Yarn-bomb Follow-up

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the wonderful yarn-bombing of the Tim Horton’s coffee truck.

We often hear about these types of projects – although less often of this size – but we don’t hear about what happens afterwards.

The Lettuce Knit team told me their story.

The project was commissioned by an ad agency, and their initial proposal had been to use the least expensive yarn they could find – entirely understandably. Sylvie, the owner of the shop, convinced them to use wool. Specifically, Cascade Eco wool.Sylvie was concerned about what would happen to the panels when they were taken off the truck, and she had a plan to stop them from just being thrown in the garbage…

Once the panels had been taken off the truck, Sylvie and her partner Angela enlisted the help of regular customer and laundromat owner Ruth-Anne. They carefully unpicked the seams,

Sylvie, undoing the panels
Ruth-Anne and her helper dog, Lucy.

and they used one of the giant washing machines to felt the panels.

Angela, with a felted blanket

The end result is a whole load of blankets that Tim Horton’s is able to donate to Convenant House, a local refuge for homeless youth.


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11 thoughts on “Yarn-bomb Follow-up

  1. Samina

    How great is that? I’m so glad that all that yarn & work didn’t go to waste. Kudos to Sylvie for coming up with a plan to use it & to the team for making it happen.

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  3. mellenknits

    That’s brilliant! And a real testament to the spirit of holiday giving. Makes me proud to be a part of the community of knitters…

  4. Amie

    A far better idea than using acrylic. The wool blankets will be a lot warmer and much more well used by Covenant House.

  5. craftykaren

    This is a fantastic re-use. The talents of the knitters aren’t wasted into the garbage and the beauty and warmth of the panels will make more people happy and warm. Well planned! Knitters are so smart!

  6. florapie

    Thanks for this follow up, because the original story actually made me cranky, and I wondered how useful the blankets would actually be. But of course they had a plan to felt them into actually useful blankets 🙂

  7. Kelli Ann

    I love knitters. This is such a wonderful story. It makes me feel so warm and cozy just looking at those bags of blankets ! Happy new year Knitty & Knitties !

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