WWW: Labors of Love and Art

I’ve been bowled away recently by two knit projects, and I wanted to share them with you. Well, each is actually multiple projects – and they are fantastic, wonderful and so very very creative.

There’s animator Jonathan Royce’s Totums.  The inspiration began long before Jonathan could knit, with some paintings his made of character ideas for animation. The animation project didn’t come to fruition, and the paintings gathered dust. Until Jonathan was taught to knit, and gained access to his partner’s sock yarn leftovers stash…

the latest batch, “in the works”
Jonathan claims that his knitting skills are “pretty basic”. I would beg to differ!

To give you a sense of scale, this little guy is sitting on a hand-held video game controller.

Jonathan makes these little creatures as gifts, and sometimes sells them. He’s thinking of putting up a shop on Etsy, but if you’re in southern Ontario you can often find a few for sale at Epic Books, a bookstore on Locke St. South in Hamilton. You can see them all, and get in touch with Jonathan, on the Totums Facebook page.

And there’s the Kitchener Waterloo’s Uptown Knitmob and their Mobbed with Love project. This particular knit-group has been meeting for years, and they’re very tight.  As you do, when you’re knitters with a mom-to-be in your midst, you knit a blanket.

The One That Started It All.

And there’s another baby….

The second one: and this time it’s strips rather than squares.

And some more – including twins!

And it just keeps going. The group has made an amazing number of collaborative projects -and not just blankets.

They’ve built a website to gather together all the projects, and are updating it regularly with photos of the projects. They’re also providing funny, honest and helpful tips and tricks — “accept that no one measures the same” — for managing these types of collaborative knits. The sense of love and generosity is palpable.

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  2. erin

    Aw, thanks so much for mentioning Mobbed With Love! If anyone wants to see the blankets in person, they’re currently on display at Shall We Knit in Waterloo, ON… but only until the end of the month!

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