Kitchener Waterloo Knitters’ Guild Knitter’s Fair 2012

A splendid time was had by all.

The KWKG Knitter’s Fair is a highlight of the calendar for knitters around Ontario. Amy and I were there, for a little shopping, a little socializing, and to do a little good.

“How many bags of silk did you say you could fit in your car?”

The shopping was fabulous:


Yum. (Image courtesy Annie Bee/KWKG.)
Roxanne and the crew from Zen Yarn Garden
Something for everyone. (Image courtesy Annie Bee/KWKG.)


From the artisans of The Woodlot


The beauty of these may well just turn you into a spinner. At the Gemini Fibres booth.

Other goodies.

A brilliant shawl pin from Soaring Studios Pottery.


Amy might have bought a few pairs of these cushy hemp + lycra socks from Farmable Fibres. Well, 3 pairs. Because HEMP SOCKS WITH STRETCH!

We sold out of our limited edition Knitty 10th Anniversary project bags – the famous Ninja Bunny bag. [Really. They’re all gone. Sorry.]

A Ninja with her Ninja Bunny bag.

50% of the proceeds raised on Saturday from the sale of these bags are going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund. We’re proud to support this organization — they’re quite unlike other cancer-related charities. CBCSF funds go directly to those affected by cancer: the organization provides short-term financial assistance to breast cancer patients who are facing financial difficulties while they are undergoing treatment. If a patient needs help covering rent, paying for food or childcare, the CBCSF is there to help.

Friends of Knitty, designer Fiona Ellis and Jacqueline Sava of Soak signed the limited edition soakboxes.

Matching your nails to your knits: all the cool kids are doing it!

Featured speaker Stephanie Pearl McPhee, the Yarn Harlot, drew the crowds, as always, to her fun and enlightening presentation!

Ms. Pearl-McPhee, sharing her wisdom and love for the craft.

Everyone was wearing their finest knitwear.

Love it. (Image courtesy Annie Bee/KWKG.)

… including Isa’s lovely Tempest cardi.

So great!

And friend of Knitty Kim of indigodragonfly introduced us to her two newest employees…

Because which indie dyer doesn’t need squirrels to help her out?

See the KW Guild’s own photostream here.

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  1. Pilaar

    Really loved hearing the mandate of the CBCSF, I’m somewhat jaded about the big charity research fundraisers and this one sounds wonderfully purposeful and connected to those in need. Research is a worthwhile pursuit, no doubt, but the immediacy of the need for those in treatment really strikes a chord for me. Thanks for sharing that information!

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