WWW: “No Yarns of Danger Could Deter This Old Lady”

Celebrating 30 years.

September 15th to 23rd, The Bradford Guild of Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. A special exhibition is being held at Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags, Yorkshire, (a fabulous historic venue, a site both beautiful and very important in the history of textile manufacture) and there will be demonstrations, opportunities to meet and talk to crafters, and see their work.

From the archives of the New York Times, a story from 1908 – “No Yarns of Danger Could Deter This Old Lady”. An encounter between a happy knitter and a safety-concerned train conductor. I love how timeless this story is – I had a similar conversation myself recently.

On a different note, wouldn’t that headline look terrific on a t-shirt… ?

Sue, “the knitting lady of Cleveland”

Australian knitter Sue is interviewed on radio talking about a 50-meter (! – that’s 55 yds) scarf that she made to donate to a charity program…. She is a keen charity knitter, making items to be donated to orphanages overseas.  She admits to knitting in front of the TV, and knits for the pleasure of being able to help others.

I want to join this yarn-bombing group from Northern Ireland – S.O.C.K., Secret Outdoor Crocheting and Knitting– just to get a t-shirt. Although I suppose if they’re supposed to be secret, they won’t have t-shirts…

Bonus points to the reporter for excellent punning in a yarn-bombing article.

Another profile of the SOCK group from the BBC. I adore the colorful masks the yarnbombers wear while being interviewed. (Only one pun in this report, though.)

Results from Colorado’s Morgan County Fair Home Economics Section include winners in knitting, crocheting and tatting. There’s a broad range of categories, from the expected afghans and hats, to 3 kinds of doilies, knitted edgings and doll clothes.

Fans of BBC Two’s mystery series Vexed were amused to see a knitting needle used as a murder weapon in a recent episode… (Don’t try this at home, kids!)

If you’re keeping track, this is the first reminder to get started on your Holiday knitting for 2012. And this is the second.

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8 thoughts on “WWW: “No Yarns of Danger Could Deter This Old Lady”

  1. mc

    I was once told that whilst it would be okay to knit in- flight using my teeny tiny wooden dpns, that I had to put them away during take off and landing because of ‘the danger’. I asked about pens and other similarly-sized items but those were deemed to be safe. Must admit that I was rather intrigued and somewhat inclined to chance ‘the danger’ but in the end I decided it was better not to aggravate the nice flight attendant.

  2. Caryn Rupert

    Thanks so much for linking to my article! I’m glad to offer a reminder to get started on holiday knitting. Talking to the ladies at my LYS about their knitting was fabulous. Happy knitting!

  3. Seanna Lea

    I am still pretending that holiday knitting doesn’t exist. Of course, don’t ask me how I’ll feel about that decision come late October.

  4. Louise

    Okay. To all your Christmas knitting people who have already started, I have but two words. They’re not “Knit On”.

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