WWW: Norwegian Knitting, Knitting to Overcome Cultural Barriers, Legwarmer ‘Flash’ Mob?

Number three on BuzzFeed’s list of “Science Fictions that Became Science Facts“: genetically modified silk becomes stronger than steel. There are all sorts of wonderful benefits, but they forgot to mention the most important of all: the fiber will better withstand frogging and reknitting.

Take this one with a grain of salt, I think: both Harry Styles of the teen sensation band One Direction and actor Russell Crowe are reportedly knitters.

The classic Norwegian “Marius” sweater.

Interesting piece about the recent resurgence of knitting in Norway, and some history of Norwegian knitting. The absolutely stunning sweater in the picture on the left, known as the ‘Marius’ was  was designed in 1953 for war hero, skier and actor Marius Eriksen, who wore it when playing a handsome ski instructor in the Norwegian film Troll i Ord.  The company Lilunn makes and sells reproductions of the Marius sweater, and their website has a fascinating history of the design, and some amazing photographs of the design being worn, including screenshots of the original version in the film.

A nice piece from Australian radio about how knitting is being used to help recent immigrants to Australia overcome cultural barriers in their new lives.

Flashy indeed!

Knitters in Pittsburgh are celebrating the upcoming opening of the stage production of the “Flashdance: The Musical” by knitting legwarmers to adorn local light poles and the city’s dinosaur statues

A free pattern for a snood (a.k.a. cowl) on the Guardian website. I love seeing craft patterns appearing in broad appeal media like this!

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  1. Caroline/sajona

    The Guardian have always been the best UK paper for Crafts – they’ve supported knitting for ages ( there are 60 pages of articles on that site). I have a collection of sewing patterns they sold as special offer and sewing feature back in 1991 🙂

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