Spinning Tuesdays: It’s a Party (Mix)

Julia Farwell-Clay designed a spectacular sweater especially for handspun for this issue of Knittyspin.

Party Mix – All handspun

Party Mix is a lovely sweater and could be the ultimate stash busting sweater. Especially since most spinners buy dyed fiber in similar colorways. I know I do – anyone need purple/brown colored fiber?

Party Mix was an instant hit, lots of spinners are making it. Even non-spinners are knitting it. Two of my spinning gang started it last week, and I’m plotting one.

Party Mix – handspun plus Cascade 220

Julia wrote about her spinning and design process on her blog, Moth Heaven.  I love how her brain works when she writes about design. I also love that she gave us two versions of the sweater, all Spunky Eclectic handspun and handspun plus Cascade 220.

I know my stash holds the makings of a gorgeous Party Mix , I have to finish something (anything) before I start on my Party Mix. I do know I’ll be making it into a cardigan and don’t know yet if it will be all handspun or handspun and millspun. So many options!

Have you started your Party Mix? All handspun or handspun+millspun? Planning one? Finished already and wearing it to Rhinebeck?

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  1. Sheila

    Cute idea! Going to Rhinebeck, whoot hoot! I live few miles down the road! Hmmph, don’t think this could be ready for Rhinebeck, though ;>

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