Offhand Designs Bag Giveaway!

It is no secret that the Knitty staff are big fans of  Offhand Designs Bags. The vintage feel, the select and limited edition fabrics and the quality workmanship of a handmade bag all speak to the bag collector and maker in all of us.

Beautiful Offhand Designs bags
Beautiful Offhand Designs bags

Because I’m curious (nosy) I ask owner Larisa Flint Snydal a few questions about Offhand Designs. She happily answered my questions and even sent over a couple of pictures of herself working on bags.

Larisa installing a turn lock
Larisa installing a turn lock

Why and how did you get started? I worked for 10 years reviewing internationally funded projects in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, but all the while was making extravagant gowns and bags and learning everything I could about textiles and design. My boyfriend, now husband, was in a popular funk band and I had every type of occasion to doll myself up in those days. Starting my own business came a few years later, but didn’t surprise anyone in my family. Extravagant but functional design was my destiny!

Larisa making leather handles

Can you describe the process – from design to fabric to finished bag ? I am inspired by literally everything and everyone but take my time to let new ideas simmer because they always become richer with time. Functionality is a key component and one of the design process steps that I absolutely love. My sense of style is a little timeless and a little whimsical or ‘offhand’. I do not roll out tons of new styles but keep the line exciting by having so many new gorgeous and eclectic textiles every few months. We are indeed limited editions. These days, we never make more than 20 of any given style and color and usually it is more like 12 or 15! That is not even enough for 1 in every State or Province. From sketches to prototypes to final prototypes which are carried and tested to make sure all of the details I want are there. As I said in my original business plan and repeat it every day: would I die to own this? If yes, then move forward with it. If not so much… what needs to change before it is?

Arya Bag
Arya Bag

What is your favorite bag right now? The new Arya bag was in the works for more than 18 months and at least 5 versions before I landed on my feet with the current, amazing design. I carried this bag to the trade shows this year, packed with my laptop and every last other thing and I was so proud of how painless it was to carry all of that weight and how nicely the bag held its pretty silhouette. It was (almost) embarrassing how many complete strangers stopped me in the airport and on the street to compliment my bag and ask about it!
What new bags do you have coming up? I am working on three new things: leather, Sage Luxury bags and Flint Snydal bags.

Larisa sewing a canvas prototype

Leather bags: Dreaming big is something I have been known for my whole life and now we are hard at work setting up in studio production of some of the most luxe bags I have EVER seen in my life. Premium, eco-friendly and extremely small edition leather products which really do send shivers down my spine and astonish me. I wake up in the middle of the night and say, ‘wait, I didn’t actually make that bag, did I?’ Leather is an inspiring material and my current design work feels so full of potential it could not be more exciting.
We started leather a few years ago but found it impossible to keep up with demand and just as hard to find experienced help. My staff and I all agreed that the intense period of 3 months during which we only worked on leather bags was the best of Offhand Designs history by far. Our current goal is to make and sell these leather creations on

Sage Luxury bags: We are also about to launch a very different looking, but every bit as functional, bag line under the Sage Luxury label. All of the bags will feature leather handles and trims. Please look for these to launch in the next month to be ready for the holiday season.

Flint Snydal bags: I also have 2 styles for men which have been way too long in the making, but SO fun. A doctor bag in two sizes (considering Samson & Goliath as names for these) and a messenger bag with a closeable pocket for knitting. The esthetic is high quality urban cowboy, featuring rich hides with high quality hardware.  If I am lucky, this bag line will show its face to the public for the holidays via as well.


My dear knitting friends and bag lovers, are you sitting down? Larisa has given us an Offhand Design bag to giveaway!

Regina offhand designs prize
Marcella in Regina print fabric. Squee!
Regular contest rules: leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, Monday,  September 30th. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win the signed book. If you have already won a prize from us in the past year, please do give other knitters a chance.

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577 thoughts on “Offhand Designs Bag Giveaway!

  1. Stefanie

    Me! Me! Here, pick me! *jumps up and down*
    Seriously, the Arya bags are perfect – though I’m looking forward to seeing those leather goodies revealed…

  2. Niki

    What a beautiful bag, I’d love to have it. Very interesting to go behind the scenes in the design process. Great story of a woman making her dream come true.

  3. Ann-Marie

    I have coveted an Offhand Designs bag for so long! I promise to give it a good home and keep it filled with beautiful knitting . . . and all the other trappings of a busy life.

  4. Sara

    My sweater is about to outgrow my project bag, I could see it making itself right at home in the gorgeous bag! 🙂

  5. MaryEllen

    What a great peak into the life of the designer of these beautiful bags! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

  6. Anne Marie

    Love the bag! I must have one. My almost 2 year old is named Regina, and she’s just recently taken to walking around with a handbag.

  7. Susan

    I’m in the middle of trip and really covet a bag that can weightlessly carry my laptop, my tablet, my phone, an umbrella and my knitting!

  8. Ann

    I need one of these bags. I’ll admit I’m a bag whore. I own umpteen VB bags. I have a bunch that I’ve made myself in search of the perfect bag – still haven’t found it but it looks like Marcella might come close. I’ve also got bunches made by my grandmother and great grandmother. Winning this would be a great addition to my collection. Thanks for the chance.

  9. Kate

    I love, love, love this bag! Larissa’s product line is beautifula dn functional and definitely unique. This is one designer to watch!

  10. MzTallulah

    I had no idea just how limited edition their bags were… they are a true labour of love! Plus, they named two of them Scottie and Zelda 🙂 Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  11. Kate

    I love knowing about how she started her line, it gives me hope when I’m sitting at work but dreaming up creative ideas and thinking about how to make the switch from part time craft to a business. Lovely bags!

  12. Helen

    “If the commenter answers correctly they will win the signed book.”

    I think you’ve got a cut-n-paste error there: that’s an interesting looking book 😛
    (definately been editing too much today, alas)

  13. Tobie

    Beautiful bags. I’d love to win one!
    I enjoyed hearing about how she started her business and how thoughtful she is in growing it.

  14. Jane Webb

    so great to read about the design process (for anything, really) – I find it fun to see how people work towards a goal – and to see that it can be so rewarding! beautiful bags!

  15. Lisa Barrett

    What a terrific giveaway. These bags are clearly a luxurious treasure that are wonderfully functional, what a treat it would be to have one for my knitting. Thank you!

  16. Wendy

    Hyperventilating! Am going to the Offhand Designs site right now for a further look. Love the back story, the current story. Thanks!

  17. Amanda

    Oh, man……I lust after these bags! I have been carrying one for over three years and it is just now starting to fray in tiny spots. I get so many comments and compliments on it all over Chicago. I have told so many people about the amazing work done by Larisa. Thank you Larisa for making such amazing bags. I do hope to get lucky but if I don’t, I’ll be purchasing another one in the near future!

  18. Heather

    I have a serious bag fetish and these bags are new to me. So beautiful and functional. Added to my wish list.

  19. Samina

    I adore the Offhand Designs bags. Each one I’ve seen has been just gorgeous & I’m really looking forward to the Sage line. I have such a thing for nice leather bags.

  20. Diane

    Oh soooo gorgeous bags, I love reading your blog it’s amazing what we can learn. Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. Shawnna

    Oh thank you for the opportunity. I would Love one of these bags! And thanks for highlighting them – they had slipped under my radar 🙂

  22. Cindy

    Oooh, pretty! Love her fabric choices and they look really functional too. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  23. Francie Owens

    What a gorgeous bag. Hearing the back story makes the bag even more desirable.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. Christina M

    It sounds like the Arya bag would be perfect for me on days when I go from work to night school – I’ve been coveting these bags for a long time!

  25. Merna

    Isn’t it great that everything old becomes new again and gets to be called “vintage”? Vintage fabrics are so rich and comforting! No wonder these bags attract attention!

  26. Su1282

    Oh I love her bags! With all my heart. This is my next big acquisition. I’m just waiting for the holidays to pass…

  27. Mary B

    What beautiful bags!!! I love a bag with structure and a sturdy fabric and these definitely fill the bill, as well as being functional. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  28. Megan

    Love the Marcella bag! Nothing but gorgeousness from Offhand Designs. Thanks for the awesome article knitty!

  29. Karen Watkins

    What a neat way to make a living! Thanks for sharing with us. I’d be proud to carry one of your bags.

  30. G. K. Green

    Having (unsuccessfully) once pursued a Camille bag in Ocean from Offhand Designs to the point of near-madness, I can testify that these are obsession-worthy. Thanks for the opportunity to win one … another great and wonderful giveaway!

  31. Jodie

    What an incredible opportunity! I love OHD bags! I have a few in different colors, shapes, and sizes. I love that they are beautiful & functional. They also make amazing gifts for the special knitter in your life!

  32. Jinxie

    Oh, those bags are so gorgeous! I’ve come close to buying one many times, but never managed to follow through.

  33. Jane H

    Your designs are so beautiful, but I have never been able to afford one. The one pictured as the giveaway prize is just luscious. I would hug it and pet it and call it George!

  34. Jessica K

    I LOVE Offhand Designs bags. I own two that are staples for me and would be so excited to win this one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. Norma

    My Scottie goes with me everywhere! Would love to interchange with any Offhand Design bag. Get so many compliments!

  36. Tracey Castonguay

    Adore these bags!! Will just have to hold my breathe until I win!!! LOL! Seriously though I would be immensley proud to carry this bag!

  37. Charlene Reeder

    I have two of their bags (with matching clutches) and have purchased a number as gifts. The quality of craftmanship in these bags is just beyond belief. So well made, and so personal and fun to carry my cross stitch in.

    I so “NEED” a new one to please pick me as the winner!!!

  38. Robin Smith

    I love Offhand Design bags. I own 4 large ones, several small ones, and have given away a couple to mu daughters as well. The large ones are my go-to bag for airline travel or overnight visits to my daughter. They make me feel quite elegant!

  39. Lucy Harrington

    What a beautiful bag! Thank you for introducing all of us to this talented designer. And thank you for giving all of us the chance to win one of these works of art!

  40. Cynthia S

    Functional extravagance is the perfect description. My OHD bag is so gorgeous I can hardly bear to use it!

  41. Valerie

    I have been in love with Offhand Design Bags for a long time and would love to own one someday. I can’t wait to get a look at the new doctor bag that is mentioned. I am particularly drawn to that shape. This is why I love the Scottie bag so much. I will be keeping an eye on the Sage Luxury site to see all the new items there, too.

  42. Aileen Sitero

    Wow these bags are stunning! I’d love to win one and carry all my yarny things around in such awesomeness!!

  43. H. F.

    oooooh pretty! Fingers crossed.

    (But mmm, leather bags, those I will have to look into. I love leather bags. MY ONLY WEAKNESS, HOW DID YOU KNOW)

  44. Jolanta Swenson-Shea

    This is just a lovely fabric! The design and quality remind me so much of Old World European luxury. Very very classy.
    I bought the Arya w/ the matching Nina. In this lovely fabric at the beginning of the season, but it arrived while I was away for the entire summer, so I just picked up my mail & got it . I am Absolutely Delighted!!!! A Marcella and Zhivago are definitely on my horizon!!

  45. Susan B.

    The bags are stunning. I would very much enjoy using the Marcella in Regina print fabric as the give away gift. Thank you for this opportunity. 🙂

  46. Aimee

    OMG! OMG! OMG! I LOVE Offhand Design bags! Enough that I even tried to make my own Arya bag. Mine is much too big to carry around, but maybe if it had a ‘little sister’ to help out… 😉

  47. Tina_R

    Flowers are so my thing! It would be great to replace the raggety tool bag that is my knitting bag with such a loverly functional bag.

  48. Kelly

    One can never have too much knitting, and all that knitting needs something to hold it. Especially something lovely and well made!

  49. Brooklyn Shoup

    Been a loyal customer since 2007. Nothing beats these lovely bags. I adore how nobody around here has them! I hate boring, so these bags are for me! Thank you for your fabulous quality and quest for unique fabrics.

  50. Geraldine Scott

    Pretty, pretty, pretty! I would love a new bag…especially that one! Thanks for the chance to win!

  51. Eve

    How did you know? I have a bag fetish, never enough bags and I never have the RIGHT one for my knitting…. Hope I win!

  52. Kathy Ryan

    Oh, my, that is such a gorgeous bag! I’m not sure I could pull off the look but I would sure love to have a try. 😉

  53. Tessie

    That is so super cute! Love the theory of it not being worth the energy if you aren’t willing to die for it, the world could use more wonderful people dedicated to their craft in the same way!

  54. Chris

    I hadn’t heard about these bags before so really enjoyed the post. Funny that the contest directions say you’ll get a signed book. 🙂 I’d be happy with a bag!

  55. Beth Rudo

    All of these bags are gorgeous and I would use any of them gladly. I do think the Arya is particularly lovely.

  56. Teja Betz

    I had never heard of Offhand Designs. I checked out the web site and couldn’t find a bag I didn’t like. Such great designs with beautiful fabrics.

  57. Pili Wolfe

    Incredibly beautiful bags! Would love to see them in person. I am thinking about all the possibilities for filling an Arya bag.

  58. Michael Watts

    I like to think that I am the inspiration for the mens bags. I contacted offhand several years ago and persuaded them to make me a zhivago with longer shoulder straps so it would hit me below the waist comfortably. I then asked for Gatsby altered in the same way. The following season they started arriving in Knitche one of my local yarn shops with both short and long handles. I cant wait to see the new styles.

  59. Fleur

    Looks marvelous! Great giveaway again!!

    And thankfully there are several in blue (sorry, can’t help myself. I am a blue junkie *wink*).

    Ciao, Fleur

  60. Nicole

    WOW!!! I am immediately going to find these online and drool over them while I subtly remind my husband that my birthday is coming up!

  61. Heather Petry

    My mom spoiled me with an Offhand Designs bag a few years ago, and I have been in love with them ever since that day. I would LOVE to win this bag (not the signed book mentioned in the How To Enter)… such beautiful tapestry fabric!!

  62. Gail

    I’ve never heard of these bags before but believe me, I will be looking for them from now on. They are absolutely gorgeous!

  63. Jennifer

    Knitters collecting bags, really? Thanks for showcasing this company and the process of making the bags. Johnston4kids on rav

  64. Cate

    Squee is right! This bag is beautiful and I love the designs on the web site. I’m a bit nervous about answering a skill question, but would love to be the person who gets to carry this bag everywhere I go!

  65. Justine Bassett

    Love Offhand Designs! I’ve owned the Sabrina and the Zhivago and loved them both. Thank you for sharing the inspiration behind the bags!

  66. Lee Ann

    Thanks for letting us know about these bags! They’re beautiful & I love hearing stories about people who have chosen to do what they love.

  67. Irene T

    What a great story. Her bags are beautiful, and functional. You can see a lot of thought has been put into the designs, and yes, the Arya bag looks great? I would mind getting one of those.

  68. Kathy

    I just got one of their circular clutches, and I love it. I filled it with needles the day I got it! I’d love to be able to add this bag to my Offhand Designs collection!

  69. Susanne Scheurwater

    I was born and raised in Regina SK so I think that bag should come this way to my home!@! Wow what a gorgeous piece of art!. thanks for the giveaway…what a nice gift.

  70. Carolyn

    Beautiful bags!! Would love to own one!! Love to read about how ideas are put into action and a wonderful product is born!!

  71. krystina

    I would LOVE to win an offhand bag. I have a needle case and it is seriously my most prized knitting gear. Fabulous!

  72. Liz

    I have been DROOLING over these bags at EweKnit the last year – they are so gorgeous, and I can’t justify the spendiness to buy one myself.

  73. Karen Scott Haggas

    The beautiful Autumn Shawl I am working on would fit so well and look so lovely in this beautiful bag! Thank you for sharing with all of us your creations!

  74. Dana

    I’ve lusted after Offhand bags a long time. So gorgeous! Thanks for giving us a peek into the craftsmanship behind these lovelies.

  75. KittenWithAWhiplash

    Thank You for offering this great prize, and a great big Thank You to Offhand for a little lovin’ towards us male knitters. We are a growing part of the market in lots of crafts, and it’s nice to be considered once in a while.

  76. Carolyn Robinson

    Personally, I can attest for the awesomeness of Offhand Designs bags. I have two that I’ve had for over 10 years! Not only are they functional, durable and fashionable, they make it easy to take a knitting project with you everywhere and you can drop your wallet and keys in the bag and take off to the market. The fabrics are impeccable and styles of the bags are classics. I also have the circular needle holder, accessories clutch and straight needles clutch. Yay, Larissa!!!! Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway.

  77. danielle nabozny

    The bags are beautiful – would love to find a bag that doesn’t weigh a ton when you add your knitting to your usual stuff……have tried a couple of different ones (not cheap either!) and I am always disappointed because they end up weighing so much I cannot use them

  78. Lisa Adams

    Carrying my knitting in that bag would be so much better than what I use now – a plastic grocery bag!

  79. Sandy

    Wow such beautiful bags!! Amazing talent, and very generous to give a bag away. Wanting to learn more about this designer. Thanks for the chance to win a beautiful bag.

  80. Elizabeth

    Beautiful. Thank you for introducing us to Offhand Design bags. Always nice to “meet” the designer (owner Larisa Flint Snydal) and read about her. Thanks.

    Now off to make my own personal wish list. 🙂

  81. Betsy

    How, oh how, have I never seen these bags before? Another beautiful item I didn’t know I needed until now.

  82. heather

    i love the colors and the use of stripes with a floral print. the colors hold it together – very creative!

  83. Denise Katz

    What amazing bags!!!! They are beautiful and I appreciate knowing about them and I’d love to win!! Thank you

  84. Robbie

    Wow! Larissa’s story is amazing and the bags even more so. I’d love to win and use this bag. If I don’t win, I will have to start saving pennies to buy one.

  85. Martina Norelli

    I could rock that bag without a doubt! Incredible fabrics, shapes, and attention to detail. Who wouldn’t want one!

  86. Ellen

    I’d love a bag like that. If you pick me, I will be on the road for another two weeks, but I am trying to check my e-mail every other day.

  87. Deborah Ida

    I have always desired an Offhand Designs bag, but as of yet have not had the opportunity to own one. This is a great design and lovely colors! Good Luck to all!

  88. Lisa Nagy

    you know you have a problem when you’ve duplicated your needle sets so you can have everything you need at the office, you keep a full stash of “inspiration” yarn at work, and besides that you keep extra wool and needles for guests.

  89. Hester Sturrock

    Love the bags. Wonderful design, functional and colorful. I would like 2 or 3 of them, but would certainly enjoy winning one of them. thank you – Hester

  90. Nuna

    Oooooh! So very pretty! And what knitter has enough bags? Not this one. Hoping the random number generator smiles on me this time around. Thanks once again for being so generous. 🙂

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