WWW: Pucks and Purls; Dog-shaming, the Knitter’s Edition; Fine Scottish Beasts in Fine Scottish Knitwear

Because a hockey arena is a very natural habitat for wool.

Saturday February 9th in Toronto, it’s the annual Pucks and Purls hockey game! The inclement weather answer to Stitch and Pitch, Pucks and Purls takes knitting to its natural home: a hockey arena!  Toronto’s own Marlies are playing the Chicago Wolves at the Ricoh Coliseum in downtown Toronto. The standard of hockey played by these AHL teams is tremendous, and it’s an affordable and family- friendly event.

More info here, tickets here.

Tickets are $21 each, and include giveaways and gifts, and a free skate after the game for ticket holders.

And speaking of wacky things knitters get up to: BuzzFeed offers this list of 18 things they found rather remarkable at last weekend’s Vogue Knitting Live in NYC. We aren’t as puzzled by them as the BuzzFeed team seem to be, but we wholeheartedly agree that they are pretty wonderful. Bonus Batman sighting!

Dogshaming, the Knitter’s Edition. My dog Dexter lets me knit, but he does have to roll on whatever I’m working on to ensure it has a suitable covering of his hair. (Another great reason to block: get the dog hair off!)

Being stuck in the depths of winter, I’m loving the bright springyness of Pantone’s Color of the Year: Emerald. Inspiration for your next project, perhaps?

Jillian and I have been obsessing for some time about going to Iceland – it seems like a knitter’s paradise – and now it seems that the rest of the world agrees with us that it would be a great trip. The tour ‘Knitting and Hiking between Fire and Ice’ has been voted ‘one of the world’s best tours’ at the 2013 CMT travel fair, and was also recently awarded an international travel award by the German newspaper Sonntag Aktuell.

Knittyspotting: just a cast -on edge so far, but I love seeing a knitter documenting her progress with a Knitty pattern: Knitting a Penguin.

This just makes me smile.

Exactly what it says on the tin: Shetland Ponies in Fair Isle sweaters. Really. The pictures are real – I wasn’t sure they were at first. They were created as part of a promotional campaign for Scottish tourism.

Speaking of attractive Scottish beasts in knitwear, a slideshow on the Guardian of hunky men in hunky knits surrounded by hunky scenery.

And Science proves you should wear ‘Glittens. We all know that mittens are warmer than gloves. Science proves it, and then tells us that if you need your fingers accessible, the best solution is ‘cropped’ gloves (Dickensian waif gloves?) under mittens. I agree with the findings, but I really don’t love the word… Come on, knitters, we need a better name for these things. ‘Convertible mittens’ just isn’t catchy enough. Suggestions?

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5 thoughts on “WWW: Pucks and Purls; Dog-shaming, the Knitter’s Edition; Fine Scottish Beasts in Fine Scottish Knitwear

  1. Jenn

    Let’s call them Flippins. Sounds like mittens, but with a flip top and the distinct feeling that someone is saying something slightly naughty.

  2. blogless grace

    Who can resist a man in a kilt? The wee Scots ponies are terrific!

    I, too, like flippins. You can flip someone off and they cannot be offended. 😎

  3. Crystal

    My cat Peaches use to do the same thing as Lucy the dog. I finally gave him the shawl I’d started knitting when he was a kitten because he’d claimed it as his baby blanket. Even now as a huge wanna be jungle cat he starts drooling and acting like a kitten when he curls up on the shawl.

    Men in kilts are always nice, but I’m wondering what is under his kilt in the first picture. 😉

    I like blogless grace’s logic for the name Flippins. My littlest niece would probably change the name to Flippers.

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