Black Friday Giveaway: Plum Rondo a la Turk

I don’t know about you, but I’m spending Black Friday with my knitting and spinning on the couch, probably watching a Harry Potter marathon with the kids.

No shopping for me.

For all of you knitters hanging at home today, here’s a giveaway for you!

Beth at Lorna’s Laces has donated a yarn pack to make Julia Farwell- Clay’s beautiful Plum Rondo a la Turk.

Plum Rondo
Plum Rondo

You know what to do.

Regular contest rules: leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, Sunday December 1st. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win a yarn pack for Plum Rondo. If you have already won a prize from us in the past year, please do give other knitters a chance.
Happy knitting, happy leftovers!



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353 thoughts on “Black Friday Giveaway: Plum Rondo a la Turk

  1. Casey

    I hope the comment doesn’t have to be particularly engaging or eloquent, since I’m at work and only one cup of tea in to the day…

  2. Martha

    Happy Thanksgiving. I’m with you, no shopping today. I am planning to learn colorwork this year so this would be a great pattern and the yarn is a big bonus.

  3. Heather

    This is such a beautiful sweater! It’s already in my queue and it would be such a treat to knit it in the original yarn.

  4. Samina

    I’ve been eyeing that pattern since I first saw it. It’s just gorgeous & I’d love to knit up the kit for it. It’s definitely in my queue.

  5. Danielle

    I’m not big on more than one colour at a time, but this would be a lovely first experiment, wouldn’t it? Thanks for the change.

  6. Anne

    I am a sucker for bright colors and I love purple. No Black Friday shopping today. I’d love to.curl up with yarn and my needles but with three kids that’s not likely. I wish I knew how to get them entertained! 😉

  7. Fiona

    Yes, please! The only reason I haven’t already cast on is that I couldn’t find a colour combination I liked more than the original.

  8. Mindy

    Wow what a great giveaway. I’m in the middle of my first fair isle project and I’m loving it. I hope I win so I can continue with this new obsession.

  9. Chris C.

    Oh, what a beautiful sweater! I’m spending the day on the couch in front of the fire. Working, sadly, and not knitting, but at least I’m working cozily 🙂

  10. KWAK

    Maybe it’s a lucky sign for me that, like the model, I’m a redhead? Winning yarn is definitely something to be grateful for!

  11. EllenQ

    Gorgeous sweater! I’ll be spending the day pre-cleaning for Christmas decorating this weekend and knitting hats for presents.

  12. Erin Dessain

    Hooray for not shopping on Black Friday. I love this sweater. It has had my eye for a while. The bright colors especially make it fun.

  13. Doreen

    Wow, that is one vibrant sweater – I would love to win it! Knitting trumps shopping any day… unless you’re out of yarn – does that happen?

  14. Karin

    We’re hanging out at home this Friday after Thanksgiving and lighting the Hannukah candles with friends and family. Lovely giveaway!

  15. knittingdancer

    No shopping for me either. I am doing my Christmas decorations inside the house today, the outside is already done. I will be knitting this afternoon and tonight. Love the sweater pattern and yarn.

  16. Carolyn

    I wish I were at home knitting on Christmas presents..I am stuck at work doing everyone elses jobs…because the got the day off!!! Hope win the sweater kit…Then I can dream of knitting more than I already do.

  17. Leslie C

    Lorna’s Laces yarn, those colors, and a gorgeous pattern – the possibility to win this when I’m this broke is a dream.

  18. mollysusie

    Staying home warm and snug today to eat pie for breakfast, and of course knit! Thank you so much for the giveaway, it’s beautiful yarn and pattern!

  19. Irene

    I had my first black friday experience today. I went to the mechanic at 5am in order to get $100 of tires. worth it! I immediately went back to bed.

  20. Kasey

    That is so generous! We just bought a house and its a bit chilly, I could always put to use a gorgeous sweater!

  21. Carrie

    I’m also staying at home and hope to get some knitting in. Looks like a fantastic sweater to knit! And I love the colors.

  22. Donna MacLean

    I’m with you, knitting and a movie, no shopping. Would love to start this sweater. Thanks for the chance.

  23. GretcheninWA

    I’ve been eyeing this sweater for a while now. The colors are amazing, and I love that the model is closer to my size than most!

  24. Candace

    This is such a great design and fabulous yarn….it would be so super cool to win!! Fingers crossed that you pick me!

  25. docksjo

    What an amazing sweater. We don’t celebrate thanks giving but it has been a sick-day with knitting in front of Dr Who season 4 the 10th doctor.

  26. Karrie

    Funny I’m staying home sewing and spinning too:-) love this sweater, would be an awesome early Christmas present to win.

  27. Gwen

    I wish I was spending the day knitting and spinning but instead I’m spending it cleaning for my son’s birthday party.

  28. Elisabeth

    Thanks for this giveaway ! A knitter’s dream !
    We don’t have Thanksgiving but the Black Friday begins to reach Europe this year.

  29. Lisa

    We did some scouting in our neighborhood for Small Business Saturday, but no crazy shopping here, either.

  30. Kat

    I want this more than anything! The colours are amazing.
    And as you might guess from my spelling of “colour” I don’t even have Thanksgiving or Black Friday…

  31. Kathie

    That is just gorgeous! The first jumper/sweater I made (at 16 when I was fearless, or just plain stupid) was a Fair Isle yoked jumper. I haven’t made one since, but I think I’m finally ready!

  32. Lisa

    I never go shopping on Black Friday. I value my sanity too much 🙂 Love the Plum Rondo. It’s a beautiful sweater.

  33. LisaRR

    Thanks for offering the contest!
    I have been working on my stranded knitting skills and would love to knit this sweater.

  34. M Jane Epstein

    Only shopping today included my local yarn store, my local quilt store and a sewing machine store. No malls. And knitting on my Shibui cowl. Love the sweater colors-purple being my favorite color!

  35. Kristy

    No shopping for me either! I spent the day knitting matching hats for myself and my sister.

    This is a great sweater. I’d love to win, as I’m currently trying to figure out what to knit once my Christmas knitting is done. Thanks for the chance, Knitty!

  36. Colleen

    I am not taking part in the shopping experience this weekend either. Just doing what comes naturally: eating and knitting. Love the plum sweater!

  37. Lisa Barrett

    Terrific giveaway, thank you! Gorgeous colors, they definitely would be outside my usual palette of greys and earth tones 🙂

  38. Christina M

    Wow – I love that pattern. I’m excited that it even looks nice on the not-so-skinny of us. Here’s hoping I win!!

  39. Martina Norelli

    What a beautiful color combination and a great way to check off another line from my knitting bucket list! My daughter would fight me for this…

  40. deidre corbet

    Would love to win the yarn and knit this sweater. I will even dye my hair redder to celebrate its awesomeness!

  41. Jude

    How pretty! And big plus – it comes in plus sizes! I’m going to make this whether I win or not! (But I’d really REALLY like to win :))

  42. Kathy

    Wow, oh wow! Thank you Beth. I would LOVE to win! Thank you and I hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving with your families and loved ones.

  43. Marlitharn

    I love this sweater! I’ve really been getting into colorwork this year and the yoke pattern on this is lovely.

  44. Kathleen

    I love this pattern and will knit it whether I win this or not! It’s great for those of us in the hot-flash-can’t-stand-to-wear-long-sleeves season of our lives as well as for our teenagers who never seem to feel cold. Love it!

  45. Beth

    Sweet. I would love to win this one. The colors are gorgeous. The pattern is fine. Can’t go wrong with Lorna’s Laces.

  46. Nike Eve

    Gorgeous! Purple isn’t usually my thing, but if I were to win, I think I could make an exception 😉

  47. StaceyAnn

    OOh thank you for featuring a plus-size model. She looks fantastic in that sweater. I would be brave enough to knit one for myself if I won it. (I’m taking a colorwork class at the beginning of the year too.)

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