that you can recognise the signs of a heart attack in us; that whole pain-on-the-left-side thing that you always hear about usually only applies to men!

  42. susanjd

    awesome! I have been dieing?dying to get my hands on that book. Yarn included is an absolute bonus

  43. Rebecca Mc.

    This is a great way to raise awareness about heart disease — and I love the color red!

  44. mollysusie

    Yay … red’s my favorite color! What a great giveawy and idea to spread awareness.

  45. Kenzie

    It’s great to see the word getting out about women and heart disease. And what fabulous patterns – I see a few I would love to make!

  46. Dibble

    A cause near and dear to me. Would love to make this for my young (heart attack at 42) strong survivor cousin.


    Such a beautiful sweater and such a worthy cause. The giveaway is quite a prize.

  48. Michelle B

    Red AND Nora?? WIN-WIN!! Hope I do. Thanks for the give-away for an important cause!

  49. Rosemarie

    The Stitch Red Project and Book are absolutely awesome and a great way to spread the word about heart disease. Your giveaway is so generous, and I’d love to be the lucky winner. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

  50. penny

    this is an important message to get out and that we should discuss. not just taking care of our hearts but listening and taking care of our ours bodies in general when things just don’t seem right. yesterday my mum had open heart surgery. so far she’s on the difficult path to a complete recovery, but i know if she was more aware of the different signs that things weren’t right she wouldn’t have waited to see a doctor thinking it was just the hot summer weather causing all her complaints of fatigue and tightness in her chest. she ended up seeing a doctor about them only when she was brought to the ER almost two weeks ago!

  51. Pilaar

    Thanks for the health reminder, and knitting is definitely part of my health regime 🙂

  52. Jane G.

    Public awareness is half the battle. Women often put themselves 2nd or 3rd in their priority list. We all need to take better care of ourselves so we can be around to take care of those we love most.

  53. Patty C

    An important issue for everyone. Knitting and spinning are good ways to ease stress and protect your health.

  54. Carol C

    What a beautiful sweater! This is definitely an important message to convey. I have two friends whose mothers died of heart attacks when they were in their 50’s. Now that I am in that age bracket, I pray that no one I know has that experience.
    Eat your fruits and veggies!

  55. Aimee

    That is one ‘sweet’ sweater, and for a great cause. Whenever anyone asks about the sweater, you can tell them about preventing heart disease.

  56. Donna

    I’m so grateful to see the fiber arts community get behind this cause. I have a heart condition that probably could have been prevented with education about diet, stress, and exercise when I was younger. The red sweater is lovely as are all the projects on the book.

  57. Nancy

    Pacemaker owner (wearer? recipient?) here, thinking this is a great idea. The sweater is beautiful, too.

  58. Anita

    This is an above average collection supporting a very worthy cause.

    My MIL died of heart disease that wasn’t diagnosed until too late, and there is a lot of heart disease in my family tree. I’m trying right now to reverse the tide of bellyfat and to get more exercise.

    Thanks to everyone for sponsoring a fabulous giveaway! Fingers crossed…

  59. Sarah

    I am in love with Norah Gaughn’s designs, but have yet to knit one. I would love to make this beauty my first!

  60. Allison

    What a great cause… Always good to see knitters working to make the world a better place.

  61. Tina_R

    My mom recently passed away partly due to right sided heart failure. I wish she was still around so I could knit her something from this book.

  62. G.K. Green

    I *really* support this effort!!! Women in every generation within living memory of my family have been significantly affected by heart-health issues … from arrhythmia to angina to congestive heart failure to stroke … and have benefitted not just from advances in technology (like ever-improved pacemakers) but also increased awareness of the applicability of treatment options (such as AV-node ablation surgery) to the female gender. Thank you, Knitty.com for committing to Stitch RED and doing this giveaway!

  63. Kai Mistry

    Great cause. Love.
    Heart problems (as well as Diabetes) are very big in the Indian community and it’s always something that we’re tackling.

  64. Claudia Horner

    Oh, I’d love to knit that fab cardi! I hope you pick me. Thanks for another fun opportunity.

  65. Christie

    Zg that sweater is ADORABLE. And it’s perfect for my librarian lifestyle! Pick meeeee!

  66. Jenn

    Love to see the knitting community supporting this sort of project. We’re big enough now that we can have a much bigger impact!

  67. Mandy

    What a good idea to promote women’s health like this. I do hope that a similar project comes about in the UK. This is a lovely cardigan.

  68. Dianna

    Just had my check-up and have lowered my cholesterole by over 30 points! Bring on the red!

  69. Christine

    Knitters for a great cause! Thanks for the contest. This looks like a great collection of patterns.

  70. Eleanor

    Marly Bird recently interviewed the folks at JBW on her YarnThing podcast (by recently, I mean May) – I was struck by their obvious intelligence, devotion, professionalism, wisdom, talent, etc. What a great way to raise awareness of cause and craft together. As for the giveaway, love Jimmy Beans, love Nora, love Berroco! A triple threat prize!

  71. Robbie

    I’ve lost many family members to heart disease including my sister when she was 35 and my mother. I would love to knit this sweater in their honor. Plus red is my fav color.

  72. Jean Ashley

    I love the Stitch Red campaign and all the great support it has generated. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  73. Amanda

    /em thumbsup

    I’ll probably buy the book even if I don’t win, heart disease is a big problem on both sides of my family.

  74. Danielle

    What a fabulous sweater! And my birthday is next weekend. Surely that’s a sign, right? 😉

  75. Denise

    I have drooled over almost all of the patterrns especially the stunning red cardi featured on tthiis post

  76. susan

    This is a great project and book. I really hope I win and I thank you for the opportunity.

  77. Jenny

    My family has a history of heart disease, including the women, so it’s a cause that’s dear to my heart (pun intended). I loved looking at the patterns in this book on Ravelry and hope that I’m able to make some of them.

  78. Purplepenguin

    Oooooh, I would love to win thi! Heart disease runs in my family. My grandmother died from it at a young age and left a small child (my mother) for my aunt to raise, my mother died at 55, before I had my daughters, from it, my aunts and uncles had it, my brother had it, my father has it. Somehow, I do NOT have heart disease at this time. (Knock on wood!) My doctor and I are a team, making sure I stay healthy and if something shows up, we can handle it.

    Whoever wins, use it in good health!

  79. Kayteau

    What a great book! Heart disease is one of those family things that killed my father and a lot of my uncles on his side of the family. Luckily, we tend towards tough old broads, but heart disease is a spectre none the less.

  80. Jennifer

    Wow what a great prize package! I started out pretty good this year with diet and exercise and am just now getting back on track.

  81. D'Arcy L.J. White

    I’ve been lusting after this book for a while (red is my favourite colour)!

  82. amy

    Thanks for such a fabulous giveaway. I love red and all of Norah Gaughan’s designs. Please pick me!

  83. Lisa

    Beautiful book, and a cause near to me–4 cardiac bypass 4 years ago at age 49. Thanks for supporting us!

  84. Leslie Mendelson

    This is a very important issue and it’s wonderful the fiber community has become so involved. It’s a great sweater and I would love to knit it.

  85. cathryn

    Hubby has defib..pacemakr ..artfic hrt valve..died nine times on me..father took fenphen had hrt transplnt..his mom died hrt disease n i at 50 had to get pacemkr for tachy brady syndrome irreg hrt beat so yes…hrt diease nt only affects men but dose affects woman too. So important to get ur story out there…plz guard your health….i thot i was young but health prob now hv me on ssi n a lousy 520.00 a month..plz women.

    Take care of ur heart …ur life…n mostly yourselfs..if not who will tk cr of u.

  86. Anna Fuhrmann

    I love the project idea…and glad that this is raising awareness…yes be aware of your body and take care of yourself! Every day. Would love to win this, the red sweater is gorgeous!!

  87. kalitab

    This is such a good cause. My mother in law just had a heart attack and open heart surgery in april. she is 70, and didnt have any symptoms, other than being overly tired and winded. we ladies need to take care of our hearts, and what a better way to get the word out than this?

  88. Sarah

    It would be fun to take a project from this book and try to knit it while exercising! Although a stationary bike is really the only practical example I can think of…

  89. Christine

    Love that cardi! Would love to flip through the book and see what else I “need” to knit!

  90. Sarah

    That sweater is beautiful, I can’t wait to see what other designs the book has. Such an important cause!

  91. Jo-ann

    Read is an awesome colour. Promoting awareness of heart disease in women is a cause well worth supporting. I’d love to knit that pattern and wear it and tell its story. And a book of other cool red patterns too!

  92. Linda

    We as women have always taken care of others often at the neglect of our own health. This book is a great way to raise awareness that you are no good to others if you don’t take care of yourself.

  93. Paula Kimmich

    Thank you so much for bringing attention to Women’s heart disease….something that almost everyone has been touched by through Moms, sisters, wives or best friends. Beautiful book!

  94. yourepretty

    pick me because i <3 knitty (and heart health)

    […i'll likely buy the book anyway, but damn that sweater looks fab]

  95. Katy

    Red Stitch sounds amazing. I can see myself making something to wear almost daily to remind me to be heart healthy:)

  96. Mindi F

    Love the design, the book, and the cause. Here’s to all of us making those small changes, and teaching our daughters the same!

  97. yvonne

    Love that fabulous red cardi – promoting heart health is the best thing we can do for ourselves, family & friends.

  98. Liz in Missouri

    I think this is a great plan and given the generous nature of knitters I believe it will be a successful one as well. Heart disease runs rampant in my family for both women and men. Stitch Red has my full support!

  99. Garnet Gratton

    I am thrilled to have a chance to win this wonderful book and kit–such great patterns for a very worthy cause. Thank you.

  100. M. Peterson

    I read about this book recently and really want it! It’s such a lovely idea and that cardigan is at the top of my list – GORGEOUS!

  101. Elaine P

    I’ve been looking at this book and wanting to make quite a few things from this since it came out

  102. Arlin

    Awesome idea, just goes to show what a big heart we knitters have, and that we can make impact on the world.

  103. Dawn

    What a great idea to link such an important health issue with knitting. Would love to knit and wear red for this cause.

  104. Elaine

    Love the idea of heart health awareness. My mother had her first heart attack when she was in her forties.

  105. Carol R

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

    It looks like a great book and I will look for other Stitch Red products.

  106. Jan

    What a beautiful sweater! We all need to watch out for our health, and heart disease is an insidious, often silent killer.

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  107. Liz

    Thank you for raising awareness about heart disease in women. Would love to knit and wear that cardi!

  108. Beth

    That sweater looks great. I love v-neck cardigans! Bet the book has lots more lovely patterns.

  109. Jen V.

    Love, love, love! I will buy this book if I don’t win it. (And thank you for giving us clear time-limits on throwing our hats back into the ring after a giveaway win).

  110. 10a

    That is one good cause, and quite an eye-opener! I’m pretty sure most people think of heart disease mostly as a male thing. A lovely book too.

  111. Suzanne Shattuck

    I am very passionate about the Go Red campaign. I would love the chance to win this. Thank you for supporting the cause.

  112. Suzanne Shattuck

    I am very passionate about the Go Red campaign. I would love the chance to win this. Thank you for supporting the cause.

  113. Bren

    The sweater would be a challenge in this hot, humid weather. Must remember – it will cool down and the sweater would be perfect for fall.

  114. Shannon Larson

    It is nice to see knitters showing support for this very important woman’s health issue.

  115. willie

    that gorgeous cable cardi would suit lots of figure types & 3/4 sleeves are the best too

  116. Sarah J

    Knit Red is a great cause to bring to wider awareness and includes some beautiful patterns!

  117. tornadogrrrl

    Looks like there is going to be a lot of competition for this one. It is certainly deserving, a beautiful sweater and the potential to raise awareness and save lives is inspiring.

  118. Pam

    oooh, oooh, ooh! Wouldn’t it be fun to make that cover sweater. It reminds me of a higher fashion version of Am Kamin.

  119. SusieQ100

    I love this cardi! Having just been told that I have very high blood pressure AND high cholesterol, heart disease is something now on my mind. If I don’t win the book, even though I’m not in the US I might have to buy it anyway.

  120. Carla Boustead-Willingham

    Wow… for a cable-junky like me this looks like sooooo much fun!!
    😀 Carla

  121. meppybn

    Love Norah’s patterns and this is no exception! Heart health is critical, that’s for sure and education is vital so this is a great avenue to do so!

  122. Linda

    This book looks fantastic and is a great cause. I would love to knit several items from the book.

  123. Kathy

    Such a great campaign! Kudos to Laura from JBW to bringing attention to heart disease in women. Thanks to Knitty forgetting on board, as well. I’ve been knitting a red shawl with yarn from JBW.

  124. Lori

    That sweater is beautiful.

    What nobody tells us enough is that the number 1 symptom of heart disease in women is death and of course then it’s too late. Our bodies simply don’t react the same as a man’s. Be smart get checked.

  125. Catt G

    I have just started on a new fitness routine myself. Right now it’s to exercise half hour a day and to stop eating chocolate chip muffins for breakfast!

  126. Margaret

    It’s called the silent killer for a good reason! Women “might” have nausea, indegestion, depression, anxiety and dizziness as their symptoms. Don’t wait, pay attention! Great cause-would love to knit this beauty!

  127. Rose Kelly

    What great cause, and what a great prize. It’s my birthday, too, and a significant one! Pick me, please…..

    Thanks for supporting Women’s Heart Health.

    Rose Kelly

  128. Cas

    My mom had a triple bypass at age 56. She’s now 74 and going strong! But, it took years for docs to recognize the problem and the bypass was done as emergency surgery, rather than preventive. Pay attention and take of yourselves, women!
    Thanks for supporting the cause and raising awareness.
    Oh, and I’d love to knit that sweater 🙂

  129. Violet Fenn

    I’m 32 and have valvular heart disease. I’ve had surgery once and will have to have another eventually. The cardi is beautiful and I would love to win this!

  130. Meghan

    I’m more concerned with stress than a lack of exercise in my own life, but learning to knit has been a great help. This is a wonderful partnership

  131. Becky

    thank you for making the awareness of heart disease made loud and clear. knitting rocks!!

  132. Lisa

    I’m happy to enter this giveaway, probably more than any other. For both my fiance and me, heart health is a really big thing looming on the horizon.

    Our respective family histories aren’t great, but we’re doing what we can now to hopefully have fewer problems down the road.

    Kudos to Knitty for upping the signal on this issue!

  133. Aleis Cessna

    Red is my favorite color! What a way to campaign for heart disease!!! Happy Knitting everyone! Even if I don’t win I will be knitting red!

  134. Martha

    What a good way to raise more awareness for heart disease in women. Wise words too. Thank your for the opportunity to receive a lovely book and be able to get the yarn for a beautiful sweater

  135. Linda

    This is a great book, and heart disease is close to my heart. At 55 my doctor sent me for pulmonary tests, as a first step at assessing breathing problems. What a surprise that a virus had caused such heart damage that it turned out to be stage 3-4 cardiomyopathy. It is true that women present their symptoms differently and can minimize them. Thanks for supporting this disease.

  136. Heather

    My husband’s aunt died of a heart attack she couldn’t be having because it didn’t feel like a heart attack. This is an issue that needs attention and I will be supporting Stitch Red sponsors.

  137. Kelly

    I have Norah Gaughan’s patterns on my to-knit list. This explosion of texture would be a great one to start with. Thank you.

  138. Jane

    such a great cause, and I would love to try one of Norah Gaughan’s patterns – thanks for the chance!

  139. Marguerite

    I’m so excited for this book! My mom had a heart attack at age 37, (she’s great now, at 51, :D) and I’m a huge supporter of getting the word out about heart disease in women. Too many of us just don’t know the signs, and put everyone (and everything, I’ve been known to knit instead of work out, once or twice) else before our own health.

  140. Jabberwocky

    It’s a lovely cardigan, and from what I can see on Ravelry, the whole book is filled with great patterns and talented designers.

  141. Annamary

    What a lovely giveaway for such a great awareness project! It’s the kind of project I’d do on my own, but this is great incentive!

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