WWW: Knitted sandwiches; wool-bombing Bryant Park; Hobbits in knits

An excellent way to spend a weekend.

The fourth annual North Jersey Fiber Arts Festival is being held the weekend of October 5-7, in Ridgewood, New Jersey. The event features workshops in a wide range of fiber arts – knitting, felting, crochet, rug hooking, dyeing and spinning, and a vendor fair.

Sardines on toast and a cucumber sandwich, both knitted by Angela Knipe.

If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face, I’m not sure what will… the Captain Cook Memorial Museum in Whitby, Yorkshire, has built a special exhibition to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the invention of the sandwich. That’s a winner as it is, but then the detail that the exhibition comprises 100 knitted sandwiches makes it even better. There was even a contest for the best knitted sandwich.

A wooly wonderland in the big city.

The Campaign for Wool, which originated in the UK, has been making a splash in New York this week, to kick off its efforts in North America. The highlight of the week takes place on Thursday the 27th (yes, that’s tomorrow), when Bryant Park will be given the “full wooly” treatment. Sheep will graze, the Bryant Park Fountain will be filled with wool and the terrace will be turned in to a luxurious Wool Salon with beautiful richly colored carpet and a stunning wool bed.

If you’re in New York tomorrow, it’s a must-see. We’d love to see pictures of knitters enjoying the wooly wonderland…

Jennie the Potter provides an update on the 10th Anniversary Knitty mugs. The response has been overwhelming, and she’s taking orders to be filled a little later in the fall.

Are you an experienced digital editor based in the UK? This job might be of interest.

A set of teaser pics released to promote the upcoming film “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” makes us think that we can expect to see a fair bit of knitwear in the movie…

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