WWW: Prehistoric beasts, Escher Knits, NYC Wool-storming

Sheep grazing in the park. Image courtesy the Fox News magazine website.

10 Reasons Why Wool is Wonderful! A nice piece on the Fox News Magazine website, with lots of great photographs of the wool-storming of NYC’s Bryant Park last week.

And a slide show of woolly photos from the event on the CBS website.

I must confess that after reading the headline I was expecting a slightly different story, but it’s still cool anyway: Knitting yarn made from a prehistoric beast. It’s about Qiviuk (or Qiviut, the spellings vary), the rather fabulous yarn spun from the hair of the musk ox.

Wow. Just wow.

This makes my knitting-mathematician heart beat very much faster: a wrap inspired by M. C. Esher‘s Koi design. It’s a fabulous and challenging work… as the designer says, if you “consider yourself a fairly experienced knitter and are in the mood for a very detailed, delicate and somewhat different knit”… but even if you’re not up for actually knitting it, it’s breathtaking to look at.

Le Collectif France Tricot, in action.

A really excellent slideshow of the work of a French yarnbombing collective, Le Collectif France Tricot, as seen on the blog of the Marie Claire Idees magazine. There’s some knitting, some crochet, and it’s all fabulous!

Buzzfeed has noticed that Vogue Knitting tends to use a lot of models from the America’s Next Top Model reality TV show.

The tram was so late that there was time for a yarnbombing? Yarnbombs are usually more decorative. This time, the Edinburgh artist chose to send a message…

A vintage clothing shop offers a few styling suggestions for sweaters

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3 thoughts on “WWW: Prehistoric beasts, Escher Knits, NYC Wool-storming

  1. Chris

    Considering how long the Edinburgh tram works have been in progress, how much they have cost, the length and number of times main roads have been closed, how long the works are still in progress and roads will be closed and how little the people of Edinburgh wanted the trams, the sentiment expressed was quite mild.

  2. Seanna Lea

    I love the Escher Wrap. I’ll have to get the pattern and make one (though I wonder if it might be easier to do it in double knitting… probably not, but now I want to check).

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