WWW: Great London Yarn Crawl; Bunting!, Pugs in rugs?

Now that looks like a fun day!
Now that looks like a fun day!

Friend of Knitty, Allison Thistlewood, recently relocated to London, has paired up with knit designer and spinner Rachel Brown, to establish the Great London Yarn Crawl.

Yarn in the City: The Great London Yarn Crawl is a one-day yarn extravaganza that will see six groups of intrepid yarn hunters take to the streets (and buses and trains and tubes) of London on a whirlwind tour of local yarn and haberdashery stores. Rounding out the day is an after-party at a Waterloo pub where fibre enthusiasts can compare their yarn-y purchases and rest weary feet while enjoying a pint or two with their knitting. Proceeds from the event are being donated to Refuge.

Participating shops include Loop, Nest, The Village Haberdashery, Sharp Works, Prick Your Finger, Knit With Attitude, Handweavers Studio, and I Knit London. Tickets – providing access to the event, special discounts, entry for contests and prizes and a travelcard – go on sale July 10th, 7pm London time, at the website.

Alli, from Toronto, credits the TTC Knitalong for inspiration for the idea.

Following up on a story from last week, 3.3km of knitted bunting has been hung around the Search Press warehouse. Fantastic photos courtesy Ruth of Rock and Purl. We will report back when Guinness officially responds about the record-breaking attempt.

That has to be a good miles’ worth there…
Most festive warehouse ever?

Brooklyn yarn and fabric shop, The Brooklyn General Store, is hosting a “Make Your Own Chicken” contest. Yes, you read that right.

The store is installing a chicken coop in their front window, and they’re asking crafters to help fill it. The best chickens are eligible for prizes.

It’s not just for knitters: consulting the rules, I learn that any feathered fowl that can lay eggs will count as a chicken. The rules are: the chickens must be 3-D; handmade from natural materials; no bigger than 15 inches… Although they are clear on one thing: NO TAXIDERMY PLEASE!

Only in Brooklyn.

I can’t wait to see the results of this.

You can’t not laugh! Poor creature.

A student in the UK is trying hard to start a new fashion for hand-knit headwear for dogs. I don’t know whether it will ever catch on, but I did very much enjoy the photographs. (Note: Daily Mail link.)

Also fun to look at: on Buzzfeed, “23 Weird but awesome knitted things”.

New Jersey artist Megan Gilhool founded the ‘Sea Bright Knitting Club’ to help her friends cope with the destruction left by Hurricane Sandy Knitters young and old are benefiting from the companionship and the satisfaction of the craft.

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