Modification Mondays

Knit designer Julie Crawford, in addition to publishing many beautiful designs, writes a blog. All her posts are worth reading, but in particular we get most excited on Monday mornings – Modification Mondays.

Just about every Monday, Julie blogs about a pattern modification or conversion. She finds fantastic projects inspired by existing patterns, and writes about them.

A recent post featured a conversion of the popular Knitty summer top pattern, Gemini,

The original

into a summer dress!

The new version.

And remember the classic Urchin tam?

Perfect, and yet…

How about a lacy rainbow version!

Totally wonderful, both the same and very different.

And I adore the BFF hat, inspired by the cowl.

So very good.

She features many Knitty projects, but there are projects from all sorts of sources. Some of the modifications are truly mind-boggling: this is a lace scarf, turned into one of the most beautiful sweaters I have ever seen. It has to be seen to be believed.

Julie provides information on the details of the modification, always providing info on the original pattern, and the new version. The knitters are most often very generous, posting their pattern notes on Ravelry, too.

I chatted with Julie about the blog series. She credits Teresa of Canary Knits for inspiring the series…

 “Teresa has had a great feature on her blog featuring Indie Designers. With the advent of Ravelry, suddenly it was easy to find really creative modifications to knits that I really loved. Since blogging is all about sharing, it made sense to share my finds with the knitting community. Sometimes people email me links for great modifications, which I love- it’s impossible for one person to stay on top of all the great projects on Ravelry. When I go looking, I have a strategy- people are more likely to modify a free pattern than a pattern they’ve paid for, so I focus on free patterns that have been live for about 6 months or so, which means there are likely a lot of FOs and an inspiring mod or two.”

One of Julie’s favourite modification is this version of the Laminaria shawl.

A simple but utterly unexpected reimagining.

It was made in 2009, and at the time, lace was always worked with fine yarn and fine needles; the knitter’s decision to use bulky weight yarn and giant needles seemed positively revolutionary, and the results were stunning.

She also mentions this grown-up-ization of baby cardigan Trellis.


In Julie’s words: “It’s not easy to upsize on that dramatic of a scale, or to have a kid sweater look appropriate for an adult without being twee, but the result is amazing.” I agree!

Join me on Mondays at Julie’s blog, won’t you?

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