WWW: Chicago Yarn Crawl, Felt Shop, Style Sheets & Pattern Editing Insight

A license to thrill?

Octopurly? The Spy Who Knit Me? A Vest to a Kill? Roger Moore, 007, and knitwear model.

It’s Chicago Yarn Crawl Week! More info here.

My old tech-industry self loves this: a document class for LaTeX to aid layout of knitting patterns.

The Sunday, the Historical Society of Trappe, Collegeville, Perkiomen Valley in Trappe, Pennsylvania is presenting a talk at the Dewees Museum, on the History of Knitting.

Photograph: Rosie Hallam/Barcroft Media – from the Guardian.

Not strictly knitting, but absolutely amazing: UK artist Lucy Sparrow has created an entire corner shop (convenience store) out of felt. It’s available to visit throughout August in Bethnal Green, London. All the items have been created by hand, and are for sale.

Knitty tech editor Ruth Garcia Alcantud has a great piece on her blog about the use of style sheets and the pattern editing process. An excellent read for designers and pattern publishers of all kinds.

Australian artist Coralie Gunn is planning a socky exhibit for early 2015 to commemorate the centenary of Anzac Day, the anniversary of the first major WWI campaign in which Australian and New Zealand troops suffered significant casualties.

She is seeking ideas and contributions, hoping to get knitters to make a pair of socks using World War I-era instructions, and hoping to enlist knitters to run workshops and demonstrations during the event.

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6 thoughts on “WWW: Chicago Yarn Crawl, Felt Shop, Style Sheets & Pattern Editing Insight

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  2. Ellen

    You can find several pattern’s with Roger Moore as the model in the book “The Man’s Knitting Book” by Jane waller. The book is a collection of british men’s knitting patterns from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. The British actor Edward Fox is on the cover. I suppose modelling was a way to earn some money as a young actor.

  3. Pilaar

    Wow, just read through the blog entry of Ruth Garcia Alcantud! I have an even greater respect for all those involved in creating and publishing the patterns I enjoy from so many sources, thank you for the education.

    1. Ruth

      Thank you so much for your comment – I love sharing my “behind the scenes” for people to know what it really is like before everyone sees a pattern go live!

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