WWW: Knitting a television; home-made spool knitters; air-rage?

Very well done.

Well, knitters do often spend a lot of time sitting in front of one… I rather adore these knitted televisions, created by Dutch artist Esmé Valk.

Andrew Salomone, the blogger who wrote about this project on the Makezine site, asks the question we all want to ask… “I just wonder if this was knitted while watching TV!”

Giving us a bad reputation? A knitter sparked an argument on a plane after reclining her seat to “make space to do her knitting”. The pilot elected to make an emergency landing at a nearby airport.

Sounds to me like the incident wasn’t entirely the fault of the knitter… I’m pretty sure that for me knitting on a flight prevents air-rage.

In response to a UK politician who suggested that charities shouldn’t engage in politics, but rather “stick to their knitting”, the Guardian published a brief but rather lovely editorial about the value of knitting.

With the news just breaking of a new royal baby on the way, feverish speculation begins about another possible shawl…

Simple yet very effective!

Very cool: a round-up of home-made spool knitters. I used to call this thing a French Knitter, the website calls the tool a ‘Knitting Nancy’. What other names are there for this tool?


I find endless amusement in the use of crochet for ‘sculptural’ projects. Now that Amy and I both are getting better at crochet, we probably have the skills to make this ramen bowl project. Complete with my fave bit: the eggs.

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6 thoughts on “WWW: Knitting a television; home-made spool knitters; air-rage?

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  2. Connie

    In German, spool knitters are called Strickliesl or Strickpuppe (literally, knitting doll). You can get version that have a face painted on them.

  3. Zeeknits

    Knitting a red herring in this case. No one checks behind them when reclining airplane seat. Who would expect someone’s head on tray table? A someone with anger management issues at that.

  4. Ocbchick

    I called the ‘knitting Nancy’ a corker. And so when you used it, you were corking. I have no idea why. My friend corked a huge rug, sewn into a spiral which I thought was totally cool.

  5. Ellen

    It was always “Corking” to me. I’m 57 and I still have what my brother and I made as children along with the spools both homemade (wooden thread spools with nails) and store bought. We used to compete to see who had the longer cord.

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