Lace Giveaway!

Lovely Lace
Lovely Lace

In an effort to coax Spring out of her shell, we’re doing a lace giveaway today.  Our giveaway feature Brooke Nico’s new wonderful book Lovely Knitted Lace  from Lark Crafts, a set of Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles, size US 2-8   from Hiya Hiya

Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Needles
Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Needles

and a skein of Black Bunny Flutter Merino Lace from Black Bunny Fibers. It’s the same yarn and color Brooke used to make the Flutter Shawl in her book.

Flutter Shawl
Flutter Shawl


I think knitting lace can make the temperatures rise and the flowers bloom don’t you?


Our regular rules apply:

Leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, Monday,  March 24th. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win the book,needle set and yarn. If you have already won a prize from us in the past year, please do give other knitters a chance. Giveaway value $140.00







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811 thoughts on “Lace Giveaway!

  1. Inna

    I love lace! It’s my favorite kind of knitting, and I haven’t done nearly enough of it recently!

  2. Roralee

    Heavens to Murgatroyd…Spring is finally here! It’s so lovely to walk outside in the sunshine, hear bird-song, and see the hellebores poking thru last Autumn’s fallen leaves.

  3. Courtney

    I’m so ready for spring and the lace that comes with it! Thanks for the chance at this awesome prize!

  4. Sandy

    Lace is my #1 project of choice here in the desert. What better combo could a knitter ask for that Brooke’s designs paired with Carol’s yarns?!? Spring haz SPRUNG!

  5. Tiffany

    I’ve been tip-toeing my way around knitting lace. I’ve done smaller lace projects up to now and I think this would be a great leap into it.

  6. Anne

    Wow. Nice giveaway. I’ve taken classes with both Brooke and Carol Sulkowski of BlackBunny. Would love to win.

  7. jules

    My friends joke that I seem to need a lace shawl intervention… I can’t help that lace is fun to knit, is entertaining and the finished products look and feel amazing!

  8. Anna

    Ever since I saw the Camellia Dolman from the cover of the book I thought “wow” and “I want to make that!” Looks like a really intense and probably time consuming project, but it is STUNNING! So so beautiful!

  9. Kimbo

    I am just starting out on lace and I have been hanging out for some interchangeable needles. Great giveaway!

  10. Ferran

    I haven’t stopped knitting lace since I discovered it! Each new lace project is a new challenge.

  11. Kristin H

    Oh what a lovely giveaway! I haven’t done nearly as much lace knitting as I’d like, but I have lots of patterns saved for when I have a bit more time to concentrate on my knitting.

  12. Samantha

    Ohhh I have been dying to get my hands on a lovely set of lace needles like those hiya hiyas!

  13. Heather S

    I love knitting lace. But the needles make me smile – hiya hiya was German baby talk for “night night”

  14. Kate Spencer

    Meg: I agree. I like fun sweaters and winter accessories, but I’m excited to get away from the snow, the drab, and the cold. Plus, the more I get to do bits of lace knitting here and there, the more I find myself enjoying it.

  15. Cara

    I’ve already started bookmarking lace patterns. The book looks fantastic, especially the Pointsettia jacket.

  16. Cissi

    I want to have one of those on my needles right now. It’s snowing quite bad here right now, I want spring.

  17. Noemie

    I am beginning to look into lace knitting, so this giveaway could not have had a better timing!! Many thanks!

  18. Annie

    Anything to coax spring along! As much as I love my warm woolies, I’m ready for some lacy goodness.

  19. Virginia Bond

    I’ve tried a lot of things, but not lace. Guess this spring it will time to give it a try; after I finish all of my items on the hook and needle.

  20. Carrie

    Lovely lace is so apt! Ready for warmer temps and some sweet lace knitting. Looks like another amazing give away and a great book.

  21. Melissa

    As *wonderful* as winter is, I’ll be glad to see spring back! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  22. Marsha

    My first attempt at knitting a lace shawl ended very badly. Dropped stitches, tangles, spilt yarn–you name the problem, and I had it. That was a year ago. This prize set looks like just what I need to recover from that traumatic experience and try again!

  23. Elizabeth

    Does it really work?! Gosh, if I’d known a little lace knitting would bring in the warm weather, I would have started a new shawl weeks ago! At least lace puts me in a spring state of mind. Sigh!

  24. Raymonde

    Wow!!! A book on lace, Hiya Hiya needles and raspberry pink yarn too! That yummy prize package is exactly what I need to get me through the last weeks of this unending winter!!!

  25. Anne Marie

    What a fabulous giveaway! I think you may be right … knitting lace could quite possibly coax out the warm temperatures!

  26. Anna D.

    Lovely lace! I live in a hot climate, so lace knitting is a year round practice. Beautiful color yarn, it would look wonderful in the desert!

  27. Amanda Heyen

    I am constantly singing the praises of Hiya Hiya needles, as I have tried many other interchangeable sets, but these are the best. The yarn looks beautiful as well and I’ve got someone who LOVES all things pink. Fantastic give away, thanks so much!

  28. Samina

    That’s some nice lace! I can’t wait for tax season to end so I can get my life back. I’m desperate to knit!

  29. Jean

    This is a spectacular giveaway! Maybe it’s just the thing to coax Spring out of its hard Wintery shell!

  30. Kay

    Such lovely prizes! That book has some gorgeous lace projects. The yarn and needles are truly the icing on the cake(s).

  31. Merna

    I’m not exactly the lacy type when it comes to wearing it, but I love the process of lace knitting.

  32. mireille

    Oh how we long for spring…we all need something pretty to distract us from the piles of dirty snow!

  33. Catrina

    Wow!! What a fantastic prize. It snowed here this morning so I definitely think we’re due for some lace-wearing weather 🙂

  34. Lisa

    Perfect timing! I have been smitten with several lace patterns this week. Oh, for something light and airy.

  35. Susan Paul

    Brilliant timing!! I am staying in Venezia for the week, with a ball of fine Noro and no heart for the lace pattern I brought with me….would that I had, I wouldn’t have found this. And with the book and the pins, I will never be stranded again (oh, please forgive the pun…)

  36. Alia

    Oh, that book has some lovely patterns! I find I’m doing a lot of lace knitting lately, so it’d be great to have a nice set of needles, too.

  37. Jill

    Wow, I love knitting lace and would also like to try out hiya hiyas! Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. Ina G

    Okay, I really think I should win this one – just for karma to make up for the shawl that was stolen out of the lost and found box before I could get to it. (yes, I’m still mad about it)

  39. Helga

    What a lovely way to finally say good-bye to this endless winter and look forward to warmer days.

  40. Marilyn (Merry) Fenton

    Gorgeous! And yippee for the first day of spring after the most brutal winter in my life time.
    wahoomerryf on Ravelry

  41. KWAK

    Brooke is such a good designer; I’d love this chance to make another of her lace creations!

  42. Stardancer

    I’m drooling a little bit. The needles. The lace! I have yet to do a real lace project and I’m excited. This is the year!

  43. Alison

    What a wonderful prize. I have just been bit by the shawl bug and this would be a wonderful addition.

  44. Kate

    Lovely! I’m working on a lacy cotton skirt that I hope will be finished when spring finally makes a proper appearance in the northeast.

  45. LadyZed

    This is exactly what I need! I am just starting a Spring shawl and I need some smaller circular needles. Thank you!

  46. Laura Conrad

    I’ve been looking at shawl patterns — a loose jacket I wear all the time when it’s a little too cold is falling apart and I need to replace it with something.

  47. Sandy

    What a wonderful opportunity! I love knitting lace. To me, it is the most rewarding knit-work.
    Fingers crossed for this one!!!

  48. Emeli

    Pretty shawls! Will be perfekt this summer and the next and the next and so many years to come 🙂

  49. D Louise Gerlach

    Oooh! That color is gorgeous, so spring-y. Physical, besides meteorological Spring will come…won’t it?

  50. Ruth

    Dang, I’m supposed to be rushing out of my office for a meeting but I simply must throw my name in the hat for this lovely giveaway!

  51. Pam Comton

    Have always wanted Hiya Hiya needles; can’t bring myself to fork out for them! Fingers crossed….

  52. Rebecca Pfeiffer

    It seems like such a fitting thing for the first day of spring! Thanks for the offer~

  53. Karen Watkins

    What a wonderful gift for a lucky knitter! I think the Flutter shawl looks like a school of fish!

  54. janmaus

    Lovely prizes. Lace has been my favorite things ever since tendonitis struck my thumb a few years ago–not to mention who much fun it is to knit!

  55. Matilda

    I’m all for coaxing spring out of it’s shell! Lovely things anyone would like to come out and play with.

  56. Leslie

    For this give away I will leave a comment – it’s absolutely splendid! We had sun here in western Mass this afternoon, then clouds, then a sun shower and now sun again. Long may the sun shine!!!

  57. MaryFran

    It’s been such a long and dreadful winter here in New England. I would love to win this and dream of Spring!

  58. Veronica

    I’ve heard good things about Hiya Hiya interchangeables. I would love to give them a try.

  59. kcc

    ahhh- what a lovely antidote to the snow coming down here in western new york! a dream of lace! i am crossing my fingers!

  60. Susann

    I’ve been learning the joys of lace knitting via the Afternoon Tea Shawl pattern on Knitty — still need to block it. Would love to have this gift!

  61. Carolyn

    We’re heading into autumn, but this would be lovely to keep some spring feeling through autumn and winter.

  62. trainlady

    I covet that book and would love the needles and yarn. It’s a really inspired giveaway.

  63. Pat Lewis

    What could be nicer for spring than making a nice lace shawl with those needles and yarn!

  64. Jayne

    Wow! What a great give away! So tired of winter and am so ready to knit something springy 🙂

  65. kat

    I would really, really love to win this. I have wanted a set of these needles for ages. The book and the yarn look truly divine. Oh please, great Universe, let me win this!

  66. Rebecca

    Oooh, springy! I just turned in my dissertation. I have the time to knit for the first time in YEARS. It should would be nice to knit that beautiful shawl as my first return project!

  67. allison

    Lace knitting definitely feels right for spring and summer. I’ve got linen on my needles right now in hopes that the weather will warm up soon!

  68. Ellen

    As a bobbin lace maker, I have just begun to appreciate knitted lace. I have done two small shawls with a lace border, and am ready to tackle an all over shawl!

  69. Hazel Swoboda

    Great contest… would love to win. Need to make spring arrive in Alberta as it snowed today and it’s cold again!!

  70. alane

    I recently tried some hiya hiyas, and realy liked them. I’d love to have a set! The lace looks intriguing.

  71. Eileen

    I would love to win this! Thank you for the opportunity. We have signs of Spring in our neck of the woods, so lace would be just right!

  72. florapie

    Bringing out the big guns to entice spring on a day when I’ve seen beautiful sunshine, dark black clouds, rain, and hail! If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what will 🙂

  73. Crystal

    Yes the first day of spring seems the perfect time to put something lacy on some needles and maybe with some beads too. What fun it would be to win too!

  74. Molly

    Oooh, those are lovely. And it’s just the time of year to switch from sweaters to lacy shawls.

  75. Alan

    I’m working on a Shetland shawl with KnitPicks laceweight Bare yarn. Would love this book (and needles… and yarn…)

  76. Nina Rynearson

    So timely. I was just listening to the Fiber Hooligan’s interview with Brooke and thought that I needed this book. If I don’t win, I’ll buy it for sure.

  77. lynnb

    Happy Spring everyone. Lovely giveaway, thanks for the opportunity. Count me in as a lace lover.

  78. Lise

    I love lace, and at this point I think spring needs all the help it can get. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  79. Jill

    Must wipe off drool – so unbecoming, but such a challenge in the face of all that lacey goodness!

  80. Veronica Marie

    I have a ticket to hear The Yarn Harlot at the DFW Fiber fest next Friday 3/28 and having a new lace project will then make my life totally complete!

  81. Patty Clark

    Ohhh lace, so nice to knit in Spring and summer. This would be a wonderful gift to myself.

  82. Alison

    I would love every bit of this prize. The book is gorgeous, and I need a new set of needles. I also love working with new yarns.

  83. Sue N

    Nothing guaranteed to get spring happening faster! What a beautiful giveaway. Fingers crossed……

  84. Terri

    I’ve been hearing about this book on all the podcasts. Thank you for some lovely visuals finally!

  85. Noel

    I have just started really getting into lace and don’t have any books yet. The yarn and needles would be awesome as well. This is an exciting giveaway-good luck everyone!

  86. Rachel

    I love knitting lace! I already own two other lace books at least and I would love to add this one to my collection. What makes me drool the most though, is the Hiya Hiya needle set! : )

  87. Diane

    The perfect giveaway for a feeling of spring… nice lace patterns, wonderful needles and some soft yarn… this could cheer me up from the harsh cold winter.

  88. Megan

    Love this. That needle set looks wonderful, I’m always sad that my interchangeables don’t go below 5.

  89. Kathleen Sweeney

    I’ve become increasingly interested in knitted lace patterns lately – the book looks lovely!

  90. Vicky

    I have the regular hiya hiyas and would love to try the sharps. Thank you for offering such a great prize!

  91. Marguerite

    What a beautiful book! I have several Hiya Hiya circulars that I adore, I’d love to try the interchangeables.

  92. Melanie

    Lovely is the word for it. Lace is absolutely on the list, now that the tendonitis is eased and picking up needles seems back in the cards. Thanks for the inspiration!

  93. Victoria Hadar

    I love the book,love the lace,love the needles ,love the yarn and love Nico’s designs,so i must win.

  94. GretcheninWA

    For me, spring = startitis = cast on ALL the lace! It’s not enabling if it’s random, right?

  95. Laia

    I’ve been thinking about lace these days… and I’ve fallen in love with the book and the needles! Hello spring!!!

  96. Laurie in Maine

    Putting holes in knitting (on purpose) with those new needles would be such a joy!

  97. Beth Rudo

    Wow, I certainly could use those needles. The lovely patterns and yarn to make one? Bonus!

  98. blogless grace

    What a great book! and to get needles and yarn as well!!! I will take a chance! Thanks!!!

  99. Kristy

    Beautiful book, beautiful needles, beautiful yarn! Thanks for the chance, Knitty! And happy spring!

  100. Kelley

    If knitting lace means that spring will be here sooner I am in! Winter is putting up quite a fight this year and some pretty lace could soothe my soul.

  101. Valerie

    love the colour of that shawl! Makes me hopeful that spring is actually around the corner

  102. Natalie

    If knitting lace fails to make garden flowers bloom, we can knit some flowers into our lace.

  103. Abby G

    I have been itching to do some lace knitting now that the trees are starting to put their green on. I love knitting shawls, too. This is perfect!

  104. Liz

    I’ve just started knitting lace shawls and am obsessed! I’d love to make a beautiful shawl with this book and yarn.

  105. AJ

    Oh Wow – What a beautiful book. I’ve been eyeing the Hiya-Hiya’s for some time, and the fiber is spectacular! Please count me in!!

  106. Reney

    The prizes are a great motivation for lace projects! Can’t wait to check out the book and needle set!

  107. patricia lowe

    That lace is so seductive. I think i might try lace again, if it will bring spring showers and spring flowers.

  108. Amy S

    I totally agree – we can make Spring sprung with some lace knitting and this is a beautiful giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a gorgeous prize.

  109. Kay

    After snow earlier in the week, it is supposed to be 75F this weekend, but I don’t trust that there won’t be any more snow. Something lacy and pretty instead of warm and practical is just the ticket!

  110. Gwen

    What an awesome contest! I love lace, and there is no better time to knit it than in the spring.

  111. Heather Ricco

    It has been sooooo cold. I need spring (and summer). So bring on the lace, if that’s what brings out the sun!

  112. Lee Ann

    I love knitting lace! If that’s all it took to make spring, I’d have spring all the time!

  113. Diane

    Gorgeous yarn and since I like the sharpness of Hiya Hiya circulars. I would love to win this prize.

  114. Pat Fuchs

    Beautiful prizes! I’m more of a texture knitter than a color knitter, and lace is always my ‘go to’ when I’m thinking about a new project.

  115. Deana

    Oh how lovely! I’ve been looking for my next lace project, and this is just in time for spring, my favorite season!

  116. Laura from beautiful West Michigan

    Love, love, love lace! And spring WILL come eventually, even to beautiful West Michigan!

  117. Carolyn

    What a wonderful contest…I would love to win this lace package. I am just beginning to knit lace and love it…just wish I could get my tension right. Yarn is beautiful also…and the needles…who doesn’t love new needles!!

  118. miakks

    I love knitting lace and it looks like there’s a nice variety of patterns available in “Lovely Knitted Lace.” And needles and yarn, too? Yes, please!

  119. Tracy

    Goodness! This makes me wish even more that spring would just hurry up and get here. I’d even be happy with seeing blue skies for more than a few hours at a time… I don’t think that’s much to ask.

  120. Mary Alyce

    Even looking at that lovely lace seems to help the winter on its way. Although, we had snow falling yesterday. One can dream of spring when that shawl would be enough to chase the chill.

  121. Savannagal

    We still have quite a few piles of snow in my neck of the woods, but my daffodils are about an inch out of the ground so I know spring is on its way.

  122. Lisa Jensen

    Can’t wait for our daffodils to peek out of the ground- we are about a month behind normal. Lace would definitely help this along.

  123. maget

    We’re expecting yet another dump of snow next week, good old nor’easter at your service. But I’ve heard the first Song Sparrow singing so it must be a sign of spring. Thanks team Knitty for yet another awesome giveaway!

  124. Karen

    The snow is finally starting to melt and spring seems like it’s coming around, but you just don’t know with this winter!

  125. Margo

    The snow is melting slowly and we are seeing more of the sun but winter is still holding on in Michigan.

  126. mollysusie

    Oh my goodness, what a fabulous giveaway! It is sure to make spring come faster! Thank you so much!

  127. aprilshowers

    Oooh, I’d love to try knitting with real laceweight yarn! I’ve only done lace out of fingering weight. And I’ve never tried Hiya Hiya either. Thanks for the chance!

  128. Pilaar

    I have coveted those needles for soo long, fingers crossed! A really wonderful set to have a chance at, thank you!

  129. Catrijn

    Is it wrong to be more excited about the needles than the yarn? I think I’m obsessed with knitting tools…

  130. Donna

    Thank you, just what we need since Mother Nature sure hasn’t got the memo yet that it really is spring.

  131. Nicole

    I saw flurries today here in NH – I need some sign of spring, even if it’s only in a book!

  132. Heather L

    Oooo…looks like gorgeous lace! Please bring the spring…I have this silly rule where I don’t shovel in March and I keep having to give in and shovel…yuck! 😉

  133. purplepenguin

    Ooooh, I want warmer weather! No more snow (even though they are saying we will get some here in eastern PA)!!! A lacy shawl would be enouhg for those nice breezes I am looking forward to. This is a great giveaway.

  134. Marty Foss

    Spring is definitely coming here in Aiken, S.C.; while walking the dogs in the Hitchcock Woods today, was delighted to see a brave Narcissus had broken ground. I’ve been craving a lace project and it seems to be time!

  135. Shannon

    My 4 yo dd welcomed spring in with a round of jingle bells, then it snowed today, I blame her for the lack of spring. Thanks for the lovely spring giveaway, here’s hoping it works.

  136. Carol C

    I love everything about this giveaway. Anything that would help spring act like spring is good, especially since the forecast for NC next week is not looking like spring.

  137. Andrea

    So lovely! Breezy spring days always make me want a lacy wrap. I am so enjoying looking over the patterns in the Spring + Summer Knitty!

  138. Virginia

    I love the looks of the book. Yeah for lace! I’m trying to decide what lace shawl to make myself to go with my dress for my sister’s wedding this summer. I could really use the suggestions.

  139. Meredith Morphew

    Ah, Spring. Here is Alaska is it still far far away. Our 8 inches of snow on Monday is a little melted, but more ot come for sure. I think I might just sit in the greenhouse and knit a shawl!!!

    Good luck everyone. Happy knitting, daffodils and such.

  140. Mindy

    Our temps reached 68 degrees today! So lovely feeling the warm air and sunshine but my allergies make the rest of me feel awful. 🙁 That shawl makes me feel a bit better 😉

  141. Marfisa

    I love lace and shawls, it’s perfect knitting for places that don’t get cold enough for sweaters and scarves.

  142. Lizzie

    Oh I am just getting into lace, 7 years into my knitting adventures.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  143. Elora

    This is an amazing giveaway. I’m not sure whether the yarn or the needle set is most delightful.

  144. Carol

    I love knitting lace and need a new project. This book would be wonderful for new ideas with this lace yarn and needle set. I’m looking forward to receiving it!

  145. mary mcmahon

    I am intrigued about answering a knitting skill question. thanks, Mary in Cincinnati

  146. Patti

    I’ve always intended on making a wedding shawl…for me to wear to my sons’ weddings. They’re 23 and 25. I think it’s time to start planning.

  147. Fara

    A pink lace shawl definitely says Spring to me! Thank you for the chance to win such gorgeous items,

  148. Michelle

    Spring feels like it’s starting to spring here in Yorkshire. Today is officially the first day. 13 years ago today my son was born in snow! Help me, I’m now the mum of a teenager!

  149. Betty

    It would be excellent timing if I won, as I spent several hours in the last couple days browsing through patterns looking for a perfect summer lace scarf. This could be it!

  150. Martie

    I can’t wait until spring when I can break out the lace, sit on the porch and knit beautiful shawl.

  151. Anita Dodds

    we are now into our 6th month of snow. i refuse to shovel anymore. Spring will be welcomed anytime now.

  152. mimi

    I would love to use these needles to try my first lace project! i’ve been going crazy on ravelry looking at shawl patterns.

    Happy Spring everyone!!

  153. Kathy Royal

    I love to knit lace and this book looks just like something that I would enjoy. I have wanted to try the HiyaHiya needles, too. THis is a wonderful prize.

  154. Patrizia Renee

    What a lovely and generous giveaway. And simply right on time for the changing weather. At least I sure hope it changes sooner rather than later. Much as I love wearing all my woolen lovelies, I’m ready to pack them up for the season.

  155. Melissa Freeman

    Sounds like an absolutely scrumptious giveaway – good luck to the one who receives.

  156. Stacey

    Lacy shawls are always a perfect addition over party dresses for spring. I still remember throwing one of my Mom’s over my prom dress !

  157. Cindy

    First signs of spring today… A crocus in my garden and lace shawl knitting on my mind. Love the contest giveaway. Great inspiration.

  158. Debbie C

    Lace gives me an opportunity to challenge my knitting skills. Beautiful yarn and fabulous needles! How fun!

  159. Sue

    Well, spring is now (just about)arrived here already – at least it sure feels like it – temps of around 18 – 20 degrees the last week! So a bit of lace knitting is just what I need now!

  160. Norma

    I was just looking at this book in a bookstore and was thinking it would nice to have in my library.

  161. Darlene

    Wow! Winning that would definately make me feel like spring is coming soon!
    Still winter here in PEI

  162. Donna

    What a beautiful shawl and generous gift!! Thank you for the chance…crossing my fingers!!

  163. Lee Wells

    The combination of book, yarn and needles sounds wonderful. I’d love to win; it’s about time I learned to knit lace (after more than 30 years of cables and other textures.)

  164. Martina Norelli

    Don’t work with lace weight that often, but I love doing lace patterns. Never worked with Hiya Hiya needles, but hear loads of good things about them. What’s not to like about this giveaway?

  165. sjanova

    Perfect spring knitting. Even if spring is having to be dragged in, kicking and screaming!

  166. virginia

    Oh wow, I have been on a lace shawl knitting bender, I would so love to win!! Thank you for the chance and thank you for all the gorgeous FREE shawl patterns over the years! Knitty Rocks!

  167. Donna Gerber

    Love Black Bunny Fiber yarns; would love the lace book; and you can never have too many knitting needles!

  168. Cindy Lou

    I love knitting lace and I have never tried Hiya Hiya needles or Black Bunny before. All three would be excellent additions to my knitting habit!

  169. Marianna

    Beautiful yarn, great needles. I was planning to buy some Hiya Hiya needles to try them out. Guess I’ll wait until the winner is chosen. (fingers crossed).

  170. Heather

    I love the horizontal loveliness of the flutter shawl. What a wonderful way to bring in spring. Now if only the snow would melt!

  171. Susan S.

    I have some Hiya Hiya regular circs I bought to try. I LOVE these needles for lace. It would be awesome to win a set of the interchangeables, so much less space consuming than having at least one of every size of the regulars. And the rest of the package looks pretty delicious as well. Happy Spring!

  172. Cynthia Stubb

    I have been knitting and have never done a shawl tho I like lace. I really like to buy yarn. I think the shawls r beautiful. Next meant to try handspun.

  173. Cynthia Stubb

    Whoa I am at g mail dot com.not email. I am not smart enough for my new smart phone. It is autocorrecting m tte wrong words. I would love a knee yarn.All I know is Cascade 220 and ultra alpaca. Order online only twice a month. I’d be excited to try a new yarn.

  174. GK Green

    What a wonderful giveaway … I’d love to win! Please enter me in the drawing! Thanks for the chance at a lace-filled spring and summer! I’m gkgreen on Ravelry.

  175. Theresa Mattina

    I took a lace shawl class with Amy in NJ in December. This book and needle set would be perfect!

  176. Tina J

    I hadn’t heard of that book so thank you for sharing. Will have to see if I can track down a copy to browse through.

  177. Anne R

    I have been drooling over skeins of paperweight yarn on Ravelry for a week now thinking of spring shawls. Perhaps this is a sign!

  178. SallyH

    My favourite sort of knitting + my favourite needles + my favourite yarn weight = I’m in, please.

  179. Sarah

    What a lovely prize to give away! I would hope this bit of beautiful would coax Mother Nature to push spring along a little faster.

  180. Charlotte

    I’m still the only one in my knitting group who will even venture into knitting lace shawls, even though I’ve showed them the lifelines & multiple stitch markers I use!

  181. Nikki

    ZOMG an interchangable set with all the sizes i use..! And i’m about to clear all my old projects out of the WIP pile, so a new lace project would be luverly… ^_^

  182. Robbie

    What a generous prize package. I’ve been on a garter shawl kick lately. I think it’s time to add lace back into the mix. I’d love to start with one of Brooke’shawls.

    1. Bridget

      Huh. Don’t know what happened to my comment…
      This is an awesome giveaway and I’d love a bit of springy lace to work on!

  183. Fleur

    Ooooooooooh, please tell me I am still in time to leave a comment (commenting is always easy) and be part of the contest 😉

  184. Claudia

    Wow! I’m comment 760?! Crazy, but totally understandable. I’ve discovered a new interest in lace having just finished a shawl and would love this (obviously). Like they say, you gotta be in it to win it.

  185. Sue E

    Looks like a great way to welcome in spring- thinking about light and airy stuff like lace for a change.

  186. LauraBeth

    Lace is my absolute favorite to knit. So light and elegant; so easy to fall into a rhythm and just enjoy.

  187. Becky L.

    Ooh! Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? I’ve been looking at those needles for a while now. Pick me!

  188. Ingrid

    I did a stash toss/spring cleaning this weekend and was surprised at how much laceweight yarn I have. I love the look of the floral tunic. So effortless to wear, though I know the knitting of it will give me a run for my money!

  189. Allison

    Oh please? Oh please? Oh please? With a new baby in the house, I am on a strict yarn/books/needles diet. I would LOVE to have the chance to win this.

  190. Suzie

    I’ve done simple lace (big needles, small yarn) but I’d like to try more complex stuff.

  191. Beth

    Ah, nothing says spring like something lacy and pink/bloomy. Can’t wait for warmer days. I’d love to bring on spring with this project.

  192. Tami

    oh my goodness — how beautiful. I hope that spring’s sunshine melts all of the remaining snow soon — and that bulbs are sprouting soon after…. Thank you for the beautiful giveaway.

  193. Susan Deeter Murphy

    Knitting lace makes me feel more refined and elegant than Aunt Lydia’s Rug Yarn. Even more than Sublime Merino DK. What a fantastic prize. All one needs to add is a knitter.

  194. PattyKnitz

    Lace is my very favorite thing to knit! Come on spring–it’s time to knit on the porch.

  195. Julie

    Oh please, oh please, let spring come soon. Good thing we’re all surrounded by warm yarn!
    Good luck everyone

  196. teresa stever

    I have always wanted to learn to knit lace. This book looks as if it would help me get started in the right direction. The whole prize looks fantastic and would be delighted to win.

  197. MadTatter

    Ooh, pretty pretty pretty!

    I offer thee a full pack of the little Cadbury Creme Eggs, Oh Lace Gnomes, if thou will twiddle the drawing so my name comes up. (Pretty please!)

  198. Susan Martinez

    What a sweet spring gift! So generous of you all – just the thing to say good-bye to Winter.

  199. Mindy D

    Will have to check out the book. I’m a new lace knitter, so hopefully there will be a few easier patterns. Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

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