Want to be *in* Knitty?

We’d love to have you.

There are two openings that we need filled, and maybe you’re just the person for it!

Are you a knitting savant, crafty and clever and good with a video camera? Then perhaps you’d like to be our new Techniques Video Columnist! All the details are at the link, include what we need you to do and what can help you make a successful entry!

Or perhaps you’re really great with a pen and ink, paintbrush, computer illustration program or camera? Well, then enter our Artwork for the Knittyshop contest! Again, details at the link.

We’ve already had a few entries in both competitions, and can’t wait to see who else wants to step up and join in! The deadline for both competitions is about 2 weeks off, so there’s still time for you to prepare a kick-butt entry!

Good luck to you all!


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8 thoughts on “Want to be *in* Knitty?

  1. Suzanne

    I really, really dislike video. I’m often looking up techniques while watching something on tv, or want to be able to print it out and take it with me. Video doesn’t allow that. I want to READ directions, not watch someone else do it and try to fiddle with playing and listening and rewinding and pausing to see if I got it right. Not to mention hoping I didn’t mis-hear something. Knitty has always been a wonderful resource. I’ve gone back to the techniques articles there for years when trying to figure things out. Please, if you have to do video, post a transcription with still shots as well for those of us who just can’t learn that way.

  2. Cindy Moore

    I like very short videos. I get bored and want to look ahead. They can be helpful when I’m trying to figure out something, but I’d rather play a precise short video over and over than watch something long and drawn out. A transcript and still shots or illustrations to go along with the video would be most helpful.

    1. Nora

      I completely agree, Cindy. Short, precise video + transcript and illustrations or stills in case I want to print it out. If an instructional video is longer than a couple of minutes, chances are I won’t get to the end of it.

  3. Cynthia RD

    I’m looking forward to the results of your search. I use a combination of books and videos when I need knitting assistance and can’t get to my LYS. YouTube technique videos have helped me numerous times, but I never thought I’d like longer videos until I borrowed a Lucy Neatby DVD from the Knitters’ Guild library and watched the whole thing straight through.

    1. Aine

      Read the info in the link before you make assumptions:

      “Remuneration: All terms including payment and rights will be discussed and agreed upon individually with the successful candidate(s). All successful artists will be fully credited for their work in the Knittyshop, with links to the website(s) of their choosing.”

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