WWW: Knitting and WWII; Men and Knitting; Pockets

Not strictly knitting, but absolutely fascinating: a history of pockets in clothing on the V&A website. Who doesn’t love a pocket?

If it gets muggles excited about knitting, I’m all for it!

A whole book on arm knitting, eh? Yes, really!

Happy-making: a pub in Edinburgh prides itself on community-minded events like knitting nights and dog-owners nights. If they combine them, Dexter and I will be there like a shot!

An important part of the story of the war.

On the Craftivism blog, a great round-up of links and stories about knitting and its role in WWII. I particularly like the little poem that goes with the appeal for 150,000 pairs of socks…

A nice profile of a knitter who uses the craft as a creative outlet, and as “a balm for the soul”. I like the quote: “I see it is a negative space activity where, if my brain is fried from doing something strenuous, I can sit down and do this.” Perhaps not elegantly put, but I agree with the sentiment – knitting can help you rest your brain. The knitter in question is male, so the usual threads about gender expectations are explored… I wonder if the journalist would have felt this story was worth telling if the knitter had been female?

I like to see all positive coverage of knitting, but the gender stereotyping wears after a while… This article in the Seattle Times speaks to the frustration many male knitters feel about these stereotypes. I love this quote from knitter Chuck Wilmesher, of Skacel Collection: “Get over it and try it and who cares what anybody thinks. I wish there was some way to make men know that it is not a woman’s sport.”

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