A big (good!) change for LYS owners who use Knitty

Until this past Saturday, our official line on printing copies of Knitty patterns was pretty strict for LYSs. Only the customer could print their copy, and only on their own computer. Well, times have changed. I know of many, many LYSs that have a dedicated internet workstation for their customers, and some have that workstation attached to a printer. So I decided it was time to update our rules. We hope this will please many of you…we think it will!

As of June 1, 2013, we are officially encouraging yarn shops to let customers print their own patterns on shop premises! We have heard that some customers are not familiar enough with the internet, or are too eager to get started, to have to wait till they get home to print out a Knitty pattern, and a yarn sale might be lost. Since one of our goals at Knitty is to support the Local Yarn Shop, a lost sale for an LYS is something we want to help avoid. So whether you allow a customer access to your own computer/printer or provide a workstation for customer use, both methods are officially approved by Knitty, effective immediately. Charging in any way for this service, however, is not permitted. We feel this is a fair compromise that works to benefit everyone in the knitting community.

This still means the knitter is printing their own copy. They just don’t have to wait till they get home (or get someone who understands the internet to do it for them). We hope it means more happy knitters, happy LYS owners and that makes us happy, too.

Why can’t LYS owners charge for this privilege? Because that’s exchanging money for a Knitty pattern, even if it’s just to cover the paper and ink. That’s still not okay and never will be. LYSs can set their own rules — like a free printout if you buy the yarn to go with the project. That’s totally up to them. We don’t want people taking advantage and printing out pages and pages, and then just saying “toodeloo!” (But knitters are better people than that, aren’t they?) If a knitter wants to keep track of a Knitty pattern to browse at home, suggest they add it to their favorites on Ravelry, perhaps?

Feel free to spread the word about this change. If anyone gives you a tough time, you can point them to the official LYS FAQ page on Knitty, which also includes much of the information in this blog post.

Long live the LYS!


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11 thoughts on “A big (good!) change for LYS owners who use Knitty

  1. Seanna Lea

    That sounds like an awesome change. Of course, as a tech savvy knitter, I just go to the page and pull up the particulars on my mobile device du jour, but for those who don’t have tech as part of their job/life this will be a godsend.

  2. Rita

    Nice work Knitty! This gives me an incentive to knit more samples in my yarn in knitty patterns – win win!

  3. Megan

    Thank you! My shop does have a number of regular customers with constant computer issues.

  4. Stephanie

    A positive step for the knitting community! Now to convince more LYS’s that they need to have computer workstations on their premises. Many times I have gone into a yarn shop, fell in love with some yarn, but just didn’t have a pattern or yardage come to mind. So rather than purchasing an insufficient amount or not having a project to make with the yarn, I pass up the purchase altogether. Access to Knitty patterns is wonderful!

  5. Kate

    Thank you Knitty! Accessibility and instant gratification are really important. Your progressive thinking will help us a lot. I agree with the others, this change also makes the idea of making Knitty patterns for samples very appealing!

  6. Kristy

    This is a great change! I usually plan a project before I go yarn shopping, but sometimes you see yarn and need inspiration for it. And this will, of course, be a huge help for knitters who aren’t as comfortable with the internet. Well done, Knitty!

  7. Annamary

    Another example of why Knitty has remained vital, relevant, and awesome for 10 years! You guys ROCK!

  8. Beaweezil

    Thank you! This will make Knitty so mcu more accessible to my rural based clientel. Now I can knit up a sample and get to work showing off your great stuff. Thank you again!!

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