WWW: Sally Fox; Insight into the Design Process, More on the Shetland Ponies Photoshoot

A hero, Ms. Fox.

A really wonderful blog post from Etsy profiling fiber pioneer Sally Fox. Sally single-handedly drove major changes in the US cotton industry in the 1980s, introducing naturally colored cotton, created by specially breeding cotton plants. In recent years, she has been in “hibernation”, due to changes in the US textile industry, but she’s re-emerging, working again with a spinner in the US and a mill in Japan, to bring her organic, environmentally sensitive and health conscious ideas and processes to the world.

Inspired and inspiring!

Knit designer and philosopher Annie Modesitt has written a fabulous post on her blog, the “Anatomy of the Hand Knit Design Process“. She does a terrific job of explaining the creative as well as the administrative aspects of the process, and gives wonderful insight into the origins of one of her characteristically beautiful works. Much of Annie’s work is inspired by historical costume, and you can see how she has taken an idea and brought it to life. I’ve had the honor of working with Annie as a tech editor, and I’ve learned so much from her.

Photo courtesy Thordale photography.

Some background and other views from the Shetland Ponies in Fair Isle sweaters photoshoot, first post, second post from the organization whose ponies appeared.

A group of CBS local news websites are listing “Best Places for Knitting” in their Arts & Culture section. We approve. Minnesota, Denver , Detroit and Sacramento.

The Penguin project mentioned last week continues….  Love it!

Photo Courtesy Time Out London.

An editor from Time Out London takes a “macro knitting” class. (Note: the piece is slightly saucy.)

A group of knitters in Winston-Salem N.C. is knitting mats from grocery bags to donate to the homeless of the area, to use as sleeping mats.

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