I Like Hand-Knit Socks. And Sock Knitting. And Especially Sock Yarn. Want Some? Springtree Road Giveaway

I guess it qualifies as an obsession.

My sock drawer is overflowing.

15+ years of sock knitting….

My sock yarn stash is an embarrassment of riches.

Spot the soon-to-be Halloween and Christmas socks. The Halloween yarn is from The Amy Lee show.

And I have a disturbing number of sets of 2.25 and 2.5mn DPNs and long circulars.

This doesn’t even include the needles in the 4 sock projects I have on the go right now…

Still, there are worse addictions to have. My feet are never cold, and there’s no gluten, caffeine or sugar in sock yarn. There are no calories or trans fats or artificial sweeteners. Sock yarn doesn’t rot my teeth or damage my health or keep me up at night. (Ooh… actually, that one might not be true.)  And there are more expensive collections to have. Guitars, A/V equipment, golfing equipment, skis. And there are hobbies that require more space: gardening, motorcycles, cars.

But still, I do sometimes worry that I have too many hand knit socks, or I buy too much sock yarn… but then I fall in love with something like this…

Springtree Raod Navarre Sock Yarn, mmmmmmmm!

We have a sock yarn giveaway! Three skeins of Springtree Road Navarre sock yarn to make whatever your sock yarn loving heart desires.

Navarre sock yarn is 75% Superwash Bluefaced Leicester/25% nylon, 460 yards/420 meters, 4-ply, fingering weight yarn.

One winner will win all three skeins, colors are Corinth, Leafy and Ttanis. Prize value $78.
You know how it works: leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time,October 8th. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win the prize. If you have already won a prize from us in the past year, please do give other knitters a chance.

Thanks to Maya at Springtree Road for providing this giveaway!


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1,331 thoughts on “I Like Hand-Knit Socks. And Sock Knitting. And Especially Sock Yarn. Want Some? Springtree Road Giveaway

  1. Karina

    I really like making socks. So far I’ve discovered it’s the only project I can duplicate again and again and not get tired of it. Don’t ask me to make the same sweater or blanket twice – I learned that lesson the hard way (as a couple still languish on needles years after they were started) but socks, yep – all the time, no problem. Thanks for offering cause one can never have too much sock yarn!

  2. Judy

    Last week in my LYS, a new knitter was admiring my socks and asked how many pairs I had knitted. No idea. Later looked at current record book and counted – 41 pairs in that alone! Oh my! Of course, many were gifted away. There are three active on the needles now, two are gifts, and one an experiment. It would be great fun to win the yarn. Thanks for having giveaways!

  3. Kim

    Oh lovely! I also suffer from the addiction, but am always happy to feed it! Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!

  4. Nancy

    Oh my, I would love a chance to win the Navarre yarn. I’ve been knitting socks for myself and my extended family for several years: it has become an obsession.

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  5. Shawn

    sock knitting is the best way to spend the day. I have about 2 18-gal. rubbermaid totes full (overflowing) with sock yarn, and more seems to always creep in the front door.

    You can never have enough sock yarn!

  6. Debbie

    I love knitting socks! I keep a sock-in-progress in my purse at all times, ready for all those hurry up and wait moments. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. Candace

    Bonafide, hardcore sock knitter here….and I would *LOVE* to work with that beautiful yarn! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Gretchen

    My first pair of socks is about to be finished, and I’ve been looking for a new pair to start. Pretty yarn would be an inspiration!

  9. melissa

    LOVE handknit socks! Love knitting socks! Love sock yarn!
    That is beautiful sock yarn! Throwing my name in the hat for a chance. 🙂

  10. Sarah

    I too love knitting socks, there are always some on the needles! My friends like receiving them too. One can never have too much sock yarn…

  11. Mindy

    I wish I had more handknit socks. I wish I had more time to knit them. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. Teresa

    Oh…sock yarn…I don’t even wear socks, but I have more sock yarn than sense. I make them for others or make other things, but I love me some sock yarn!

  13. Lea

    I have the sock-knitting obsession too. I can go a whole week wearing only hand-knit socks. My first couple of pairs are starting to wear through. Very upsetting.

    Anyway, those colors are gorgeous!

  14. Felicia

    I’m literally drooling looking at this yarn. I would love to make some gorgeous socks with it. I guess I’ll have to wear a protective bib while I’m knitting…

  15. Sarah

    What lovely colors! After moving recently and related stuff, I think three skeins would double my sock yarn stash.

  16. Ruby

    Intervention – no, I don’t want an intervention, I want more and more sock yarn. Not just for socks but other projects as well. Tag me, I am the winner of these gorgeouse colors.

  17. Sarah

    Gracious that’s beautiful yarn. It’s going to be hard not to pick out patterns right away in the off chance that I’ll win ’em!

  18. Cris

    It’s getting cold here…..Help. Love the colors. Handknit socks are all that my family and I wear. Love them and love keeping them warm.

  19. Denise

    Lovely colours! I am envisioning some funky striped socks. My sock knitting obsession has just started and getting worse by the day! Would love to make some socks from these beautiful yarns.

  20. Julie

    I think I need another sock drawer! I love this time of year when I can show off all my handknit socks!

  21. AmyinAustin

    All my sock yarn is in a zip bag from a local knitting store (shout out, Hill country weavers!) so that no one can see how much I actually have….
    Love the look of these yarns!

  22. Jamie

    Believe it or not, I have two sock drawers, both of which look like yours! I also have more than one bin of sock yarn.

    That hasn’t kept me from lusting after the yarn you are offering — hope you pick me!

  23. Emily

    At least it’s a productive obsession.

    A quick look through my stash confirms that it’s predominantly sock yarn. When did that happen?

  24. Sam L.

    Now that the weather’s turning in East Tennessee it’s time to get all my handknit socks in a row..finally! 🙂

  25. Maureen

    It is always nice to have some yarn in holding. Like you stated yarn isn’t bad for you it helps you stay warm. Those are beautiful yarns.

  26. Christi

    I have only recently developed the patience to knit both socks in a set. I used to get bored after finishing the first one. Now I am looking for nice yarns to make socks for myself.

  27. Raindigger

    Oh look, space just cleared in my stash bin(s)! Same size as those skeins of sock yarn. Coincidence???

  28. Lisa

    I still have yet to knit my first pair of socks–my roommate is knitting her first though and it’s convincing me that this is something I neeeeeeed to do. 🙂

  29. Wendelene

    My socks seem to all wear out at once. I lost a couple pair at the end of the sock season last year and planned on restocking the drawer over the summer. But because when it comes to knitting I’m always distracted by the next project, I only managed 1/2 sock. Luckily I live in SC and I still have a month or so before it’s really sock weather!

  30. Liz in Missouri

    I agree with everyone who says there can never be too many socks or too much sock yarn. Socks are the mainstay: easy,portable, impressive to muggles, and good for the soul – or sole as the case may be. Enough handknit socks to roll in! Now THAT sounds like heaven.

  31. Cambria Washington

    I’m right up there with you in my love for socks and sock yarn, only I have fewer finished socks in my drawer and lots, lots more skeins of sock yarn in my stash. Oh, and then there’s the collection of sock books…

  32. sharonj

    You are so right, sock yarn is good for us! Would love to try the Spring tree road, thank you for this feel good yarn hoarding post!

  33. Chris

    I too am addicted to sock knitting but it has only been 5 years for me. Those colours are so lovely.

  34. Samina

    There’s no such thing as too much sock yarn! That Navarre Sock is new to me, though. Lovely colors, too!

  35. Catrijn

    Those colors are gorgeous, and they go well together! Hmmm, maybe some colorwork socks? I’ve always wanted to try that…

  36. Barbara Seiver

    Lovely, lovely yarn! My goal in life (and I’m 67) is to knit enough pairs of socks that when I’m too old to knit socks I won’t be reduced to wearing WalMart socks. A worthy goal, I think!

  37. Bekah

    I can only dream of having such a wealth of handknit socks. Well, dream, and get a move on the knitting…
    LOVE those colors you’re giving away!

  38. Kristi

    Beautiful yarn and lovely color choices. There’s no such thing as having too much sock yarn. Even when I go on a yarn diet, I allow myself the occasional skein of sock yarn. It’s like those mini candy bars that keep you from eating a whole pan of fudge.

  39. danielle nabozny

    Wow – how do you keep all those socks from wearing out? Some of my favorite socks are wearing out…..sad….

  40. sherry

    I have an overflowing drawer (or two, actually) of hand-knit socks, too, but they are very welcoming and would love to include this trio among their ranks.

  41. Liz

    I love sock yarn too, and now that I’ve convinced my husband of the joys of hand-knit socks, these three skeins of yarn would make us both some wonderful, warm socks!

  42. Kelly S

    I would love to win those beautiful skeins of sock yarn! It is the best kind of yarn to have in your stash…one skein of sock yarn = so many projects that you can knit!

  43. CC

    Remember?? Sock yarn doesn’t count! Not counting sock yarn is the only way I sleep with the stash I have.

  44. Cyndi

    Oh, I hope someday my sock drawer looks like yours! I love my hand knit socks and wish I had more hours in the day to knit more.

  45. Tania

    I just finished my 122nd pair of adult socks since I became addicted in 2003. The Hope chest at the foot of my bed is my ‘sock drawer’. I probably have more sock yarn than you do, but none of the Springtree Road Navarre, so I would LOVE adding some to my collection.

  46. Crysta

    Ooooooh. My boyfriend couldn’t be mad if I won because the yarn is free, right? So it doesn’t count towards my sock yarn madness? 😀

  47. Anne

    Like most people I started knitting with worsted weight yarn. Little did I know it was just a “gateway” yarn. I’ve moved on to the “good stuff” and live, breathe and dream in sock yarn!

  48. Nicole

    Is it okay that my first reaction to your sock drawer is “what pattern did you use for those houndstooth socks?”

    (And not, like,something about sock volume).

    Seriously, though, what’s the pattern?

  49. Lynn

    There are worse addictions to have, with far worse side affects. I say embrace the wool (or bamboo, silk, angora if you are allergic to wool!).

  50. Tisha

    That yarn is gorgeous! I’d love to win it, but I will probably buy it anyway. Now to figure out what I want to make…

  51. EllenQ

    Wow are those some gorgeous colors! My sock yarn obsession is ongoing and so far has outstripped my sock yarn knitting.

  52. carolyn

    Sock yarn … in my favourite colours … be still my heart!
    For the record, there is NO SUCH THING as too much sock yarn (or too many needles for that matter). Obsession pffft.

  53. Marci

    I really just learned to knit socks, but I do see how this could turn into a dangerous obsession….

  54. Carrie Armbrecht

    Oh yum. I can feel those skeins softness from here. Those will make beautiful socks and I love the colors. Thanks!

  55. Diane

    I haven’t seen this company before but went to the website…great choices and good yardage. I would love to give it a try. Thanks.

  56. Maureen

    Sock yarn is my not-so-secret vice. I have enough in my stash for several dozen pairs of socks. And I’d love to give Springtree Road a try too!

  57. ChristineB

    oh, I’d love to win these skeins! Although, then I would have to decide whether to make multicoloured socks or 3 pairs of solid ones. Well, I guess I can live with this dilemma! And I could really use a little uplifter because it seems that my job is coming to an end AGAIN!

  58. Maureen

    I love socks as well but unfortunately do not have enough of them. I recently went to put on a pair of fairly new socks and found a giant, I mean giant hole. Don’t know how that happened. Now onto learning the ancient art of mending. Any hints?

  59. Carolyn Frank

    Obesssion Thursday is a wonderful day for a giveaway!!! And sock knitting in my house is obessive!! I have only been knitting socks for three years and my collection of handknit socks is growing, but know my son and son in law want hand knit socks, my daughters feet sweat too much for wool socks!!! I just finished a mystery lace shawl so it is time for a quick project of socks!! I would love to win this beautiful sock yarn!! The colors are wonderful!! Thanks for the contest!!!

  60. Bonney

    I am green with envy over your sock drawer! The giveaway skeins are beautiful; I’d love to see those colors in MY sock drawer!

  61. Lynne Phelps

    Gorgeous yarn! I need to get back to knitting more socks, it’s that time of year and your sock drawer has inspired me! I have a whole bag with all my double points, I just can’t get into knitting them on circs!

  62. Lisa B.

    So exciting! These are lovely and I’ve been wanting to try BFL for a long, long time. I’m just starting my first-ever pair of socks – a knitty pattern, Tootsie – and am concerned I’m going to catch the SKV (sock knitting virus). If indeed I am bitten, (3) skeins of this lovely yarn will surely ensconce the virus and I shall never recover – how tragic.

    Thank you for the fantastic giveaway, you always gift wonderful items!

  63. Leslie Dolin

    Beautiful colors. I too love knitting socks, but a few have recently worn out beyond repair. Time for new ones!

  64. Heather

    I have a similar sock yarn/handknit socks obsession, but I’m definitely behind on having a whole drawer of handknit socks. Count me in!

  65. Amber

    I’m not a big sock knitter, but I do keep a sock project at the office. It’s the perfect thing to pick up here and there, like when I’m waiting for some code to finish running. Not the fastest way to knit socks, but keeps me sane at work.

  66. Nigel Pottle

    Just let it be me. I love the look of this yarn. It would go far to help me with my sock obsession. I also love the name Navarre – it makes me think of course of Spain, but also reminds me of the books of Guy Gavriel Kay. So do the colours.

  67. Shelly B. in Fredericton

    Squee! Those are so gorgeous. I hope it’s me! 🙂 I knit my first socks a month or so ago and since then I’ve been addicted. 🙂

  68. Barb T

    Wow, great colors. I’d like to try the BFL. In spite of my collection of sock yarn, none of it is BFL.

  69. Lizz

    Those yarns are gorgeous. I can just imagine 3 pairs of striped socks using different striping sequences. Plus I’ve heard good things about BFL but I have not yet had a chance to knit with it.

  70. Tanya Mysko

    Lovely colors! I’m a sweater knitter I could certainly use some socks to compliment my wardrobe.

  71. Stephanie.

    I adore sock yarn! The funny thing is, I almost never make socks for myself, they’re almost always socks for my friends and family. I could make so many people happy!

  72. Sarah from Ctown

    I’m new to sock knitting but I am totally addicted to the different yarns! Superwash, 400+ yards for that little money? Definitely the latest obsession to boost my stash and deplete my yarn budget 🙂

  73. Sarah L

    I wish I had that many hand knit socks in my drawer! I hope to add at least a pair or two more this year. Anyway, lovely yarn that I would love to give a good home. Thanks!

  74. Erin

    I aspire to one day have a sock drawer that looks like this one! I’m up to a week’s worth currently; the goal by the end of winter is two week’s worth. 🙂

  75. Yolande

    I’m on a sock knitting spree right now, and I too have four pairs of socks on the needles…plus some other stuff (but we won’t go there!). Would love to win those pretty coloured skeins.

  76. lisa

    I LOVE knitting socks — when I knit a sock I feel like the chaos has subsided, at least for a little while; that there is a purpose to my effort, and my reward is this perfect, functional, beautiful thing: a SOCK!

  77. Sara in Brooklyn

    Ooh! So, so, so, sososo lovely. Just resumed by “no more store-bought socks” mission… what dreamy colors, and I have yet to experience BFL. Lovely give-away.

  78. Karina

    Sock yarn is so versatile and you can make so many gorgeous items with it. NOw, Maya’s yarns are to die for.

  79. Emily M

    What a great color combo! I think I’ll have to use it on a project even if I don’t win the yarn.

  80. Amanda Heyen

    I find sock yarn to be the most universal and well over half of my favorite patterns call for it – not just socks, but shawls, lace, baby things, hats, gloves, and light, drapey and/or fitted sweaters perfect for my hot climate. Add in the idea of holding double for DK or worsted patterns, and the percentage soars way higher. This yarn looks lovely and the colors would be a unique addition to my collection. Thanks!

  81. Robyn R.

    The only socks I’ve knit were to hang from the mantle at Christmas time. I think it’s time to try some for my feet!

  82. Deb in CT

    Amazing yarns! While I may have a few, ahem, skeins tucked away, I surely don’t have enough solids.

  83. Amber

    I have a very similar looking drawer. A friend of mine once said “Well, I have 5 pairs of handknit socks, so I’m going to start knitting for other people, I guess, because how many socks do you really need? I’m at something like 35 pairs (durable yarn is great and all, but still, rotation is important in longevity, IMO).

  84. Jane

    yum – what gorgeous yarn! I limit the number of sets of dpns so I don’t have too much on the go – but then there is always a new project that catches my eye!!! sigh – what to do, but finish up quickly in order to move on the the next great sock!! 🙂

  85. Noel

    Mmmmm…sock yarn. Bizarrely, most people I know don’t lie awake thinking of socks — why is that? I too have a sizeable stash of sock yarn, but there’s always room for a few more gorgeous skeins….

  86. Renee Anne

    I’ll admit that I have two or three bins that are filled only with sock yarn. I only have three pairs of finished socks, however. I have this weird love of sock yarn and I’m a slow knitter…


    That doesn’t mean I won’t enhance my stash, however 🙂 I could use some good solid sock yarns.

  87. Jennifer

    Hi, I’m Jennifer, and I am also a sock yarn addict! I love making (and wearing) handknit socks, and also love finding other things to make with sock yarn. Mmm. Pretty, pretty sock yarn!

  88. Sarah

    Beautiful yarn!!! I need something to look forward to when it gets dark and cold enough that I can’t work outside anymore. Pick me!

  89. Sue James

    OH BABY!!! I have you beat on sock yarn stash!!! LOL! and I would say on the #1 size double points too, but I have a new puppy who has chewed on so many in the last few months, my supply is dwindling. It is an addiction! My daughter told me she had enough hand knit wool socks (can one have too many???), but now I knit socks for friends (my poker group) from my stash……..they’ve all recieved at least one pair at this point, some have recieved additional socks.
    I’ve got enough yarn for at least 80 pairs of socks, but I can’t stop buying!!! My new love is Blue Ridge’s Footsie, which isn’t all that easy to find in Austin!
    The Springtime yarn looks ABFAB!! and YUMMY!!

  90. Melissa

    Now that I’ve finished and worn my first pair of socks, I’m hooked!! Those solids would be fun to knit with!!

  91. gwen

    All the socks I’ve knit so far (four pairs) I’ve gifted. As of yet, I have no hand-knit socks. Let’s change this.

  92. Vicky

    I’m just getting into sock knitting, and those colours are so beautiful! My aim is to knit 1 pair a month next year, now I’ve finally got the hang of magic loop. I can only hope that one day my sock drawer looks like yours!

  93. Beth

    I’m quite certain that there can never be too many knitted socks or too much sock yarn in the stash!

  94. Kathy

    Gorgeous colors! An I’m a bit jealous of your sock drawer – I feel like I need to knit faster! 🙂

  95. enidb

    I too have quite a bit of sock yarn, but not enough handknit socks… yet. It’s beautiful yarn. I have to check out Springtree Road.

  96. Lisa in TX

    I love knitting socks! And those colors are so beautiful. I’ve never tried BFL, either, and I’ve heard such wonderful things.

  97. kit mason

    I’m known in the knitting group I attend as “sock lady”, because I almost always bring a pair I’m working on. I’d love to have this yarn to work with.

  98. Julia Gregoire

    Yum! You forgot to add, that in terms of yarn diets, sock yarn doesn’t count! I think those three skeins would make lovely companions for the sock yarn in my diminishing stash!

  99. Eridineon

    Such pretty colors. They would certainly help replenish the stash I plundered to make socks for my siblings, their SO’s and my parents.

  100. Marguerite Byrne

    I have the same obsession – more socks than I can wear out in a lifetime. I started knitting socks for my mother a few years ago and now she has more socks than will fit in her drawer. So, would I love some new sock yarn? Sure.

  101. Kara Rosales

    Beautiful yarn! I have an obsession as well. It keeps me from snacking (as much) late at night though!

  102. Kris

    you can never have too much sock yarn – impossible! that yarn is gorgeous – it would be perfect for a color affection shawl.

  103. Moira

    Sock yarn is like Jello- There’s always room for more! I would love to add those skeins to my collection.

  104. Lisa Jensen

    My sock drawer is starting to look very similar. You can never have too many socks or too much sock yarn!

  105. Donna

    I also have a sock knitting obsession. You (and your loved ones) can never have too many wool socks!

  106. MimiD

    I’m so glad to know I’m not alone with the overflowing sock drawer (and some non-knitting family members’ drawers overflow as well). There are still many more family members wishing for more who would love to have socks in those colors in the giveaway (assuming they can stop me from casting on a Color Affection shawl…)

  107. Megan

    I was just thinking about how I need more hand knit socks! I would love to make some from those gorgeous skeins!

  108. Elisha C

    I have finished only 1 pair of socks, and I am addicted. My FIL called me out on my addiction when he saw me wandering behind my children in the yard, skein in pocket, knitting as I went. I would put these to good use while building my hand-knit sock collection.

  109. Joyce

    Yep….socks are MY favorite things to knit. The yarn is beautiful….I have not heard of it before. Lovely colors!

  110. Jen G

    I love reading knitting blogs because I realize I’m not the only one with a yarn/needle obsession! Beautiful yarn in your stash!!

  111. Barbara

    The colors are beautiful…and there is nothing that my feet like better than my knitted socks, so comfy!

  112. Claudia Horner

    As addictions go, I think my yarn one is largely harmless, and my husband says if it makes me happy and I actually knit my way through my yarns, it is okay with him. I know I spend less on yarn than on our season football tickets! So, I say, don’t beat yourself up and keep those needles flying!

  113. Carla in MT

    I love knitting socks, too!! I only wear my knitted socks. The Navarre yarn is pretty. I’ve not knit w/ the BFL yarn before.

  114. Anne

    this is an absolute addiction, and these yarns long to be in my “to knit” pile. Thanks for entering me (and selecting my name at random…)

  115. Jennifer Midkiff

    I love knitting socks, especially now that I have two little girls to knit them for as well. Love these colors–might get me to do some actual colorwork, just to put them together in the same socks, and there’d be enough to make a pair each for me AND each of my girls (ages 5 and 3). We could have a matching-socks day!

  116. Chris

    I love knitting socks too, and always carry around a pair to work on when I get a spare minute. Those colors are right up my alley!

  117. Marti

    I share your obsession. Socks give you a chance to try out so many techniques, and the finished socks are so toasty and comfy to wear, especially in the colder months.

  118. Kate

    Ahhh! Such amazing colors! I have been knitting for an upcoming wedding and it’s been the same color continuously and shawls for everyone else. I cannot wait to knit a nice cozy pair of socks for myself this fall. It feels like such a treat to plan ahead for it!

  119. Michelle/Michwelle(Ravelry)

    I love knitting socks too, and love to look, touch, and fantasize about my next sock yarn project.

  120. Alessandra Parsons

    What wonderful colours, and what a wonderful competition to add to my sock obsession.

  121. Abie

    Great giveaway! I absolutely love those colors! I’ve never tried knitting socks before, although my goal is to try it out this winter… This would be great motivation to get started!

  122. nikkapotamus

    I love knitting socks! I’m just about to finish up a pair in a lovely hand dyed “Cherry Blossom” color.
    Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  123. Ali

    There are definitely worse things to collect. I love BFL yarns because they seem to be really hard-wearing, but still soft.

  124. Carol C

    The yarn colors are inspiring me to attempt my first pair of socks! I have an obsession with sock yarn, but I usually make other items (shawls, etc) with it.

  125. Meliss

    I LOVE knitting socks.. keeps me out of trouble, very portable and in a short time you have a completed project. Now if I could only find as many great needles to use like you have 🙂

  126. Dawn

    sock yarn is like potato chips, you can’t have just one skein – or even just one box of skeins 😉

  127. James

    I’ve done a couple of pairs of sucks and really have enjoyed them. It’s so fun to work on small needles. lol One of these days I’ll figure out how to do a heel well.

  128. Sara

    Those colors are stunning! I have become addicted to knitting socks – there is always one on the needles!

  129. Shadow Byrd

    I seem to be cultivating a sock yarn addiction too. I have several sitting in my stash waiting on me. 3 skeins are sitting on top of my computer monitor to remind me to not buy more … it’s not really working.

    At least my husband supports this crazy addiction. *laugh*

  130. kelly-ann (ravelry)

    Never can have enough handknit socks – my absolute favorite thing to knit. Those colors are so yummy!

  131. Victoria

    Oh….I’ve been lusting after Springtree Road sock yarns for at least 6 months….but I’ve been trying to hold to a sock yarn diet (it was a yarn diet, but let’s be real….)….I would love to win this prize!

  132. Tal

    Not much of a sock knitter, but I LOVE sock yarn for so many other projects…
    Despite being a long time reader, this is my first time entering any of the contests… fingers crossed!

  133. Stacy H

    Those are all just lovely. I’ve really got to start knitting more socks. My husband loves the ones I’ve made, but they’re starting to show that love.

  134. Heather L

    I’ve been finally getting into knitting socks after knitting for 10+ yrs of knitting other things…those colours look so gorgeous!

  135. conk

    Oh, honey, I could show you an embarrassment of riches! I think the bin of sock yarn for my sister is about that size…

    Holy cats, I love the sock yarn! ALL the sock yarn. Every Single Skein.

  136. Solarmama

    Yep, I have been bitten firmly by the sock knitting bug; seems like I always have a pair or two (or four) on the go. But I don’t suffer from SSS; I like to be able to make one and go right onto the next. That way I can wear them!
    This yarn is so lovely, and the put-up is perfect for my husband’s XXL feet. Yarn gods, pick me!

  137. Shelley

    ooh – pretty! They say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem – well I don’t want to recover, so I’m not going to admit that I have a sock knitting problem! 🙂

  138. Meg

    Oh man, those are amazing colours and is a fabulous prize! I would love to have those to snuggle and knit!

  139. Debbie

    I absolutely love those colors. I really love knitting socks – and – let’s face you always need more socks, they will wear out eventually.

  140. Emily

    I really love sock yarn too. A whole lot. Though I will admit to knitting lots of things other than socks with it…

  141. Carol

    424 responses so far? Well, I’ll throw my hat in the ring anyway and hope. That sure is lovely yarn in 3 wonderful colors!

  142. Maggie

    GAH. I LOVE those colors. And I need some more handknit socks… both to keep and give away 😀

  143. Siew

    I fall down when it comes to sock yarn and have an embarassing stash of it but those colours! Oh those colours.

  144. JDellow

    Ooh pretty! My sock collection seems to be growing much more slowly than my sock yarn collection, but I don’t see anything wrong with that! Bring on more!

  145. Irene T

    Ha, I would like to increase my sock yarn stash. Definitely not toxic to your body. Lovely colours of yarn.

  146. DianeW

    I love knitting socks! It’s what brought me back to knitting after 30 years. I’m just about the graft the toes of my current project and then I’ll be looking for the next one.

  147. Knittingdancer (Teresa)

    I love to use sock yarn for shawls. I think I would knit a Color Affection shawl out of those 3 colors.

  148. purplepenguin

    Such a nice giveaway! I don’t have nearly as much sock yarn as you, or hand knit socks, either. I woul love to win.

  149. jtlhmmwabodf

    Amazing yarn! I love knitting socks. I haven’t amassed a collection quite that large, yet, but maybe someday.

  150. LauraBeth

    I used to be vehemently against knitting socks, but the bug finally bit me; they’re perfect for chucking in your purse for an anytime project. However, I’ll admit, with those colors, I’d turn them into peacock mittens. So pretty!

  151. Adrianne

    Oh, that looks nice. I was just in the knitting shop adding to my sock my yarn stash… I really had just gone in for a new set of needles…

  152. LauraSue

    A Physics prof once asked if we had learned enough in statistics class to know never to play the lottery. I think 458/1 odds are a little better, but still…. I don’t hold out a lot of hope, but that sock yarn is surely gorgeous.

  153. Helga

    Socks and hats are my favorite things to knit. The variety is endless and the results are beautiful and useful.

  154. Margaret

    I’ve gone on quite the sock-knitting kick lately, and have seen no signs of it abating. I also have two pairs of socks (one for me, one for my husband) that have turned up with substantial wear-holes recently … I’m DONE with nylon-free sock yarn! This stuff sounds perfect, and the colors are so ME! (We’ll worry about the husband later. He has size 13 feet.) MargaretGraceMills AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

  155. Kelly H.

    Those colours are just awesome!! Perfect to offset the abundance of warm colours all around us this time of year (love those, too, but green’s my favourite-fav).

  156. Karen

    Wow, three skeins…sounds like a colour affection shawl to me! Great giveaway. Fingers crossed.

  157. Ellen

    I love making socks too, although I haven’t yet made as many as you! The yarn is gorgeous – I’d love to win. Thanks!

  158. RichelleCK

    Is that really all you have in your sock yarn stash? Don’t even ask how many bins (yes, bins) of sock yarn I have, yet I yearn for more! I’ve only been knitting for almost 7 years and I’ve made several dozen pairs of socks – eight this year alone. I love them, though I go through spurts of productivity…I haven’t knit on any socks since early July. Socks teach so much about knitting!!!

  159. Su1282

    Wow – I love bfl sock yarn with a love that should not be professed on a public website. Yet here I am. And those colors! Mwah!

  160. Lucianne

    That sock drawer looks wonderful…just needs a few new pairs! I would love to be the lucky person to add that gorgeous sock yarn to my knitting table! Thanks for the opportunity.

  161. Bliss

    I’ve never won anything from a blog give away, this would be an amazing first! Fingers are crossed! Thanks for the give away!

  162. Dari

    I am trying to build a sock collection like yours! I have a long way to go, looks like. Would love to make that yarn into some socks for my drawer!

  163. Linda T

    The yarn colours are lovely and it would be great to knit some socks (but not as many as you!)

  164. Seanna Lea

    I love sock yarn. The only thing more awesome than plain sock yarn is sock yarn sweaters, sock yarn socks (duh), sock yarn shawls. The list goes on!

    Please count me in!

  165. Liz

    I, too, am a sock yarn addict. The Springtree Road yarn is gorgeous, and would make a beautiful addition to my stash!

  166. Tami

    I wish I had as many pairs of hand knit socks as you do! I’ve had a few pairs recently wear out, so definitely trying to make more. Lovely colors that were selected too!

  167. Kassia

    Ooo sign me up for the giveaway! You can never have too many pairs of handknit socks, and you can never have too much sock yarn. 😀

  168. Cathy

    That’s all the sock yarn you have???!!!! you’re falling behind…..and the needles…oh the needles….it’s an addiction that I love…How else can you get such satisfaction for under $30…..no way….

    go socks go!
    And I have been giving mine away as I spend the winters now in Florida….no has refused my used socks!!!!

  169. Ana

    My eyes are also bigger than my, um, needles? That yarn looks scrumptious! Winter is Coming, must get some more socks on the needles!

  170. Amanda

    Waaaaant. Want want want want.

    (I too have four sock projects on needles, and two more using fingering yarn…)

  171. Grace

    Oh my sock knitting is wonderful! I wear hand knitted socks any day that I need a little extra reassurance that yes I am badass because I can knit my own socks (great for job interviews).

  172. Svenja

    The yarn is beautiful! Thanks for the give-away!
    I love sock yarn and knitting socks (and wearing them)!

  173. Patti

    My sock yarn stash puts yours to shame, and yet I still lust for those Springtree Road Navarre skeins…in my favorite color combination…mmmm.

  174. april

    Fun colors for socks. Around here, we like our socks to be loud and I’m thinking that middle yarn (leafy) will do the trick!

  175. Stefanie

    I’ll definitely be using this yarn come January, for while I’m not knitting socks for the holidays this year, there’s all that knitting to do once the holidays are past. &these colors are lovely!

  176. TheKiltedKnitter

    I just discovered how addictive sock knitting is. The colors are great for my family too!

  177. Amanda Underwood

    Oh gosh. The colors scream make a Color Affection with me….but I love socks too……

  178. Carrie

    Knitted socks make me so happy. Sock yarn does not count as stash, or so I have been told. Would love to win this yarn!

  179. Laurie

    I just want to say that I am not addicted to sock yarn, and just because I always have a sock project in my purse means that I want to be productive while I have to wait for something somewhere. Of course, leaving a comment on this blog, when there are already over 500 comments on it, has nothing to do with the fact that I am coveting that lovely sock yarn. NOT!:)

  180. Rita Goshorn

    LOL! love your tools! i’ve packed mine into a big, old school binder with divided envelope pages. my sock yarn works up very quickly … i love my sox! [drawful!] haven’t tried springtree sock yarn; thanx for the opporunity to win these gorgeous hanks

  181. Tricia H

    The yarn looks beautiful (as does your sock drawer)! I can’t seem to keep the socks I knit. My mother and sister have the same size feet!!

  182. Christina

    Oh, sock yarn… if there’s one thing I can’t walk past at a fiber show, it’s fingering weight yarn. For socks, mostly, because I love knitting socks, but just for many things in general. Sock yarn is awesome.

  183. Sara L

    My student budget usually prevents me from knitting with such gorgeous yarn, but I SOOOO need a great sock project for the bus!

  184. Verity

    Those skeins look so yummy, yet a little lonely. Do you think they’d like to come and live in my stash with other skeins of pretty sock yarn?

  185. Rachel

    you will never feel stocked in sock yarns knittings because we can do A LOT more than just sock knittings. (hummm…, one more reason to stash more…now!)

  186. Katherine

    It’s a knitting goal of mine to take the plunge and try sock knitting. Sweaters have always been my best friend. This yarn would be a fabulous incentive to pick up those tiny needles and gooooooo.

  187. Megan

    I love the colors of the Navarre sock yarn, so yummy could totally make some awesome socks with that!

  188. Anna D.

    You know, I haven’t been that drawn to socks in the past – but that’s because the few I’ve knit have turned out so badly! Yours are beautiful, and look so *functional* – they make me really want to figure out what I’m doing, so I could have nice socks, too.

  189. Madeline

    I also have an addiction to socks and sock yarn! Thanks again for such a great giveaway – knitty is the best!!

  190. kmkat

    You call that a sock yarn stash? I’ll show you a sock yarn stash! Actually, I won’t, but just know mine is bigger than yours. Although your sock drawer puts mine to shame…

  191. Jenny K

    My sock drawer doesn’t quite look like yours yet so I can always use more sock yarn. The colors are really beautiful.

  192. Beth Grim

    Ha ha…I collect sock yarn and I don’t even like to knit socks that much! (I like wearing them, though…)I’d probably knit a scarf or gloves with this scrumptillyicious yarn.

  193. Artemidorus

    What lovely socks! My goal is a pair of handmade socks for every day of the week. Only up to three pair so far. May I say how perfect the colors are for socks for my sister, my daughter and me? Perfect!

  194. Kathy H

    Sock knitting is portable. They don’t take that long to complete. And they fit and flatter most body types. The yarn is lovely!

  195. Karalee

    Beautiful colors! My sock drawer is full of handknit socks too, but that hasn’t stopped me from knitting more (or acquiring more sock yarn).

  196. Sam

    I love knitting socks! Sadly (for me) I seem to always be making them for other people and have only a few pairs for myself. If I win this yarn I would make socks only for me darn it!

  197. Julia in KW

    seriously love sock yarn and would love the opportunity to augment the existing sock yarn stash…mmmmmmmmmm!

  198. Kiki

    Sock yarn is one of the best addictions out there. And you just need a bigger sock drawer/closet to solve the overflowing issue…
    Or a second drawer, so you can divide your socks into two categories.

  199. Miriam Chin

    Ooo OOO! I’ve just discovered the addictive quality of sock knitting. I knew it would be, I held out as long as I could…

  200. 2paw

    At our house there are a lot of single socks, pairless, due to a constant stream of new Labrador puppies. They love those socks!!

  201. Rachael

    There is no shame in excess amounts of hand knit socks! More power to ya!
    Thanks as always for the lovely giveaway.

  202. Pam

    What amazing color! I will admit I’ll probably use the yarn for gloves, or mittens, or something besides socks, but if I win, I will be a happy knitter!

  203. Teresa

    Wow! lots of needles – I wouldn’t mind having the Dyakcraft darn pretties! (have some on order) Love the yarn – pick me?

  204. Sharon P

    Sock yarn would be wonderful. I’ve been meaning to learn to knit socks and I’ve a ton of sock patterns queued on raverly but I haven’t quite got as far as buying yarn to actually start doing sometihing about it.

  205. Mary Anne

    My socks are wearing out, and I have not been keeping up withe the wear-out factor……need a reason to make more! And, this could be it:)

  206. Jo-ann

    I want your sock drawer. Seriously I have just started this obsession and I only currently have 3 balls / skeins of stashed sock wool. that doesn’t make a stash… that yarn needs to come and encourage mine to multiply…

  207. Mary L

    Such lovely yarn! One of my favorite things about sock yarn is that it does NOT count as stash!

  208. Heather

    I wish I had the time to make that many socks. Or to do more than about 10 minutes of knitting a day (I’m a medical resident – I work all the time). But I’ll take what I can get.

  209. Heather J

    OO what a great giveaway! Handknit socks are a priceless commodity in my house. Those skeins are gorgeous!

  210. Rebecca

    That combo of Navarre colours is stunning. Count me in, please! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  211. Therese

    I love knitting socks! It is about the only thing I have time to knit and I can take them with me.

  212. frederique vincent

    I love sock yarn for hats or mitts. The colors are beautiful and I know what accessories I would be knitting if I win!!

  213. Fatimah

    I’m jealous of your sock drawer lol. I only have maybe 3 ‘perfect’ pair and 4-5 so so pairs. 🙂 I’m getting better each time though. That’s what matters right?

  214. Linda S

    I’m embarassed to say I don’t care for hand-knit socks (they always get sucked down into my shoes somehow), but I LOVE sock yarn & can think of plenty of fun projects to make with it . . .

  215. Becky

    Ooh, you know it IS my birthday and I’m quite certain that Knitty wants to give me some delicious yarn to celebrate. 😀

  216. Jen

    These are so beautiful!! My fingers are crossed and I’ll be checking out where I can purchase this yarn – just in case. 🙂

  217. Lizard

    I happen to know that I have at least enough yarn for 16 pairs of socks on hand at the moment. And yet, I still find myself hoping to win this gorgeous yarn.

  218. Allison

    I feel better about my big stash already… But winning more yarn wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂

  219. Pamela

    I am a novice sock knitter (one pair thus far) but I want to knit more and I love those yarn colors…. 🙂

  220. Lori G

    Hello, my name is Lori and I am a sockaholic. I cannot resist sock yarn and I have drifts of socks. Many people are getting socks for gifts if I can bring myself to give them away!

  221. Shelley Johnson

    How fun! I see some Dyakcraft DPNs in there :). I am working on my first pair of socks right now and I’m in love already. . .

  222. Jaime

    Nothing better than sock yarn – socks and shawls – those colors look perfect for a color affection!

  223. Andrea S

    Umm. I am just finishing a pair of Nancy Bush socks with a giant hole in the foot. Fortunately no one will see!

  224. Tracy Hite

    Lovely colors, especially the green! And no, you never can have enough socks. And if you need a break from them, there’s always scrap projects like the Beekeeper’s Quilt.

  225. SusanB-knits

    We must be sisters! I love sock yarn and I love knitting socks!! My sock drawer may not be as full as yours because my daughters also love that I knit socks and they are always asking for knitted socks. I use to worry that I had too may sock needles but now I know I’m normal (hehe).
    Hurray for sock yarn and handmade socks!!

  226. Pat L

    I just learned how to work two at a time magic loop to make fingerless gloves. I have never made socks. It is time I learned. All I need is a little incentive……

  227. Kristin H

    My sock drawer only has about 6 years of socks in it, but if you combined my sock drawer with my husband’s then it would look a bit more impressive!

  228. Notme

    Actually it’s my wife’s sock drawer that looks like that. Still you can’t have too much sock yarn.

  229. Molly

    Wow, those colors are amazing, especially all together! Your sock drawer is seriously impressive. I aspire to such a wealth of foot warmth!

  230. Teresa Fussell

    I love to knit socks and always have a pair on the needles. I am a toe-up, afterthought heel sock person always in need of more yarn!!!

  231. kate

    oh my hat I LOVE THOSE COLOURS! And now it looks like the Leafy colour way is sold out – all the more desire to win it…

  232. Coleen

    My sock drawer and my sock yarn stash are both a little crazy, but there’s always room for more!!

  233. Robbie

    I’ve been knitting less than a year and am already addicted to sock yarn and sock knitting. On the home stretch on my 4th pair. My stash is still small and these 3 skeins would be a lovely addition.

  234. Theresa

    Last year having been the “year of the sock”, my stash is somewhat depleted and could use a top up.

  235. LindaR.

    This yummy yarn in such beautiful colors would certainly force me to take the toe-up 2-at-a-time sock-knitting plunge. Thanks for the opportunity!

  236. Jean Cockburn

    I too love sock knitting, and my sock drawer looks something like yours – but you have more needles, slightly more anyway . . . My sock yarn stash is nothing as well stocked however, so if I win this give-away, that will be wonderful! Thanks for all this, Jean

  237. Marguerite

    I love sock yarn, but I rarely use it to knits socks. Even rarer are socks knit for my own size 10 feet. 😀 But did I mention how I feel about lace shawls knit in fingering weight? Love, love, love them!!

  238. Megan

    I love socks. I love those colors. I’m planning on moving to a warmer climate now, which means I’ll have to knit more socks, less giant chunky cowls. This would be good motivation.

  239. Laura

    I have in the past two weeks been motivated to knit socks again. My stash isn’t quite as large, but close. But man, oh man, those colors.

  240. Barbara Stoner

    I have a slight addiction to sock yarn. OK maybe slight isn’t the word my husband use. He would say I have a major addiction to sock yarn.

  241. Stardancer

    I love the yarn! I’ve only made baby socks before; I would love to take a stab at making some me-sized socks 🙂

  242. janita

    There is always another skein of sock yarn waiting to jump off the shelves and into the stash!
    Sock knitter since 1974!

  243. Jackie Q

    A friend gave me a book which teaches you how to knit socks based on feet measurements, rather than a set pattern. Knitting these socks helped me move from a “scarfs and raglan jumpers” knitter, to one more willing to try tricky patterns. So I will always have a soft spot for knitting socks and sock yarn.

  244. misha

    I have been wild about sock weight yarns for awhile now. Sweaters, shawls socks, sock, sock. Love to try this beautiful yarn.

  245. Michelle

    Can one really have too much sock yarn? I hope not because this sock yarn is beautiful and would love to add this to my stash! Thanks for the chance.

  246. Sharon

    I too love sock yarn, however, I have only made myself one pair of socks! It seems that my sock creations end up on feet not belonging to me!!! I promise if I win, that that yummy, squishy, amazing looking yarn will be knit for me! Here’s hoping … sandal season is just about over!!

  247. Dawn

    wow, those yarns are beautiful! But I already have a lot of socks so I think I would make a Color Affection shawl with them. 😀

  248. SusieQ100

    I know I haven’t got a cat in hell’s chance, but I’m trying anyway! I would love to make socks in those colours!

  249. Fleur

    Sock knitting… oh well… it IS an obsession, but no harm done and no collateral damage. So I will stick to this same compulsive craft!

    Ciao, Fleur (Fleurtje-Eliza on Ravelry)

  250. Susan

    The colors shown are the yummiest. I do believe my yarn stash may be as big as the one shown, but the needles outnumber mine by quite a bit. Thank you for considering me for the drawing.

  251. donna

    Lovely! Some of my handknit socks are starting to fall apart so some new ones would be awesome!

  252. Nynked

    What lovely colours!
    Would love to knit some socks with those..

    Slightly worried that if I ever get picked, I won’t be able to answer te skill testing question in English…
    I wonder if a picture of all my current soch projects would suffice….

  253. Kelly Magill

    Love those colors! I am down to only 2 pairs of handmade though. I need to get busy!


  254. Beth

    Lovely colors, and your tub full of sock yarn warms my heart. I too am a sock yarn/sock knitting disciple. On a recent visit to Chicago, I had to stop by Loopy Yarns to buy yet another set of 2.5 dpn, because I lost one on the plane and was afraid that 4 instead of 5 dpns just wouldn’t do. Hand-knit socks are one of life’s greatest pleasures.

  255. Kim

    Those are pretty! I suspect I’ll have to learn to love knitting socks, as my son will probably end up in grad school somewhere far colder than here in South Florida.

  256. Jan

    I’ve only discovered the joy of knitting socks this year. Not having an LYS makes finding sock yarn very difficult. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that those colors are gorgeous!

  257. Robin

    Win some sock yarn? Well, okay. You can never have too much sock yarn. Because you can never have too many socks!

  258. Ty

    My goal over the next 3 years is for my sock drawer to look something like that! And for each of my nearest & dearest to each have at least one pair of hand knit socks!

  259. Rose

    A knitter can NEVER have too much yarn, especially sock yarn!
    These skeins look gorgeous, I can just see a lovely striped short-sleeved shirt in these colours. <3

  260. Amber G

    It’s been at least a year since I’ve knitted a pair of socks, I think it’s time to get going in a new pair.

  261. catiebell48@facebook.com

    You can never have too much sock yarn! And your stash doesn’t look any bigger than mine. I think my stash has room for some more.