I am off on a quick family vacation today for my in-laws 50th anniversary. We’re flying so there is not much space, but I’m still bringing spinning. Check out my little kit.

My plane travel spinning kit.
My plane travel spinning kit.

A little featherweight Bosworth spindle and 2 ounces of Spunky Eclectic 50/50 camel/silk (color Lakeside). Because I am ever the optimist, I also have straws to slide full cops onto and a collapsible niddy noddy from Ashford.  It all fits neatly into a small project bag from Madbird. I’m working on a new yarn idea, I don’t know if I want it to be a 2 or 3 ply. I should get enough spun for swatching on this trip.

How small is my kit? Well the new issue of PLY came yesterday & it not even as long as the magazine.

Spinning bag and plane reading.
Spinning bag and plane reading.

What do you take for travel spinning?

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Jillian is the​ author of the best-selling spinning book Yarnitecture. She is the editor​ of Knittyspin and Developmental Editor for PLY and PLY Books. She kinda loves this spinning thing and wants everyone who spins to love it too, so she teaches and writes a lot. She knits, weaves, and stitches and tries to do as much of it as she can with handspun yarn. She's always cooking up all kinds of exciting and creative things combining fiber arts. She likes her mysteries British, her walks woodsy, and to spend as much time as she can laughing. Spy on her on her website jillianmoreno.com

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  2. Karen

    I take either mini Bossies or Golding micro spindles. Both are very small and very durable, since they often get beaten up a bit in my over stuffed luggage. My favorite fiber to bring is mulberry silk. Silk does better in warmer climates, and a little silk spin finely can take a long time, so a lot of entertainment.

    Another favorite is bringing wool, a midi-Bossie for spinning a single, then a Golding full sized for n-plying that single (spindle to spindle). If the trip is long enough I can go from fiber to knitted result with only 2 spindles.

    I have had issues with other spindles, with hook getting bent or whorls getting loose on the shaft. I frequently travel really light, but if I am doing any checked luggage, then one of those wine caddy tubes is great protection for more fragile spindles.

    I recently broke off the narrow tip of a support spindles in my carry on luggage. So I need to find a better/safer way to travel with them.

  3. Kallie Young

    Nice kit! I’m not sure I understand what the straws are for. Can someone explain?


  4. Amanda

    How do you do the actual spinning on a plane? I like to roll the spindle off my leg (never figured out flicking, and the leg roll seems like it would always be faster anyway), which usually means sitting on the edge of my seat.

    That collapsible niddy noddy is so sweet!

  5. Nika

    What an awesome travelling kit! I have yet to travel on a plane with a spindle but when I take my spinning to school I usually carry a project bag filled with at least an ounce of fibre (because I like to optimistically believe I can finish that much in between studying :P) and I place my spindle cushioned with the fibre in the bag.

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