WWW: Cost of a Handknit; Thriving Wool Industry Thriving; Constable Knit

The work of our hands is valuable, and should be valued.

Designer Terri Shea recently conducted an interesting experiment. Asked how much it cost for  her to make something handknit, she decided to count and calculate the value of the time spent. She set up the project just as a consultant or lawyer might – billable hours, hourly rate, materials used.

She blogged about it here.

Jimmy Beans has kicked off their annual Beans for Brains Scholarship program. They have five scholarships for post-secondary study available for students who know how to knit, crochet or sew. More information and application details here.

The Campaign for Wool in the UK continues their wonderful wool promoting the local wool industry, and the benefits of wool. Their latest initiative, ‘Wool House‘, held at Somerset House in London March 13th to the 24th, is a showcase of all things wool. The exhibit will demonstrate the uses of wool in home decor, crafts and fashion. There will be demonstrations of everything from spinning to rug weaving to “crochetdermy“, and workshops on a broad range of topics. The event curated by renowned designer Arabella McNie.

And their initiatives seem to be working: wool is making a comeback. Sales of wool have in the UK have soared 50% in recent years, and the industry provides 5000 jobs in the UK. There are 40 fully-functioning mills in the UK, and production is up 12% – thanks in no small part to hand knitters!

The RCMP detachment in Castlegar, British Columbia, is taking an innovative approach to their in-school police liaison program.

Rugs not drugs?

Constable Rob Gardner, liaison to Twin Rivers Elementary School, has joined the after-school knitting club. Constable Gardner is learning to make a bookmark, along with other students in the school. The police liaison programs are common in schools throughout Canada, to help students become comfortable with members of the police services, and build bonds and trust. I know I feel more comfortable around fellow knitters – I bet the kids do, too!


Love this: knitter Jilly47 has taken three designs and combined them to make one brilliant lace piece. She used the basic shape and structure of Laura Nelkin’s Skywalker shawl, stitch patterns from Sivia Harding, and the TARDIS motif from Bigger on the Inside.

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5 thoughts on “WWW: Cost of a Handknit; Thriving Wool Industry Thriving; Constable Knit

  1. Seanna Lea

    The blog post about cost is pretty telling. I always have to remind people when they ask my why I don’t sell things. Usually the first argument is that this is a published pattern and as such is for personal use only. The cost one is always a good thing to bring up.

  2. Terri Shea

    It’s astounding how much our clothes would cost, if we made them by hand the way everyone used to. Puts disposable fashion into perspective, doesn’t it?

  3. Joan

    Be careful not to set a price on everything you are doing. I am just putting it all in perspective.

    If a friend need help I don´t say yes but it costs. I would not have any friends would I?

    I think it is fine to know how much the cost for at hand knitted sweater is. Knitters know but non knitters don´t always know.
    I don’t set a price on my knitting because I think of it as a hobby. I am doing something instead of nothing and maybe I am making someone happy. I share my experience because I can and I love it.

    I knit in waiting rooms instead of doing nothing. I knit in front of the TV instead of doing nothing. I am doing it for me to have a nice time.
    If I should set a price for everything I knit I would get stressed and not enjoy it. It is my hobby not my work.

    I can´t use all my knitting for myself then why not knit to someone?

    I get sad when I buy a pattern that consist of 10 lines almost nothing. Why not just share this simple pattern with others?

    I know a girl who loves to knit but she can’t afford to buy yarn. She loves when she is asked to knit for somebody. She will not have money because the knitting is more worth than money for her. The knitting gives her a life because instead of money she is invited to dinners, to movies and so on. She loves her life.

    Enjoy your knitting life 🙂

    Sorry for misspelling and so on – English is not my language.

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