WWW: Tank Top, Color Theory in Icelandic Knitting, More Discussion on the Safety of Knitted Bunting

After a knitted submarine cover, what’s next? A Tank Top. A cover for a tank, that is.

Show your colors! Have you see the badges from True Brit Knits? These make me happy.

The Australian paper ‘The Land’, focused on agriculture, farming and rural life, has started a four part series about a new and innovative business alliance in the wool trade. Three family owned businesses — a woolgrowing family and a wool clothing manufacturer from New South Wales, and a couple running a Sydney printing and design company — have joined together in an experiment to combat the commoditzation of the wool trade. Glenwood Merinos, Woolerina and Signature Prints hope to extract more value from wool than the current auction system provides.

Part one here.

Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed brings us an illuminating blog post about color theory, as it relates to Icelandic knitting. Fascinating.

Remember the Norwegian TV show about knitting? Part of a the “slow TV” movement, the best-known item of which is a 7-hour film of a train journey. British Airways has bought the rights to the train journey show, to make available to passengers on long flights. Could the knitting TV show be next? I hope so!

The story continues: now engineers at a local university have been brought in to advise on whether knitted bunting poses a health and safety risk, as previously reported.

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