WWW: Knitted Lamps, Peak Knitting Experience, Disagreement about New Year’s Resolution

The winner of our Wraptor yarn pack giveaway is Chelsea, from St. Paul, MN. Thanks to Twisted Fiber Arts for the prize.

Love this. Imagine the beautiful shadows.

More knitting in home decor: a knitted fabric is used as the basis for a lamp construction…

Did anyone catch the QI Christmas episode last week? Kingston University student Imogen Hedges made an appearance with her bicycle-powered ‘unknitting machine‘. Stephen Fry clearly doesn’t knit, or know any knitters, as he seemed more amazed by the unravelling than we might expect…

An excellent question posed on the Fringe Association blog: what’s your peak knitting experience? To quote from the blog post: Maybe it’s pulling off something you didn’t think you were capable of. Maybe it’s the anticipation of a gift recipient’s response. Or maybe it’s making a thing that proves to be endlessly comforting or useful to you or a loved one. Loving the replies in the comments.

Harumph: The USA TODAY thinks that knitting more tree sweaters is a “weird” New Year’s Resolution. I think it’s a lovely idea.

A great British knitter.

A nice profile of four knitters from the UKL Hazel Tindall, the world’s fastest knitter, designer Louise Walker, creative cafe owner Peter Allison, and teacher Louise Wilke, who is using knitting to help her cope with a serious illness…. It’s great to see the broad variety of knitters being represented, without resorting to old stereotypes.

I hope that when I’m 100 I’m still doing such beautiful and detailed work.

Haven’t the faintest idea what a Dumbo Rat is, but the picture is a win.

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  1. Barbara

    Just an FYI. Dumbo rats are more sweet-tempered than other fancy rats. They get their name from their Dumbo-like ears. In case you wanted to know.

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