Things that Make Kate Happy

Sunshine. Sock knitting. And a very strong americano.


The yarn is Paton’s Kroy, a criminally underappreciated sock yarn. It’s unbelievably hardwearing (my fave 75% wool/25% nylon blend), machine washes and dries beautifully, and great to knit with. And it’s easily found at mainstream craft and yarn stores, and the price point is terrific.  There are also excellent colors. I’m making a pair of manly socks, so the colorway is manly, but there are some great brights available, too. My only grumble about the yarn is that the ball band recommends a larger needle than sensible – I use my usual US 1.5/2.5mm. Anything in the US 0-2 (2mm-2.75mm) would be great.

The coffee is an americano – two shots of espresso with a bit of hot water on top to make it a longer drink — from Cafe Unwind. I take my coffee black, and an americano is a full-bodied and flavourful drink, dark and a little bit bitter. Cafe Unwind is a little coffee shop across the park from where we live, and it’s a regular stop on our dog walks. The coffee is excellent, and the baked goods (a different muffin everyday!) outstanding.

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9 thoughts on “Things that Make Kate Happy

  1. Gwyn

    Paton’s Kroy is absolutely underappreciated! It’s my go to when I just want a plain sock to stick in my purse. I have a rather embarrassing collection of it hanging around from whenever I have a Joann’s coupon.

  2. Diana

    Agree totally with you on Paton’s Kroy. My socks knit out of this wool never wear through. As for the coffee … I’m always slightly embarrassed by the amount of milk and sugar I put in mine. Wish I could drink it black but it tastes like battery acid no matter how many times I try.

  3. PrairiePoppins

    I agree about the Kroy, too! My husband wears his socks year round, rain or shine, +30 or -30. He’s hard on his socks, but loves handknit so much that as soon as I started giving him socks he tossed his storebought socks. Even on his funny, bumpy feet and hard-wearing lifestyle, the Kroy holds up beautifully.

    I like the ones I knit for me, too. There’s a sensible feeling to them – like they know I’m counting on them.

    The striped yarns they make are pretty addictive.

  4. Shelly

    I really do love Kroy Sock. I can get it at a competitive price at the Spinrite Tent Sale. Plus it’s such a forgiving yarn for my young adult sons who love handknit socks but don’t take time with their laundry!

  5. Rhonda

    So glad to hear the positive feedback on Kroy Sock yarn. I knit a pair as a gift so do not know how they are wearing.

    I am on medical leave and would love to crank out a pair or two of socks for the husband. Had a fail last year with Knit Picks worsted superwash that felted after knitting him socks! UGH

    Just had a major fail with Lion Brand Sock Ease that was itchy to knit and even itchier to wear (

    I think I need to dig out my kroy and see what manly colors I have for my honey! THANKS

  6. barb

    I also love Kroy sock and have knit several well loved and hard wering pairs from it. It’s under-appreciated, for sure! I love the previous comment – it’s a sensible yarn!

  7. Ellen

    Wearing a pair of Kroy socks right now. Just wish they could get it together with the colour schemes, a few are fabulous but many go under the heading of “really? that’s the best you can come up with?” I agree it’s a great hardwearing sock yarn.

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