Mrs. Crosby’s Grantangle Giveaway!

Bon vivant, woman of the world and yarn maven Mrs. Crosby  has donated a yarn pack to crochet your very own Grantangle.

Grantangle by Mirian Felton and Amy O'Neil Houck
Grantangle by Amy O’Neill Houck and Mirian Felton

Three skeins of Carpet Bag (80% SW Merino/ 20% Silk) in your choice of color are up for grabs in this giveaway.

Our regular rules apply:

Leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, Sunday,  August 10. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win the  yarn from Mrs. Crosby. If you have already won a prize from us in the past year, please do give other knitters a chance. Giveaway value $75.00


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274 thoughts on “Mrs. Crosby’s Grantangle Giveaway!

  1. Lisa

    That is some stunning yarn! I’d have a hard time choosing between the leaf and the aubergine…

  2. Kim

    Very pretty! (Hopefully the skills question wouldn’t be about crochet, because my crochet skills are much more rudimentary than my knitting skills!)

  3. Trisha

    Thanks Knitty for being such a great resource. Grantangle is a lovely & wearable pattern. A chance to win beautiful yarn to make it with..yes, please!

  4. Mari

    Just learned to crochet granny squares from the latest Knitty. I’d love to crochet this wrap. Thanks:)

  5. Tina

    Would love to have Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag yarn in the Midnight Aubergine colorway ~ spectacular color!

  6. Tamara

    Hello Knitty folks,
    Thanks for the sweet giveaway offer. Not that I need more yarn or anything, but hard to resist!


  7. cal

    i must cast my entry purely out of love and support that there is CROCHET in KNITTY! somehow i missed when this pattern debuted, but i am now enamored and must hook one up immediately. the yarn looks lovely too! xoxo

  8. kwakazoo

    I’m not familiar with this yarn, and would welcome the chance to give it a try. Thank you for the offer!

  9. Rachael H.

    This yarn looks so, so lovely, and it’s only made better by the fact that the WEBS listing for the color “hot butter” is HOTBUTT.

  10. Dawn

    I have never heard of this yarn and would love to try it out. It sounds like a beautiful fiber blend.

  11. Savannagal

    I don’t know how to crochet, but I’m sure I could find something lovely to knit with the yarn. Count me in.

  12. Jean

    Mrs. Crosby’s yarns are gorgeous and I love the names of the yarns and the colours. What fun that adds to the delight in making something beautiful. Thanks to Knitty and to Mrs. Crosby for this yarn giveaway to some lucky person!

  13. mellenknits

    My Mom is a much better crocheter than I am, but she seems to have lost her mojo lately… If I win, I’ll gift her this beautiful yarn to help her get it back!

  14. Kathy

    You are so generous with your giveaways! Thank you. I really like the color shown in the photo!

  15. Diane F

    This is a great shawl and superb yarn… would love to make this shawl, thanks for a chance to win.

  16. Angela W

    I’ve been interested in Mrs. Crosby yarns since I’ve read the Yarn Harlot review. Thanks for doing all these great giveaways, Knitty!

  17. Isla

    A skill question….. Hope is not too tricky while I have been knitting for a couple of years I am fairly new to crochet!

  18. KittenWithAWhiplash

    OOOHHH! Northern Parabula, please Please PLEASE! Thanks for another generous giveaway. KittenWhiplash on Rav.

  19. Ellen

    Beautiful yarn – I would love to win! Although I don’t crochet, it would be great to knit with.

  20. Bethany

    I was trying to think of something clever to say, but all that comes to mind is ooooOOOOOoooo!

  21. Heather

    That looks fabulous. If I win definitely talking Mom or Mother in law into crocheting it for me 😉

  22. Elisabeth

    Bonjour, and thanks for this give-away.
    Just a bit silk in this yarn to make it smooth. Love it !

  23. Catrina

    Just the chance to win this is turning my day around. Thanks to the folks at Knitty for always being so awesome!!

  24. Jamie

    I have only tried her Satchel, which is really lovely. I would love to try Carpetbag as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. craftyone

    I looked at the various colors available for carpet bag and was very pleased. The shawl would look nice in any of them.

  26. Judy11

    Like the shawl and see so many colors I’d love to have in the Mrs. Crosby Capet Bag – but it would be fun to win and get to choose 🙂

  27. Kristy

    Beautiful shawl, and looks like a great project for a not-so-experienced crocheter! Thanks for the chance, Knitty!

  28. nikeEve

    Gorgeous yarn! I don’t usually go for granny squares but this shawl might just convince me otherwise!

  29. Heather Nielsen

    I cannot believe there is a yarn called Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag… that is amazing!

  30. Shaina

    Oooooh! I love the color that it’s pictured in and the pattern looks like some fun, brainless crocheting. Perfect for the end of summer! ^_^

  31. Carole Powell

    Thank You and Mrs Crosby for the opportunity to win. Love the color it’s shown in and would love to crochet something with it and give my knitting a rest!

  32. Jessica

    Woo hoo!! This is such a clever pattern, and Mrs. Crosby’s yarns are hilariously awesome. I’d love to be picked!

  33. Sarah

    I picked up my hook this week for the first time in years, so I am ready to meet Mrs. Crosby and get started!

  34. Martha

    Love the pattern and have been hearing about mrs. Crosby yarn. Would love the chance to try it out. Thank you!

  35. Sylvie

    I saw the Mrs. Crosby yarns at TNNA a few months ago, and they are SO PRETTY. I would be super-pumped if I won this – probably even pumped enough to do some crochet instead of knitting 🙂

  36. Rebecca

    I have Grantangle in my queue for this fall; I’m always looking for fabulous crochet patterns for shawls. I have some Mrs. Crosby Steamer Trunk, but I would love to try Carpet Bag as well.

  37. Bobbie

    I’m wearing a different merino/silk blend around my shoulders right now and frankly I don’t think I can get enough of the silky warm the mix provides… Sign me up!

  38. Carrie

    Nice to see a crochet giveaway for the bicraftual. I am a relatively new crocheter too, and this looks like a fun pattern to try.

  39. Nancy

    I’m so thrilled to see Knitty include a crochet pattern! Three cheers to my fellow bicraftuals!

  40. Heather L

    Neat pattern and gorgeous yarn…I’ve finally started “getting” crochet in the past few months…I’d love to do more!

  41. Heather Ricco

    That’s a lovely shawl, I hope I win it. It’s been a while since I crocheted, but I’d definately pick up the hook for that lovely number. Good luck to everyone though.

  42. Dandi D

    I can’t wait until fall so I can start knitting and crocheting again. I’d really like to win some yarn!

  43. Sarah Terry

    First time entering. I decided it was silly to be afraid of a “knitting skills” question. So bring it on!

  44. Lisa PB

    I’ve heard so many good things about Mrs. Crosby yarn and would love to try it. Thanks for the opportunity!

  45. Kathy

    I haven’t crocheted in ages and my childhood was full of acrylic crochets. I’d like to try something so delicate. Thank you.

  46. Nancy Gossett

    Super cute! I would love to move my crocheting skills beyond edgings and laces with this project

  47. Karrie

    I’ve heard wonderful things about this yarn, it would be great to win some:-) thank you for the opportunity.

  48. Renee

    I’ve been meaning to learn to crochet, and this prize would be the perfect motivation to actually do it!

  49. shelley kent

    I still have the first shawl that I crocheted 40 years ago and now it looks back in style….I was a trendsetter back then

  50. LindaR.

    My only attempts at crochet have been granny squares/rectangles, but in hand-me-down acrylic yarns in my least favorite colors…making Grantangle in one of Mrs. Crosby’s great colorways might make me a crochet convert! Thanks for the giveaway.

  51. Josee

    I’d love to try this project… I haven’t crocheted in years, maybe it’s time I start again.

  52. Mindy D

    I’m not familiar with Mrs Crosby, but it looks divine. So many yarns, so little time! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  53. pj such

    Wow, what a great idea to win some yummy yarn! Thank you, and I’d love to win! I’m checking out the colors now!

  54. Kairi

    That would be the perfect project for the cooler evenings in August, and so nice to wear in the winter.

  55. Sandy

    I am getting back into crocheting and this would be a wonderful project to practice my skills. Thank you for the great contest and opportunity to participate.

  56. Sandra

    Je blog is geweldige inspiratiebron voor mij. Wat een super yarn! Ik wil er graag mee aan de slag en er iets moois van maken.

  57. AJ

    I queued this to practice crochet more – winning this would be a sign to do it! Please count me in!

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