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Come mid-February, the winter doldrums start to set in. I’m officially tired of my winter coat, tired of my boots, tired of the early dark, tired of the grey skies and grey slush.

Come mid-February, every year, the same things happen. I could set my watch by them: First, I knit myself a new hat. By this time, I’ve been wearing the same hat since December, and I’m deeply bored of it.

I also start to crave color: bright, outrageous, silly color.

Which results in something like this:

Well, it is colorful.

(This is the Stray leopard print hat, but worked in colors that only I would think were a good idea.)

Turns out I’m not the only who suffers this problem. Friend of Knitty Sue showed me her solution. I do like it, as it doesn’t require any new yarn purchases: leftover sock yarn socks!

This isn’t a new idea, but it’s the pure insanity of Sue’s iteration that I adore: no more than 10 rounds of a color before changing.

Also fairly colorful.

They’re clearly a pair, because Sue has used a solid color for the heels and toes. Of course.

So as soon as my hat-of-questionable-taste is complete, I’ve starting into my own leftover sock yarn socks.

I’ve certainly got enough yarn.

Lots to choose from... And this isn't even all of it..
Lots to choose from… And this isn’t even all of it..

If you want to see this idea taken to its (perhaps not entirely) logical conclusion, check out knitpurlhunter’s Sock Opus leftover sock yarn tights, on Ravelry.


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11 thoughts on “What Kate’s Knitting

  1. Kelly H.

    I’ve been dealing with doldrums too (just ordered a bright, fingering weight to make a summer cardigan with) and this idea is brilliant! I don’t mind weaving in ends if it’s stst, and have so.many.bits’n’pieces. Perfect!

  2. Lestersmama

    I do the same with my leftover sock yarn. I have a good friend that likes wild colour combinations. I made the first pair for her as a joke, but she loved them so much, I continue to make them. I call them “free” socks, as no yarn purchase is necessary.

  3. Adrienne Gillespie

    I’m almost finished a fair isle vest I began for myself at the beginning of January. Just the front left to go. Its’ been fun working with bright colors. I, too, managed to use up some leftover sock yarn, though I head to supplement it with some new stuff too.

  4. Amanda

    Still… baby blanket…

    Though I think I had this earlier – I made a Fish hat with bright yellow 220 and blue/green Kureyon. It’s basically the best hat ever, not only because the yarn was a birthday present from hubby. ^^

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