Jillian’s Book Obsession: A Fit to Flatter Giveaway

I’m a little obsessed with knitters making sweaters that fit and look good on them. I was so excited when I got Amy Herzog’s new book Fit to Flatter for review. After I finished reading it I knew I wanted to do a giveaway.

So here it is, the I-Love-This-Book-I-Know-You-Will-Too, Fit to Flatter Giveaway.

Our prize package includes a copy of the book donated by Melanie Falick Books:

Knit to Flatter, the book
Knit to Flatter, the book

and a yarn pack (in the winner’s choice of color) to knit the Dorica sweater, one of my favorites, donated by Berocco Yarns:

Dorcia Hoodie, photo by Karen Pearson
Dorica Hoodie, photo by Karen Pearson

To win this prize pack leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, Tuesday April 9, 2013. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win the book and yarn pack. If you have already won a prize from us in the past year, please do give other knitters a chance.

There’s more Knit to Flatter news:

Amy just released a companion class at Craftsy:

A class in your living room
A class in your living room

And we have a link for a 50% off the the regular cost. So everyone wins!

Amy never stops thinking of great ideas and knitterly adventures. She’s working on something a little bit secret right now. The details are still being worked out, but it involves, knitting, perfect sweaters and Maine. Here’s a teaser photo:

Would you like to knit here?
Would you like to knit here?

As soon as all of the details are set Amy will announce it all on her blog!



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843 thoughts on “Jillian’s Book Obsession: A Fit to Flatter Giveaway

  1. Liz

    Yes please. Lately I’ve been knitting in a ‘knit big enough to not rip back’ sort of way. Flattering would be much better!

  2. Susan

    This book would be just what I need!! I am definitely going to sign up for the Craftsy class!

  3. Terri

    Oh, yes, I need this kind of help. An “average” sized woman shouldn’t be hard to fit, but I am!

  4. Tracy Hite

    I hope these go up into the high plus sizes, I really need a new sweater! My “bumming around the house when I’m cold” sweater was a men’s pattern in cheap acrylic over a decade ago. It’s got a lot of snags & old repairs, and off-color cuffs where they got so torn up I cut them off & reknit them in the closest match I could find.

  5. Maureen

    This is a great looking book. I would love to know how to fit things well and not have them weirdly shaped. I have had this on a wish list for some time.

  6. Barbara

    I’ve had my eye on this book! I definitely need some help making my garments more flattering.

  7. Valerie

    The main reason I don’t often throw my name in the hat here is that I’m intimidated by that phrase “skill-testing question.” I’m willing to give it a go, though, for this book. I am a (very) plus size woman who sees lots of lovely sweaters with dimensions that often exclude me. I’d love to know how to adapt them.

  8. Sandra

    I would love to win this book. I have such a fear of spending hours knitting a garment and then having it not look right on me.

  9. karen chasen

    That books would be a great prize – I am just about to get the courage up to knit a full sweater and will probably need the skills to make pattern adjustments for a proper fit!

  10. Kim W

    I am totally a knit-by-the-pattern knitter, and I just haven’t gotten the courage to try adjusting things a bit better. I’d love a copy of this book!

  11. Anne

    I have a drawer full of scarves and shawls. I’m looking forward to my first sweater and this book looks like a great place to start. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  12. Melissa

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! This book has been on my wish list ever since I heard of it.

  13. Julia

    This is a BRILLIANT giveaway! I love making sweaters – though I don’t love piecing them together – but I’ve not had a very good track record at picking patterns that look good on me. Being able to do so, or to alter patterns that *could* look good with a tweak or two, would be fantastic!

  14. Andrea

    Like Anne a couple comments up, I have scarves and shawls and hats aplenty, but still haven’t managed to start a proper sweater. Winning this would certainly inspire me to do so! Such a cute sweater!

  15. Cara

    Fantastic giveaway! I’ve been debating this book and I’m glad to know it’s as good as it looks =)

  16. Alice

    Greaat idea for a book and a give away. As a curvy woman with exaggerated differences between bust and hips and a sway back, I have difficulty finding clothes that fit and have turned to making my own.

  17. Brandi

    Oh, a great book idea! I have been hesitant to knit another sweater since my first–and only–one is so ill-fitting. Amy’s book is now on my must-read list!

  18. Bekah

    yay for more knitting on Craftsy! Double yay for half off! (THANKS!) And triple yay for book and yarn giveaways! Love following your blog, and the current Knitty is lovely, as always.

  19. Gwen

    I’ve been wanting to take a look at that book for ages — maybe I’ll finally get around to it with the craftsy class!

  20. knitography

    I’ve been looking forward to this book for what feels like ages – can’t wait to get my hands on it one way or the other!

  21. Mel

    I heard about this book on the “Stash & Burn” podcast; I would LOVE to receive a copy! Thank you for all the giveaway opportunities!

  22. J Dellow

    Oh, yes please! I have been trying to improve my sweater-making abilities lately! Even if I don’t win, I will have to buy this book…

  23. Karen Scheer

    I’d love to win the book. I’ve been considering the Craftsy class but want to wait till I have more time. Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Dawn

    Wow, all my years of knitting and I have never learned the important fit principles. It is frustrating to finish a sweater only to find out that it doesn’t fit—I could really use this book. Thank you for introducing it.

  25. Carolyn Hutchinson

    I would love to have this book and my granddaughter would look great in that hoodie!

  26. Heather

    I am terrible at figuring out how to make sweaters not look horrible on me! I have hope that the book might help! 🙂

  27. Amanda Heyen

    What a great give away! One of my favorite things that I’ve learned from knitting is how to shape things to my body, so a book dedicated to that subject is wonderful – but a yarn pack for knitting one of the projects is over the top awesome! Thanks so much for thinking of us.

  28. Nancy

    I love to knit sweaters (whenever I can pull myself away from knitting socks)! I have had a few fitting disappointments, so this book would be a welcome addition to my knitting reference library.

  29. Winifred

    This would be a real treat to win — we have multiple sizes and shapes in our house, and I could really put this to good use.

  30. M.F.Peterson

    A friend just recently recommended Amy’s blog tutorials, but I much prefer book format. I hope to win!

  31. Caroline

    I need a vacation! That Maine picture is enticing. For now, I will have to knit after work, and wait.

  32. Jen

    I love that hoodie! I’ve attended Amy’s Fit to Flatter talks and I can’t wait to see this book.

  33. MicheleB

    I need this book! I’ve been too scared to try sweaters for exactly this reason – way too much work to have them not fit wonderfully.

  34. Beverly

    Amy is such a terrific teacher that I am sure the book will be wonderful. I would love to own it. And the sweater looks like a winner for lots of shapes.

  35. Geraldine Scott

    This book would give me the confidence to knit something for myself…yippee! Thanks for the chance to win this incredible giveaway package!

  36. Dari

    I have had the disappointment of working on a sweater and then having to give it away because it didn’t fit me like I had hoped. This book sounds like it would be a valuable resource to aleviate that problem!

  37. Rose Kelly

    This is perfect timing!! I so need to learn to fit and flatter. Thank you for he chance!

  38. Bella

    After a couple disappointments, I just started making exclusively oversized sweaters that take ages to finish, which is not…actually a solution.

  39. Marilyn (Merry) Fenton

    Clearly most of the knitters out there need this book. It never ceases to amaze me how many pics you see on Rav of sweaters that clearly don’t fit the person modelling them or look horrible because the shape doesn’t suit their figure. There’s a reason why I stick to socks, mittens and hats. : )

  40. AmyS

    I would love nothing more than to finally, after 20 years, knit a sweater for myself that actually looks good on me!

  41. Catrijn

    I loved Amy’s web tutorial version – really helped me see why some designs I really liked didn’t end up looking so great on me – so a hard copy with all her new information would be fantastic!

  42. maget

    I LOVED her web series about how to make sweaters that fit. It was brilliant!! I think I’ll have to get a copy of the book too, although winning it from Knitty would be great. Thanks.

  43. Nicole Bennett

    I need this book – Im still a bit of a novice and always struggling to get sizing right – 🙂

  44. Sarah Langdon

    I love the Fit to Flatter group on Ravelry, so I am sure this book will be excellent too, would love to win a copy.

  45. lisa

    I know I will benefit greatly from this book, but my friends and family will be sad when I start wearing, and stop giving away, all the beautiful things I make that just don’t fit my body. . .

  46. paisleyapron

    Oh-this book will get dog-eared in my house. I have an oddly proportioned frame and could use all the help I can get to make knits that fit well. Thanks!

  47. Abby

    Oooh. I pre ordered the book, but would love to win a spare copy to share with my knitting group!

  48. Sarah P.

    I am really impressed by this concept form what I’ve seen of it and would love to study the book more closely.

  49. Kara

    Oh! I’ve been knitting for years, but have never made an adult-sized sweater because I’m afraid of spending lots of money on yarn and then not loving the result. This book would be just what I need to get started on my first sweater for myself!

  50. Rachael

    I would love to read this book! 🙂 Just finished a Herzog sweater but things didn’t go quite as planned!

  51. Caitlin

    I fell in love with a pattern from this collection that was published in knitscene a couple years ago. How great would it be to have a whole book?

  52. Elly

    I have to get this book, I can’t tell you how many sweater I’ve knitted and frogged them because they look like #*&@ on me. If I don’t win the book I’ll buy it.
    Wish me luck

  53. Rachel

    I recently got into finding out the right style clothes for certain body types, and this would help me take it into knitting.

  54. LydiaR

    Oh, I really need this one! I can’t make things that flatter my figure and it’s driving me nuts!

  55. Nancy

    A sweater is the one thing I’ve been afraid to try for that reason I’d love this book. I have the perfect sweater I’ve been putting off.

  56. Katk

    OMG, I am thrilled to see this book. As I recall, Amy did a preliminary series of blog posts on this topic that are great. I would be so excited if I won this.

  57. Rita

    Oh, I could so use this book! maybe I’d get it right the first time and stop having to fix things.

  58. tracy_a

    This is something I think about a lot – and it does seem there are a lot of opinions – but I am always looking to hear another, especially followed up with details!

  59. Roz

    Sounds like a really useful book. I could really use something to stop me making jumpers that don’t look good on me.

  60. Gale Longley

    I want to make myself a sweater this year. This would help me so much to get it done.

  61. Leann

    This prize would be a great addition to my crafting library.
    I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win!!!

  62. sally

    I would so love this prize; I’ve been keeping an eye out for this book for a while now 🙂

  63. Sage Goode

    Pick me! Pick me! I would love to have that book! And the yarn! And the skills to make sure that which I knit … fits!

    and perhaps more discretion in my use of exclamation marks …

  64. Maryanne

    Ooh, I just reserved this book from my library! How wonderful it would be to win my own copy.

  65. Sarah schira

    Oh, the classic skill testing question loop-hole! Hope I win and get to answer it.

  66. Amanda

    This would be the perfect prize for me! Berroco is my favorite yarn and I love making sweaters!

  67. deidre corbet

    Maybe I could stop knitting ribbon winning sweaters that don’t actually fit right,lol. The featured sweater is so cute! Thanks for the chance

  68. Siri, Norway

    I would really, really love to win this book, as I’ve just started to knit sweaters and other big stuff. This would be perfect!

  69. Sylvie

    This book looks super-awesome, since pretty much no one is the same size or shape as the pattern measurements

  70. Marlie

    What a great giveaway, just from the pics I can see a few sweaters I would mind making. Thanks for the chance

  71. Sage

    When do we get to read your review? Either way, it looks like a great book for knitters at any level! Like me!

  72. Julia

    I know I’d be INCREDIBLY lucky to win this, but those who never try never win. Thanks for the chance!

  73. Jenn

    Amy’s attitudes about bodies and the need to value the ones we have are so refreshing. Thanks for featuring her book here!

  74. Su1282

    I gave myself the treat of taking a live in person class from Amy back in Dec. I’m looking forward to seeing the book in person too!

  75. Carolyn

    As soon as I heard about this book, I knew I’d have to have it! What a great prize.

  76. JJ

    Oh, sweaters are my favorite thing to wear, but I’m just learning how to make them so they fit. I really need this book. Thanks for the chance!

  77. Helen

    I’ve had this book on my radar too! It’s amazing how bad I am at choosing the right combination of pattern and yarn… One day I’m sure I’ll succeed and make something that looks good on the hanger AND me, and I’m hoping this book will help! 🙂

  78. Gunilla Helgesson

    I love Amy Herzog’s design and i´m a beginner at knitting sweaters so i really need some help.

  79. Monica

    This is a wonderful giveaway. Thanks for your kindness and effort putting it together!

    I’m sold whenever fit and knitted sweater are combined into a sentence. What else can a knitter ask for??

  80. Gardenia

    I would love to get into knitting garments! As is, I am a little stuck on shawls and hats, because it is easier to fit them. This book would be perfect to get me started on the right track!

  81. SueBE

    This books looks like what I need. I generally avoid knitting anything with a close fit just because it makes me so anxious.

  82. CatieP

    I’d love to see that book in person – and thanks for the discount link – I’ll be sure to sign up for the class soon (even though I don’t know when I’ll find the time to watch it…)

  83. sara

    I am super excited about this book and the class!! I have been a fan of her patterns and instruction for a while now. Amy is totally bitchin’!!! Thanks Knitty!!

  84. Tina_R

    Book sounds great, especially for those of us who are extra fluffy pear shape with long torsos. (talk about hard to fit!)

  85. Barbara

    This book would be so useful! I’ve knit myself a couple sweaters, but no more, because I just can’t get them to fit right. I have a non-standard shape, and I’m just not confident enough to modify patterns to fit me. It’s so much work, for an unpredictable result.

  86. Leta

    The Dorcia sweater is amazing! This book sounds amazing too! Maybe with it’s help I could knit a sweater that actually fits me. :o)

  87. Angelbis

    I love that pattern, too! I have decided to focus on sweaters for awhile so I think I might make that whether I win the yarn or not.

  88. Lisa

    Thanks for hosting this great giveaway! I’d love to make something for myself that really fits well.

  89. Pam

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’d love to knit the Dorica Hoodie and at least three other sweaters I see on the cover. And thanks also to Berocco for providing the yarn!

  90. mollysusie

    Ooooh, that looks like a book I need! My sweaters always come out just a little bit not right. Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. Karen

    I have never knit myself a sweater because I am afriad it won’t fit when I get it finished! Maybe this book is just what I need.

  92. Rebecca Rohrkaste

    This looks like a terrific, practical book. I’d love some more help with fitting.
    Thanks for offering your great give-aways.

  93. Fiona

    While it’s difficult to imagine anything fitting or flattering my current body I don’t think I’d even try without reading this book first!

  94. Marilyn

    I already signed up for Amy’s Fit to Flatter class on Craftsy and her new book seems like it would make a great companion. Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. Kate

    I have put the book on my Amazon wish list already. I plan on asking for it for my birthday so I have time to incorporate its lessons into my first real sweater attempt. 🙂

  96. Lisa in TX

    That looks wonderful! I’d love to figure out how to work up the perfect sweater for me.

  97. Diane

    Ooh. I tried to take a fit to flatter class last time I went to Rhinebeck, but it was full by the time I got to the signup page. I’d love to win a copy!

  98. Joyce

    I would love to win the book….I am yet to knit my first adult sweater because I am not convinced that I can make it fit. Perhaps this book would help?

  99. Hannah

    I would love to learn more about knitting to shape and flatter (after some disasters!)

  100. Renee Cook

    I keep wanting to knit myself a sweater, but I’m terrified of modifying patterns as every time I’ve tried it’s been a disaster. And forget knitting a pattern unmodified. I’m a little too….ahem, blessed…to knit most patterns as written.

  101. Linda

    Man oh man, don’t I wish I could whip that up and put it on this afternoon in the cold and damp of the northwest US! Pick me!

  102. sjw

    as I am starting into the world of knitting sweaters, this is high on my list of desired books.

  103. Barbara Stoner

    I might need to get this as I really want to knit a sweater, but I want to make sure it’s going to look good.

  104. donna

    As I currently appear to be knitting from a book titled Knits That Flatter No-one I could really use this book!

  105. Deb

    I’m finally at the point where I feel that I’m ready to knit sweaters. This book looks fascinating – and of course I’d love to win it!

  106. Elizabeth

    I started knitting in the 80’s when it was stylish for knits to NOT fit. Think 50″ sweater circumference on a 32″ bust (I was 17 at the time). I am slowly learning to to make knits that actually fit and flatter. This book could help teach an old knitter new tricks.

  107. Barb B

    Oh please pick me – I would love to knit a sweater but am afraid that after all the time and effort it would not fit. Socks are forgiving, shawls always fit. But a sweater, that is just scary.

  108. Carol

    I’ve had my eye on this book for a while now, so I’d love to win a copy. And who wouldn’t want to spend time in Maine knitting! Can’t wait for the retreat info.

  109. Lynn M.

    In serious need of a flattering sweater! Signing up for Craftsy course- thank you whoever made the 50% off happen- and would love to have this book to go along.

  110. Beth

    If you could only see some of the sweaters I have knit – you would rig the draw so that I win. Thanks for the chance!

  111. Chris C.

    Looks like a wonderful book. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it! (And I’m literally about to move across the country to Maine, after years of living in California, so the teaser about Amy’s next project is exciting too 🙂

  112. Carrie

    This does look like a truly helpful book. So many of us don’t quite fit the standard sizes and it would be great to make things that fit our shapes!

  113. Jennifer

    This looks so awesome! I am loving knitting sweaters right now, this would really help me with fitting them better.

  114. terri

    since the majority of patterns don’t fit me, i think this book needs a place in my library!

  115. Deb Cameron

    I would luuurve that book in my library, going to check out her online class right now! Fingers crossed 🙂

  116. Joy

    Just the book I’m looking for. I started adding waist shaping to sweaters I knit and it makes a big difference. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  117. Jessie

    I would love the book, I’ve had some trouble with sweaters fitting right in the past…

  118. Kay

    I love Amy’s design and really would like to learn how to make things that not only fit, but accentuate what I like.

    Thanks for the opportunity and all the great work Knitty does!

  119. Stardancer

    I love Amy’s Fit to Flatter series! I would be thrilled to own a copy of this book!

  120. Amanda

    This would be perfect – I’m trying to figure out what kind of sweater I want to knit for myself for house lounging.

  121. Shadow Byrd

    I really want to get a copy of this book soon. I keep shying away from sweaters because they’re so involved in terms of time and yarn.

  122. Anita Dodds

    I am such a big fan of Amy’s. Would love the book and the yarn and I am definitely signing up at Craftsy. Thanks for the coupon.

  123. Diane

    I would love to win this book as I usually try to modify a sweater to fit….I could use the help

  124. Maryzona

    What a great hoodie! I need to go “favorite” that one for sure. I have heard great things about Amy’s book and the Craftsy experience.

  125. Beth

    This is just what I need. I’m a bit reluctant to make a sweater for fear that it won’t fit when I’m finished.

  126. Junglewife

    I would LOVE to win!!! Amy’s designs are incredible, and I can’t wait to get her book – either from the giveaway or maybe as a birthday present to myself in a few weeks… 🙂

  127. yarnmule

    Ooh, I love the hoodie. And after just finishing a garment that doesn’t quite fit, I really need that book!

  128. Shannon

    I love to knit sweaters and cardigans and only some of them fit perfectly, so I could definitely use this book, it looks great.

  129. cohmomto3 (Mary Fran)

    I have got to get myself to her class soon – in the meantime, would love to win the book!

  130. Leigh

    OMG!! WANTwantWANTwantWANTwantWANTwantWANTwantWANTwantWANTwantWANTwantWANTwantWANTwantWANTwantWANTwantWANTwantWANTwantWANTwantWANTwant!!!!!

  131. Rora114

    I would love to have that book! I read the blog posts with fanaticism, and think the book would be an even better read – and a great tool to help me create sweaters I actually wear!

  132. Deanna Cassiere

    Great patterns! I could use some guidance in getting a better fit, I think I need to pay more attention to the cross-back measurement.

  133. Jo-ann

    That’s the secret to a good hand-knitted garment isn’t it? It fits as if it is made for you! Any help getting this right would be appreciated.

  134. Teri

    I am just now starting to really “get” how to fit a sweater. This book will come in handy and help a lot! Thank you Melanie and Berrocco!

  135. Karen W.

    I’d love to find a way to make a sweater for myself that fits. Most patterns are too large. I’ll take Amy’s help at learning to fit MY body.

  136. Sarah

    I have been watching this book for weeks now, trying to think of an occasion to buy it. Maybe I can win it instead!

  137. Nikki

    If that knitting in Maine happens in the fall, I’m there. Right now I don’t even care about the price – I’m saving up.

  138. Jason Michael King

    Wow! I’d love to take that class and have the book. I wonder how adaptable her techniques are to men’s bodies.

  139. Kate

    I love Amy and I want that book! I wish I lived in the USA so I could take her class in person!

  140. SusanB

    I’d love to win a copy of this book. Sounds like it solves the problem of nothing fits right when you have a large bust, but are otherwise petite.

  141. Brenda Wheaton

    I think it is wonderful that there will be a book of Amy’s techniques to refer to when modifying a pattern to fit my fluffy figure.

  142. Cassandra

    This is a wonderful prize – it would be lovely to win it – thanks for the opportunity!

  143. Beth Rudo

    I’d love to win this yummy yarn and a book that allows me to Knit to Flatter my figure! Count me in.

  144. Kady

    I have been eyeing this book as well! I love to make sweaters but they don’t always fit me correctly even if I follow the gauge. Love to win this book! My knitting fund is maxed out right now! 🙁

  145. Laura

    Thanks for having the giveaway. This book would be perfect on my shelf next to your Big Girl Knits books.

  146. Barb

    Since I have a terrible time knitting a sweater that fits I would love to have this book. What a lovely sweater to have as my first fitting sweater.

  147. Josiane

    I always have to make adjustments if I want garments to fit me well, and I’m not always sure how to best go about it. That book would be a great help! Thank you for offering us a chance at winning a copy of it.

  148. Carol

    Interesting. We all have a style that works for our body type, the trick is to find it!

  149. Kate

    I have long avoided knitting sweaters because of all the time it takes and then what if it looks terrible? This book sounds like it could help with that!

  150. Brittany

    Fit is one of the hardest things for me, which is why I usually stick with baby items. I’d love a copy of this book!

  151. Erin b

    Sweater is my resolution for this and it’s not going well this would be a great push

  152. Tania

    I’d love to win this book. Maybe it will start a new passion for knitting fitted tops for my weird body.
    Please, please, please!

  153. Tasha

    I love the Fit to Flatter approach. I am using it right now on my latest (and hopefully greatest!) sweater. But I can always learn more, so I would love to win this prize!

  154. purplepenguin

    Oh, I would love to win the book! I have a hard time fitting myself, and it would surely help. My daughter’s are also hard to fit, so I can’t make them sweaters easily.

    Also, I really want to go to Maine and knit! I vacationed there as a child, and loved it!

  155. Lisa

    I am becoming obsessed with knitting sweaters and would love a chance to win this package

  156. CynthiaC

    I’ve been looking forward to this book for a bit, and have signed up for the Craftsy class. I’m certain it will give me the confidence to finally use some of that yarn I bought for making sweaters.

  157. Deborah

    I just started the online class. It’s terrific! I am learning so much about choosing flattering details in clothing. I know the book would be a great reference, plus it has several great patterns!

  158. Stephanie Hovlik

    I would love to have this book. It looks like an awesome resource! Thanks, hope I win!

  159. Heather

    I’ve been really looking forward to this book. I’ve had a frustrating time knitting sweaters that fit and are even remotely flattering for myself.

  160. Andee

    Oh I would just love to win this book. Oh and yarn. I’ll be studying up in case I get to answer the question! Oh the excitement of a wonderful book and yarn. A dream pair.

  161. Robin F.

    I love that hoodie pattern. I had my library preorder the book so that I was the first to check it out. I’ve been drooling over the patterns but have to return the book in 2 weeks. I hope I win a copy. There’s a waiting list to check it out again,

  162. AK

    This book looks like a very useful addition to any knitting library and I would love to have it!

  163. Marlana

    Some day I will take on of the Knit to Flatter classes. In the meantime, the book will do. It looks great!

  164. Esther

    What a great combination – Amy’s sense of style and technical knowlege! I’d love to have a copy of this book.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  165. Johnnie Boughner

    Ok, so I think I commented on the wrong post. Forgive me if I show up twice 🙂 This looks like an awesome book and can’t wait to meet it in person.

  166. Jamie

    This book has been in my Amazon cart (in the hold for later section) since I first learned of it. Thanks so much for this generous giveaway!

  167. florapie

    Looks great-and I may be inspired to buy another Craftsy class and actually take it this time!

  168. Tami

    I love the lace pattern on the hoodie.. thank you for the giveaway. Oh my goodness what an idyllic place to knit and learn… oh my!

  169. Clara

    I first read that the random comment had to provide an answer to an unknown knitting question. So here it goes:
    Paired decreases of k2tog and SSK.
    Always knit a swatch.

  170. LindaR.

    I’ve been avoiding knitting sweaters because I fear they won’t fit; would love a whole book to teach me how to do it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  171. Camille

    I’ve shied away from making sweaters due to my poor fitting outcomes. I’d be willing to give it another try!

  172. Melissa

    What a wonderful book and package. I love the sweater you’ve chosen for it. I can’t wait for a chance to flip through there must be several great designs and I’d like to make something new for summer. In addition to a new sweater or 6.

  173. Pat

    sounds like a great book to get a sweater that fits. I gave up on sweaters after 4 didn’t fit when I finished…sigh.

  174. sylvie

    I think that this book would be very useful to make my knitting fitting better or looking better on me.
    Thank you for letting us know that it exists.

  175. Litchi

    I would love to win this prize. I really liked the Fit to Flatter series Amy did on her blog so I’m sure her book is really interesting.

  176. LaurieM

    Amy’s blog has already been invaluable to me, along with Julie at Knitting at Large. With their help I’ve knit two sweaters that fit this winter and I am enjoying a new feeling of confidence ( and two great sweaters).

  177. ac

    I have followed Amy’s blog for a long time . I am looking forward to taking the class and reading the book.

  178. drleonesse

    Finally! A book that will help me with my plus-size pattern adjustments. Thank you!

  179. Isa

    I loved Amy’s tutorials on flattering knitting and I’ve took her class on craftsy, i’d love to have her book too.

  180. Karen

    Awesome! Pick me and I will donate the book to my Knitting guild. We just discuses at our last board meeting the need for a program on just this topic!

  181. Cori

    I heard the interview with Amy on the Stash and Burn podcast and have been lusting after this book since then!

  182. Robbie

    If it were just the book, I wouldn’t jump in and try to win since I preordered it. But I could definitely use the yarn and have friends that would live the book so. I hope it’s my lucky day.

  183. amy g

    This looks like a fun book! My knitting bucket list includes designing a sweater from scratch – this would be VERY helpful! Thank you for the opportunity!

  184. Carol

    Would love to win this book! I have requested the local library buy it, and am on the list to check it out first. [Right after the knitting librarians get it!] The thought of my very own copy is thrilling!

  185. Romney

    I just added this book to my Amazon wishlist – which prompted me to say that it was ALREADY on my wishlist. Clearly I really want this book!

  186. Retha

    I cannot wait to get my hands on this book! What a terrific resource to have in my library!

  187. Jan Doss

    Would love to win the book, as my efforts always end up too tight here and too loose there. The yarn would be a wonderful plus to try out newly learned skills!

  188. Carolyn

    I can’t wait to see this book! I love her blog series and body-positive attitude, and I’ve been so much happier with my clothing choices, including the sweaters I knit, ever since. 🙂

  189. Debra

    Getting a sweater to fit is one of the hardest things about knitting for myself. This book would be a godsend. Hope I get chosen to receive this giveaway.

  190. Laura

    I just heard a review about this book and Craftsy class on one of the podcasts I listen to. It sounded like a wonderful book, and one I would love to win!

  191. Heather

    What a wonderful book! A must read before starting that sweater in sock yarn that you “think” is going to be a closet staple.

  192. Rowan Falar

    This would definitely benefit me. After my weight gain, I haven’t been able to find a sweater pattern that would look good on me. I would love to win this package!

  193. Ginny

    I could really use this book. My spinning guild wanted me to do a program on how to come up with a basic sweater that fits. I know some things not to do…

  194. Heather

    Being tall means always having to fiddle with patterns. This book would be great to have in the library!

  195. Rachel

    very nice! I will have to try to get this book! One of the reasons I love that I knit is that my body shape is uniquely mine. Its also the same reason I have felt too intimidated to try knitting a sweater. If I am going to do all that work, I want it to be great, and not just “meh”

  196. lunabug

    Oooooh, I love Amy Herzog’s fit to flatter teachings! I had no idea she was putting them into a book, but now that I know I am way excited! I hope I win! =)

    Thank you as always for such awesome giveaways!

  197. Joyce

    I would love to win this book! I think I stall out on sweaters often because of the fitting or flattering issues. It looks like this book would help identify and avoid problems in those areas and the sweaters are just cute anyway!

  198. Liz C

    I have never made a sweater before because I have been afraid to spend all that time and it not fit properly. Amy’s book has inspired me to actually tackle a sweater and have it fit correctly!

  199. Susan Rasco

    Oh, I’d love this book. I haven’t had the guts to make myself a sweater for over 20 years, and this looks soooo awesome!

    Thanks for the chance!

  200. Joline

    I would love this book. Having a small frame big and big boobs (it’s genetic, not surgically enhanced), means I have a hard time keeping the girls locked and loaded.

  201. Claire Piper

    I would love to win this book; I’ve knit several sweaters but all of them have some detail that isn’t quite right in the fit or functionality.

  202. Linda

    I would love to win this. I just signed up for the Craftsy class and it looks really great!

  203. Jessica M

    I think i may be in love! As a plus size, top heavy (ahem!) Lady fit and flatter are a constant struggle (which is why I’m s in love with my Feb. Lady sweater:-) ) I must own this book!

  204. Chris Ignasiak

    I could use this book – I’m always making things for others and would like to make something for me … that fits.

  205. LisaB

    I have the book on order already, but if I win I will gift it to a friend who will really appreciate it. I’ve been so pleased with my sweater mods since finding Amy and love telling others about her! It’s so nice to see her book and class featured here.

  206. Rachel S

    This would be such a wonderful book to own! I hesitate at knitting sweaters because I’m always worried that they won’t fit me well enough for me to want to wear them.

  207. Steph N

    I’m a serial pattern alterer, and I’d love to know how to do things properly. Count me in please!

  208. Vicky

    I’m taking Amy’s Craftsy class right now and loving it. Will be getting the book asap!

  209. Cindy

    I could definitely use some help with sweater-knitting, as I’m somewhat new to it and my first attempt was a disaster. I already love Berocco yarns!

  210. Doris

    This book would be great to have in my library. I often don’t knit a sweater because I can tell that I will have to tweak the pattern and am not sure how to do that. And that sweater is adorable, so that yarn pack would be wonderful too!

  211. Tish

    I would love to have this book! I have been wanting to knit a sweater for myself but am finding the task a bit overwhelming. I don’t want to make a sweater I will never wear…
    (Oh, oh, please pick me…. ^_^ )

  212. Nike Eve

    I love that the models are of all shapes and sizes. It really gives me confidence that the techniques in the book will actually work for someone like me! 😀

  213. Sara K

    Amy always has such lovely designs on offer… I’ve been anticipating this book for a while now, and it would be great to just dive in.

  214. Marsha

    I can’t wait to read this book! It looks very useful–just what I need to start becoming a more adventurous and independent knitter!

  215. Rebecca M

    Awesome! I’m pretty good at knitting sweaters that fit ME well, but not so much for other people’s bodies…

  216. Ivy Czekanski

    This is a huge deal! I love fitted clothes and have been wishing I knew more about shaping my own handknits.

  217. Patti

    When I was 20, I could knit anything and be happy wearing it. Now that I’m in my 50s, I don’t like how most things look on me. It’s hard to decide to put loads of time into a sweater that I may think looks horrid on me. I need tips that will boost my confidence.

  218. regina

    The only sweaters I’ve ever made successfully have been for my kids. I’ve always been afraid to make one for myself, as I was too chicken to invest all that work in something that wouldn’t fit properly. I’m planning to sign up for that course, and hope to get my mitts on a copy of that book soon! thanks so much for doing this giveaway, and for offering the discount on the class.

  219. Sue

    I’ve read her blog and it’s wonderful! I have so many sweaters that are so pretty – just not on me.

  220. (Not that) Joan

    I have been following Amy’s blog for ages– I would love to be entered in the contest. Thank you!

  221. Jennie Albert

    I just learned to knit a little over a year ago….I would LOVE to add this book to my small collection!! PICK ME, PICK ME!!

  222. Kristin

    It’s so hard to find sweaters that look good on me because of my body shape. It would be so nice to just make them myself!

  223. Savanna Aiken

    Please! I need a new project to keep my mind off of nursing school for just a bit! This would be just lovely!

  224. Kathy

    You have such great give aways. Love your blog and magazine. The hoodie pattern is really cute. I might need to buy that book if I don’t win!

  225. Sandy

    I am not very confident when it comes to knitting something for myself. I am concerned that it will not fit properly. It seems like this book would be a big help and give me the confidence that I am lacking. Thank you for a great contest and a bonus yarn pack. The knitted hoodie is beautiful looking.

  226. Tina

    I had the privilege of attending Amy’s class at last year’s Knitters Review Retreat. If the book is half as amazing as her class, it is definitely a must have!

  227. KWAK

    Want the book. Want the hoodie. Can’t stop me cuz I’ll get them both one way or the other. Just sayin’. (Oh, and I’m sure I’ll want the Maine adventure, too.) Awesome giveaway!

  228. Kristy

    What a great giveaway! I keep designing sweaters that are just not quite perfect. I’d love to learn some techniques to make it work! Thanks for the chance, Knitty 🙂

  229. Karina

    Amy is such a good writer on her blog, and I imagine that the book is even better. I do pretty well with modifying my knitting to fit me, but it would be great to have a reference for sweater shapes for different people.

  230. Matilda

    That book sounds wonderful! I have never tried to make a sweater and would hate for it not to fit after all that work. *fingers crossed for the winning ticket*

  231. Olive

    Definitely could use some help with knitting sweaters that actually fit. First one didn’t work out, and the second is still on the needles.

  232. Karen Van Raden

    I just signed up for Amy’s class and would love a copy of her book to follow along. I could certainly use help getting my sweaters to fit better.

  233. heather

    so excited to see amy’s book published!! i’ve loved all the information she’s given us to make better fitting clothes.

  234. Dneise Nash

    I’ve never yet made a sweater that fit. I’d be willing to try again with a book like this.

  235. Therese

    I would love some help getting my knits to be more flattering, and this book looks likes it’s full of great tips.

  236. Iris

    Ohhh, the disappointment – after so many hours lovingly knitting and anticipating a gorgeous sweater only for it to look good – ON SOMEONE ELSE! To be able to make knits that fit is one thing, but to also be able to make informed choices so those knits will look great when worn is quite another. I am definitely looking forward to a few ME sweaters. Thanks to Amy and Knitty for spreading the passion.

  237. Fleur

    Ooooooooh, that is indeed a flattering giveaway! I especially love the blue cardigan. But then again.. it is blue, so how can I not like it?!

  238. Heather

    I loved the blog series Amy wrote, made a huge difference to the shaping of my sweaters! Would love to develop it further, makes such a difference to how much you want to wear something you’ve put so much work into!

  239. Lisa Nycz

    I just started knitting sweaters and would love to have this book and the wonderful yarn!

  240. Pam

    Oh, what a wonderful give-away. I’ve knit sweaters that look ghastly on me – so disappointing!!! Me, please.

  241. Jane

    I’ve not knitted a sweater or cardi for many years because of fitting – I’ve stuck to gloves and hats and scarves recently, but I’m dying to knit up something more wearable. Please include me in the giveaway.

  242. Megan

    My Mom would never buy the materials for me to make a sweater because she believed they never fit and it’s not worth it! I’d love to make one and show her now that it’s possible! I’ve been knitting for a long time now and I really want to make a sweater! This would be great!

  243. H.F.

    Confession time: I have yet to actually make a sweater, I’ve never seen a pattern I liked enough to buckle down and try.


  244. Liz M

    I got the Craftsy class (though have yet to watch it), but it would be great to have the book as well. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  245. Nicole

    I’ve always been scared of sweaters, but if I had a great book to show me how to make something fit that could change…

  246. Susanne

    You’re certainly not the only one who is obsessed with making sweaters that fit. I’ve heard great things about the book so far, it sounds great.

  247. Cheryl McAllister

    I need all the help I can get to fit my sweaters. This looks like a lovely book that would help a great deal. Wonderful gift!

  248. KittenWithAWhiplash

    So often we bypass wonderful patterns because we feel the garment won’t be flattering to our bodies, With this book, and a little courage, perhaps those great sweaters can be adapted to fit. Thanks for another wonderful giveaway.

  249. lkmemphis

    I not only would like to knit there, I’d love to live there! I have often thought of a house like this, a layer cake or a birdhouse.

    I’m taking Amy’s Craftsy class now and she’s delightful and very good at this. It makes total sense and makes me wonder why we don’t “see” so observantly as Amy sees.

  250. Mischa

    Ooh, I missed Amy’s giveaway on her blog. I have been intimidated by the idea of knitting a sweater but I’d love to give it a try.

  251. Diane

    I can’t wait to get a copy of this book! I think it will be one that is referenced often!

  252. Sarah

    Love it! I haven’t yet gotten a good garment made for myself, and a little help goes a long way 🙂

  253. Sue F

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about Amy H’s book. Am working on Afterlight right now 🙂

  254. Beth Sovern

    I saw this book when some of the designs made it on the “Hot right now” list on Ravelry. Just adorable options to knit. Would love to win the book! My daughter would look so cute in the chosen sweater design in the Berocco yarn giveaway.

  255. Anne-Marie Nijssen

    I love this book already! Many beautiful projects, I could cast on for at least 6 right now! That Dorica cardigan is definitely at the top of my list for sure!

  256. Amy S.

    That Dorica sweater is fantastic. I’m going to add it to the queue and hope I win this drawing. If I don’t I’m going to get the book and make it anyway.

  257. Cathy

    I would love to knit a sweater; that is one thing I still have not tried. :-). Would love to win this!

  258. nikkapotamus

    I would love to get my hands on this book! What a fabulous book. It’s going on my wishlist now, thanks!

  259. Dee B

    Count me in! I’ve signed up for Amy’s class on Craftsy, and would love to win the book too!

  260. Julia

    Been thinking of taking this class. Book looks fantastic. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  261. Ashley W

    I would love to win a copy of this book. I definitely have a lot to learn about tailoring my knits.

  262. Kat

    wow! pick me, pick me! Knitting to flatter is surely a lot of the point of making your own garments – I’d love this guide.

  263. Pat

    I never knit anything for me because I cannot get it sized right. I really want this book.

  264. Lisa

    I’ve been waiting for this book to come out and would love a shot at winning a copy! Thank you for offering a contest!

    I find that I make sweaters and then I am unhappy with them. And I’m not sure why. I can’t wait to figure it out!

    Thank you!

  265. Jennifer

    Hmmm, a few days behind and nearly 700 posts! Still, maybe I’ll win! Johnston4kids on rav

  266. Michele

    Thanks for the chance to win – I’m sure fitting the sweater to me will be less painful than making me fit the sweater!

  267. Laura

    Oooh, what a great book, and just what I need to start making clothes that actually look good on you! Would love to win!

  268. Stephanie

    I just gave away the one sweater I ever knit because it didn’t fit right. This book would be perfect.

  269. Peggy

    I can’t comment on what looks good on me. Therefore, I’m sure I can put this book to use.

  270. Cindy

    I am narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, so I need to know how to get a sweater to fit and this sounds like the ticket!

  271. amy

    Love the Dorica Hoodie, and all the sweaters on the book cover look gorgeous. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  272. mary

    This sounds like a perfect book for me. All the sweater designs are really beautiful. Thanks!

  273. Ann

    I have only knitted A few sweaters and would love to knit a sweater that fits as well as flatters my pear shaped figure.

  274. barbinvic

    I can’t wait to see Amy’s book in real life. I love Amy’s designs and her wonderful approach to fit. She’s right–everyone deserves to wear clothes that make them feel good.

    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway opportunity.

  275. Lee Wells

    Since I knit (and sew) for a family of non-standard size people, this book would fit right into my collection of fit, alterations and adjustment books and articles. If I win the book I promise to read, learn and use the ideas until the pages wear out. (done it before! it counts as praise for the author’s work) the only question would be red yarn for one daughter or blue yarn for the rest of us. Lee

  276. foxglove

    Well, with 700 replies so far I have the proverbial snowball’s chance, but what the heck, you can’t win if you don’t enter! If I had any hope that a sweater might fit me properly, I might actually finish one…

  277. Anna Marie

    I’ve long admired the Fit-to-Flatter ideas–it’d be fun to have a copy of the book.

  278. Danelle Sorensen

    Ready to ditch my scrabbled-together f2f notes, blogs, and PDF’s for one gorgeous book.

  279. Shell

    I can’t wait to see a copy of this book. Its something that causes so many knitters problems.
    Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  280. Liz

    Thank you for the chance to win this great book. I’ve long admired Amy and her patterns.

  281. Allyson Dworkin

    This looks like an amazing book! I could use some help in getting my sweaters to fit better.

  282. Kristin

    I listened to a podcast interview with Amy about this book, and it sounds like a must-have!!

  283. Katie G

    I’ve only tried to knit a sweater once, but it fit horribly – the sleeves too tight and the body just a big unflattering box. This book looks like just what I need to give sweater projects another chance!

  284. Pamela Ecker

    I’ve been looking at this book since it was a per order on amazon. I’m glad you have it on this site, it makes my decision easier. (Of course I will stii wait until after the contest.)

  285. Cat

    Perfect! Just what I need to help me move my sweater knitting into the next gear, ie the gear that fits me!! Thanks

  286. sherinik

    Oh lovely! Bodies change as we get older, so it will be very helpful to know how to change the old favourite patterns to keep flattering. Or is that flattening?

  287. Cyndee Ross

    I am rather new to knitting and the last two attempts at sweater knitting have been a real challenge for me. This book looks like it might give me the solutions I need to learn to make that perfect sweater!!

  288. Kat

    That book looks great! Just what I want for my knitted tops (I mostly stick to socks and shawls because I’m scared that things won’t fit.)

  289. Deike

    As I just, frustratingly, frogged my third attempt at knitting the most easiest of top-down raglan sweaters… I think I might really need this book.

  290. Carol R

    What a great book and yarn giveaway! I am working on my first sweater but this would be a great book for my 2nd and 3rd sweaters.

    Thanks for hosting such great givewaway.

  291. Anne

    I’m currently obsessed with being able to knit sweaters that fit predictably. A great giveaway that I’d love to win.

  292. TRH

    That looks like a valuable resource – fitting clothing is difficult enough but add to that knitting and it’s nearly impossible.

  293. KatieB

    Learning to “knit to fit” is my mission for this year and
    I need all the “help” I can get!

  294. Bethany

    I love Amy Herzog’s patterns! And I’d be tickled to death if I won it – I had a baby 5 months ago, and nothing fits right anymore. I have no idea what’s flattering now.

  295. Sarah

    I really need to learn about better fit…I rarely knit sweaters as it’s such a huge investment of time, with uncertain fit results…

  296. Kristi gersbach

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting Amy Herzog. She was patient and gracious under rather difficult circumstances, and a delight to talk with. I would love to win a copy of her book.

  297. Knitsblue

    This sweater book would be a huge help! I’ve been very slow to knit something that would take so much yarn and effort, fearing the results would be unsatisfying. Thanks for offering it!

  298. Liz A.

    That book looks fantastic. Learning how to knit to my body has easily been one more the more challenging part of my knitting career.

  299. Renee'T

    Just completed a beautiful sweater and wuld love to learn how to tweek patterns to make them fit me exactly! I will teach all the knitters in our Knitting Club these techniques!

  300. Laney H.

    that would be cool to knit something like that! I haven’t knit a sweater/cardigan/hoodie before.

  301. PJ Rosenthal

    I’m signing up for the classes, but it would be fantastic to have this book. Thanks.

  302. Elizabeth B P

    I am always leary of knitting my self sweaters because I am afraid of all the time and energy and having it not fit.. This seems like the perfect book for me.

  303. vanessa

    I’ve got broad shoulders, no boobs, regular waist and long arms…needless to say, I need this book!

  304. Candice

    This looks like a really great book. I have been hesitating making sweaters because I’m not sure how to customize to fit my body. Thank you for the giveaway!

  305. susan

    This book excites me too! I really hope I win, it would be wonderful to easily make sweaters that fit. Thanks for the opportunity!

  306. Knittingdancer (Teresa)

    I would love to know what style would flatter me before I knit something. This book would be a great help.

  307. Sandy Cohen

    Love her blog, think the book looks fantastic. Glad I found your blog from your Rhinebeck course write ups.

  308. Sunnyknitter

    I’d love to have my sweaters fit well consistently. Mine tend to be a bit hit and miss…

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  310. Christine Thomasson

    I absolutely love the patterns in this book…I usually only like two or three patterns in a book, if I’m lucky. There are at least four that I love here. Dorica, Dancez, Cypress, Coin Cable. I wonder if they are right for my body type?! Hope I win the book and then I will know !

  311. Gail Korhonen

    I would love to receive this book. I have been looking at it as I would like to knit sweaters that are flattering to my body. Also the sweater is one of my favorites in the book.

  312. Jessica

    I love Amy’s patterns and the way she helps you think about what is the most flattering shape for your body.

  313. L.

    What a great-looking book! I’d love to get away from knitting mostly lounging sweaters and make something I feel is stylish.

  314. Anna

    I would love to learn how to make tops that fit! And a sweater’s-worth of yarn? Count me in on this one.

  315. Christine Newpower

    I’m afraid I’m just a knitting newbie, but I do crochet and sew apparel all the time. Would love to learn to knit something that doesn’t come out looking like a moth-eaten afghan! This looks like the book to point me in the right direction! Thanks for the giveaway!

  316. Juliane

    I love Amy’s concept – I’m taking her Craftsy class, and would like to have the book as well. If I don’t win, I’ll buy her book as soon as I can afford it.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  317. Lucy

    I signed up for Amy Herzog’s Craftsy class when she announced it on her blog. After knitting one too many unflattering pullover’s, I’m excited at the prospect of finally knitting something with proper fit.

  318. Jennifer

    Would love,love, love to have this book. If you do pick my comment please make the skill question easy, as I’ve only been knitting for about 11 months.

  319. Daphne

    Love the hoodie, and I have been looking for a sweater for my DD. This would be perfect.

  320. Niki

    Looks like a greaet book and sweater. I think I am “hard to fit,” can use good help in making my sweaters fit better.

  321. Barb

    I could really use this book. I knit so many sweaters for family and have so many odd sizes. What a wonderful book to come out!

  322. Chris in Durango

    I would love to win a copy of this book! It looks like just the thing I need to feel confident knitting a sweater that fits.

  323. Anne Dixon-Mahatoo

    I would love to have this book. Love Amy’s designs. My current favourite is Caulfield. Cheers.

  324. Linda Suppan

    love Amy. Took her class and have been anxiously awaiting her book. And yarn for a sweater to take advantage of it all. Please pick me!

  325. Kathy

    I’m short and quite curvy, so fit in clothing is always tricky. I would love any kind of help!

  326. Jesse

    I’ve been stalking the sweaters on Ravelry. I’d love to have the book to help my own knitwear shapes!

  327. Carol H

    I could use this book as I knit sweaters for people of all sizes. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest.

  328. SusanH

    There’s lots of people who don’t have easy-to-fit shapes that could benefit from the wisdom in this book! Cute hoodie, too!

  329. Amy

    My sister has attended one of Amy’s classes and really learned a bunch. This looks like a great book.

  330. Mortson

    What a great book – I only knit hats and sox for myself since I’m so hard to fit!