Jillian’s Spinning: Jennifer Leigh’s Viburnum

Spinning designer Jennifer Leigh wrote a great week long blog series on her pattern Viburnum.

Viburnum modeled by Cat Bordhi.
Viburnum modeled by Cat Bordhi.

She traces the pattern from the kernel of an idea all the way through publication. I especially enjoyed the posts on the making of  her lace version, the support spindle spinning, the plying and and excellent tutorial and video on using her beading tool.

Lace Viburnum in progress.
Lace Viburnum in progress.


Are you one of the people who has a plan for Spinzilla or are you like me and still casting about for ideas? It starts on Monday and I better do some sampling this weekend so I can bust out the yardage next week for Team PLY! What are you spinning for Spinzilla?

Ply to Knit: Spin the Yarn You Really Want

Have you enrolled in my Craftsy class? Have you watched any of it? I’d love to hear what you think! If you haven’t and want to here’s a link for $5 off the price of the class. Come on, ply with me!

Need more spinning inspiration? Amy King has a great Foundations of Spinning class and Felicia Lo has a class on Spinning Dyed Fibers.

Aretha Covers Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.  Listen and just try not to sing along.


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