WWW: Staying warm and cozy.


Now that the weather has taken a turn for the wintery up here in the northern parts of the US and across Canada, enclosing yourself in a yarny cocoon doesn’t seem like such a silly idea.  Fiber artst Bea Camacho shows us how, in an installation at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. 

Speaking of keeping yourself warm… (a little bit saucy!) (male) Bosnian farmers apparently like to knit themselves cozies for a certain part of their anatomy. Slightly NSFW.

Knitter Suzanne Haggerty and some of her creations.

Love this: a knitter knits her mum’s front garden.

Fun: online t-shirt shop TeeFury has designed a line of sweatshirts with prints inspired by the idea of the “ugly Christmas sweater”. I’m always tickled by printed Fair Isle designs.


Speaking of printed Fair Isle designs… Although I’m not the biggest fan of their coffee, I do love the new knitting-themed cup design that Canadian coffee institution Tim Horton’s has rolled out for this winter. (There’s an associated campaign to donate hats to children in need, FYI.) 

The next big thing in mobile gaming?

Well, there’s the rest of the week gone. A new knitting-themed game for iPhone and iPad launches soon: Knituma. Help a bear knit a long scarf. Something about getting the balls of yarn in the basket, and keeping the cats away. Yup, sounds entirely familiar!


Speaking of keeping the cats away from your yarn, these wonderful yarn-inspired yarn bowls might help… The result of a collaboration between May Linn Bang, the owner of UK yarn shop Knit With Attitude, and ceramic artist (and knitter) Annette Bugansky, they are both beautiful and clever.

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