Happy Knitty Day!

We are 10 and you get to share the fun with us!

In this issue of Knitty, we are premiering special limited-edition Knitty 10th Anniversary schwag.


A Tom Bihn/Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift!

Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift by Tom Bihn

In 2005, Knitty and Tom Bihn collaborated to design what we think is the ultimate knitting bag. So when we reached our milestone 10th Anniversary, it seemed fitting to celebrate it with a special-edition Swift!

The Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift has the same ultra-functional features you know and love, but in a brand-new color combination, just for us! The outer color is brand new: it’s ballistic nylon in a deep raspberry purple called Aubergine. The reverse side features sleek Steel grey ballistic. Inside, the pockets are lined with Kiwi, and the included clear-bottomed Stuff Sack matches the lining.

And to top it all off, our special 10th Anniversary Logo is carefully embroidered onto each bag on the Aubergine side. We love how these colors look together, and have been carrying our prototypes around to envious glances from knitters everywhere. To read more about the Swift and see more pictures of its many features, visit TomBihn.com

This special-edition bag will be available only through TomBihn.com for a very limited time, and only in the configuration shown. It’s special, it’s just for Knitty’s readers, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.





A Jennie the Potter Knitty Anniversary Mug!


Amy and Jennie became friends on a big boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but Amy was a fan of Jennie’s beautiful, functional pottery long before that. Amy’s kitchen cupboards boast an enviable collection of Jennie the Potter mugs, each treasured and, most importantly, used daily.

For this project, Jennie took the 10th Anniversary theme and ran with it, adding iconic elements like Amy’s Grandma’s needles and, of course, rabbits. 10th Anniversary bunting and chocolate cake make this a mug to bring a party to your morning hot beverage every day. Every mug is unique: thrown, painted and carved by Jennie’s own hands. She’s offering them in two colorways: Amy [soft blues and greens] and Jillian [jewel tones]. Clever girl.

There are just a very few mugs ready for shipping now…and she’s taking pre-orders for shipment later this fall. As Jennie says, “Handcrafted pottery takes time.” Place your order now, and don’t miss your chance!

It’s a party!

And just for extra fun-times, this issue of Knitty has a Knitty themed crossword.

Can you finish it? In pen? Can you spot the 12 Knitty patterns hidden in the answers?

Whether you’ve just started reading Knitty or have been around for the whole 10 years – Thank You! We couldn’t have done it without our readers!

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32 thoughts on “Happy Knitty Day!

  1. Samina

    Congratulations! I’ve been reading since the very beginning & I look forward to each issue as it comes out. I knit some & I’ve learned a lot, so thanks for 10 great years & here’s to 10 more!

  2. Kris

    Happy Birthday, Knitty!!! I love my Tom Bihn Swift. It is my ultimate knitting bag. The mug is very cute too! You always enable me in one way or another. Keep it up!

  3. Anthony

    Happy Anniversary you guys! I just might have to buy one of those mugs, it’s so cute and I love handmade pottery!

  4. Amanda Underwood

    The Tom Bihn website sent out pics earlier today and I was already debating whether I could justify the second Swift. 🙂

  5. Kristy

    I love crosswords! I do the NYT puzzle every day and recognize Victor Fleming as a frequent author in the Times…so exciting to see him write one for Knitty!

  6. MarieAnge

    Sweet bag! and that mug.. yummy! 🙂
    Happy 10th anniversary knitty!!!
    Hope I can say happy 20th one day! 😀

  7. Carol

    Wishes being sent for a very Happy 10th Anniversary!!! I can’t believe all these years have flown by…I enjoy each and every issue and appreciate all that you do fo alll of us!!

  8. Bonnie Pinkerton

    Happy 10th Anniversary! Thank you for all that you do to promote the joys of knitting! I love your articles, patterns, and reviews. May you enjoy many more anniversaries!

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