WWW: Close Knit Gansey Exhibition, Fibre Flurry with Amy, Real Body Croquis

A typical croquis template.

Love this: Real Body Croquis. Fashion designers and illustrators often use ‘croquis‘ – outline sketches of models – as the basis of their sketches and drawings, and in the design process.  The industry-standard croquis templates have a very “Barbie-doll” like form – tall, skinny and almost entirely unlike real people.  A group of volunteers, led by two young women, has launched an initiative to create and distribute more realistic, more representative croquis templates.  There are all shapes and sizes of women – curvy and not, petite and plus-sized, tall and short. They templates are available for free on their website.  The group is also encouraging everyone to submit photos of themselves to be turned into these templates for others to use.

Realistic, real, and beautiful.

Gorgeous pieces.

Blogger The Knitting Genealogist writes about her visit to the “Close Knit” exhibition at the Hull Maritime Museum, in Hull, U.K. The exhibition features many beautiful ganseys – the traditional British fisherman’s sweater, quite different from the arans we often think of when we the phrase “fisherma’sn sweater” is mentioned. The gansey is a practical garment, designed for everyday wear, with details like easily removable cuffs to be replaced when they wear out. Close-fitting, and worked in fine wool yarns at a tight gauge – usually in greys or blues – these sweaters were worn day-in, day-out by fisherman all around the UK; the lighter-colored ones were saved for Sunday best.

There are many historical examples in the exhibition, as well as contemporary textile and knitwear designs inspired by them. There’s also a collection of 19th century knitting tools. Sounds like a must-see!

A design created by a student on a PUCHKA tour.

A little further afield, Textile/Folk Art Tour company PUCHKA Peru is advertising some upcoming tours. Mixing history, beautiful landscapes and classes and workshops in indigenous Peruvian fiber arts, the tours look absolutely wonderful. A past traveller on one of the tours writes about her experience here. The tapestries created by the students are fantastic, and the in-progress shorts give you a sense of the process and the artistry involved.

Looks like a flurrying-good time!
Looks like a flurrying-good time!

If you’re in UK or Europe, considering joining Amy Singer, Rock-and-Purl Ruth Garcia-Alcantud, Rachel Coopey, Anniken Allis, Ann Kingstone, Woolly Wormhead and a host of other top-tier teachers in Birmingham this October 26-27th, for the Fibre Flurry. Classes, workshops and a retail fair.

I’m ready!

If you’re in North America that weekend, consider joining Kate Atherley, Fiona Ellis, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Kim McBrien of indigodragonfly, Kim Werker and many others  in Vancouver for the second annual Knit City weekend. Classes, workshops, demonstrations and a retail fair.

The work of our fore-knitters.

Fascinating insights into the knits and knitters of a previous generation: a blogger writes about a set of patterns published in Australia in 1943, with patterns for servicewomen, and works through a very clever pattern for gloves worked on two needles.

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