WWW: Sensible Voices from Mainstream Media; A Monster Knits Himself; Geek Craft

The winners of our Cathedral Grove Socks yarn pack giveaway are Sarah from Ontario and Joanne from Alberta.  Thanks to Felicia at Sweet Georgia Yarn for the Tough Love Sock. Happy knitting to our winners!

Image property of the artist, Amy Crook.

Artist Amy Crook posts a charming sketch on her blog of a monster knitting himself a sweater from his own coat.

Why I Knit: Washington Post writer Ruth Marcus elegantly meditates on what knitting means to her and to the larger community of women.

Writer Will Batchelor weighs in – very sensibly – on the fuss kicked up about the knitter at Wimbledon. Fab piece, and I particularly enjoyed the image it evoked of Will’s grandmother. (Reminded me of my grandmother…) Key quote: “A basic ribbing stitch/ tennis match combination would have been a doddle.” It feels good to be understood. Thanks Will!

New knitters!

Love this! A class of teenage boys from Patrician Brothers’ College in Fairfield City, Australia have taken up knitting to create blankets to donate to a charity drive.

“A story of giving and loving hearts”

A Wisconsin first grade teacher was inspired by a the generosity of Florida knitting group to write a children’s book. The book, The Golden Purls” tells the story of Kathy Dennis’s mother and her friends, who knit and donated hundreds of hats to hospitals and cancer groups around Florida.

Makes my geek heart beat a little faster!

Not all knitting but fab just the same: io9.com brings our attention to an amazing online gallery of fabulous sci-fi and fantasy fan art, created in yarn and fabric. The online gallery shows a portion of the exhibition, “Sew Nerdy: A Geek Craft Extravaganza“, is being hosted at a gallery in Lauderhill, Florida. It runs until August 11, 2012.

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