Never knit a sock? Join the Sunday Swing-along!

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Posts on Twitter today alerted us to a new knitalong.,  says “Beginning next week, we will offer a step-by-step tutorial on how to make cuff-down socks from the cast-on to the bind-off. ” Read more here.

The pattern they’ll be using is our Sunday Swing sock, shown at left.

Lovely idea! We’ll be looking forward to seeing some completed socks when the knitalong is over! Have fun, everyone!


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9 thoughts on “Never knit a sock? Join the Sunday Swing-along!

  1. Kristel

    Ooh, it’s so fun to see my pattern still being used!

    By the way I’ve been notified there’s a round missing in the toe decreases: the decrease round is spelled out, but there should be a mention to knit every other round plain to start with!

  2. Noelle Barrick

    I’m on my third pair of these. I did a pair for myself, then a pair for a friend, and am now doing another pair for myself. It’ll take a while because they’re my “purse socks”–you know, the pair you drag with you everywhere for waiting in lines, restaurants, meetings, etc. The pattern is simple enough to not distract from having a conversation with someone or paying attention in a meeting, but interesting enough to be, well, interesting. They’re a lot of fun to work!

  3. emilie vangel

    I’m already starting these socks,working the 1″ ribbing now.Using oline supersocke 100 walking color,denim blues.

  4. Holly

    This is the only pair of socks I’ve knitted so far! I loved the pattern, although my consistency between the 2 socks left a little to be desired.

  5. Carrie

    Has everyone started? That would make me ‘late to the party’….as usual. Will we be checking with updates?

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