The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet: Volume 3 – A Giveaway

The talented and prolific Hunter Hammersen has just released the third in her series of Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet pattern books. The gorgeous sock, Planorbis Corneus, in this issue of Knitty is from that collection.

Planorbis Corneus
Planorbis Corneus
The KNitter's Curiosity Cabinet: Volume 3
The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet: Volume 3

To celebrate the release we are giving away a copy of her new book (paper+digital) and the wonderful dyers at String Theory Hand Dyed Yarns have donated a skein of Bluestocking yarn (the yarn used for Planorbis Corneus) in your choice of color.

Here are a few projects from Hunter’s new 18 project collection:

Some of my favorite projects.
Some of my favorite projects.

Unfamiliar with String Theory’s Bluestocking yarn? It’s 80% Bluefaced Leciester and 20% nylon and dyed up in gorgeous saturated colors like these:

Bluestocking yarn, just a few of the colors.
Bluestocking yarn, just a few of the colors.

We have one copy of the The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet: Volume III and one skein of Bluestocking yarn for one lucky readers.


Our regular rules apply:

Leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, Tuesday,  July 8th. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win the book and yarn. If you have already won a prize from us in the past year, please do give other knitters a chance. Giveaway value $52.95

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468 thoughts on “The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet: Volume 3 – A Giveaway

  1. Gwen

    Wow, what a neat giveaway! Beautiful yarn and fun, exciting socks; what’s not to love?

  2. Linda

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Love, love, love the patterns and colors of yarn! Would love to make some of these lovelies!

  3. Lila B.

    I have each of the The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet volumes in my wish list. Thank you for the chance to win this one.

  4. Lee Ann

    How have I not see those socks yet? The patterns look beautiful, & the yarn is so beautiful!

  5. Rebecca M

    I’m not supposed to buy any yarn for a while, but winning yarn doesn’t count, right? Especially if it comes with a pattern with which to use it right up…

  6. LindaR.

    Those gorgeous socks are calling to me! I just might try to overcome my sock anxiety to knit a pair. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Lisa

    DH is a botanist and I am a knitter. How have I not bought these books before this? Enter me, please! I’m looking at those socks, and those fingerless gloves. Off to investigate what else is in there!

  8. Mindy D

    When Knitty published Planorbis Corneus, I immediately pinned it on my Pinterest board. Beautiful!!

  9. garlicknitter

    I have admired the Curiosity Cabinets from afar. I really should admire one up close. And the yarn, oh, yes, the yarn. Please enter me in the contest.

  10. Kim M.

    Ooh, that is beautiful yarn. I need something to get me inspired to pick up my needles again. It has been too long.

  11. Christie Frank

    These patterns are so gorgeous – I love the fine detail and yummy textures! Now that my knitting skills are *finally* up to tackling more complex designs, I can imagine diving into this book and coming up with beautiful results of my own. Who knows, I might even have to pull an all-nighter or two! I would love to win this package!

  12. AmyB

    I just got book 2, and would love to have book 3, also! The Linaria Bipartita I made from book 1 are my current favorite socks.

  13. Shanna

    I’ve always wondered what these “skill testing” questions really are….
    But I do love String Theory yarn…

  14. Andrea B

    How could you not want to knit Bluestocking Yarn – while reading a book of course!

  15. aliceq

    I’m longing for one of these books; I love the concept, and the socks themselves seem lovely.

  16. Sarah

    Great patterns – I’m off to investigate all the volumes of the knitter’s curiosity cabinet!

  17. Amy G

    This is a great opportunity thank you! I have the second book and love it – I’m almost finished with the first socks!

  18. krystina

    I love these socks because they’re not too long (I don’t know why, long socks are really annoying to me). Anyways, thanks for the chance!

  19. kwakazoo

    This is my favorite weight yarn to work with. And the pattern collection is right up my alley! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  20. Savannagal

    The designs in Hunter’s new book are lovely. I really like the socks on the cover. I’ve never tried any of String Theory’s yarns. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks.

  21. Rosanne Levi

    Pretty yarn, pretty patterns, it’s a win-win! Of course the hubby will kill me if I bring more yarn into the house, but at least I can hide one skein amongst the others! 😉

  22. Sam

    The patterns in the book look lovely, a nice balance of quick projects and those with a little more time commitment. The color saturation in that yarn is amazing!

  23. Anna

    As someone who works in a museum, the idea of patterns based on wunderkammer deeply deeply appeals to me! I love the look of this new collection!

  24. Dawn

    Wow—was just looking for a new project. What beautiful socks—I just love cables.

  25. Julie E

    I love Hunter’s patterns so much! I’m really interested to try the BFL sock yarn.

  26. mellenknits

    The biologist in me loves that Hunter draws her inspiration from old naturalist texts 🙂 And with beautiful results too!

  27. Sarah KnitsAndThinks

    I love the first two sock patterns! Can’t wait to check out the book.

  28. Kristen

    Wow, I would have a really hard time selecting a favorite colorway of that yarn! So many gorgeous choices!

  29. Shaina Scott

    The socks and the yarn are gorgeous! I’m really lovin’ that hat and the fingerless gloves, too!! I can’t wait to see the book in it’s entirety. Hunter always has such lovely patterns. ^_^

  30. David

    What a great set of patterns. I see wonderful gifts in the futures of some of the women in my life.

  31. Patti

    If I won, I’d make the Fucus asparagoides Shawl in pewter, as a mother of the groom shawl 🙂

  32. Charis W.

    I love Hunter’s designs, and I’ve heard so much about the Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet series!

  33. Bethany

    Lovely socks! I’m knitting my first BFL socks (out of my handspun) right now, and I love how the yarn is working up.

  34. Laura

    A wonderful giveaway I would love to win! If not, I just may have to get the book anyway.

  35. Lee Anna

    I’m taking my FIRST sock class this weekend. I can’t believe how georgous the patterns are in the book and would love to get my hands on both the yard and the book!!
    Lee Anna

  36. Marilyn (Merry) Fenton

    Those are gorgeous yarns and I love the sock patterns in the book. Gorgeous!
    wahoomerryf on Ravelry

  37. Katie Verna

    Gorgeous yarn and book! Thanks for the chance to win. Sure would be fun to knit socks from that lovely yarn!

  38. c8h10n4o2

    Like I really needed more sock yarn to covet these days? Why aren’t I richer?

  39. Chris

    Just finished a pair of socks in that yarn and I love it and the book has some patterns I would so do.

  40. shelley kent

    nothing makes my day better than knitting …okay maybe squeezing some yarn also helps

  41. Niki

    I’ve been making many socks this year. 9 pair in all and I would love this book and yarn. What a joy to knit all THESE patterns.

  42. abie

    Thank you for the giveaway! This yarn looks amazing. I have about 10 ideas in mind for this. 🙂

  43. Suzanne

    I would love to choose a sock pattern from the book and knit those from that lovely yarn. Thanks for the chance to win.

  44. Rebecca

    What a fascinating collection of patterns and design inspiration. Good looking yarn, too!

  45. Karin

    She is so talented Ms Hammersen! I have books I and II so I would love to see her third book! The yarn looks beautiful too!

  46. Lesley Barnewall

    I must have been living under a rock not to know about volumes one and two. Like every other commenter here I would really enjoy owning this book. Thank you just in case.

  47. Teri C from CO

    Beautiful socks! I’ve been thinking of trying a little pattern in my next pair.

  48. Kristen

    All the socks! And coordinating hats! You can feel all put together and stuff 🙂

  49. Kate Spencer

    Gorgeous, both the yarn and patterns! If I don’t win here, I think I’ve seen prior volumes at my LYS so I’ll have to see if they have this one yet.

  50. Notme

    Way cool! Still not enough men winning these even if you did feature David the marathon knitter recently.

  51. Pam

    Ohhhh – If I’m the winner, I’m knitting some of these socks for my science-y son. Might anyway . . .

  52. Kelly

    What a treat. Pretty yarn and lovely patterns. I’d like to see the vintage marine illustrations too. Thank you.

  53. Carol

    Many of these patterns showed up in my Rav pattern highlights, so you know they’re right up my alley. And those colors are gorgeous!

  54. maget

    This just shot to the top of my (very short) list of books to buy. So many sock options! How to choose a colour to go with each pattern though …. hmmm.

  55. Rose Kelly

    Oh my goodness! Perfect patterns and yarns match! I can’t wait to try these out. Thanks for the chance….

  56. allyn

    lovely book – lovely yarn as always, socks are my downfall. would love to have this book. Will have to check it out and hope for the giveaway! thank you

  57. Megan

    So beautiful! Looking for good summer knitting, I think this will be the Summer of Socks.

  58. Tiffanie

    Ooooooooh . . . beautiful patterns and beautiful yarn. I think my sock-knitting mojo is back . . .

  59. Maureen

    Love the yarn, and the sock patterns are so different. Want. Is now on my wishlist.

  60. Fleur

    Oh wow, that Bluestocking yarn comes in so many great colors! It would be great to knit with that a pair of socks!!

  61. Sue

    Both are new to me as I am returning to knitting after a long break. This is a lovely prize to win. Here’s hoping:-D

  62. Beth Rudo

    You know, I’d love to make a pair of socks from this book in one of the blue shades of Bluestocking Yarn. It just seems right.

  63. Liz Finlay

    I would really, really love to win this prize. Thanks to String Theory, Hunter Hammerson and Knitty for providing the opportunity. 🙂

  64. Anne

    Just the pictures of the Bluestocking yarn are enough to send me searching for some to use! I love your give-aways, because they draw my attention to items I am unfamiliar with.

  65. MzTallulah

    The project look enticing and the yarn scrumptious, and I love the idea of being inspired by vintage marine illustrations! Thank you to all for the generous giveaway.

  66. Carrie

    Love her books. They are so beautiful! This would be an amazing prize. That yarn looks scrumptious!

  67. Anne

    As a big fan of BFL and an admirer of Hunters designs, I think this contest is fantastic. Thanks for the offer.

  68. Pam

    Socks are my thing. The yarn is gorgeous and the book looks like it has fabulous patterns. Me, please.

  69. Jardee

    I love the first two books and would love to have a copy of the third. Pick me! Pick me! (hand raised, jumping up and down) Thanks!

  70. Sage Goode

    I am in love with Hunter Hammersen’s work and very interested in String Theory yarn – I’ve never had the good fortune to even touch it!

    This would be a wonderful “win”!!

  71. KittenWithAWhiplash

    Can’t go wrong by matching talent like Hunter’s with luxe yarn like String Theory, right? Thanks for another wonderful giveaway,

  72. Margaret Welch

    There is not a pattern pictured here that I don’t like and wouldn’t knit. Oh, Great Random Number Generator look kindly upon your poor servant and pull my number…please!

  73. Ellen Gaynor

    Lovely yarn and interesting patterns – great combo! Thanks for the giveaway.

  74. Eva Landeo

    That is a nice selection of different patterns. Intrigued and up for the challenge.

  75. Sheila

    I just love Hunter’s designs and would be thrilled to win a copy of her new book. Plus a skein of String Theory? Pick me please!

  76. pj such

    I have a severe attack of ‘make me now’ brought on by these new socks – those are great! Hope you pick me and Happy 4th of July to all.

  77. Sherrie L Hansen

    Love, love everything in this book. Don’t quite know where I would start, but I would like the opportunity. Thanks….

  78. Heather Forsythe

    I may be the last knitter to try BFL! All I hear is great things about it, and the Knitters Curiosity cabinet series.

  79. Nigel Pottle

    There are some lovely patterns in this collection – and as a sock fanatic, I’d enjoy knitting a pair or two – and if it’s blue faced Leicester – more the better.

  80. Elizabeth Miller

    What a wonderful prize! Both the book and the yarn look tremendous. I hope I win.

  81. Anita Dodds

    Would love the chance to win. The Bluestocking yarn is beautiful and I would love to knit one of Hunter’s sock patterns.

  82. Macbheathain

    I would love to make that looks so delicate. Thanks for the opportunity!:)

  83. Candace

    Love Hunter’s work and would LOVE to win this newest collection and the awesome yarn!

  84. Harriet

    I have her other two books and would love to win this one. Her designs are so lovely. The yarn looks wonderful also.

  85. sandy

    Knittyblog does a great job of keeping me informed of knitting news–both serious and quirky! Many thanks.

  86. Jamie M Lipscomb

    It’s been a little over five months since I sat and knitted anything, really. Coincidentaly my son is 5 months and 2 weeks old on wednesday.

  87. Michele

    I just learned to knit socks and would love to knit a pair of socks from the book with that beautiful yarn.

  88. Theresa

    I haven’t yet knitted a Hunter Hammerstein pattern. They all look so great it would be difficult to choose which to knit first!

  89. MFPeterson

    Oh my! I’ve been very interested in this book and the yarn looks AMAZING! I love their Caper Sock – their colors are so rich and saturated.

  90. Jo Jenson

    Excellent giveaway. The patterns look great and the yarn is lovely. Thanks for a chance.

  91. allison

    My goal is to make more socks because I never wear the few pairs I’ve knitted–I don’t want to wear them out. I realized I was being ridiculous and should just make more and actually wear them. I’d love to make a few pairs from this book!

  92. stitchpunk

    oooooh this books looks lovely, and I rather adore BFL, which is sadly hard to find in this land of merino.

  93. Jo-ann

    I have my eye on tahe gorgeous shawl and at least three of four pairs of socks. (and gorgeous yarn with an awesome name!)

  94. Josiane

    There seems to be lots of lovely projects in that book… And the yarn – a mix of BFL and nylon sounds absolutely perfect; I’d love to try it!

  95. Sarah

    This blog always offers such wonderful items in its contests! Love the color saturation and love making socks!

  96. Irina

    What lovely socks!!! And I never had a chance to knit with Bluefaced Leciester before. Would love to try!

  97. Emily

    I keep looking at those socks on the cover! I don’t know the specific inspiration, but the pattern certainly seems marine – like waves, or bubbles, or strands of kelp. Very lovely. =)

  98. Lena

    Absolutely LOVE the Pelagia noctiluca Hat! (With Planorbis corneus Shawl trailing close behind.) 🙂

  99. Elizabeth

    I’ve never knitted with Bluestocking before but it looks scrumptious! I also love ALL the patterns in this collection. Fantastic pairing!

  100. Shadow

    What beautiful patterns. Most of my knitting lately has been socks, and I’d love some new patterns to add to the drawer.

  101. LauraBeth

    I have Hunter’s Silk Road Socks book, and it’s gorgeous. She does such beautiful work. 🙂

  102. Eunice

    Hi Jillian,
    What an awesome giveaway! The yarn is beautiful and would love to add the book to my collection. Your spinning and knitting is inspiring! I enjoy knitting and would like to try my hand at spinning someday.

  103. Carol

    I would love to win the book and yarn. I love Hunter’s patterns and knit all the socks from the first curiosity book.

  104. Lisa T

    I’m finally catching up on my blogs in time to enter the giveaway. How can I resist a yarn named “bluestocking”?

  105. Julia Bowden

    love so many of the patterns in this book especially that hat 🙂 and that wool looks scrumptious

  106. Autumn Halloway

    I love the gorgeous colors shown. I figure I spend hours creating a work of art, it might as well catch the eye.

  107. Johanna

    Ooh I’d love to win that, and today is my birthday so who knows, I might get lucky 🙂

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