Plum Rondo… What about Green Rondo?

We’re all madly in love with Julia Farwell Clay’s new Knitty design, the colorwork circular yoke pullover, Plum Rondo a la Turk.

It’s great, but maybe those colors aren’t for everyone?

Julia has used very striking – and very non-traditional colors – for this fantastic piece. The purple, orange, hot pink and yellow are a lot of fun, but we know they aren’t colors that work for everyone.

Julia’s written a blog post about the color choices for the designs. In the post, she explains the inspiration for the original choices – when Lorna’s Laces has a colorway that’s your last name, you can’t not use it – and talks about the process of choosing colors for this sort of design.

And then she provides a number of alternate palettes, if the original colorway doesn’t work for you.

She’s even provided some suggestions for those of us who like to wear a lot of black…

Totally different yet equally wonderful.




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One thought on “Plum Rondo… What about Green Rondo?

  1. Stephanie

    I love the original jewel tones, but the green, black and white version is great too! I’m always impressed how color choices can change the vibe of a project. (sjn821 on Rav)

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