WWW: Knitting songs & other history, knitted nests for baby birds

Easy to knit, yet very powerful in their ability to help.

Wildcare, an urban wildlife rehabilitation center based in San Rafael, California, has put out a call for help. They collect knitted nests for rescued orphaned baby birds. The birds start arriving at the rehab center in June, and they need a lot of nests to care for these delicate creatures.

Stick to your knitting, kitten…

Singer, knitter and podcaster Melanie Gall of The Savvy Girls has released a second collection of knitting songs. This second release focuses on knitting songs of World War II. I love this project, keeping alive a small piece of ‘domestic’ history that might otherwise have been lost. Melanie is a professional opera singer, and her lovely voice is just right for these songs. The instrumentation is true to the period, and brings to life these little stories of life and knitting during the war, knitting for sweethearts and family members and servicemen abroad, knitting while you wait, knitting because it might the only thing you can do to contribute to the war effort.  At the same time, these songs tell universal stories of knitting, stories we’re all familiar with… “She started on a sock but kinda lost her nerve; shock followed shock for she couldn’t make the curve” – yup, we’ve all been there.

Image courtesy the Stroudwater Textile Trust.

Speaking of history, the Stroudwater Textile Trust has just launched a new website. This UK Trust is dedicated to telling the story of the Gloucestershire woollen industry, restoring and demonstrating historical textile machinery at two sites in the Cotswolds. The website has a wonderful history section, and hosts many historical images of wool mills in action.

Looking to the future: Kim Werker alerts us to news of an Open Source knitting machine.

“In the model of 3D printers and the online platforms that host open-source plans that anyone can print, some folks have developed OpenKnit, “an open-source, low cost (under 550€), digital fabrication tool that affords the user the opportunity to create his own bespoke clothing from digital files.”

And from technology to mathematics: wonderful eye-candy (although not entirely about knitting) in this slide show from Scientific American magazine, showcasing “The Stunning Symbiosis between math and knitting“. The article provides more detail on the craft-related events from Joint Mathematics Meetings held in Baltimore last month.

We’re pleased to announce two giveaway winners: the winner of the Dreaming in Shetland book is Lisa in Maryland and the winner of the class with me! is Debra, in Ontario.

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