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Just amazing.

Artist Carol Milne creates absolutely fantastic knitted-glass sculptures. She’s not actually knitting with molten glass, but using a lost-wax casting-based method to create molds for the glass – even more careful and painstaking work, if you can possibly imagine. You can see more of her work in her online gallery.

A great interview with Leanne Prain, author of the new book “Strange Material“, about the process of storytelling through textiles. The book explores the use of craft to tell stories, going beyond the personal. Craft has always been about personal experience and communication – a quilt for a new baby, a prayer shawl for a loved one going through an illness, a cross-stitch sampler as a view into the stitcher’s life – but in the past decade we’ve seen an evolution in the use and messages of craft: moving beyond the practical and personal to ‘simple’ decorative yarnbombing to the use of craft to make political statements. (And not a single mention of a Granny.)

A thoughtful and thought-provoking piece from designer and blogger Rachel Atkinson, about charity knitting efforts.

I’m rather amused by the appearance of the world’s fastest knitter, Hazel Tindall, to announce the launch of super-fast broadband internet access in the Shetland Islands. Goodness knows, we knitters do love our internet access… She was draped in a 35-meter scarf for the launch announcement, a scarf she herself started knitting in 2005.

Image courtesy the Chicago Tribune.

A nice profile of designer Anna Hrachovec, the genius behind the Mochimochi Land line of knitted creatures and toys. She speaks about her inspiration and creative process, and the challenges of turning your hobby into your career.

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