All about Tom Bihn, with a lot of little videos…and a contest!

When I was asked by the people at Tom Bihn (they make some of our very favorite bags ever) if I wanted to collaborate on new products, I said “Sure! Let’s Skype!”

They had a better idea. They flew me out to Seattle. I know. Rockstar treatment! I still can’t believe it happened. But I took videos, so there’s proof. Lots of it.

I had met Tom and Darcy (the head honchos of the Tom Bihn company) many years ago, when I passed through Seattle on the way to teach on the Sea Socks cruise. We’d been emailing back and forth for a while, and had collaborated on the fabulous Swift bag, which was designed by our readers and named by a really cool focus group around a table at the Dark Horse coffeeshop in Toronto. Meeting them in person was kind of like meeting bag-design royalty. I was dumbstruck.

This trip, I got over my fangirlness and we got down to work. I brought lots of products that exist but aren’t as good as what I think Tom and his crew can come up with. We looked over all the samples, played with them, explored them in combination, deconstructed, reconstructed and reimagined. There was discussion, lots of sketching, brainstorming, and at the end of the weekend, we had prototypes of our first product.

Here’s a little video of Tom with one of his expert sewers making up the first prototypes:

(These little 6-second videos are from Vine…they loop on their own. If the videos aren’t playing, click them and you’ll be able to see the goods!)

Can I show you any more than this? Well, okay. Because you asked so nicely. Here’s a shot of our prototype tool pouches:

We're not sure what to call this yet...but for now, we think of them as tool pouches
We’re not sure what to call this yet…but for now, we think of them as tool pouches. Click to see it bigger!

These are meant to store your DPNs, interchangeable needle tips and cables and even crochet hooks. They’re shown fanned out above, but normally hang tidily from that carabiner in the corner.

You’ll see there are three sizes. The smallest fits tools (including interchangeable needle tips) 4″ or shorter. The medium size fits tools 5-6″ long. And the large size fits tools 7-8″ long. This covers just about every interchangeable needle system on the market. The ends are reinforced so that the DPNs, interchangeable needle tips or crochet hooks you put in there won’t poke through the clear vinyl. And each of those reinforcements acts as a spot to hold a label, so you can make it easier to figure out what’s inside at a glance. You’d buy only the sizes of pouch you wanted, and they are kept together with a double-sided carabiner that (you won’t be surprised by this) clips into an o-ring in any of the Tom Bihn bags. Where do you keep the cables? In a square-ish pouch (it’s the wasabi-colored one above) that you clip in along with the rest of your pouches. The square-ish shape keeps the circulars from getting kinked. The backing is the same ballistic fabric used in many of Tom’s bags. It’s astoundingly strong and durable and doesn’t attract fuzz.

Don’t use interchangeable circulars? We’ll be adapting the square-ish pouch for your fixed circulars, to be produced in different sizes to accommodate the length of the needle portion. Those specs are still in development.

So, what do you think?

There were other products discussed, too. One was a new knitter’s bag that you can wear over your shoulder or across your body. Another, a case for a fiber tool. We got quite far along on the bag, but the fiber tool case is something for the future…perhaps. There are a lot of things that go into a Tom Bihn product, and unless Mr Tom himself is happy with the product, you won’t see it. That means patience is required. But it’s always worth it. The TB people tell me 2014 is the earliest we might see any of these new products, but it’s possible (if there’s enough demand) that the tool pouches could be released at the end of this year.

So what can I show you? How about these videos that I took in the showroom of some of my favorite Tom Bihn bags? Let’s do it!

Here’s the clever-as-anything Co-Pilot:


And another of my favorites, the Cafe Bag, shown here in a super-saturated Azalea pink!

One of my favorite ah-ha moments of the weekend came when Darcy figured out we could remove the (unused by me) waist strap from my Smart Alec backpack and, using the existing straps inside the bag, turn it into a cinch for my ukulele’s neck! This keeps the uke snug against the back of the backpack, in a vertical position, and allows the zippers to snug up at the top, exposing as little of the uke as possible. And leaves tons of room in the bag for all your other stuff.

Uke players, take note: this is a fabulous one-bag carry-on solution that will get your uke past the airline staff without even a sniff of “you’re carrying two items and you’re only allowed one”. (Ask me why this is important and I’ll tell you about almost getting barred from a KLM flight because they counted my small purse, tiny uke and regulation-size rolling bag as three separate items and I was only allowed two. Grr.)


One last little video to share:

His factory is full of vintage Singer industrial sewing machines, chairs and storage units. I covet it all. No, no relation.

So what else did we do while I was there? We had an astounding, eye-opening evening at Metrix Create:Space, a really cool place full of 3D printers, laser cutters and other gear so neat, I didn’t even know what it was called. We asked Seattle knitters to come and hang with us, knit with us, and show us their Tom Bihn gear in person. And did they ever. The result? This professionally produced video, all about the Swift and how knitters use it.


We’ve had a lot of contests during our 10th Anniversary year, and we’ve been saving this one for the right moment. Which is now. Ready?


We have TWO of these last-in-the-world 10th Anniversary Knitty Swifts to give away. They were made as a limited edition last fall, and sold out by December. But we saved two for you! Each has a retail value of $100usd.

Regular contest rules: leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, Sunday, July 21st, telling us which is your favorite Tom Bihn bag (you don’t have to own it already — dream aloud!). Two comments will be chosen at random to answer a skill-testing question. If the commenter answers correctly, they will win one of the two bags. If you have already won a prize from us in the past year, please do give other knitters a chance.

Good luck!

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1,139 thoughts on “All about Tom Bihn, with a lot of little videos…and a contest!

  1. Terri

    I love my Swift, complete with the yarn stuff sacks and wallet. I don’t use any other bag anymore.

  2. Christine

    I would love to win one because my knitting supplies are a MESS – A bag like that might tame them!

  3. Genevieve

    I covet the Swift greatly. I have seen one in the wild and hope to one day own one. Maybe if I am very lucky it will be cork. Plants make everything better.

  4. Joey B.

    I don’t have a bag on me, but I was going through the site, and I fell in love with their large cafe bag. I might put that on my birthday wishlist. 😀

  5. Chris

    I have one of their clear Quarter Packing Cube bags and I love it to death! So well built and lets me see my stuff and the fabric is a cute, bright colored, check pattern.

  6. Maureen

    I have long coveted the Tom Bihn bags, but never been able to afford one–or needed another bag enough to justify the cost to myself. I really like the green on the anniversary version.

  7. DPUTiger

    My Synapse 19 is my favorite TB bag, slthough I’ve started quite the collection lately. Got a Brain Bag first, then the Synapse 19 (via destash on Rav), then an Imago (also via destash on Rav), and now I have an Aeronaut in transit to my house.

    I’ve been drooling over a Swift for quilte a while, but there isn’t a current color combo that calls to me, so I shall be patient and wait. Or win one. That works too. 😉

  8. Michelle

    I could probably live without my Swift, Imago or MCB; but I couldn’t survive travel without my Aeronaut.

  9. Katie

    I love my little swift! I admit it is the only Tom Bihn bag I own at the moment but have a order on the way of the Swift!! I do have accessories and even more are coming with my new bag! I am newish to Tom Bihn and wonder where you have been all my life! : )

  10. Jennifer

    I love my Swift! I also really love the clear organizer pouches. They are so handy for keeping little notions in.

  11. Crysta

    I don’t have any TB bags, but have had Swift on my wish list for as long as I’ve known about it. Come on, luck!

  12. Robin2go

    Ever since you started promoting the Tom Bihn bags, I have been enviously dreaming of them. I will lose several hours at a clip as I pour over the Swift bags, trying to see if I want the small or the large — and once I decide that, then I have to choose the perfect color, and that brings everything to a screeching halt yet again. Winning one is probably the only way I’ll get over my paralysis by analysis. Love these bags!!

  13. KrisD

    I so covet these bags. Would love to have a true dedicated project bag to replace my collection of random leftover conference totes. 🙂

  14. Margo

    I don’t own these yet but I would like the Packing Cube shoulder bag and the Clear Organizing pouches.

  15. Kara

    I don’t own one but I love the Swift. A couple of the ladies I knit with have them and I covet them something fierce.

  16. Christine Berger

    I have the MCB and the Swift and an Imago. I think I love the Imago best as I am a cross-body girl!

  17. Kay

    I can dream of a Swift bag in steel with a wasabi interior and a cayenne yarn bag, right? I love the bags, I just wish you could customize the color combinations! And their field journal bag looks brilliant.

  18. RichelleCK

    I have a Swift that I absolutely adore! The thought of that across the body/shoulder convertible type bag designed with yarn crafters in mind made me swoon, though. I can just imagine it in one of the high end materials like cork. Ohhhhhhh!!!!!

  19. Kathryn Kun

    My favorite Tom Bihn bag… I carry/adore an ID, yarn stuff sacks (in Ultraviolet), a Side Effect, several pocket pouches, but my favorite is the little Clear Organizer Wallet, that I add a handle loop to and use as my go everywhere minimal purse.

    I want these tool pouches. In Aubergine. I like to keep my cables looser than most cable pockets allow for, so I’m interested in how large the cable pouch is (and may wait for bigger ones.)

  20. Terri Taggart

    I have an anniversary Swift that I use all of the time. It goes to the cottage, camping and work. But my sister does not have one and I know that she could use a Swift and love it.

  21. Melissa

    I keep hearing about how wonderful the Swifts are. I would so love to have one of my own. Also those little bags for needles et all. Want several now. Please convey everyone’s interest in having them available as soon as possible.

  22. Merna

    Ristretto, for iPad is a great bag, but now I’m lusting over the Co-pilot. As long as I have my iPad and knitting, I’m good to go anywhere.

  23. Jen.

    My favorites are two sorry:

    1. My Tom Bihn cork knitting bag.

    2. My invented medium Cafe with a cork flap, olive body, & wasabi interior. Hey, a girl can dream?!?

  24. eve

    The Swift has been on my wishlist since it was first available, but for practicality I like the large cafe bag. Speeding around the city, in and out of subways and buses, and winding through crowded streets means I want my stuff enclosed and close. The Swift would be saved for leisurely knitting close to home.

  25. KittenWithAWhiplash

    The Aeronaut makes me blue with envy (I like blue better than green). I have a great backpack, but it’s not designed to be carried easily instead of worn. The versatility of the Aeronaut is pure genius.

  26. Jennifer Mauser

    Awesome news! Without a doubt, my favorite is the (soon to be retired) Imago. Of course, I love all my Tom Bihn bags! I also have a Swift, large shop bag, Synapse 19, and Side Effect, not to mention tons of accessories!

  27. Meredith E.

    I have to admit I love the aeronaut simply because I am a sucker for convertible travel bags…especially ones that convert to backpacks while I’m currently ladies up with a broken knee.

  28. Tori Ryan

    I think that the Cork Swift is the first thing I would buy myself if I won the lottery. It’s so pretty.

  29. Pilaar

    Thinking really positive thoughts about the random number generator right now, I couldn’t afford one of these and would so love to win one 🙂

  30. Annie

    What a cool sneak peek! I love my little Swift (cork! So many people ask me about it!), but am usually a cross-body-bag kind of gal, so now I’m fantasizing about the potential for a TB cross-body designed for knitters! Until that becomes a reality, though, the Knitty-versary Swift would be an awesome addition to my bag collection. (But don’t tell my husband.)

  31. Leah

    I think the Yarn stuff sacks would make a great project bag… and I can never have enough project bags on hand. Also, I would love a swift. One day I’m going to treat myself. 🙂

  32. KF

    I *love* my medium Cafe Bag knitting bag. I bought a small TB zippered insert for tape measure/scissors/tapestry needle/etc, and a little yarn caddy bag for my yarn cake to spool out well. I can wear the bag while walking around and knit on the go. While the Swift bag is nice, I love how the Cafe Bag has a non-zippered clip-close cover that keeps my knitting inside clean of dust/pet hair/spills and keeps things inside while on the go.

  33. Greg

    I’m a fairly new knitter, and am currently toting my knitting around in plastic grocery bags when I go out. They last for a few trips before the needles put enough holes in them to rip apart. Sometimes I have small paper bags, which last a lot longer. I would absolutely *love* to win an awesome, durable bag like this.

    As I look over the Tom Bihn bags available, I’m especially struck by the Smart Alec — it looks so versatile and useful.

  34. KarenInKansas

    I adore the Tom Bihn large cafe bag. It’s perfect for carrying around my tablet, book, and knitting–in addition to all the things I would usually carry in a purse. Sharp enough to wear to work but not too stuffy for running around or traveling.

  35. Jennifer

    The Cafe Bags are my faves, hands down. Although, the Co-Pilot is a close second… and of course the Swift!! Too many good bags to choose from! (That’s not really a bad thing.) Those tool pouches look awesome, and I especially love the carbiner that holds them altogether!

  36. Cara

    I’m seriously in love with most of their bags but the one I want most is the Cafe. (With the Ristretto a close second!)

  37. Sharon S.

    The Swift is my favorite Tom Bihn bag. It’s versatile – I can use it just for knitting,to hold knitting,a book and snacks when I will be spending time in a hospital waiting room, and it looks professional enough to carry paperwork for meetings. The Swift is well designed and well made.

  38. Lisa Ruch

    My favorite so far is my Swift. I also have a Medium Cafe Bag, and a Co-Pilot is on its way to me. The Co-Pilot *might* become my favorite.

    I’m currently lusting after a Cork Little Swift, but that’s neither here nor there with regard to my contest entry. 🙂

  39. KLINE

    I love my Swift, which I actually got secondhand from the Tom Bihn fan group on Ravelry. It’s populated with many clear organizer pouches and now a Clear Packing Cube.

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  41. Amanda Heyen

    These bags are awesome and beautiful in any color, but you just happened to pick my favorite. Congrats to whoever the winner is . . . .

  42. Rachel

    The small cafe bag is cute, and looks ideal for carrying on-the-go projects like socks.

  43. Samina

    I don’t travel anywhere without my Snyapse backpack or my Imago bag. But my knitting is always in my Swift bag. Love TB products.

  44. florapie

    So many knitters on the Tom Bihn site right now that I can’t get the individual bags to load! But I’d go with one of the smaller packs because I definitely need to carry on both shoulders, and if my pack’s too big I carry too much junk 🙂

  45. Jan

    After looking over the whole website, I think I’d still want the Swift first, although many others caught my eye. The Swift is a really nice bag for knitting and other things, and looks like it would suit me well!

    Thanks for the contest!

  46. Jennifer

    I love them all! If I have to choose one, it is the Swift in Cork. Fantastic use of a renewable material!

  47. Katharine T

    Ooooh. Ooh ooh ooh.

    I don’t have any TB bags, but I’ve looked, drooled, and coveted many times. I think my fav is the Tri-Star. All those pockets make me go weak at the knees.

  48. Jane Compeau

    I like the small swift bag with the stuff sacks. It sounds like it would really fit the way I organize things.
    I would love a chance to win one of these bags.

  49. Nancy

    I can’t think of any that I wouldn’t love to have…I have coveted every one I have ever seen. If I had to pick one it would be…umm…Imago!

  50. MaryEllen

    all of Tom’s bags are so thoughtfully constructed. I’ve wanted a swift for a long time ~ I’d love to win the contest!

  51. Doreen

    I love the Little Swift. I carry one almost everyday. It was my first TB bag and it suits my needs perfectly. I can carry a lot and a little in it and it looks good. I can carry it for a casual event or a dressy one, and it still looks good. I can almost always find a way to fit in one more thing and it doesn’t hurt my shoulder or throw out my back carrying it. It’s full of WIN!

  52. Kristen

    More things to covet! I think the Tri-Star looks like an awesome travel bag. And the Swift looks great too!

  53. Margo

    The Cafe bag looks super-handy to have for everyday stuff, and the swift bag looks great for knitting! Awesome bags.

  54. Kathy

    I absolutely adore my Swift (and of course all of the pouches and project bags I just had to buy to go with it!)

  55. Trish

    I’m dreaming of getting an Aeronaunt for one bag travel. I have love these bags ever since I saw the Swift on your blog. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  56. Carol

    It’s impossible. There’s no way I can pick just 1 item as my favorite. I’d be happy with just about any bag Tom Bihn makes. But really I’d love to have just about everything I saw in the accessories section. I’m a sucker for little bags and organizers.

  57. Patricia McMullen

    I love the large cafe bag. This would be perfect as a daily go to work bag.

  58. mollysusie

    I have to admit I’ve never heard of these bags (and I’m a big bag person). I really like the cafe messenger bags, good shape for digging through and finding stuff. Thank you so much for the giveaway, the Anniversary Swift looks beautiful!

  59. Heather Murray

    My favourite everyday bag is my Synapse 19 backpack in Indigo/Steel. It is small enough to carry around everywhere, but big enough to get my sun-hat, bottle of water, cardigan, and of course knitting in 🙂

    For knitting group and larger projects I love my Swift in green and purple (my two favourite colours, what more could I ask for?!). It is big enough for a sweater project, and pattern book, and my lunch and notebook. And the whole thing will sit upright on the floor so I can leave my ball of yarn in the bottom of the bag and knit straight out of it without the bag collapsing.

    I am currently trying to persuade the other half that instead of buying a series of cheapo messenger bags that fall to pieces in 5 minutes (he tends to be hard on bags!), he should save up and get a Tom Bihn one which would hopefully actually last.

  60. Julie V

    I do not own a Bihn bag. I have always been intrigued at the Swift, but haven’t seen on in person to push me over the edge. The Packing Cube Backpack looks like a great option for riding my bicycle . . .

  61. MelissaHB

    I LOVE THE SWIFT. I bought the cork one last year and its gotten alot of use. Its the perfect size for carrying all your knitting supplies while your travelling too 🙂

  62. Patricia

    I really like the idea of a small, clipable bag to hold interchangeable needles. They are always rattling around in other bags. I also need something that will hold the small tool you use to connect the needle to the cable. Again, the rattle factor is a big issue.

  63. Rachael

    I love my Ristretto, I use it for a purse even when I’m not carrying my iPad around! 🙂

  64. Liz

    I loved my one-strap backpack from them. (Can’t remember the name and don’t see it on their site now…) Sadly, I need a two-strap backpack to keep my back happy.

    A swift bag would be lovely for my knitting.

  65. Cherie

    I love the look of the Swift. Dreaming of someday having a real, designed-for-knitting knitting bag.

  66. Nancy

    What a lovely bag, I’ve never owned a Thom Bihn bag but would love the Swift bag. I’m always looking for something to put my knitting in the take when traveling and have found nothing that works.

  67. donyu

    I have two back packs, my daughter took my small swift which I love, so I got a larger swift for me. But my most used, and loved is the pencil case, with a clear side, it holds all my knitting supplies, I use it daily.

  68. Reb

    The Ristretto bag! So stylish. I mean, not more stylish than the Knitty Swift bag of course. . . no contest there.

  69. Kim Mears

    I really love my Swift bag. I have been using it for about 5 years. It still looks like new and is my favorite! I actually have been considering getting another (you can never have too many great bags).

  70. Renee Anne

    I think if (when) I order from them, I would probably get a Large Cafe Bag. I don’t know which colors I’d like but I expect the outside would be a shade of blue, green, or purple. We’ll have to see 🙂

  71. Flan

    I’m torn between a swift (for obvious reasons!) and the Aeronot, which looks like a great flying bag!

  72. Joy

    I’ve wanted a Swift for a while, and I’m a sucker for anything small for organization, so about half of the accessories page would do for me as well! The tripod bags look like they’d be good spindle cases…hmmm…

  73. Karen Odle

    I love my cork swift and would love to have another swift, especially the 10th anniversary one!!

  74. VJ Beauchamp

    I have a pile of Tom Bihn products, but the Swift definitely gets the most action. I love it. I get compliments on it almost every day. It’s my daily carry, 5 years old and looks like new, and you’d never be able to tell that it is repeatedly rained on, loved on by cats, and used as a pillow by my dog. It expands to fit a quick grocery and/or library run. I’ve even had men ask to buy it from me.

    I also have a Ristretto that is also a crowdpleaser. Excellent for when I need to bring my laptop to a meeting.

  75. Toni

    I don’t own a Thom Bihn bag, but have heard nothing but rave reviews about about them. I’m kind of sweet on the Cafe messenger bag but wouldn’t say no to the Swift!

  76. Natalie Sternberg

    I love the Little Swift– my every day carry. I have it in hemp and cannot believe the pleasure I get from having it on my arm!

  77. Nicole

    I love my Swift and Little Swift! I’m currently using the LS as a purse. It’s a little snug, though, because I carry around mom-quantities of stuff most of the time, so I may reverse these and use the larger Swift as a purse. Am considering a Ristretto for my teaching bag this fall–I need tough, and laptop-friendly.

  78. Holly

    I’ve had their Brain Bag for years now. At least 7? Maybe more. It is my go-to bag for weekend trips were I need clothes and computer and a project to come along with me. The only wear and tear it seems to have is where I left a lip balm in the top pocket on a summer day and it decided it didn’t like it’s container anymore. Everything about that bag has held up beautifully. Best bag purchase ever.

  79. Amy D.

    I love the new cross-body knitting bag!! I own an Imago, but I am really hoping for a dedicated cross-body Knitting Bag, with dyneema pockets and specially designed features for knitters. Can’t wait to see what you and Tom have come up with!

  80. Kate

    It’s so awesome we have designers working so hard to create the perfect knitting bag! I love them all but the field journal notebook really captured me. I could see taking it along anywhere and doodling, sketching, and writing ideas down. Very neat.

  81. Deike

    I don’t really need another bag, but if I could choose, I’d have the Brain Bag. Or a swift. The Anniversary Swift, to be exact – pink and green is the best.

  82. Angela Tarango

    I have a Swift, which I love, but at the moment my favorite Tom Bihn bag is the Synapse 25. Its my super awesome EDC and travel carry-on bag. (LOVE)

  83. Cheryl

    What an absolutely amazing giveaway! My first instinct would be the Swift, but I’d also get a ton of use out of the Smart Alec.

  84. Linda T

    Like you Amy, I love bags, all shapes and sizes. It probably started when I was using various stuff sacks when camping. Now I have this little bag with a clear bottom that sits properly – right inside my Swift. I am in heaven. It sits ready to go with two wooden needles sticking out, showing off their purple mitten end caps. And the Swift holds patterns and larger stuff without a complaint. The Swift is so durable that I can trust it to come with me for any adventure – car, train, boat. The pretty bags rarely get out like this!

  85. Carol S.

    I love the SYNAPSE 19 – My husband owns one and I’m always borrowing it from him!

  86. Meg Keehan

    OMG, I love bags, too, but have put myself on a bag fast. Regardless, I have coveted a Swift or Little Swift in cork ever since I saw Stephanie Pearl-McPhee blog about hers. (A Knitty Anniversary Swift would be awesome, too, though.)

    Thanks for a great contest!

  87. Shawnna

    Oh thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of those bags! Meanwhile, my favourite bag is the Swift – mine’s all nylon but I’m saving my pennies for a cork model next!

  88. Lisa Terryberry

    I am in love with the swift and all it can do. I purchased a previously-loved one a while back as well as some previously-loved yarn sacks. The bag is phenomenal with all it’s versatility. It goes to work and play. I appreciate businesses that listen to and value their customer’s opinions and suggestions, and that is Tom Bihn. I would be so honoured to win one of these coveted brand new Swifts. Words can not even describe!
    I will be wishing to win this on every star I see, falling or not.
    Thank-you for this wonderful opportunity.

  89. Cocoonivus

    I’ve always been skeptical about purpose-designed knitting bags, because the ones I’ve tried didn’t work for me. The Swift bag, however, really looks like it could be the bag for me.

  90. Diane

    I love the Smart Alec backpack (and I really need a new one), and of course the Swift bag. I’ve had my eye on it forever!

  91. Solarmama

    Ever since I bought my one and only swift, I covet Tom Bihn bags with a lust that burns like a thousand suns. If I won the lottery, I would buy a dozen swifts in multiple colors with extra yarn sacks for them all! Alas, I don’t even play the lottery. So, imagine my happiness if I were to win this one! *crosses fingers*

  92. Sylvie

    I’m torn between the Tri-Star and the Swift as my favorite bags, for totally different reasons and purposes. I guess in an ideal world, I could have the Tri-Star for my carry on and the Swift for my ‘personal item’

  93. Savannagal

    If I could afford a spendy backpack like that I’d buy Synapse 25. You’re right. I can dream. Thanks for the giveaway.

  94. Jane

    I don’t yet own a Tom Bihn bag, so it would be hard to choose a favorite! I can imagine using a Swift but the yarn stuffsacks are the kind of thing I think I would use most: to have one for each project on the go would be AWESOME! Thanks and congrats on your 10 years – I love Knitty and use it as my go-to place online!

  95. Anna

    I haven’t gotten to see any Tom Bihn bags in person, but after taking a look, I kind of want one of the Cafe bags, probably in large.

  96. Sarah J

    I’m not a big bag person, but the minute I saw the packing cubes I started to drool. As a mom of three small children, packing one suitcase for all of us can get messy. But being able to pack each person’s clothes in a separate bags within the suitcase? Priceless.

  97. Michelle

    Hard to choose, but I’d like the synapse 25, because I need to new backpack for biking to work

  98. Amanda

    I’d probably get a medium Cafe bag – I love something that’s big enough to carry around most of what I need (I always keep a sock or a washcloth WIP with me for lines and boredom), yet small enough that it’s mostly unobtrusive. If I had the splurging instinct, I’d get a Synapse 19. Gorgeous bags.

  99. Amy Stanton

    The cafe bag is my dream bag. I recently got my first laptop, and now think a cafe bag needs to come live with me.

  100. Jessie

    There is no way I can pick just ONE favorite!
    The small Cafe bag would be the perfect travel purse.
    The Imago would be great for knitting class, when I want to bring not only yarn, but a variety of needles, a tool kit, and a notebook.
    The Little Swift would be a perfect project bag, as I usually only carry a few balls of yarn at a time. But if I win a big Swift, I’ll be thrilled!

  101. G. K. Green

    My favorite Tom Bihn bag is the Swift! Love it, love it, love it … Please enter me in the giveaway, and thanks for the contest.

  102. stitchpunk

    Living at the other end of the planet as I do I’ve never seen any Tom Bihn bags in person. All I can say is that I love well-designed bags, and purple, green and grey are three of my most favouritest colours, so the 10th anniversary bag looks damn fine to me!

  103. Rachel

    I totally love my Tri-Star in Steel with the Ultra Violet lining. It is my go to travel bag now and has been my only bag for 7-10 night trips as well as quick overnighters. A Swift would be a fantastic addition to my Tom Bihn collection though!

  104. Laura

    I just purchased a Hemp Swift. Looking forward to September when the Cork Swifts will be back in stock. I have to say that the Swift is my favorite so far!

  105. Cathy Selmi

    I don’t own a Tom Bihn bag … yet. If I have to choose one, it is the Swift. I love the look and the length of the straps looks just about right to me as I like to be able to put a bag over my shoulder rather than dangling it from my forearm or wrist.

    If I were in the market for a backpack or travel bag, though, this is one of the first places I’d look.

    Thank you!

  106. Joanne

    I would be soooo happy to win the Swift for my upcoming travels – what a great bag!!

  107. latifa

    I would love a swift. Especially fascinated by the cork and hemp materials.

    fascinating post!

  108. Patty C

    I LOVE knitting bags and these look wonderful. I can see myself getting the new tools bags, how about adding something to write on that would tell the length of the circular cable? Just a thought.

  109. Joyce

    I really like their large café bag. It’s the perfect size for carrying everything you need around the city.

  110. Nita

    Well, the knitting bag, hands down! I am always hunting for something to carry my knitting in. My 2nd choice is the personal sized travel bag that fits under the airline seat. and my 3rd choice is the regular sized travel bag. And my 4th choice is a lap top bag. Should I continue? Lol!

  111. Liz H

    I’ve been coveting a Swift bag for a long time. I love to have everything perfectly organised in my bag, so the more gadgets and pouches the better.

  112. Francie Owens

    I was not familiar with the Tom Bihn bags but the last video made me want one. I love the Knitty Anniversary bag shown and from the website I like the reusable shopping bag and the Cafe bag.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  113. Joan

    I am a bagaholic, but since I got my first Tom Bihn bag (a gently used little swift, from a wonderful person on Rav) TB and Timbuk2 are my go-to, go-with bags, and I am weeding out all the others!
    My yarn bag is my current fav – and looks brand new, despite the wear and tear of daily usage.
    While I am dreaming, I would LOVE a Smart Alec.

  114. LadyZed

    Those tool pouches look fantastic. I’ve been wanting a better storage option for my interchangeables.

  115. jessicac

    I love the medium sized messenger bag.. seems to be perfect size for my crap! Thanks for the chance!

  116. Vanessa

    I’m a big fan of the Swift and the project bags with the see-through bottoms but I also like the Risretto laptop bag. Thanks for hosting a great give-away!

  117. Michelle

    I love the look of the swift, looks classy but roomy enough for my knitting paraphernalia! Knit night at the pub would look better without my needles sticking through my carrier bag!

    Fingers crossed.

    New prototypes look cool too…

  118. Jessica

    Oooooo, love that website. I’d got for a medium cafe bag in plum and wasabi for all my gear. I do adore a good messenger bag.

  119. Alison

    Truthfully, my most coveted Tom Bihn bag would be the Knitty Swift bag. I love the colors with the purple and bright green, and I love the way that the Knitty anniversary design breaks up all the purple and shows people that this is your knitting bag.

  120. terri

    i love them all, but if i had to choose, i think i’d get the smart alec modular backpack

  121. Heather J

    If I am going to dream I am going all out! One of everything for knitting The Swift is awesome.I would also like to have a Smart Alec awesome for travel.

  122. Janet

    There are a lot to like but when the bag I’m using now starts to look too shabby I’ll be getting a large Cafe.

  123. Barbara Baume

    I found Tom Bihn last Fall through Knitty. We now have: 2 Aeronauts, a Synapse 19, a Side Effect, a travel tray, an Absolute Strap, organizational cubes and pouches, and packing cubes.

    But alas, no Swift. I hope I get picked!

  124. H. F.

    I don’t usually let myself drool on bags– but all those new ones look really exciting!

    I think I’m most partial to that Smart Alec bag, actually! (Though the cork-sided Swift is super cute, too)

  125. jan

    I’m so hoping that I might win as I’ve been longing for a Swift for more than a year!!

  126. Donna H

    I love the knitty anniversary bag. It’s perfect – great design, looks cool, and is very utilitarian. What else could you want? I don’t have one so I’d love to win one! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  127. mel

    My lg Cafe is great! Have it covered in buttons, it carries all my kit & then clip on pouches keep the bus tokens & my money in order.

  128. Jillian_R

    All of the Bihn bags are awesome, please don’t make me pick only one! Great giveaway!

  129. Lauren

    I love that bag. The 10th anniversary edition is my favorite bag. The colors are perfect. I love the wasabi on the inside. Nice and bright so you can see what is inside.

  130. Amy

    I’ve just ordered a Swift, which I am super excited about, but I’m also tempted by Cafe bags – I will likely order one when my current purse eventually dies.

  131. Aimee

    There’s several bags that I like but I really like the Travel Tray. I travel a lot on that seems like a smart idea.

  132. Marissa C

    My mom has a swift and I have been coveting it ever since she got it! It fits EVERYTHING I could possibly need…and then some…

  133. Lisa Soderman

    I LOVE ALL OF THE TOM BIHN BAGS! I have a Swift and a Large Cafe in the blue dyneema. It is awesome! I also have several of the pouches in various sizes and am using every one of them! I have a solar pouch on back order right now. Love that yellow!!!

  134. Emily

    Oh I do so love the looks of that Swift bag! But I have to say too, those tool pouches are just the thing I need!

  135. Jessie

    I don’t have a Tom Bihn bag (yet), but I love the small swift, and the cafe messenger bags. Also, all the small organizational bags–tool bags, cube, etc.

  136. Kay

    The Cafe Bag has been on my wish list for ages. The tool pouches are wonderful and I hope they come out sooner than 2014 (Winter holiday gift time, maybe?)

  137. Leslita

    OMG, I have coveted a Tom Bihn bag, haven’t gotten one. I really like the swift and the café bags are pretty cool too! thanks for offering such an awesome prize!

  138. Page

    I have long coveted but not yet purchased the TB Swift Bag. Here’s hoping the RNG works for this contest because, knitting, knotty, and purple are a few of my favorite things! Great post and wonderful new gear to look forward to.

  139. Susan

    I’m traveling soon and have been eying the Smart Alec with lots of organizers for my inner geek. The inner knitter loves the Swift in hemp or cork.

  140. Karen

    I travel frequently for work and love my Tri-Star. My favourite item from Tom Bihn has to be their Tavel Tray – I use it for my current socks or other small knitting projects. It turns from a bag into a yarn bowl-shape making it the perfect item for a knitter on the go. Love Tom Bihn!

  141. Julia

    I would love to own a Swift! Thanks for the chance to win a Knitty version!

    Juliaknit on Rav

  142. Janine

    The new Side Effect in Dyneema is my favorite Tom Bihn bag! It is just the right size and shape for what I need to carry every day, and it tucks neatly into a larger tote or backpack.

    Thanks for hosting this great giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  143. Lisa in Toronto

    Thanks for hosting yet another contest!
    The Shop bag looks very very useful. I also like the idea of the clip-on pockets.

  144. Alexis

    I have yet to own a good knitting bag, and the Knitty 10th Anniversary Bag looks perfect! Fromm the website, I think the Large Cafe Bag would be wonderful for carrying everything I need during my 1st year of teaching.

  145. Doreen

    I have a Snapse 19, Travel Tray, Side Effect, and several Stuff Sacks. I love them all but my favorite is my Cork Swift.

  146. Sally

    I have been stocking the TB organizer cubes. The new organizers look like they will be great too.

  147. Enji

    I have the little swift in hemp and I LOVE it! It’s the best purse/bag I’ve ever had!

  148. Pat

    My favorite is my steel swift. I’ve used it as a carry on bag, tote bag, everyday bag . I have other Tom bihn bags but the swift is “the best”

  149. Belinda

    I always wanted the Swift, but the Knitty anniversary one was too rich for my blood when it came out. The organizers are very tempting too.

  150. Nancy

    I LOVE my Swift, and I would also love to win the Knitty 10th Anniversary Swft. A girl can’t have too many knitting bags!!

  151. Pat

    My favorite Tom Bihn bag is a steel swift. I use it for lots of different tasks; knitting bag, carry on, everyday bag, library bag and general tote bag.

  152. Ella

    I love the look of the anniversary Swift, and I’m sure it would become my favourite TB bag if I won it!

  153. Valerie

    This anniversary bag would be my favorite. I would love to own such a beautiful bag to tote my work of heart!<3

  154. Leslie C

    Wow. Fabulous. Whoever wins will be very lucky, and I certainly can hope to be one of them!

  155. Anita

    Although I am trying very hard to stop accumulating stuff, I have a huge case of lust for a Swift (and a bunch of organizer bags, to do it up in style). What I would likely buy for myself is the gorgeous azalea color, but what I admire the most is the full size cork Swift.

    My daughter is a full fledged Bihn addict. She has 3 bags in her possession, including a turquoise Swift, and I’m bringing 2 more to her when I visit her this weekend. The shopping bag is incredibly well designed and good looking.

  156. WendyK

    My favourite bag is my small cafe bag in Azalea! It’s the exact same one on the video.

  157. kmkat

    I would to have a Little Swift. The fullsize Swift is lovely, but I would fill it too full and the weight would make my back hurt. A Little Swift would solve that problem.

  158. cerece

    In our family we have both Synapse, two travel trays and a bunch of pouches. The travel trays are my fav. I use them every day!

  159. Karen

    Love the new tool bags, but would be especially proud to own a Knitty commemorative Swift!

  160. purplepenguin

    I, also, love the Knitty Anniversary Swift but couldn’t afford it. Looking over all the bags, I would love a Swift, in Aubergine (of course) with wasabi lining and all the possible add ons! Oooh, so much drooling!

  161. Anonymous, too

    I haven’t had a chance to play with Tom Bihn bags yet, so I don’t have a favorite. However, I’d like to suggest something for the pouch system — a pouch about 2/3 the size of the smallest seen would seem to be ideal for stitch markers, yarn needles (for sewing up seamed items), and other such little stuff. A really dedicated knitter purchasing these things might want two or more such very small pouches, one for stitch markers and another for the yarn needles. Maybe even a third for row counters (or ???) not currently in use.

  162. Gretchen

    I have a black swift but covet the cork. Waiting for them to be available again. The anniversary swift is pretty awesome too. I have plenty of projects to fill another.

  163. Tracy

    I don’t presently own any Bihn bags but I may or may not dream about the Swift occasionally… ok, I admit it, I do. I also love the Cafe bag in all sizes. They’re right up my alley.

  164. Red Wolf

    The Brain Bag. I have two; one red, one purple. They have TARDIS like capabilities, can survive stuff they were never meant to be put through and with a little ingenuity you can even attach glowire for night time visibility. Awesome bags.

    Loving the tool pouches. Will they be a set or individual?

  165. Carrie

    That cork swift is pretty amazing looking, but I also would love to own the ristretto for ipad. They make a lot of great looking bags I would love to own!

  166. Lisa Barrett

    Why, the 10th Anniversary Knitty Swift bag of course! Aside from that, I’m rather smitten with the Imago and hope to own one someday. Thank you for the marvelous, exciting giveaway.

  167. bibliogrrl

    I have 2 of the knitting sacks, and 2 more on the way. They are the BEST. Especially since they are water resistant and I am kind of clumsy. 😀

  168. Darci

    Oh how I love the parking cubes. My daughters steal them as they have begun their college travels

  169. Joyce Pilger

    I don’t yet own a Tom Binh bag. Not because I don’t want one….I just can’t decide which one, and what material, and what color. Plus, I have never seen a TB bag in person. It would help me narrow things down if I could actually see several of the bags. Having said all that, I find I am pretty drawn to the cork swift. Maybe one of these days……

  170. Christina M

    I love the swift and have been dying to get one for several years now. I really really hope you pick me!

  171. Barbara Levin

    The Ristretto is my favorite, especially in that new olive combo. But I’d love to have a Swift.

  172. Bekah

    I have never owned a Tom Bihn bag, but looking through the site, I have developed a terrible longing to get a blue Brain Bag with a Brain Cell and Freudian Slip. I’m a science teacher in a homeschool co-op, and take my four kids along with me. This thing looks like it could endure all my huge book toting, papers and pens hauling, equipment lugging, and even a spare diaper for the baby 🙂 It’s going on a wish list for Christmas…
    But a Knitty Anniversary Swift would be most welcome, too.

  173. GretcheninWA

    I love the Swift – watching the video, it seems so very well-designed for exactly what knitters need. I have a weakness for good design!

  174. Kacey

    Oh my goodness, I love them all! If I don’t win I have given the link to my husband as a bday gift idea for the Swift. Thanks for reminding me about these great made in America products.

  175. Pam

    Well, the Swift, of course, and the travel stuff sacks look terrific for stashing more than one project on a trip. Didn’t know this was a Seattle company — I’ll have to look them up!

  176. Shoshana

    The zephyr for my husband who current carries a CHILD’S messenger bad as a briefcase. :p

    And the swift of course.

  177. Jeanne

    The Cafe Bag is calling my name – but so is the Swift. And I’m looking forward to the tool pocket thingies – so usable and practical

  178. ambie

    I have a large swift and a side kick (both are great bags), but I have had my eye on the TB co-pilot & synapse 25.

  179. gmanedit

    I have a Swift, so I’m not in the running for the contest (though I’m curious about the skills questions; how high is the bar?). The Tom Bihn bags I use most are the large cafe bag, the original Synapse, and the large shop bag. A Kit, which holds essentials such as nail clippers, hand balm, and extra reading glasses, transfers from bag to bag.

  180. Val

    I could really make use of the Cafe Bag–not sure what size but it would be great on a trip or just when I want to carry a knitting project without an extra bag!

  181. Lisa in TX

    Honestly, I’m more than a bit in love with the Freudian Slip. I have tons of bags, but they never seem to have enough pockets. Even when I make the bags, myself. A pocket insert looks brilliant.

  182. EileenG

    I got very confused by the first, password protected post! My favorite bag so far (I think) is the large or medium cafe bag. I’m going to be hemming and hawing over which size would work best for me for a few months!

  183. Desiree Kirkland

    I absolutely cannot live without my large swift. I use it for everything from knitting projects to a vacation tote to schlep stuff to work in!

  184. Susan

    It’s tough to choose just one! I have the Swift and the Imago as well as lots of organizer accessories. The Imago has become the do-everything bag when we’re on holidays in Mexico. It’s sturdy and comfortable to wear while carrying water bottles, ipads, Kindles, and assorted must-haves on the beach and then switches gears for tours by carrying drinks, snacks, shoes, socks, jackets, etc. It also works great as a carry on when flying.

    My favorite for around home is the Swift. You can get a lot of knitting notions and projects in the bag and it is sturdy and easy to throw over a shoulder and go.

    I don’t think there is a Tom Bihn bag that I wouldn’t like to own. Terrific products!

  185. Karen

    I have been oogling the Swift ever since it came out! And it’s so sad that I live in Seattle, and have yet to make it to their showroom!

  186. Ummrania

    I would pick the swift hands down, but I would also love a smaller bag because usually I just need my phone, keys, wallet and a sock so I would also love a side effect bag.

  187. Leann

    Wow! So many great bags to choose from. Well if I have to narrow it down to only one I’d pick the Co-pilot. It looks like the perfect carry-on for a flight and just right for stowing under the seat.

  188. susan

    My favourite is the Swift, any size, any colour, especially cork. It’s classy, roomy, easy to organize and can take anything and everything. What an awesome giveaway and I really hope I win, thanks for the opportunity!

  189. Sandy

    My red Swift goes with me everywhere but I would LOVE another. (Ahem……I have more than enough projects to fill both.)

  190. kellie shore

    I love my Co-pilot and my large cafe bag the most, but I think I could learn to love that Swift a whole lot too!

  191. Emily

    The Swift is my favourite!

    (But I’m very excited at the prospect of a cross-body bag – that might be my NEXT favourite!)

  192. donna

    Love the sound of the knitting bag that you can wear across the body. And if this bag wants to come and live with me in the meantime I will welcome it with open stash!

  193. Elizabeth-Anne kukurs

    I love the cafe bag but I think my favorite is your new swift bag seems to be a perfect knitting bag!!

  194. Heather

    I love the Imago bag, especially in the forest/cork/steel colour combo. It seems like the perfect go-to bag for anything, not just knitting 🙂

  195. Genevieve

    I like the synapse 19, great for commuting on the bus with book and knitting every day. They need more “fun’ colors through, a little weirdness never hurts!

  196. Lisa B.

    The Swift is my constant companion, so how can I not list it first, but I keep buying other bags for other people…I have to say that the Aeronaut that I bought for my husband is traveling perfection!

  197. Johnnie Boughner

    I love the Swift, especially after seeing the video. The Cafe Bag is also a favorite.

  198. Candi

    I covet the Co-Pilot. But honestly, I covet any bag I can win as a prize. I’ve always wanted to try one of these!

  199. Mary Fran

    I have been coveting the Swift for years. Might have to ask for it for Christmas. Unless I win one of these, of course!

  200. Dee

    Favourite? All of them.
    Let’s try most used atm: the shoulder bag packing cube. Perfect size for a good supply of rolags and a spindle. And a lot more thanks to the black hole they seem to put in all their bags.
    A Tom Bihn fiber tool case would be a dream come true.

  201. Kristy

    Sadly I don’t own any, so I can’t speak from direct experience. Sounds like the Swift is a favorite though, so I’ll go with the majority opinion!

  202. LauraS

    I covet the large swift, of course!

    I don’t yet have a Tom Bihn bag, but I surely will soon.

  203. Kelley

    I love the medium cafe bag! Well made and has a timeless look.

    Those tool organizers look great too. I have a weak spot for little pouches to store and organize tools.

  204. Gail

    Wow! That Swift is one beautiful bag! It looks so very useful too. If I don’t win I’ll have to buy one.

  205. Cheryl

    I really like my Aeronaut…it’s great for travelling. I would love to win this Swift!

  206. Susie in Minnesota

    The medium cafe bag would be PERFECT for my life!! But then … the Swift seems like it would too … how can there be so many perfect things in the world??

  207. Capitoline

    Favorite Tom Bihn bag? How to pick only one? I have coveted the cork Swift for a while now… The TriStar looks so sleek and functional, even though I don’t really travel much for work any more. And if it were down to frequency of use then it’d be a tossup between my Yarn Stuff Sacks and Travel Tray. But cork Swift… mmm….eeeeny meeny miney…. ok, I’ll call the cork Swift my favorite! 😉

    Thanks for the fun videos and the contest! Viva Team Bihn and Team Knitty!

  208. Kate Mc

    Seattle sounds like it was a lot of fun. The process looks interesting and it is good to know that there are business still out there who put quality first. Thanks for sharing!

  209. Brittany

    How could I pass up a bag specifically designed for knitting? The Swift looks amazing!

  210. Anne

    Have been dreaming about a Swift bag for ages and trying to justify adding yet another bag to my collection.

  211. Sheri Balderree

    I have had the Swift on my wishlist forEVER. Still on there, and now has moved up the list along with several of those little project bags… OCD kicking in here! Thanks Amy and Tom and co for the best collaboration, ever!

  212. Allison

    I have been admiring the Knitty Anniversary Swift since it came out. I would LOVE to have one.

  213. Elaine

    I love the Swift bag and the travel stuff sacks. Loving the bright colors of the stuff sacks.

  214. Eve

    Oh … I love my swift knitting bag (gifted by my partner and dog several years ago) and I use the project bags all the time. I’ve also gifted them to friends who adore them too. I covet one of the suitcases … I’m still debating which one … And also am eyeing a cafe bag. Since I will be hauling a diaper bag for the next 3 or so years a Tom Bihn diaper bag also has appeal!

  215. Colleen

    I love my small Swift in cork. I was in Seattle and actually had the chance to visit the factory, which was an AWESOME experience. I hope to add to my Tom Bihn collection one day.

  216. Susanne Scheurwater

    I am going to say my favourite bag is the Swift! Since I don’t own a TB bag or have never won any of your wonderful contests, i sure hope you pick me! Thanks

  217. Beaweezil

    My imagined fav has got to be the Swift, a bag by knitters, for knitters. I haven’t taken the leap and invested the cash but someday…

  218. Shawn

    Can’t wait to see what you and the people at TB came up with. These look like fab bags!

  219. Karina

    The swift would sure be a welcome addition for me….but many of their bags seem to be well made and well designed. I agree that the Café Bag would be a great one for every day and small projects!

    Thanks for offering these.

  220. Jen K

    My favorite? That’s a hard choice. I think the Smart Alec backpack and this very moment, but I would love the swift too! I’ve never actually gotten to own a Tom Bihn bag yet 🙁

  221. Lynnine

    My mother is a purse junky. I bought her a Cafe Bag for her birthday, and it is her favorite bag ever!

  222. Pamela V

    I love my small Cafe Bag and just got a Co-Pilot that I can see will work in many different ways. The Swift has been on my Wish List for a looooong time!

  223. Deana

    Holy cow, that looks fantastic! I may have to splurge on that cafe bag, it’s so stylish and useful.

  224. Shelley

    I’ve wanted a Swift ever since I found out about it. The Smart Alec looks pretty amazing too.

  225. Jennifer

    I like the sound of an over the shoulder/back sling type of bag. In cork, definitely! But those beautiful swifts will certainly do!

  226. melissa

    Definitely the cafe bag. I’ve had one for years that has been through rain and washing machine and cat fur and cat wee and to several different countries and back, and it still looks brand new. It fits exactly what I need it to at any given time, including an emergency book. 🙂

  227. Nicole

    I love the Super Ego because I am always convinced I need way more stuff than I actually do to keep myself entertained.

  228. Sarah M

    Love love love the Swift! I’ve coveted one for years…that might have to be a self-gift sometime soon. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  229. R.L.

    I long for so many of their bags. I would love to own the Swift. My tiny Macbook Air would love to live in an Imago with all of my books. But a Cafe bag would also be nice. Oh, oh, so many choices. . . .

  230. Amanda U

    Wow, that is super exciting. I know that I will definitely be interested in some of those pouches.

    I have to say my favorite Tom Bihn bag is my Aeronaut. I bought it this year for travel and have fallen in love with it. I can pack so much stuff in it!

  231. eileen

    The Swift – of course, is favorite. Then after that add a Cafe bag … looks like it would be great for travel, hands free to keep your ipad with you.

  232. Liz

    Watching that Swift bag being loaded with a TON of stuff made my heart beat swiftly. Ho ho. Unpacking at knit group would be like one of those circus cars full of clowns unloading; just add theme music!

  233. Katie

    I think the best thing I’ve seen so far is actually those little needle bags. I can use a variety of bags for knitting, but needles are just so hard to store and carry well.

  234. Charlene

    My dream is to own a Swift – I am *this clost* to it being my christmas gift to me, this year. And those tool pouches – they look like a homerun.

  235. Tricia H

    I love the Tri-Star bag – perfect for weekend travel and short business trips. The modular accessories make any TB very adaptable!

  236. Mary Lou Egan

    I never enter these contests because I get yarn and discount books etc, so I want others to have the fun. But THIS!! I love my Tom Binh bags. I would love to add this one to my collection. Lucky fangirl you.

  237. Irene T

    Oh, hope I win a bag. I love the colours, and if I don’t win, I think I’ll put this on my Christmas present list :D. The black/black/uv bag looks great! I could have used it during my English trip last month.

  238. honeybee33

    I have a cork Swift that’s been my devoted, dedicated EDC for about 2 yrs now; a hemp Little Swift that I bust out when I’m not commuting; a large Shopping Bag that my darling husband swore was too expensive and now refuses to go to the grocery store without; and a bunch o’ clear-bottomed Stuff Sacks and Organizer Pouches (too few, really!) to suit my deep-seated need for order below the veneer of chaos that is my life.

    To be honest, the cork Swift weighs about 12 lbs when it’s fully loaded (please don’t ask me to give up anything that goes into it!), so I’ve been toying with the idea of a backpack. But my aesthetic is soooo not sporty, and previous attempts have resulted in awkward twisting to get at stuff on the fly. My ideal Tom Bihn commuter bag would be sleek and sophisticated-looking but “crazy clown car” stuffable like the Swift, physiologically easy to carry like the Synapse, but easy to get into like the Imago. I know, I’m a dreamer, right? But if anyone can make dreams come true it’s Tom Bihn. 😉

  239. Donna Reeves

    Wow! I’d love to have a swift. I’m also a purse junky. Knitting purses was my first branch out after mastering scarves when I first learned how to knit.

  240. Karen

    I bought a 10th anniversary Swift and love it. I use it all the time. The new tools bags look cool.

  241. Katie Cholette

    My favourite is the checkered Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut). It looks versatile and funky. I’d use it for all kinds of things–knitting supplies, art supplies, a lunch for work, a bicycle bag, etc.

  242. Lisa

    The swift bag is beautiful. If only I were disciplined and only had one WIP at a time, I could carry it everywhere!

  243. Tricia Kibbey-Cravens

    I love the swift bag… I’ve been looking at it forever… I also have my eye one that Field Journal… I love it!

  244. Maggie Gibson

    I love the Swift bag, of course, but I also like the clear organizer bags. I’m always having to shift through my drawer of knitting stuff to find what I’m looking for. Thanks for the opportunity!

  245. Mikatana

    I do not where I have been!! This is my first exposure to Tom Bihn. I know everyone else has said a Swift and I am going to, also. It just looks like such a useful bag!!!

  246. Marcia Drew

    can you ever have enough stuff bags? I always think I can’t possibly use any more and then another project comes up – and don’t even say that I could actually finish a project and therefore free up a bag!

  247. Janet

    The Swift would be the perfect bag for someone (me) who is already known as a “bag lady”. It must be my turn to win.

  248. Tami

    I would love a Ristretto laptop bag — so sleek — but I could certainly put a Swift to good use :).

  249. Jerre

    I dragged my DH out to the factory when he met me in Seattle after sock camp (miss it). I got bags, he got bags. I love to be able to see into the project bag bottoms so I don’t have to open to see which of a million UFOs it contains. I would love a swift to put them in!

  250. Elana

    I love the Imago in Aubergine. I have a dream of getting it someday. The swift is so lovely too, have heard so much great stuff about it!

  251. Sandra Fiegi

    Wow, they are all great. I am thinking the anniversary bag is my favorite but the little bags for tools and needles are great also. I kind of like the idea of the cross body bag. It would be nice it had rooms for a small project along with room for a wallet, cell phone and water. That way I could knit as I walk!

  252. aliceq

    I love my Swift and my laptop sleeve. And I probably need a few more stuff-sack/project bags, especially if I can get a purple one!

  253. Casey Albritton

    I love the Ego messenger bag Tom Bihn offers. Messenger bags are my bread and butter for travel and school (let’s not forget knitting). Looks very versatile!

  254. Sharon P

    I am totally hankering for a Ristretto for iPad in Black/Iberian but right now my favorite bag is my Crimson and Black Swift, it is a knitting/tech/book/whatever else I can stuff in it bag that I carry almost daily.

  255. Patricia

    I think a knitting bag that I can hang across my body would be the best. I think my favourite Bin Bag is the Vertical Brain Cell b/c I desperately need a way to bring my laptop to more things and I am procrastinating on knitting a felted bag for it.
    Oh yeah, can I have the tool baglets RIGHT NOW?

  256. Lin R

    I love the Cafe Bag in royal blue! One of my favorite colors, and it looks like a perfect size!!

  257. Rachel Young

    I am dreaming of a Large Cafe Bag in Olive with the Wasabi lining. All purpose, throw over my shoulder, carry anything and see it all when I open up the bag. 🙂 Love Knitty!

  258. Kately

    Really want a swift and have been coveting the Brain bag back pack. Also those clear sided bags above look really cool! Thanks for such awesome bags!

  259. Fox

    I absolutely adore my Swift! Road tripping to Seattle later in the year and plan to visit the shop.

  260. Paige

    I am currently lusting after the packing cube/shoulder bag but would not turn down the Swift!

  261. Chanthou Sevilla

    I really like the large cafe bag. Also, love the prototype tool pouches. Can’t wait until I can get some.

  262. k m

    The Medium Cafe Bag. I had something similar, but not as cool, when I traveled through Moscow and then through Beijing. Perfect travel/everyday accessory.

  263. Heather Kleinsteuber

    I teach knitting to students in my lunch hour at school. Last year we had 25 knitters both boys and girls. I need to bring a lot of needles, yarns, books and projects to school with me. The Swift bag looks like the perfect fit!

  264. Josephine Campbell

    The Smart Alec really is nice, compact and sturdy looking, just what I look for in a bag

  265. melanie

    I would love to have a small cafe bag… those new knitting accessory pouches are awesome, and I can’t wait to see the new knitting bag!

  266. Alice S

    What a great bag to giveaway. I like the clear organizer pouches (love the design for knitting too).

  267. Nicole

    I absolutely love my Tom Bihn Aeronaut bag! It is a perfect bag for “one bag” carry-on travelling and has enough room for both my husband and I for a weekend road trip. It is sturdy and has three different, and completely comfortable, ways to carry.
    I also use a clear quarter packing cube in my gym bag for my toiletries and swimming stuff.

  268. Adrienne Gillespie

    Well, how do I chose a favorite? I do like the versatility of the Western Flyer.I’d love to replace my current laptop bag with a Ristretto for 13″ Macbook Pro. Sigh.

  269. The Duchess

    I believe the Cafe would be my choice. It seems so versatile with the waist strap and the adjusted shoulder strap that can change the way it positions itself…

  270. Irene Martin

    I remember the evolution of the Swift bag, and so, I’d have to say that the Hemp/Rubber Swift is my favorite (to date, that is).

  271. Suzanne

    I love the Swift in Cork. I have never seen a bag that looks like cork. I would love one!

  272. Sue

    Oh my goodness, love them all! However, those tool pouches aren’t just calling to me – they’re screaming!

  273. Joyce Ann Martin

    I love the look of the Large Cafe Bag, and the Zephyr looks like it would be great in my everyday life as well. But I definitely want a Swift bag as well — it would be amazing for going to knitting group!

  274. Christine

    My favorite knitting bag is the The Swift in Cork, however my favoritest bag ever is The Brainbag! Wonderful bags!

  275. Jane Jacobs

    I really like the organizer pouches with the clear front; so much classier and durable than the ziploc bags I usually use!

  276. Heather D

    I love the Packing Cube Backpack and the Travel Tray. Perfect for quick and long trips!

  277. Mary

    Love the Swift. Cafe is nice, too. Either would be a nice addition to my bag wardrobe and my knitting support supplies.

  278. EileenD

    I love the Tri-Star and Aeronaut, but I think the Tri-Star would suit me best. Would love to win a Swift.

  279. Camille Hanhardt

    Just moved back to Seattle after being gone for 17 years…and discovered these bags. I LOVE THEM even though
    I don’t have one!! YET!!

  280. Ash

    I’d love the swift but it’s difficult to choose a favorite bag. They all look very useful.

  281. Jessica

    I love the large cafe bag. Looks like the perfect size for all the stuff I have to tote around!

  282. Karen Fleck

    My husband and I are going away on our belated honeymoon in September and I would really love one of the Western Flyer bags. They are awesome! So perfect for travelling 🙂

  283. Robin J

    I love the Medium Cafe bag….and the Mesh organizers (yes, I KNOW it is an accessory…but I still love them!)

  284. Jamie Lipscomb

    I love ANYTHING that makes it easier for me to keep my needles in check! My interchangeables especially! Those tool pouches would be great!

  285. Amy Hyler-Essig

    I have a little swift and it is great! I am trying to decide which backpack to buy-it is only a matter of time at this point.

  286. Jen Simoneau

    I just love the way the Swift bag opens so that getting stuff in and out is easy. That Café bag is supper cool too.

  287. Margaret

    It is so hard to find a bag that doesn’t have a zipper for my yarn to get stuck on.
    I’d like a Small Swift bag and the Yarn Stuff Sacs.
    These look perfect.
    Margaret H.

  288. Elizabeth

    I desperately want the Swift, the Ristretto, or the Cafe Bag. They’re all gorgeous. My boyfriend has a Synapse and he loves it to pieces.

  289. Barb

    The swift fills my dreams. Sometimes I go to the Tom Bihn website and ponder all of the possibilities. Which colors, which fabrics, what size. And perhaps, most exciting of all, which pouches and project bags to go with it. (The clear bottom project bags are sheer genius.) Such bounty.

  290. Angela in Ontario

    I’d definitely love the Smart Alec – I always wind up carrying too many bags. One backpack for everything would be perfect.

  291. charon coonfield

    well, who WOULDN’T want a swifty??? but if I could only have ‘one’, i’d go for the medium café bag – to practical NOT to own!!!

  292. Caitlin

    For knitting, I covet the Swift, for travel, the Smart Alec bag — although all of them are so beautiful it’s hard to choose!

  293. Kimber

    I’m always knitting at work between shifts or at the pub, and it would be cool to have a bag that protects my projects and stands up so that I can put it on a table/floor and knit right out of it.
    I love that it has the clips to hold smaller bags to organize too! I tend to carry one bag with everything in it so the Swift would be a very awesome bag to own.

  294. Heather

    Definitely the Swift, it’s big enough for your project with lots of pockets to store your tools and a Yarn Stuff Sack. After using just whatever tote is available for years, I yearn for a dedicated project bag, and this would be it!

  295. Kristina Karpinski

    The Smart Aleck looks like an awesome bag, and would certainly fit the bill for my travels back home to see my family in Scandinavia. Black with the yellowish interior is very smart looking. Books and knitting plus much more could easily be packed away.

  296. Cindy

    All their stuff looks so well-designed and stylish. I really like the look of the Cafe bags (medium would be about the perfect size for me).

  297. Leanne

    I like the packing cube backpack. I’ve been looking for a low profile backpack I can use on family day trips but not look like I was trekking across the country and that would be perfect.

  298. Linda B

    I love both bags although I am partial to the 10th Anniversary Knitty Swift. Right color, right size and just plain gorgeous.

  299. Kathy B

    Wow! What a dream contest! My favorite bag is a tie between the Swift and the large Cafe Bag.

  300. Martha

    I absolutely lust after the Swift. It’s gorgeous & so well thought out for knitters. Truly a perfect project bag!!

  301. Doreen

    I’d love to have a Smart Alec backpack, it looks very handy and comfortable. I also love the look of your 10th Anniversary Knitty Swifts.

  302. Cheryl

    I love the swift bag but I also love the pouches. I could really, really use the pouches to finally get organized.

  303. Jeannie Murphy

    I love the Large Café Bag on the web site and would be thrilled with the 10th anniversary Swift Bag.

  304. Andrea Nelson

    the SWIFT for sure has caught my eye !! it looks like it be perfect for all me dr. & hospital trips and fit nicely by feet in front seat of the car.

  305. Margaret T

    The only knitting bags I have are ones I have received free at various events, mostly canvas. The Swift bag would be a dream to have. What a wonderful prize! I have never even heard of Tom Bihn, but am impressed with the wonderful bags he makes.

  306. Lisa PB

    These bags look awesome. They look so well made and thought out. The new tool pouches look great and the Swift bag looks awesome!

  307. Shannon

    I have been longing for a Swift bag, but of course my dh thinks it is overkill for a knitting bag, he just doesn’t understand.

  308. Jessica

    I love how functional the Swift is; it looks like you can carry more in there than Mary Poppins! And I love the different color linings in the cafe bags.

  309. Cynthia

    I love the fact that I could carry the Cafe bag while riding my bike. It would also be good when traveling.

  310. cheri koehler

    I just bought a Swift bag & love it. It holds some much stuff & fits over my shoulder so comfortably. Took it to Vegas.

  311. Barbara Joy

    The swift is a brilliantly designed and very attractive bag, but you got me to go to the TB website and I got all distracted by the field journal notebook. It’s everything I have in my sketchbook bag, plus many things I didn’t think of, all in a nice zippered carrier. I want one in conifer with grid paper and extra crane paper, and I’ll move the three-ring binder rings to the left-hand orientation. Whoo hoo.

    But I’ll take a knitty anniversary swift bag as well.


  312. Serena

    I covet pretty much every Tom Bihn bag, but if I had to choose, it would be between the Swift and the Medium Cafe Bag. Or the Co-Pilot.

  313. Desiree

    I have several knitting bags (who doesn’t?) but the Swift is my absolute favorite. The zippered pouches on the top of the sides are perfect for my various crochet hooks, stitch markers, etc. Usually pouches like this are at the bottom and I have to dig around in my bag to find them. The width is absolutely perfect for fitting a chart holder or my knitpicks interchangeable set. The height is just right for a folder of patterns. And I love the way it stands up on its own – makes it super easy to get stuff out of when my hands are full of knitting.

  314. Marilee Wertlake

    Have been a customer & huge fan of Tom Bihn bags for a long time. I love their innovative designs and materials – the cork is awesome and I love the clear bottomed stuff sacks. A swift in kiwi or cork would be awesome!

  315. Kimberly

    I absolutely love these bags. It is so cleverly designed. The clear pouches inside the swift makes it so easy to identify what you have in your bag. My knitting bag is always in shambles because I have to dig around. I would love to get one of these. I hope the winners enjoy them.

  316. Nancy Wall

    I LOVE my Swifty bag!!! Best knitting bag EVER!!! Gonna get me some of those cute tool pouches, too!

  317. Karen

    I can’t believe my eyes! I have found what I have been searching for in all the stores…the prototype tool pouches…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM! Fave bag would be the Smart Alec it is so spacious!

  318. Maylene

    I love my Swift bad it is durable and has held up amazing! I had a think pad ( you know those lap top computers are heavy)a huge and heavy NASM textbook, a spiral bound notebook, pens, pencils and highlighters, my big Note2 phone, my ITouch, Ipad2 my shawl that I was knitting, water bottle and gym clothes on top and that bag did not rip tore nothing I kept on telling my friends this bag is amazing it is freaking durable. I don’t know how Tom Bihn does this

  319. Sara A

    I have been dreaming about a Tom Bihn bag for a long time. I really want to replace my purse with a Cafe Bag. Looking at all the luggage makes me wish I traveled more.

  320. Crystal

    The anniversary swift looks fab! My coveted bag is the AERONAUT! It is sleek and functional and makes me want to board a cross country train.

  321. Bonnie Pinkerton

    While the knitter in me would love the Swift, my favorite Tom Bihn bag has to be the Aeronaut. It appears to be just perfect for travel and so versatile! Oh, and I just love the Aubergine color!!! I would have to have my Aeronaut or Swift include that vibrant color!

  322. Heather Tollander

    The Large Cafe bag looks like the perfect Messenger bag. Clean lines, functional and it looks like it might just hold my laptop and my knitting.

  323. Lisa

    I really love the tool bags; definitely a clever design. My favorite is definitely the Swift back. I sorely contemplated buying one, when they first came out, but decided I couldn’t afford it.

    Yay for Knitty-Tom Bihn collaborations!

  324. Kathryn McKelvey

    I love the thought that goes into these products! As a purse repurposer for knitting bags I would love to have a juicy bag like those!

  325. dani girl

    So hard to pick a fav! I love the Swift, and I love the Large Cafe bag. What would be great with both are all the clear bottom yarn bags.
    Keeping my fingers crossed the RNG picks me!

  326. Kathy Beaumont

    I especially like the padded handles on your shopping bag. Several of your traveling bags might appeal to my daughter who travels with lots of medications and a CPAP, has the problem of a lot of stuff that needs to be carried on.

  327. Monica

    Geez Louise this is tough! The Synapse 25 not only sounds smart, but the green looks like a sexy little turtle.

  328. Mia

    Swift. I have two–one being used as knitting/ork bag and one as knitting/diaper bag for now!

  329. Karen Shannon

    The Swift is my favourite. Bags are one of my things. I love their entire line and keep dropping hints about an Aeronaut for Christmas. Sigh. I may have to buy it myself.

  330. Caitlin

    I get a lot of mileage out of the little drawstring project bags with clear bottoms. Such a good idea. I use them primarily for sock projects. I always have two or three such projects going and can never remember which one is in which bag. It’s so nice not to have to open the bag to find out. I also like the durability of the fabric. I’ve only had needles poke out through the fabric a couple of times.

  331. Edy Marlatt

    I love the Smart Alec (although I don’t have one yet)…it looks like you could comfortably carry the entire world inside! On my wish list!

  332. Heather

    I’m a Bihn junkie. My current fave bag is my Auvergne Imago, but I covet the TriStar. Thanks for the draw!

  333. Danielle B.

    I’m headed to Viet Nam next summer for two weeks with my ten-year-old daughter. I’m thinking I want either an Aeronaut as a checked bag or a Smart Alec for my carry on or maybe one of each (maybe even one of each for both of us if I suddenly win the lotto to justify replacing ALL our current luggage). Also Sunday the 21st is my birthday and what a cool gift that anniversary tote would be. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  334. Melanie

    I LOVE the Swift bag!! Just discovered it and I am looking forward to purchasing it! I’ve had such a terrible time trying to find a bag to hold my knitting, and the Swift looks perfect!

  335. Ruth Whisenant

    If we’re allowed to dream, I’d love one specially for my spindles. However, if I’m sticking with reality, I think a swift would work wonderfully for knitting or spinning stuff.

  336. Vina

    Since I have a Service Dog, the Smart Alec would be the bag for me. It’s hard to carry a purse when you’re handling a dog.

  337. Amy Wimmer

    I love, love, LOVE all the little flat organizer pouches, because I have a thing about being organized. I also like the café bag in which to carry all those pouches. I really need a better knitting bag, though, and the Swift is perfect for that.

  338. Heidi S.

    Swift in Cork! What fun that would be! I spent some time in Portugal a few years ago – the cork trees and use of farmed cork is wonderful. It’s so soft. That’s definitely a bag I aspire to own. Knitty Swift is glorious too – in it’s two neutral colors of aubergine and wasabi it definitely goes with anything!

  339. Catherine

    The Brain Bag in plum with a Freudian Slip added …. love, love, love!

    PS: when next in Seattle you must take the ferry over to Bainbrige Island and visist the Churchmouse Yarn & Tea shop. One of my fav-ist shops in the world!

  340. Donna

    The purple swift looks a lot better than the bag my sheets came in, which is what my knitting is in now!

  341. Margery

    I love the Swift bag, and especially the way it hangs so effortlessly over Amy’s shoulder in the video–a perfect bag!

  342. Kathleen

    I own a Cafe bag in brown, and the azalea one is pretty sweet, but I have to say that Swift bag is definitely my favorite.

  343. Margaret Holmberg

    The Swift bag looks perfect for me. I’d carry it to the CGOA conference in Concord, NC, this fall.

  344. Jamie

    Since I always have trouble making up my mind… I’ll go with the Swift… or maybe the Cafe Bag. Or Smart Alec (maybe I’ll seem smarter) or, or, or… If I have to choose I’ll say the Cafe Bag, at least this minute. 🙂

  345. Pam Miller

    Co-Pilot!!! All those pockets look GREAT! My bag is falling apart and these look like a wonderful PRIZE!

  346. claire graham-smith

    I love my Little Swift. I have 2 tool pouches and a stuff sack. I use it for my everyday purse with knitting always on hand. Still amazed how much it holds. Best of all no Velcro! Just wish it had a way to make it into a back pack style for longer walks… maybe I’ll get the backpack version one day.

  347. Karla

    I’ve been looking for a place to store my dp needles. Looks like the new tool kit could be just what I need!

  348. Pam Roberts

    I would love a medium messenger bag. You can fit a small project and not have a lot of weight causing neck pain.

  349. Catherine Dean

    The “Swift” bag will hold my precious tools of the trade. I think not only is it a good project bag, but it is a great bag to stash ‘put aside for later’ yarns and needles and mini-tools like stitch markers, needle gauges, and counters.

  350. Katherine C

    I am new to the Knitty Blog, and have now fallen in love with the little Swift and the original, choosing is so difficult, but the Little Swift would get daily use from me…so it is my favorite.

  351. Mary R

    Love the Swift bag!
    I am really liking the little tool pouches – I am forever losing the little things and with the clear front I can see where my stuff is without digging thru everything.

  352. Erin Wright

    I adore my Aeronaut for traveling to conferences. It can carry 10 days worth of clothing ON MY BACK. EASILY!!! And I dont’ work in a field where you can wear t shirts and jeans. What I lack and would love to have, especially for these trips is a bag to carry my knitting on the plane and out and about while I travel. I have a conference coming up in September. Maybe??????:)

  353. Cheryl B

    I have been coveting a Swift bag for ages. I would love to have one filled with Yarn Stuff Bags and Organizing pouches for my WIP’s to carry along with me…love that it can stand upright.

  354. Elaine

    Any bag that incorporates cork intrigues me. But the Swift bag is very cool too. Decisions, decisions!

  355. Diane Frangie

    That Swift bag would be a blessing, considering all the things I like to haul around with me! But then, the Co-Pilot could tag along with my school bag, because I usually use my prep hour to knit!

  356. Courtney

    Well I just started my Christmas wish list!

    The item I most covet at the moment is the Brain Bag (with many accessories) so I could carry my laptop and photography equipment all in one safe bag. I’m eye-balling the Aeronaut too because then I’d have to find reasons to travel more!

  357. Allyson Ryan

    I would love to own the swift that doesn’t wind yarn but rather carries wound yarn to knit. And the project bag – so perfectly sized for a cake of yarn. No calories.
    Love these bags.

  358. amey

    I really like both the large and medium Cafe Bags. Counting “cafe bag” as one, my other favorite is the Swift. As I get ready to travel, I like the look of the travel tray as well as the Smart Alec or Brain Bag.
    Thanks so much for posting the pictures and videos. They were great!

  359. Diane In Chico

    My favorite bag is big enough to hold an afghan in progress, not that I ever knit afghans but the size should be big. It should have long handles for fitting over my big shoulders and bust (adjustable would be good). It should have pockets for tools used in the current project. See through pockets are good. A water bottle holder and phone pocket are good. Love this blog entry. Thanks.

  360. Judy

    I’m so glad I didn’t miss the chance to enter! My favorite bag I would like to own is the large cafe bag. Your trip looks uh-mazing!

  361. kelly williams

    My favourite, if money were no object, would have to be the Swift bag. I could replace my handbag and yarn bag add on with it, have my latest portable project, my tablet/book,and still have plenty room for all my “essential” junk that I carry round. Bliss!

  362. Lindsay

    WOW! Thank you for this post. I really had no idea that these bags existed. I have spent hours looking through pictures and specifications. I wouldn’t know how to pick! I’ve been a knitter for almost 10 years and have never found a knitting bag (that also doubles as a purse) that I love. The swift looks amazing as does the little swift. I also love the cafe bags for walking around cities. Again, thank you for the introduction.

  363. Sharon

    I think my favorite is the Swift, esp. the one with hemp and rubber

    … although those cafe bags look pretty great, too.

  364. A Broche

    I would love to see see these bags in person!. Nothing like a tactile review to make you find your wallet!

  365. Zaelia

    I have an Imago and love it. It’s great for travelling as well as day-to-day use. Though I don’t have a bag fetish per se, I do really covet the Swift. It looks like it’s the “perfect” bag.

  366. Susan Farbstein

    Frankly I’m in love with the bag shown in the collaborative video between Amy and Tom. I think it looks like the anniversary bag. Stylish and exactly the kind of bag I would obsess over until I purchased it! If we are talking about the other videos, yes I like the smaller notions pouches but the co-pilot bag is cool because I love that tiny zippered pocket for my cell phone! Genius!!!

  367. Alison

    I LOOOOVE the Swift bag, and all the little tool bags as well. Great-looking and functional. What more could you ask for??

  368. Johanna DeCourcy

    I’ve always liked the Swift bag and have patted it lovingly whenever I’ve seen one — with permission from its owner, of course.

  369. Amy Cooney

    I love the Smart Alec bag – perfect the commuting cyclist. And since I cycle at all hours, the Glowire is an awesome add on!

  370. janis moser

    I LOVE Tom Bihn bags…my husband and I have the Aeronaut carry-on bags, the Cafe bag and organizer pouches…great for any trip. I would love to hav this bag for my knitting when traveling…the best.

  371. Janet

    Ahhh I have to pick only one! I love all my Tom Bihn bags but the one I use daily and don’t know what I did before I owned it is the pen/pencil clear organizer pouch. It holds all my small knitting tools and with the clear front I can easily access what I need. I love the new pouches you designed! Can’t wait for their release.

  372. Kelley

    I have a Tom Bihn Id. I carry my life in it, and I have for the better part of a decade. Love it.

  373. Sue

    I would love the Swift bag; it looks nice and lightweight to start with, so would not be a problem for my aching joints to carry when I want to take my knitting anywhere (I have a Namaste bag, lovely bag but too heavy with knitting stuff in!)

  374. Spring D

    I have a yarn stuff sack…which I LOVE. I would LOVE to have a swift…they look amazing!

  375. heather

    I love the cafe bag. It’s perfect for me to carry my life in with extra room for miscellaneous small projects.

  376. Genuefa

    Love the large café bag. I think one can never have enough bags. When I see a bag it’s like a world of possibilities that open before me. What I like in a bag : stays put on your shoulder, weather resistant (living in Montreal makes this an absolute necessity), versatility, compartments to keep your stuff organized but, overall, style!

  377. Camilla

    I think the cork Swift is soooo pretty. One day I’ll stop blowing the budget on yarn long enough to save up for it.

  378. melanie davidson

    I would really love to win this! The ‘cafe’ bag is my favourite because I love to do public knitting in a cafe! Fingers crossed!

  379. Minna

    I like the *idea* of the Cafe and Ristretto bags, but the Imago probably fits my lifestyle best (it seems more versatile). I like to cram boxy, over the shoulder bags into my bike’s market basket.

    If I could figure out how to bling it out with that Glowire, all the better!

  380. Melanie Davidson

    I would love to win this! My favourite is the ‘cafe’ bag because I love to do public knitting in cafes! fingers crossed!

  381. Katy

    Well these bags are just amazing – the CORK Swift with Ulraviolet is about the most! Cork for the natural material and I love Cork (Ireland) and the deepest pink looks just like ArtYarn pink to me 🙂

  382. LisaK

    Tom Bihn’s convertible bag is the best! I love it for short work flights, no need to check a bag.

  383. Bethany B-A

    I love the Cafe bags! I think a small one would be great for traveling and also just as a regular purse. I love the messenger style and the flap and closure that would make it secure, but easy to get into.

  384. amy lynn

    IN a lovely world where my dreams come true, i would have a Cafe Bag, because it’s the perfect size and shape for what i carry around every day (including my knitting)!

  385. Wendy Williams

    I love the cafe bags. Knitting and ipad go together so well. Thanks you guys, this is awesome.

  386. deknits

    I love my Imago – it holds everything I need for EDC, and will hold even more when I need it to.

  387. Connie

    I have spent the last half hour looking at bags! I love the large cafe bag, seems it would be a useful size and there are great colours to choose from.

  388. Jeanie

    How to choose? They are all wonderful, and I would love a complete wardrobe of bags. The Smart Alec or Brain Bag would let me take my knitting, tablet, camera and lens, and…

  389. Fern

    The café bag is great, but it would be so great to have the anniversary bag to use and advertise Knitty.

  390. Casi

    I’ve always dreamed of owning a Swift bag but have never had the money (or a plausible sounding reason to my husband) to get one.

  391. Jeanette

    I love the Swift, but living somewhere with a lot of rain, I always dread open bags. So from a love it and practical for all weather perspective, I’d have to go with the Cafe bag being my favorite.

  392. Jaye marsh

    A Tom Bihn bag in black would be my ideal for taking into the music pit! It would fit my instrument AND knitting for the long pauses that occur….pretty please gods of luck, pick me!

  393. Nicola J

    I absolutely love my swift – love it so much that I was prepared to pay the extortionate international shipping charge to get it in the UK (almost as much as the bag)

  394. Hope

    I love the Anniversary bag! And the Co-Pilot bag looks fabulous as well! The tool pouches look handy. As someone who likes to have a place for everything (I said I’d *like* it, not that I actually *do* it) they look like they’d be a great way to get (and stay) organized.

  395. Robin

    That co-pilot bag looks great, and the little travel tray looks like just the thing to bring to knitting group. And the Swift of course looks wonderful.

  396. Maureen

    I want to be different, but I love the Swift bag too! Perfect combination of structure and soft-sided, and nice and open at the top to use as knitting basket.

  397. Tania A

    Oh my goodness, what fun! I would be drooling all over myself if I got to go visit Tom Bihn land. Their bags are just divine.

    I dont’ have one yet (finances don’t allow!) but were I to win the lottery, the first things I would buy – besides maybe a new car and an alpaca/sheep farm – would be a Smart Alec, and a Large, Medium, and Small Cafe bag. All in coordinating colors, of course. A knitter/spinner/writer can never have too many bags!

    Also, the new tool pouch and the bag prototypes sound amazing. Can’t wait to see if they actually come out!

  398. kala

    So hard to choose! But I think because I’m in vacation planning mode, I’d have to choose the Aeronaut as a fantasy fave 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win this awesome Knitty bag!

  399. Mel

    I don’t own any of his bags, but I would LOVE a Swift bag, particularly the Knitty anniversary edition!

  400. Tami

    Wow! What a fun time you had! Love the purple color and would love a bag. I’m adding one to the wish list and hoping that Seattle relatives might get me one if I don’t win a bag.

  401. Sam

    I still am dreaming of owning a Swift bag. I just love the look–they seem like the perfect project bag.

  402. Jane Stratton

    The Swift bag looks like THE perfect knitting bag. Sized well, attractive, practical…..I would absolutely love to own one. May even have to ask Santa for one next December!

  403. Debra

    Personally, my cork mini-swift would like to have a big sister named Knitty Anniversary. Having seen the ukelele trick, my husband has decided he needs a Smart Alec for his mandolin. Curse you, Tom Bihn…ever since we were introduced to you by, the siren song of every one of your smart, beautiful bags has been wreaking havoc with my yarn and fiber budget.

  404. Linda Tramm

    The Cafe bag is the one I’d like to try but really I’d love a 10 ann. bag–price was more than I could justify at that time. Love these bags such great design.

  405. Carmen

    I like the Aeronaut – it would make it simpler for the three of us to fly to Florida each winter

  406. Linda Randall

    The Swift, obviously, is delightful, but I really like the range of accessory doo dads they offer. The organizer pouches and travel tray particularly caught my eye!

  407. Sue Wood

    I’ve been thinking hard about buying a swift bag….I haven’t yet. I have gotten some of those organizer pouches though and LOVE them.

  408. Autumn

    I love the small Cafe Bag. It’s just so quiet and versatile for everyday. I’d lean toward the medium, but as a mum I know that if I have the space it would just get filled with My Little Ponies, water bottles for people who are not me, and someone else’s books. Hang on… maybe the medium is a better idea.

    But the Swift, now. Really, that’s where it’s at. So if I wasn’t being all practical, that’s the one I’d go for.

  409. Linda

    I just got a swift and took it on its first trip last weekend. Boy, could I pack a lot in it….including knitting needles to teach my grandaughter how to knit on the long car ride. She succeeded so, maybe a swift is in her future.

  410. Linda S

    Hmm, the medium café bag is very appealing, but I’d clearly use the shop bag all the time, so . . .

  411. Jennifer Peterson

    The Cafe Bag is the perfect style for me! Over the shoulder and casual with room for everything I need like my knitting, a great read and bottle of tea 🙂 Pick me!!!!

  412. amy

    I’d love to visit Seattle to see these great bags in person. The Swift looks amazing, of course. If I had to choose another fave, I think it would be the ID (but ask me again next week, and I’d probably pick something else; every bag looks fabulous). This is one of the best knitty giveaways yet. Thanks, and please pick me!

  413. Meaghan

    The swift is my favorite, but I am sure that I would use the clear accessory pouches because it would be easy to identify their contents. One of my biggest challenges in knitting is finding where I put my tools!

  414. susan

    The Swift bag, any size, any colour, especially cork and Knitty Anniversary. They are beautiful, roomy, let me be organized so I don’t waste my life looking for what I need, durable, and, and….I really hope I win and I thanks you so much for this opportunity!

  415. Laura

    Wow, I would love any of them, but the Swift looks great, plus accessory pouches would be lovely.

  416. Catherine Schatz

    Wow, the bags, the accessories, how to choose? This is a tough one, as I can see so many bags with so many uses on the Tom Bihn website. First and foremost I was directed to it by way a Knitty, which I have followed for many years. So, being a knitting addict with a large hairy collie, I would have to say that the Swift bag in cork, would definitely be my dream bag. Dual purpose being that it looks so cool, and would not attract dog hairs or wool fibers.

  417. Laura G.

    Wow- those are gorgeous bags… I do love the purple swift- or one of the Cafe bags, hard to decide if small or medium would be better…

  418. Lillian Henegar

    The Swift. It’s design and purpose seems the most perfect. Want the tool pouches as soon as they are ready!

  419. Sue

    The Swift is the best knitting bag ever. I currently have a large cork Swift that goes everywhere with me. I really like how it stands up so nicely. It is very easy to keep things organized inside of it with all the clever pockets, and nothing gets lost in the bottom of the bag. I would love to win one of these bags from Knitty. Thank you!

  420. Jodie

    I *might* just have a bag problem because I want them all. I especially want the tool pouches! They need a better name though. I think if I had to pick one I’d pick the large cafe bag.

  421. April knit4love Burkhart

    I would adore the Tom Bihn Swift in Cork! I love all his designs and can’t wait to get the tool pouches

  422. Elizabeth Downs

    I love the anniversary bag! So functional would be great for taking projects with on trips.

  423. Kelly K.

    Loving the Western Flyer and the Co-Pilot bags. Super handy and portable for flights and everyday use!

    Rav ID: kellknit

  424. Danielle Koman

    I would love the swift!! It would the perfect bag especially if it was the anniversary one 🙂

  425. Lara Geller

    While the SWIFT looks awesome and I’d love to WIN one, my vote would be for the Clear Quarter Packing Cube. I like the idea of seeing what is in each compartment before opening it.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  426. laurielu

    By far the Swift bag! I have various bags for various reasons,but truly in need of a new solution for carrying knitting to my knitting groups as well as having on hand while meeting friends or on transport. My messenger bag has too much velcro for knitting, my backpack is too big and am currently using a sturdy canvas tote bag- but it’s a tad too small & the knitting is shoved into a big zip lock bag. Sigh. I hope I am a lucky winner…

  427. Anna

    I do not have one of these bags but the medium cafe bag would probably be my favorite. I Love the anniversary swift bag too!

  428. Carrie Penny

    Large Cafe Bag! Any color, it is the kind of bag I would love to carry a project with me while I take my morning stroll through town.

  429. K. Marshall

    The large cafe bag. It would fit my current projects so easily and would be easy to cart around. Especially on a bike!

  430. Erica

    I really love the anniversary bag! It looks so perfect and like it would be fun to be around.


  431. Stephenie

    It’s hard to pick…but I’d have to say the Swift is my favorite because it looks so functional for knitting. I would love an anniversary bag!

  432. Amanda

    I’ve had my eye on a Synapse for a while now – it speaks to my yearning to get out and explore the world, and stylishly so!

  433. Ginny

    Oh, the Swift looks so nifty. Then I would love to get some small clear bottom bags that are so clever.

  434. Lorysa Cornish

    The Swift bag, hands down! It’s too dear for me but it is gorgeous!! Of course, the little stuff sacks are oh so useful and pretty too.

  435. Brittany

    The cafe bag, for sure. I really like the idea of a bag I can sling over my shoulder though.

  436. Ann

    I have too many favorite Tom Bihn bags !! If I was to pick one I would say out aeronauts and second being my knitting swift. Very excited to see the launch of the tool pouches and will be buying those when available!! Love everything about the Tom Bihn lineup!

  437. Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard

    I’ve always wanted a Swift, or even a Little Swift. My current knitting bag is a big canvas tote. Capacious, but its few pockets (one outside, two inside) are not much use for anything important, because they don’t close, and there’s no way to organize what goes in the bag. So I would *love* to win one of these cool bags!

  438. Jerri Michael

    I would love and currently covet the large cafe bag. I would be able to use it while riding my bike to the market!

  439. Therese

    I like the Synapse 25 because my husband and I are starting to do a lot more hiking and this looks great for carrying all our stuff!

  440. Dolores Robbins

    I love the Swift. but another one that caught my eye is the Cafe Bag. I love bags, so it’s hard to choose.

  441. mercy

    Man oh man oh man! I’d love me one of these lovely bags to have as a favorite. I’m sure the Swift would be a go to knitting travel bag! Thanks for all the knitty inspiration and tips!

  442. Susan Price

    I don’t own it, but I love the Swift bag. I often take my knitting to school with me to knit during meetings. This bag looks like it would be large enough to hold my knitting and still have room to bring home papers to grade.

  443. Michelle

    Wow. If I had my dream budget I would totally get his large Cafe Bag. I love its size and versatility.

  444. Casey

    I’ve coveted a Swift in cork for about as long as they’ve been available. My whole family’s full of “bag ladies” and we adore that infrequently-seen quality we refer to as “interior pocketage”. And cork’s renewability makes my inner hippie-child run barefoot through a field of wildflowers (my inner hippie-child does not suffer hayfever).

  445. Maggie

    The Swift is the most awesome knitting bag ever. Makes it so easy to find what you need when you need it and it is durable and weatherproof. Love it!

  446. Pat Pauley

    The tool pouches look fabulous! I’m always using random things to store my knitting tools in, most recently plastic zippered pouches that the dentist hands out toothbrushes and toothpaste samples in…

  447. Steph N

    I’ve been coveting a Swift for a while, in that “if I ever had extra money (hah!)” way. I’d love a chance to own one!

  448. Peg

    I have been working to save for a Tom Bihn bag forever. I have been the ultimate bag lady, but other things keep grabbing my money 🙁 I would love to win..what a great combination Tom Bihn Swift and Knitty <3

  449. Dea

    Must be the Swift in Cork. The cork fabric looks so beautiful, and I love the aspect of sustainability.

  450. Tammy Conolly

    The Anniversary bag is amazing! And this is coming from someone who makes bags!

  451. Asteride

    I like yarn stuff sacks and Travel stuff sacks, and the set of pouches of course.
    asteride on Ravelry

  452. Maxine WAtkins

    OH, I could so see myself using the CAFE bag – sized medium – for EVERYTHING. I’d be organized EVERYDAY with what I need right at my finger tips. Love the crossbody look.

    That said, the knitters bag would be awesome to own too!:)