WWW: Wedding dresses, breakfasts and cat toys

A wonderful story on NPR highlighting the efforts of US fashion houses Alabama Chanin and Billy Reid to bring back the cotton and clothing manufacturing industry in the southern US. Alabama Chanin, a fashion and lifestyle company founded by a local entrepreneur, is well known for its beautiful made-to-order hand-made garments, inspired by the surroundings and history of Alabama. If you’re not familiar with their work, I highly recommend spending a few minutes on their website, oogling their beautiful clothing.

knitbritishheaderThe KnitBritish blog always has terrific stuff, and I particularly enjoyed this photo blog of a recent tour of Jamieson’s Spinning Mill.

Come on! Knit me a mouse! You know you can’t resist my cuteness!

London’s famed Battersea Animal Shelter has launched a new knitting club – touted as “the world’s first interspecies knitting club“, crafters are encouraged to knit toys and blankets for animals in the home, or for their own pets.

WOW. Just wow. An all-cashmere cabled wedding dress. Irish fashion designer Don O’Neill showed the dress at a recent show for New York Fashion week. Part of a bridal collection for 2015, it was the talk of the show. The designer says of his piece, “it is so soft and luxurious, it feels other-worldly.” I can imagine! Just go look.

Image from the artist’s website – www.jessicadance.com

Also wow: UK artist Jessica Dance creates knitted sculptures. Her Full English breakfast is absolutely incredible. Although I have to say I’m rather fond of the calculator…

A high school student in Washington State is selling hand-knits to raise money for her University tuition. Megan Yerton says that her favorite subject is math… I see a bright future for her!

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