On Wraptor: A Shorter History & A Yarn Giveaway!

So very clever, and so very beautiful.

As you know, we love an interesting sock construction, and designer Jeny Staiman has outdone herself with the Wraptor sock, as published in the most recent issue.

As Jeny describes it, Wraptor is the lovechild of two previously Knitty socks, Skew and Longitudinal.

She’s written about the inspiration and development of the design on her blog.  It’s a fascinating insight into how designs develop and change and grow and improve with every subsequent iteration – and a good reminder for all of us that if the first attempt doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. It began more than two years ago, with a project to yarnbomb a coworker’s headphones.

Where it all began. Sort of.

One of the things we love most about this design – in addition to it being one of the cleverest things we’ve yet seen, of course — is how it uses a self-striping yarn to great effect. We’ve all got skeins of self-striping sock yarn in our stashes, and after a while, a “plain” striped sock gets a bit boring.

Looooooong stripes.

As she developed the pattern, Jeny realized that to get the most impact, she had very specific requirements for a self-striping yarn: she needed a yarn with sufficient lengths of each color that even for sections with 200+ stitches, the integrity of the stripes had to be maintained. And in Twisted Fiber Arts’ most excellent long-repeat self-striping yarn, she found what she needed.

We’re giving away a kit of this wonderful yarn to make your own pair of Wraptor socks, courtesy of Anne at Twisted Fiber Arts. The prize, worth $46, includes a full skein and a mini skein. Leave a comment on this blog post to be eligible to win, by midnight EST Monday, December 23rd. The usual rules apply; if you’ve won in the past year, please let other readers have a go!

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908 thoughts on “On Wraptor: A Shorter History & A Yarn Giveaway!

  1. Etcgirl

    I thought I loved Jeny Staiman just by looking at her designs, but now after reading that blog post I have a full-on crush. She has the artist’s knack of finding a question that needs an answer, and the engineer’s problem-solving approach that uses science and math to test theories.

    Thank-you Jeny, for showing how much dogged hard work goes in to what you’ve created.

  2. lisa

    I’ve been working up the courage to try Skew (this has been the year of the socks!) – the Wraptor would do nicely as well!

  3. Paisleyapron

    Having just knit two pairs of stripey socks the conventional way, I would love to make a pair with this pattern!

  4. MzTallulah

    The socks look great, but my not-very-mathematical brain was hurting just reading Jeny’s blog post about the development of the design. Hats off to her and her remarkable creativity and stamina!

  5. Lisa in TX

    That is such a cool sock. It’s mind-bending, really. I don’t have the right sort of yarn on hand, so this would be perfect.

  6. Candace

    Interesting story. Love reading about the development of the idea and the design process. Would also love to win the kit!

  7. Carolyne

    I have only knit two pairs of socks. I am challenging myself to get more comfortable with them. What a great opportunity to do that.

  8. Annie Wilson

    I have this pattern in my favorites, and soon to be in my queue once the holidays are over. I’d love to have some gorgeous yarn for it.

  9. Sarah J

    Pick me! Those look like amazing socks and I’d love to have a pair…once I’m done with all the Christmas projects and the other socks I’m knitting.

  10. Adina

    oooo!!!! Me, please, o random-number generator! These socks are in my favorites, so I’d love an excuse to do them sooner rather than later!

  11. Maureen

    These look darling. The yarn sound like it would feel good going through your fingers as you knit.
    I would love to be included.

  12. Samina

    Jeny’s amazingly creative. That bind-off of hers has become my go-to for most things. I’m looking forward to reading about her design process.

  13. Sarah

    I love these socks and their unusual construction, it would be awesome to have this special yarn to work with on top! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Elisabeth

    Thanks for this give away.
    I went through hell with Skew, I would be very pleased to get Jenny’s pattern Wraptor kit, because she explains so well, could be easier !!

  15. Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area

    I love the self-striping (selfster?) yarn. And you can never have too much yarn.

  16. Lori

    I LOVE those socks… Isn’t it true that sometimes the mistakes are what make the most interesting projects?

  17. Mari

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! This pattern immediately went into my queue. I’m really glad to find out though that a long repeat is needed. I don’t think the yarn I had in mind will work anymore!

  18. Dari Trout

    Trying a new type of sock construction sounds so interesting! I would love to (and probably will) try all three patterns!

  19. Noelle

    I would love to try these socks, but have been nervous about choosing yarn that would work. Winning this contest would solve that problem!

  20. Kristi gersbach

    Those socks are stunning! I’m not sure I could do them justice, but if I win the yarn I promise to try hard. Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. Rebecca

    Woot, thanks for the giveaway! I fave’d these socks as soon as I saw them. Can hardly wait to give them a go.
    knittingwithwords on Ravelry

  22. Lisa Barrett

    I’ve been wanting to try this yarn – the colorways are so beautiful! – and the pattern is fascinating. Thank you for the giveaway.

  23. Cindy

    I just gave away a skein of this yarn. Now I’m wishing I kept it. Kicking myself (perhaps the recipient will make this pattern so she can have really cool socks).

  24. mellenknits

    Life’s too short to wear boring socks! Twisted yarn is so beautiful, and this pattern shows it to perfection!

  25. Michelle

    Those socks are gorgeous, as is the yarn. I’m usually not a strict pattern follower, but these awesome feets (ha, pun totally intended) of knitting architecture are so worth it.

  26. Emily

    I’ve wanted to get my hands on some of Anne’s yarn for ages now. This would be an amazing project to try, I think!

  27. Rachael

    oh man, that yarn is amazing! I’ve been resisting those socks, but if someone gave me the yarn, my last excuse would be gone!

  28. LisaB

    I’ve been afraid to try Skew and Longitudinal, but if I win, I promise I will try Wraptor! It’s such an interesting pattern.

  29. GretcheninWA

    I’ve been eying Wraptor since I first saw them, but hadn’t found the perfect yarn yet. I’d love to win!

  30. LauraBeth

    Twisted Fiber Arts has been on my “someday, when my stash isn’t totally overwhelming” list for awhile. I love the gradient striping!

  31. enidb

    These are awesome socks, and the yarn is a big part of that. This is another case where I have to say, “I don’t have any yarn appropriate for this project.”

  32. Holly

    I just love the Wraptor socks and as soon as the holiday knitting is done I’ll be starting a pair for myself!!

  33. Flossie

    That sock design is genius. I actually don’t have a single skein of self-striping sock yarn in my stash (not sure how I managed that!) so thanks for the opportunity!

  34. Shannon

    I love to knit socks, and I love an interesting pattern so it’s not so blah. This looks to be a great pattern to keep things interesting. I would love to give them a try.

  35. Emily

    I’ve only knit “boring” socks so far, so I’d like the chance to try Skew’s unique construction. =)

  36. Bekky

    I’ve wanted to try these socks since I first saw them! And what beautiful yarn!

    I hope everyone has a lovely Holiday filled with delightful squishy yarn. <3

  37. Anna-Maria

    I started knitting Wraptor in a self-striping sock yarn but the stripes were too short for this lovely pattern so I had to frog it. Soo looking forwards to knit this in a yarn that’d make the pattern proud!

  38. Barb Ray

    Oh, how do I love self striping sock yarns? Let me count the ways, and this pattern has me very, very intrigued. What a perfect match!

  39. Katie Verna

    Holy Crackers!! What a treat of a giveaway!! So glad for the chance to win. Merry Christmas!
    Katie V in NC

  40. Rebecca

    What a spectacular, creative pattern for socks! I’d love to give it a try with Twisted Fiber Arts lovely yarn.

  41. donna

    I must be one of the few sock knitters that doesn’t own any self striping yarn. Would love to have a go at those socks! woolpiggy (Rav)

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  43. Robin

    Love the name Wrapter socks. I think these socks would be perfect for a cold winter’s day! Love the colors (silver and gold) in the last pix)! Thanks for inspiring 🙂

  44. Lisa

    I’ve been intending to try Skew, or now, Wraptor. Toss my name in the hat and maybe this will push me to do it!

    Merry Christmas to everyone at Knitty!

  45. Nicky

    Self striping yarn seems to be in short supply in my neck of the woods – the pattern looks funky, so I would love to give it a go.

  46. Catrina

    Totally have the blues tonight…a new pair of socks could turn that around! Thanks for the great contest.

  47. Merridee

    These are soooo cool! I am a little bored with my plain self striping socks and would like to try this.

  48. Cal (SkyNorth on Ravelry)

    I like this pattern, having only recently mastered the magic cast on required for toe up socks. Previously I stuck to cuff-down, because I couldn’t understand the written instructions for invisible or magic cast on, however I recently found a really great video tutorial and I’ve started knitting toe-up socks. I get tired of the same old formula of cuff, leg, short row heel, then turn, pick up stitches ( which never seem to be the same number as the slipped stitches you’ve carefully counted!) followed by decreased gusset,, foot and toe with fiddly graft. I need a challenge! Hat Heel is different but I don’t really like the triangular bits between the heel and the main part of the foot. Wraptor has everything to challenge and delight 🙂

  49. Leslie C

    broke and intrigued by pattern structure – what more can I say? It’s going to be stuck in my brain until I get to try it and that may be a while… LOL

  50. Noemi

    Great looking socks! Would love to make them. The yarn colors are amazing. The yelloe and grey look lovely.

  51. Annie

    Very clever…of course. That’s why we keep coming back. Clever patterns, beautiful design ideas. So much to learn and do.

  52. Beth

    Please oh please… I totally need more yarn…. Not like I’m knitting a Doctor Who scarf… Let alone three….

  53. Elizabeth

    Love this pattern! When I saw it, I immediately started planning the pair I’m going to knit for my programmer husband. So very clever!

  54. Judie Agee

    I love the subtle shading and combination of colors in this yarn. I hope I win! I would love to have this kit!

  55. Kelly

    I fell in love with these the moment I saw them and I’ve been dying to make them. I’d love to win the kit!

  56. Barbie parker

    I am so obsessed with self striping yarns and thse are the some of the coolest self stripers I have ever seen!! Pick me – pick me!!!

  57. Meli

    This is the first sock pattern my boyfriend has ever asked me to knit for him. He thinks they’re really neat, and I’d love to make them for him 🙂

  58. Laura

    Wow, how very interesting! These would surely get some attention! I would love to have a go at this design.

  59. Beth Cordell

    I loved the Skew Socks and these new ones are FANTASTIC! Can’t wait to try them so I hope you’ll send me the kit! 😉

  60. Rachel Abrams

    Oooh, I love this pattern. And I don’t have a striping yarn in my stash for it. This would be fabulous!

  61. brookE S.

    Holy cow- I’ve knit both skews & longitudinal (Which were both amazing & fun) and as a sock fiend, these look BRILLIANT!

  62. Jane Beddoe

    I love the yellow and shades of grey. Thanks for doing all the work on the pattern/color/stitch thing!!
    Merry Christmas:)

  63. Sarah

    I’ve been eying this pattern since it came out, and would love the chance to try out some of Twisted’s lovely self striping!

  64. Bonnie H.

    oooh, socks…. love knitting them. would be fun to try something so different from ‘normal’ sock knitting!

  65. Chris

    Thanks for this post so I can chase up long self-stripe yarn YAy! Love the yellow and grey. And a great sock pattern too !

  66. Elaine P.

    Love that pattern, love the look of diagonal stripes and with this lovely yarn what a perfect pair of socks they would be!! Pick Me!!

  67. Krista

    Beautiful! Makes me want to knit socks again. Haven’t done socks for several years but these are really special.

  68. Corinne

    These are amazing! They look so fun. I would love to get to work with Twisted Fiber Art yarn. I have been looking for wider stripes for my socks.

  69. Pam

    I finished my Christmas knitting and put boxes in the mail today. I told my mom that one of her presents is my “first effort” at learning a new technique. (Secretly, I think mom loves being my guinea pig). In any event, I warned her that I wanted to go on a sock-making spree and next year’s package might be chock full of fun and interesting designs. Wow, would this pattern and this yarn be a great way to start!!!

  70. Ruth D

    Perfect! I was out yesterday looking for long striping yarn for a pattern I’m working on. Love these socks!

  71. Deb

    Socks are a perfect “portable project”. I always have a pair in progress and keep them with me to work on whenever I have free time.

  72. Isobel DeBrujah

    I stepped away from making socks for a long time but I would be MORE than willing to return for these lovelies!

  73. Sandy

    I love Twisted Fiber Arts Colourways…They would make gorgeous funky socks! Looking forward to trying out the pattern and would love to have the perfect yarn to knit them with.

  74. Johnnie Boughner

    Looks interesting. Learning to make socks now. That yarn is good inspiration for continuing the process. Fun!

  75. Laura Cummings

    I LOVE this pattern! Regardless if I win this giveaway, I will be making these socks as soon as I can get to a printer and print the pattern. Absolutely wonderful!

  76. Sara J

    I have been knitting since 2005, but I have never yet made a pair of socks. This is cool enough to make me do it!

  77. Gail

    Such gorgeous yarn they have! I’ve picked out half a dozen colors for my want list. Do all of the self striping yarn colors from Twisted Fiber Arts’ work or just certain colors?

  78. florapie

    This sock blows my mind-and I’m going to have to actually do it to understand it, hence the desire to win appropriate yarn!

  79. Judi

    Santa, please bring me this beautiful kit. I want to make these socks and wear them everywhere to show them off.

  80. Nancy

    This is the,out interesting sock I have seen in a long while! Would love to have a skein of this yarn to make a pair!

  81. Michelle

    I loved skew! It was challenging but so worth it. It was my first pair of socks with own hand spun.
    Bring on the next challenge.

  82. Sanae

    I haven’t knitted a pair of socks in a few years, but I’d say this yarn would certainly get me in the mood! Gorgeous!

  83. Lori Wilson

    I LOVE this pattern! I’m currently knitting “Skew” right now and since seeing the aforementioned pattern, I’ve developed a love for funkily constructed socks. Can’t wait to come across some graduated or long colorway self-striping yarn to I can make these socks soon!

  84. Emily

    I’ve been planning to make these socks from the moment I glanced through this issue of Knitty! That ending Kitchener looks painful, but I think it will be worth it because the construction is so cool.

  85. Kathleen

    After trying through the years to knit socks I finally hit on a pattern that I actually finished (two socks worth, that is) and that pattern was “Skew”. “Wraptor” intrigues me in the same way and I would absolutely love to get some great yarn with which to knit it!

  86. Beth Rudo

    I would love to knit these uniquely designed socks. What an interesting project — and it really need the right yarn to shine.

  87. Paula

    Now these are socks that I would be willing to knit…and I have the perfect person in mind to receive them 😉

  88. PatriciaM

    These socks look fascinating, and the yarn looks amazing. Thanks for the chance to win some. I’m going to try out the pattern regardless.

  89. Lisa

    Wow. Those are great! The hardest thing about these kinds of patterns is finding the right kind if yarn. To get the exact yarn called for would be fantastic!! Thanks for the opportunity to win it…and Merry Christmas!!

  90. Patti H.

    Wow! Those socks are eye-catching! Beautiful use of the self-striping yarn. Thanks for a chance at one of the kits!

  91. Heather R

    I love the off centre stripiness. Definitely on the list for 2014.
    Brilliant way to show off a good striped yarn.

  92. Lisa

    These socks look so fun and I love finding
    More long rep yarn! The possibilities are
    Endless! I love it in sweaters too!

  93. tracy a.

    These socks frighten me – in a good way (:
    They’re so on my list. Also, Twisted fiber arts is THE BEST!

  94. Sharon Kubes

    I have never made a pair of socks before, but these really inspire me to give it a try. Beautiful job with an excellent twist to them.

  95. Kelly Reeves

    I’m trying to work up the courage to try my first pair of socks, I’ve just been lookingfor the right pattern to inspire me. Wow, i think I may have just found it! Awesome socks!

  96. Sara Richardson

    I’ve wanted to knit something in a spiral stripe for ages but could not quite figure out how to do this. If I had the opportunity to knit this it would be a dream come true.

  97. Elizabeth Howard

    I am not normally a fan of self-striping yarn, but the right pattern makes a world of difference!

  98. Marian Kelly

    Socks are my on the go project. Always just plain. These would be a fun change and a great gift to my grand daughter who is a pre-school teacher.

  99. Kellie

    Love the new wraptor pattern, it is definitely on my to do list, would love this awesome kit to go with it.

  100. Diana B

    Would love to start a new year with new socks. This year has been a doozy and I have the holes to prove it.

  101. Donna Gerber

    Love how different these look from the usual socks in self-striping yarn. Very interesting construction. They look like they would be fun to knit!

  102. Fiona

    Ooooooo fantastic socks.. Maybe I’d actually finish a pair of these and not get second sock syndrome this time?!

  103. Stephanie Risotto

    I am so intrigued by these socks! I’m trying to get my mind “wrapped” around how they were constructed. Congratulations on producing such a creative approach and a beautiful pair of socks!

  104. kari falk

    I am going to have rotator cuff surgery next month….but I will be dreaming of knitting these socks as soon as I am able to knit again! (I loved making the Longitudinal Socks!)

  105. Knit Yeah

    I would really like to try the pattren – Looks Entertaining & Challenging! Always up for a good challenge 🙂

  106. RobinCB

    I made a pair of skew socks a few years ago and they were the most interresting socks I’ve ever knit, but the colors didn’t work quite right. I’d love to try this yarn out.

  107. Amy Wake

    I have been contemplating this pattern. I don’t currently have an appropriate yarn. I would love to win this as I’m trying to curb my buying. (Trying being the operative word.) Thanks!

  108. Robin Vankleek

    Love making striped socks, but I too get tired of short color changes! Would love to try this kit!

  109. Maryanne

    The construction of these socks is just ingenious, and though I have a ton of self-striping sock yarns, I’ve never had the pleasure of knitting with Twisted Fiber Arts.

  110. kristi

    That looks amazing! I have been making lots of socks this winter as well and this looks like a fabulous addition to my project list. Happily holidays 🙂

  111. Sharon carpenter

    I love knitting socks. They are the calm that stays with you no matter what the storm. This pattern looks facinating.

  112. inge Harding

    These socks remind me of a dress my mum knit for me in the ’60s! Now to find yarn in medium-bright blue, white, and bright spring green!

  113. Kay April

    I have never won anything from Knitty but I do love your website and your groups at Ravelry. Thank you.

  114. Katy C

    I love all the uniquely constructed socks Knitty has been publishing in the last few issues! I’m anxious to give this pattern a try!

  115. SwordofaKnitter

    LOVE this pattern SOOO much and can’t wait to make them!!! It would – of course – be awesome to win yarn for them… 😉

  116. Natalie

    Loved knitting Skew, even though they turned out a bit large for me (but perfect as a gift). Kinda wish I had that yarn back now to try Wraptor, so a different skein would be perfect!

  117. Susan

    haven’t won in the last YEAR?? more like Haven’t won in the last LIFE!!
    oooh the socks are delightful.. my needles are itching to try them on for SIZE!!
    Happy December DAYS joyful moment by clicking moment!!

  118. Karina

    What a lovely Xmas treat that would be! Thanks so much for offering the yarn and Happy Holidays and a Merry New Year 🙂

  119. Rebecca

    This reminds me of those swirling pictures that mess with your mind and make you see movement. Also, the idea of where did you start this from- the top or the bottom?

  120. Casey

    Hmm. I still haven’t knit the first two iterations…I probably ought to do that before I knit this one, huh?

  121. Mitzi McFarlane

    Those are great socks! I have finally learned to love knitting socks so this will be a great addition!

  122. Wren

    I feel in love with this pattern the moment I saw it. It’s such a creative design and I can’t wait till I make it.

  123. Barbra B

    Oooohhh! Went over to the Twisted Fiber Arts website and checked out the colors. I fell in love with the Carousel Playful or Duchess – I just might have to order some if I can find the money.

  124. Kathy

    Socks are my absolute favorite! I’m breaking out of my standard cuff down mold this year, and Wraptor would be a great start! Thank you.

  125. Angela

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern!
    I’m a huge fan of Jeny’s patterns & her super-stretchy bind off. Such good stuff.
    This pattern is in my queue on Ravely–if I’m lucky enough to win this I’ll knit it for the Ravellenics.

  126. anji beane

    I am working on two right Skew socks right now. Its my first time knitting two socks at once. Its fun watching them knit up with the two completely different yarns I’m using. I can’t wait to knit the Wraptors!! They are next on my list!

  127. Cathyjay

    I finished my first Skew sock last night and immediately cast on the second. Imagine my joy when I saw another diagonal sock pattern, and then my elation when I noticed there exists an opportunity to win the wonderful yarn!

  128. Debi Marheine

    These socks are gorgeous. I am
    putting them on my “to do” list
    with or without the yarn. BUT I
    would LOVE the yarn!!

  129. Darlene Krystal

    Just learned how to make socks this year…they’re a lot of fun…now I’m learning to add colorations….fair isle and such….Those ones are really cool….hope I get as good to make socks like that….Since I just learned how to I’ll keep practicing…..Have a great xmas and thanks for all the inspiration that you’ve given this year….

  130. Irene Kellins

    A very ‘twisted look! Making these sounds like an excellent winter knit challenge, and I would enjoy the chance to take it on 🙂

  131. Ann Hannigan

    Don’t often knit socks except fot babies. But this pattern and this yarn could change my mind! Love them; want it!

  132. Lisa Brown

    I love these socks! i cant wait to try them! i always have a pair of socks on needles they are so portable those or mitts are my tag-along knits they fit in my purse and go wherever i do!

  133. Reney

    Those socks are the best thing ever!!! I can’t wait to make a pair…will definitely be looking for these!!!

  134. Nike Eve

    I have yet to cast on either Skew, Longitudinal, or this new one Wraptor, but I think winning the yarn might just kick my butt into gear! 😉

  135. Raelene Dawson

    These are awesome!! I have used twisted fiberarts yarn before and it is lovely. Keeping my fingers crossed for a win!

  136. stella

    love love love seeing stuff on how patterns become other patterns. this is the best. also that yarn is gorgeous.

  137. GK Green

    Here’s my comment … Great pattern, gorgeous results! Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks and happy holidays to all.

  138. Nan

    This pattern looks to be an ideal option for our STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, and Math) knitting group.

  139. Aimee

    Personally, I don’t have any striped sock yarn. I love color changing yarns, but all the ones I have seem to have very short color sections. It’s good to know this one fits the bill.

  140. Lee Wells

    Fascinating pattern, interesting yarn. It adds up to a challenge (not sure if I can actually knit those!) I’d love to win and to work on the challenge. Lee

  141. Mia

    I’m intrigued by this construction method and would love to have the perfect yarn with which to make them.

  142. Kat

    Ohh, pick me, please! I would love to make these socks but I have no stripey yarn and am on a yarn diet…

  143. Hope Baker

    Love, love this yarn! Would be awesome to win. I have made a lot of things for others but would love to make a pair of socks for me 🙂 thanks for sharing the yarn.

  144. Notme

    2000 stitches seems a lot for a sock that’s usually 63 stitches around. I’d love to try this for my wife.

  145. Audreygs

    I’ve been wanting to try this pattern, but I didn’t have a stash yarn with the requisite long color lengths. Would love to win some!