A colorway and a contest!

Tina keeps chickens because she loves having them around. Eggs are a bonus.

In spring, I got a chance to visit the Blue Moon Fiber Arts world headquarters in Scappoose, Oregon. An unassuming barn/dye studio, full to the rafters (literally) with rich color, built by Tina as the perfect workspace for her and her team to produce the Blue Moon yarns we are so fond of. And occasionally, you’ll find her latest brood of baby chicks, until they’re big enough to join the rest of the flock outside.

The inspiration imageHere’s Tina’s recounting of our time together:

Almost everyone who comes to visit me wants to immerse themselves in the dye barn for at least a few hours. Some come just to play and some come with a clear vision. Amy had a very clear vision and even a photo. I love a woman with a clear plan.

She had this beautiful picture of lobelia in a grey metal bucket against a white wall. Great contrast between the white wall and the jeweled richness of Lobelia’s cobalt blue.

The blues and greens are what we decided we wanted to focus on since you can always knit it with white yarn as the contrast. I had a great time playing with colors and helping Amy translate her color ideas onto yarn. I think Amy did too.

I did! I took this photo outside a Farm Shop in Wales. The color is unretouched…Lobelia really is that deep blue color and I imagined it might be a challenge to replicate. Silly me! It was fascinating watching Tina pull a few jars of color from her well-stocked shelves, knowing exactly which tones would produce the result we wanted the first time. I was mesmerized with the way her eyes, brain and hands effortlessly translated the photo into this colorway!

Tina starts working out the colorway, taking careful notes so she can replicate it.
The final result! So lovely! What would you call it?

The colorway is the star of one of our Surprise patterns…Regatta, designed by Kate Atherley! But the colorway needs a name, so we’re turning to you! What would you name this colorway? Prize is two skeins of Socks That Rock: one in the new colorway and one in the colorway of the winner’s choice.

Contest rules: leave a comment on this post with your name for the colorway between now and midnight eastern time, Monday, October 28th. The winning name will be chosen by a Knitty committee and Tina. Our winner will be notified by email.

Good Luck!

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442 thoughts on “A colorway and a contest!

  1. maureen

    Rock the boat.
    Great color way but it reminds me of the blue of the water with just a bit of divergence.

  2. mary!

    how gorgeous is that?! i’d call the colorway “longing for lobelia,” which i like for a few reasons.

    first, alliteration! (who doesn’t love it?)

    obviously, it references the beautiful plant which inspired the colorway, but it also touches on the fact that you used a photo as a reference, instead of the physical plant – there is some sort of separation here (physical, of course, but perhaps also a longing for the time/place and perhaps circumstances under which the photograph was taken).

    every time you use the colorway in your work, surely your mind will wander to that farm shop and the beauty of nature. you may find yourself, indeed, longing for lobelia.

  3. Christine Dawson

    Lovely colours, it makes me visualise blue seas and palm trees so I’d name it Caribbean Crush. Actually blue seas and palm trees makes a pretty good name too!

  4. Marion

    Well, the name ‘Lobelia’ always makes me think of Bilbo’s and Frodo’s cousin (from Lord of the Rings’, Lobelia Sackville-Baggins. Now, you can’t possibly call a lovely yarn colourway ‘Sackville-Baggins’, that would be just cruel. But then, of course, it leads me on to think of another Hobbity name that would be rather a good match, and that’s Proudfoot. (And let other people work out the link for themselves…)

  5. Reb

    Lobelia of the Wales – to play on “Belly of the Whale”, and to acknowledge the lovely photo, and because saying “lobelia” is lovely fun.

  6. Kat

    I’m almost hesitant to suggest a name, because everyone else’s suggestions are so good. It made me think of that old folk song/nursery rhyme, “Lavender blue and Rosemary green,When I am king you shall be queen”

  7. Sarah

    The blue flowers sent me on a scramble for the book HERmione by H.D. (Hilda Doolittle).

    “‘I am like a blue cornflower in water. You said I was a blue flower seen in water.’ ‘I said you were a larkspur, a sort of blue hyacinth or Canterbury bell.’ ‘But they’re all different.’ ‘They are, and they ain’t so very.'”

    My suggestion is the Hamadryad’s Flowers.

  8. Nike Eve

    Lobelia in Bloom. That’s what it looks like to me!

    Or Bluebonnets. The colors remind me of fields of Texas bluebonnets absolutely full of blue flowers!

  9. Tracy Hite

    Bermuda Bay – it reminds me of postcards of tropical beaches, blue-green waters sparkling in the sun along pristine white beaches.

  10. Casey P.

    Rolling in Lobelia

    (Reminds me of when I used to roll sideways down hills because kids are ridiculously easy to entertain.)

  11. Lisa

    It makes me think of the ocean and everything beautiful there. I like Under the Sea for a name, especially because it also makes me think of mermaids!

  12. Theresa

    So many good names already! I suppose if i were to name it, I would call it Cottage Bouquet. Makes me think of pretty lobelia in a white-and-blue china vase in a pretty cottage kitchen somewhere.

    Oh daydreams!

  13. Solarmama

    I think I’d call it ‘Waltzing Lobelia’ – for the flower that inspired it, of course, and because Lobelia has the same spoken rhythm as ‘Matilda.’ And because the steps from place, to picture, to dyes, to finished yarn seem like a merry dance to me. It’s beautiful.

  14. Cyd

    April Showers. It has the lovely blues of a spring morning sky, with the hint of grey/white from the passing rain clouds, and the spring greens of emerging leaves.

  15. Amanda

    One of the lower classifications for Lobelia is Lobelia Kalmii. We all know how calming blue is, so a great name for this would be “kalmiing blue.”

  16. Inna

    When Winnie-the-Pooh is trying to decide what color of balloon to use to fly up to the beehive, he debates between a blue one, too look like a bit of sky, or a green one, too look like a leaf. Clearly, he should have chosen this cold, with some leaves and some sky and some clouds. So I think you should call it “Pooh’s balloon”, or “Disguise against bees”. Our, if you’d like to be more literal about it “Sitting in a tree”.

  17. mellenknits

    I suggest “Speedwell” a lovely flower with little blue blossoms, because there are numerous varieties that grow in the British Isles. Or maybe “Veronica” since the Latin name for the spiked speedwell, a variety that grows on cliffs in Wales and NW England, is Veronica spicata…

  18. Hayley

    Damn, I came here to suggest “Sackville-Baggins”!

    On further thought, however, I offer “Lobelia’s Umbrella,” the weapon with which Lobelia Sackville-Baggins attacks Sharkey’s boys. It’s always tickled me that such a greedy minor character was redeemed before the end of the book. Also, I love the tenacity of crotchety old ladies.

  19. Gwen

    What a beautiful colorway, so much depth and color! I love the story behind it as well; what a great picture! I adore the photos I’ve seen of Wales, and hope that someday I might be able to visit it. My husband’s uncle is Welsh, and usually refers to the name of his childhood home as Cymru, the Welsh name for their country. For some reason, Cymru just sounds so much more elegant than Wales to my ears. What about calling it “Reminiscences of Cymru”?

  20. Naomi

    The rich blue and green hues made me think of the deepest parts of the ocean. My suggestion is “Poseidon’s palace”.

  21. karen

    That yarn is so beautiful I almost gasped out loud. I suggest “Lucia” for the name as that is one name given to the dark blue variety of annual lobelia.

  22. Nikki

    Lobelia Fields would be my choice. It’s reminiscent of the beautiful flowers that were the inspiration, in a field, under a blue sky with soft, wispy clouds high above.

  23. Andrea B

    Besides Lobelia, this colorway would be perfectly named “Monkshood.” I can only say that as my plant that was installed in my north garden 3 years ago FINALLY bloomed a week ago and it is this exact blue and green.

  24. Jude

    Lots of wonderful suggestions, but it made me think of music – something like Northwest Blues or Blues 4/4 or even “I got them wool-dyed blues”

  25. Laurilee

    I suggest “beneath the waves”, it reminds me of looking down through the water to the colours on the bottom of the lake

  26. Renee Cook

    I would say Delft Fields because that blue reminds me of the delft blue pottery of the Netherlands. And although there is no such thing as blue tulips, I can picture a field of fanciful delft blue tulips with a huge Dutch windmill in the background.

  27. Tami

    Beautiful colorway! I’m not feeling terribly creative today, so I’ll go with the obvious….. “welsh lobellia”… I always covet Socks that Rock at Stitches!!!!

  28. Anna

    I’d like to suggest “Mornings at Bywater.” The first thing I thought of when I read that the colourway was inspired by lobelia flowers was the character of Lobelia Sackville-Baggins from Lord of the Rings, and the colours remind me of what you’d see in a stream or pond that has a lot of green growth in and around it.

  29. Diane

    I’d call it Shady Garden. The colors remind me of lots of shade-loving plants nestled in a corner somewhere under a tree. <3

  30. Susan K.

    For some reason this blue reminds me of the blue you see of the pictures in Greece of the buildings. I’d call it Grecian Spring. Spring for the green of course!

  31. Meg

    My first instinct would be to call it Lobelioideae Lobelia Siphilitica after the species name.

    The victorian meaning of the flower is “malevolence” which seems to fit with how evil it is to make people try and spell it and say it out loud.

  32. Brittany

    faigenbaum’s breakfast. Because my rabbit (faigenbaum) would love to eat the plant. And possibly the wool. She likes to nibble.

  33. Stardancer

    I like “Tidepool”. I am constantly drawn to the colors of the ocean, and what I see here are such, but also a little brighter, like you might see when the sun glances into a little tidepool and your shadow sends the tiny crabs scuttling.

    (Also, should I win this contest, I think I’d want two of these beautiful skeins!)

  34. Tamara Holman

    I would name it “blodau glas” which is Welsh for blue flower (google translate helped). It’s a beautiful colorway.

  35. Chris

    Midnight in the garden! Reminds me of the dark blue light that falls from a moonlit sky and the plants basking in it.

  36. Kristen

    It seems that it really only needs the name “Lobelia”. Although someone mentioned that in the language of flowers they mean malevolence so that would be an alternate name (“Malevolence”).

  37. JulesO

    what a great story & love the outcome…what a beautiful shade of blues & greens. How about “Lovely Lobelia” or “Lobelia Love”?

  38. Hannah E

    Morning Glory! I know that’s a totally different flower, but that’s what the colors make me think of.

  39. Gayle

    I am stuck on the item that says this yarn is the star of one of the Surprise patterns. So I propose “Lobelia Surprise”.

  40. Sylvie

    I would name it Dear Lobelia! It would be the beginning of a story between the knitter and this beautiful skein! Crossing my fingers now! Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Chris Hanson

    “Please Adore Me” from the classic song “Blue Moon”, in honor of the variety Lobelia erinus ‘Blue Moon’. And I do adore this colorway, it is gorgeous!

  42. Birgit

    GORGEOUS new colourway! It makes me think of vacation in Prince Edward Island! And the beautiful fields of Lupin flowers along the street.

    So my suggestion would be “Lupinious”

  43. Kristy

    So pretty! I love blues and greens.

    Would just “Lobelia” be too simple a name? It pays homage to the inspiration for the colorway, and the word Lobelia itself sounds peaceful and flowing, which is what these colors evoke for me.

    Thanks for the chance!

  44. Grace

    I think I would call it “a bucketful of charm”. Anyway you call it though, it is truly a beautiful colourway!

  45. Ina

    I’d call it Welsh Lobelia or Lobelia of Wales. Or Cymraeg Bidoglys (or would that be reversed?), if you’re going to go that route.

  46. Jessica

    I’d call it “iris impasto” as it has all the same shades as my print of Van Gogh’s Irises

  47. Patty Clark

    the colors remind me of paintings by Monet, so I would suggest Giverny or water lily pond, or Monet’s pallette

  48. H.

    The color reminds me a little more of forget-me-nots than the lobelias… my shameful tendency towards being punny suggest “Forget-me-knotwork,” though really knitting is not knotting, so maybe that’s not so appropriate.

    Conversely, my inner six-year-old meme addict suggests

    I know, I know. I’ll see myself out…

  49. Heather J

    Ours always blooms beautifully in July and the blue is so stunning I am going with “Stunned in July”

  50. Faye

    Lobelia syphilitica is the blue cultivar, named for the Iroquois use of the plant for treating syphilis.

    I went to the Iroquois, looking for a translation that would match the beauty of this colourway — and found it almost immediately: Ontario, which translates to Iroquois meaning ‘beautiful lake’ or ‘beautiful water’.

    I christen thee: Lobelia Ontario!

  51. Sandy

    My suggestion is “Lobelia” in honour of the inspiration behind this colour way.
    Lobelia is one of my favourite flowers and brightens any pot or patio with their vibrant and rich colour.
    It would certainly brighten my day, knitting with this colour way.
    Thank you!

  52. Kelly

    How about “Crystal Blue Persuasion” like the song… I like the song even though it was before my time 🙂

  53. Alix

    “Promise of a Summer’s Night” comes to me as the nights get colder and Winter is approaching. Whatever it’s called, it’s beautiful!

  54. Amanda

    I would call it “My Pretty Blue Bucket,” because that sounds fun and evokes the photo that inspired the colorway.

    Plus, I just like saying “My Pretty Blue Bucket.”

  55. Notme

    The name should be marbles in heather, because heather in marbles just doesn’t make sense. Plus my wife would love it if I made her a pair in this color way.

  56. Heather

    I’d just call it Lobelia, although from the picture I would have expected more deep blue and green – they both seem a little weak to me.

  57. Renee

    I’d call it ‘Growth.’

    It brings to mind all kinds of lovely blue flowers, but the flower names don’t give you the sense of the green. Growth give you the whole plant.

  58. deborah

    I would call it LolaBell.

    Mainly cause its late and when I first read the name of the flower thats what I read it as instead of its proper name of Lobelia, which is also pretty, but to me LolaBell is sassier.

  59. Elizabeth J

    I would call it “Walking Under a Clear Blue Sky on Spring Green Grass”. A little wordy but so what the yarn looks like and represents.

  60. Ummrania

    I would call it “Bucketfull” because it represents a bucket full of flowers but its also beautiful and positive looking so like seeing things as the bucket being full not empty. Its beautiful!

  61. Jennifer Tripp Mead

    “Ogunquit Dreams” because the colors remind me of the ocean, the sky, and the foliage of the beach roses along the Marginal Way in Ogunquit Maine.

  62. Kathy

    A beautiful yarn that captures two of my favorite colors!

    So many great names. I found that lobelia is used to treat lung ailments. So, I suggest, Amy’s Breathe. It sounds like and airy like the flowers and I think captures the lighthearted joy Amy felt when she took the picture (if I can be so bold as to suggest how she felt when she took the picture).

    It would be a good yarn to use later as a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis (65 Roses) or a similar good cause. I just think it would be nice to use it to help small children who are suffering.

  63. Alison

    ‘Amy’s Welsh Lobelia Dream’- Colorway created specially by Amy, welsh for where the photo was taken and the good memories associated with it, lobelia for the inspiration, and dream because it was Amy’s dream to create a colorway based on the inspiration photo.

  64. G. K. Green

    First, let me compliment the colorway … Gorgeous!

    Second, I probably should explain why I’d call the colorway one of these (very similar) names, all variations on a theme, but I’ll do that after I list them:

    Caribbean Manatee
    Oh, the Hue-Manatee
    Diet for a Large Manatee

    The reasoning is that the greens and blues remind me of nothing so much as the Caribbean’s waters and the plants in them; even the hues verging on purple-y violet look like water hyacinth. The grays in the mix felt right, very right, but they weren’t cloud-ish exactly, and then I realized that that those grays were the colors of a manatee (very large endangered vegetarian sea mammal) and that the whole colorway resembled nothing more than what one might see if a manatee were in the water feeding …

    The rest of the rationale behind the naming is that I’m rather fond of puns and plays on words, but I recognize that not everyone is; hence, the first name plays it straight, but the next two don’t (riffing on “Oh, the Humanity” and “Diet for a Small Planet”).

    By the way, if I do win, I’d really just like two of this colorway, instead of one of this one and a second different one.

    Thanks for having the contest, and for creating fiber art of such consistently wonderful quality!

  65. Laura Jane

    What a beautiful colourway! I’d call it ‘Spring horizon’ as that’s just what it looks like to me – a clear blue sky with the lovely greens of spring emerging!

  66. Tara

    Since the photograph that inspired this colourway was taken in Wales, my suggestion is Taliesin, after the legendary King of the Bards. The beautiful blues in the yarn remind me of how the infant Taliesin was pulled from the sea by his adoptive father Elffin.

  67. Amy

    Those colors look like exactly the same palette Claude Monet used for much of his Water Lilies paintings. My suggestion for a name is: Water Lilies. In French, it’s Nymphéas.

  68. Cate

    I’d suggest the obvious: Lobelia. I plant Lobelia every summer and it comes in all of the blues that are part of this colorway, not just the cobalt blue in your original photograph. You could call it “Summer Lobelia” or “Lobelia Blues” or “Loverly Lobelia” (or leave out the “r”). But I think “Lobelia” should be in there.

  69. Trina

    Delphinium. It is all the colors of the glorious flower from stem to bloom. Thanks for a chance to win this wonderful yarn.

  70. Kate Mc

    Purging Peregrine ~ lobelia as an herb is used most often as an emetic. It’s other names are not so attractive (Vomitwort being one of them). For some reason Peregrine reminds me of the blue of the flowers in the picture. It turned out beautifully! Congratulations.

  71. angie s.

    Ligurian Sea because it is the richest, bluest water I have seen, and it is surrounded by lush green vegetation up the steep hills.

  72. Savannagal

    What a lovely colorway. I would call it “Summertime Blues”. Thanks for the giveaway. I’m knitting a pair of socks right now with Socks That Rock. It’s my first time using it and I love it. Now I see what all the fuss is about!

  73. Debra

    I would call it Planet Earth. The colors instantly reminded me of the sky and trees I love when I hike with my friends.

  74. CeltChick

    “Turbulent Torrent” FTW! I’d like to second the commentor who said she’d just as soon have two of this colorway — me, too!
    AnnBan on Rav

  75. tayloe

    I would call it: Sky & Moss~ maybe too simple but that is what it reminded me of! It is truly beautiful.

  76. Lauren

    I would call it “Mariana.” It makes me thing of the deep blue sea, even with all the colors. Lovely.

  77. tracy orvik

    I see travels & memories, snapshots & dried flowers, a tiny leaf and blossom, a view of the Earth from the silent cold of outer space: Far Away So Close.

  78. Jenny

    I would call this ‘bluebell wood’, as that’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw it.
    I would love to use this for a pair of knee-high socks

  79. Janis Higgs

    Tumbledown Waterwheel
    I adore this colorway, I have just seen what it looks like knitted up, the stitch pattern on the socks really brings out the patina!
    I am visualizing water, that has to be in there , may be a pretty little stream by a long forgotten mill, with an aged, weathered, moss and lichen covered water-wheel nestled within a leafy woodland grove………….
    so I think ‘Tumbledown Waterwheel’ would suit it well!

  80. Jean B

    I see the earth from space, Planet Earth or This Pretty Planet (title to a children’s song by Tom Chapin)or Gentle Blue Giant (lyrics in the song).

  81. Dawn

    the first thing that came to my mind was a blue lagoon with the depth of color playing on the lighter ones.

  82. Lorraine Maggio

    Three names come to mind when I see this beautiful yarn. The first is Cool Ocean Breeze; the second is Bahama Breeze; and the third is Cool Waters. I’m seeing a theme here in my thought process!!

  83. Kathy R.

    As much as I would love to work “scum” in there, I can’t see that exact element in there. So my vote is “Once in a Blue Moon”.

  84. Diane Laughlin

    “Come Blow Your Horn”
    from Little Boy Blue which was my first thought.
    Or, perhaps the line, “The sheep’s in the meadow”

  85. Nancy Wagner

    I think I would call the color: Highbelia – to play with “Lobelia” just a bit… besides there is nothing “low” about this stunning colorway!

  86. Hope

    The name that comes to mind immediately is Lobelia Bedelia (play on Amelia Bedelia which was one of my sister’s favourite books as a kid.)

  87. Mya

    Since you’ve been talking about your chicken colorways I thought you could call it “Ameraucana the beautiful” because the Ameraucana is a kind of chicken lays blue and green eggs and this yarn certainly is beautiful.

  88. Annastasia

    Hydrangea (to me, this looks like some serious hydrangea colours. Up here, in the PNW, especially in WA and OR, there are TONS of hydrangeas in these shades).

    Lilac Sky
    Lake Moss
    Mermaid Scales
    Sapphire Scum
    Sea Fern
    Fern Lagoon

    Whichever you pick, it’s absolutely GORGEOUS! (Also, entirely jealous of your visit to the barn.)

  89. Janis Higgs

    Can I have another go?
    ‘Lobelia Bouquet’
    I was just thinking of the Lobelia actually in the ‘bucket’ and then realized that bouquet is what it is,( bucket- bouquet?), so that could be a really appropriate description. The very phrase conjures up a mass of pale centered, cobalt lobelia blooms, book-ended by their earthy green foliage and silvery bucketness!

  90. Janice

    Lobelia is one of my favourite flowers in any of its many shades. The yarn colour way turned out beautifully. Why not just Blue Lobelia?

  91. Kendra


    My knee-jerk reaction was Poseidon Adventure, and then the more I look at it, the more I think the reflection it inspires should be acknowledged, so my second idea is Peace Amid the Storm.

  92. Kendra

    By the way, I am so impressed with all of these colour names. I would hate to be the one selecting just one.

  93. Amanda

    How about ‘Lavender Blue’?

    Lavender blue and Rosemary green,
    When I am king you shall be queen;
    Call up my maids at four o’clock,
    Some to the wheel and some to the rock;
    Some to make hay and some to shear corn,
    And you and I will keep the bed warm.

    -Oxford Dict. of Nursery Rhymes

  94. Tania

    Since the inspiration comes from Lobelia in silver bucket, my name suggestion is Lobelia Argentum or Argentum Blue.

  95. M.F.Peterson

    This reminds me of the blue cornflowers that pop up every summer in the rural area where I grew up. The exact green of the stems and blue shades of the petals. So, my suggestion is the “official” (scientific) name of cornflowers: Centaurea cyanus.

  96. Mimi F

    River’s edge. Different shades of blue reflecting off different parts of the river. There’s usually some white glints, and of course the greenish slimy stuff at the edge. Beautiful colorway!

  97. Linda w

    I would call this beautiful color Grand Traverse, because the colors remind me of our beautiful Grand Traverse Bay region in northern Michigan, a land of beautiful water and forests. Once this yarn is turned into lovely socks they will be worthy of a grand traverse as well.

  98. Cat

    “Afterglow and Nightfall” because the colors remind me of a deepening dusk, and it’s the name of an Edith Pargeter novel about Llewelyn the Last, Prince of Wales.

  99. tiffanie

    If I could name this colorway I would have to call it

    Mod Lamp.

    It is funny how color makes memories. My parents had hanging lamps in their home in these colors. The lamps were from the late 1960’s. And the yarn seems to glow from within. It’s color magic.

  100. Tina_R

    Blue Star

    Because it’s the star of this blog. Also the star of not only Amy’s visit but of Blue Moon!

  101. Kathleen

    After looking at lots of pictures of lobelia on the internet I think that that lobelia is the variety called Midnight Blue, so I would call it “Amy’s Midnight Moon” or “Amy’s Midnight BlueMoon”

  102. Joan Cranmer

    Loch Aline. We were there a couple of weeks ago – the blue sky with a few high clouds, the deep cobalt water, moss on the rocks at the edge of the loch and the trees along the shore with leaves starting to go crisp and browning.

  103. Karen

    How about Gentiana? This is the genus name for a lovely alpine flower that combines the gorgeous blues and greens found in this yarn. Love these colors!

  104. Bobi

    Wales Tale – a play on the sighting of a whale’s tail while riding in the Regatta and Amy’s trip to the UK.

  105. Natasha

    The word that kept coming to me looking at it was dream…

    So I thought of Dusky Dream…

    Gorgeous anyway you look at it!!

  106. Shirlucky

    I’d call it Earth as it looks like the colors you see when they show you pictures of Earth from space. Beautiful skein!

  107. Alice Charkes

    “Irish Sea” – this colorway reminds me of pictures my friends have been sending me recently from the coast of Ireland.

  108. Jen

    I’m not usually very good at these things, but for this beautiful colourway, I’ll give it a shot.

    How about:
    Dreams of Summer (it’s fall in Alberta and this colourway reminds me of summer, which seems a little far away right now)…

    Impressions of Blue

    Impressionist Blues

  109. Loretta

    I think the name should be:
    “Lobelia grow
    In a bucket by a wall
    Green, cobalt, silver”
    Or, “Lobelia in a bucket” for short.

  110. AngelaH

    Oh, so fun!

    I would call it “Lobelia, you’re breaking my heart”

    (Simon & Garfunkel make for excellent knitting accompaniment.)

  111. Jerre

    Lupin and lace for the plant I love but cannot grow or gentian in bloom. I love watching the bees fight their way into the gentian bloom. Gentian andrewsii, the closed gentian .

  112. Tina Melvin

    As soon as I saw the yarn, the song “Blue Bayou” popped in my head. I’d call it that, or “On Blue Bayou”.

  113. Stephanie Legeman

    “Country chic blues” is what I thought of. It honors the inspiration of the photo and the colors as well.

  114. Kim

    These colors remind me of many impressionist paintings, how about naming it “Lilies in the Frog Pond?”

  115. Sue G.

    It reminds me of the beautiful iris that bloom in my garden in spring – “When Iris Eyes are Smiling”

  116. Janis Higgs

    Another thought-
    Amelia’s Lobelia Bouquet – That’s more like it, you know me, one try is never enough 😉
    I am not sure if this idea already exists, three hundred entries ( at the last count ) is a a lot to search through-
    Good contest!!!!

  117. Peggy

    (Loved someone’s “Lobelia, You’re breaking my heart”)

    Since that’s taken, my offer is “Blues Bouquet”

  118. Marielle

    I would name it Sialia. It’s the latin name for the eastern blue bird and this colorway reminds me that bird. 🙂

  119. Ginny

    The colors do have a watery look to it but it also reminds me when I saw a field of blooming flax under a brilliant blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds – a “brighty blooming flax field”.

  120. Carmin

    It reminds me of a little pasque flower (wind flower,pulsatilla) growing on the sea side cliffs!
    “Wind Anemone”

  121. Jamie Trask

    Sea Storm. It looks like the ocean and sky on a dark stormy night with the moon reflecting occasionally through the clouds.

  122. Lisa

    Since it’s inspired by a Welsh farm, I can’t get out of my head the (made-up) name of the town in Dylan Thomas’ “Under Milkwood”: Llareggub

  123. Audi

    “Stormy Evening Sky” would be my recommendation. It reminds me of a stormy drive home a few weeks ago when the green leaves were still on the trees.

  124. Pili Wolfe

    “Swansea” seaside town/city in Wales where Dylan Thomas was born. Dylan is welsh for ‘god of the sea’. Since the colorway was inspired by Amy’s trip to Wales and the colors paint a poetic visual, it seems fitting to combine the beauty of the sea around Wales and the birth place of Dylan Thomas.

  125. Barbara

    Two possible names are “Barrier Reef” or “Key Largo”. The blues remind me of tropical waters.

  126. Francie Owens

    Beautiful yarn! I love the mossy green.
    How about calling it “Once in a Lobelia Blue Moon”.

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  128. Sage Goode

    Absolutely love this colour! I’d call it Dian y Glas Blue. (the name of a pre-Celtic Welsh-god)

  129. wend

    lobelia on the lane

    lobelia on the prowl

    lobelia in the wind
    (wind referencing the regatta socks)

    lobelia in the Welsh wind

    (Would be much easier if I actually knew how to pronounce this…)

  130. twinsetellen


    The metallic blue green of the Morphos genus of butterflies isn’t from pigmnent, it is due to the structure of the wing scales. Lobelias are also impossibly blue!

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