WWW: Omelet Parasol, Chicago Yarn Crawl and Knitting as Theater

Wow. Just wow.

As featured on Knitted Bliss’ Modification Mondays, the Omelet shawl, reworked as a parasol.

Love this blog post on a kid’s “Ziggy Stardust” cardigan. The best part is the time-elapse photo of the sweater-in-progress.

Organizers at Blackpool Grand Theatre in the UK are looking for knitters to help create the set for the upcoming world premiere of the crime drama spoof Inspector Norse. The show is the brainchild of comedy duo Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding, and promises to be an evening of mystery, laughter and yarn.

A week of events.

The Third Annual Chicago Yarn Crawl is underway. 27 stores are participating, and it runs until this Sunday.

Colorado knitter Jamie Drendel confesses rather poetically to her knitting addiction.

The knitter and singer in action.

Knitter, singer and podcaster Melanie Gall (of the SavvyGirls), has launched a one-woman theater show inspired by the WW1-era knitting songs featured on her “Knitting All the Day” CD. She launched the show this summer and it’s touring Fringe and theater festivals around North America.

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  1. yvonne

    Really enjoyed Melanie’s show at the Winnipeg Fringe – what a great voice – who knew there were so many knitting songs !

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