WWW: Bringing Warmth, Yarn Subs and 10 Facts About Sweaters

I like the way they think.

We’ve just discovered yarnsub.com, a rather clever website dedicated to helping you find substitutions for yarns for your projects. There’s good info on different types of specific yarns, but also more generally the whys and wherefores of yarn substitution. And there’s a helpful discussion of my favourite topic: swatching!

Note that it’s a work in progress, so there are limitations on the substitutions that can be suggested, but they’re working on expanding the database further.

A charming video profile of knitter Connie Smigarowski of Calgary, who knits mittens for children in need.

Mary Code of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, has been knitting for charity for 70 years, since her father taught her to knit during the Second World War. Every year she makes hundreds of items to donate: last year, it was 200 sets of mitts and hats, and 50 additional pairs of mittens. She still has the needles she learned to knit with, but she has “retired” them.

A moving memoir from Ann Hood: “Knitting Through Grief”.

I do rather enjoy this time of year, and newspaper editors’ attempts to find light-hearted and seasonal filler items… Courtesy of the Chicago Tribute, “10 things you might not know about sweaters”. Amongst ‘gems’ like “A cardigan worn by a man is sometimes called a mandigan”, there are actually some fun and interesting facts!

The Prince in his vest.
Susan’s design

Courtesy of the Daily Mail, Susan Crawford’s pattern for a vintage-inspired Solider vest like the one that Prince George was wearing… Susan’s pattern was published in her 2012 book, Coronation Knits.

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